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Az-Zumar 53-75 Tafsir 53-59

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Lesson number 246 Soto to Zuma, number 53 to 75.

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On the arriba de alladhina, a slot for other and to see him say, all my servants who have transgressed against themselves, Latta, Kanata Mirage Mattila. Do not despair of the mercy of Allah.

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Because in the Lucha yo field do Luba Jimmy, Indeed Allah forgives all sins,

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no sin is to be forgiven provided that a person seeks forgiveness from Allah.

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And why is that? Because in the who who Allah photo Rahim? Indeed it is he who is the Forgiving the merciful.

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Call, say the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being told to say this, to announce this, that tell people that Allah declares Yeah, a birdie on my service.

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Yeah, what is the Health Canada? And what's the purpose of Health Canada to raise the attention of the listener that pay attention? This is something important, you are being invited. A good news is being given. And what is that good news?

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That Oh my servants.

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Allah subhanaw taala calls people His servants. Why? Because all people, there are servants to Allah.

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Whether they accept it, or they don't accept it, whether they show it or they don't show it, because who is their master? Allah, Who is their owner, Allah, who has complete authority over them Allah, He gives them life, He gives them risk, and he can take their life and he can take the risk. So Allah is the Malik and we people who are we are servants, slaves.

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And if you think about it a slave when he has done something wrong, does he feel afraid of his master? Of course he does.

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So yeah, everybody, all my servants, with servants alladhina, a software other unforeseen, those who have transgressed against themselves

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and everybody means all servants, whether they are extremely sinful, so they have committed a lot of transgression against themselves, or they are obedient to Allah, they are believers. However, ultimately, they're human beings. So they do commit mistakes and Medina sort of for Allah unforeseen.

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Everybody, men or women, or anybody, older or younger, or anybody, someone who was a murderer, or someone who was a thief, someone who was a liar or someone who has accused someone, even someone who is a mistake.

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yeah everybody,

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but what is the description of this Arab and Latina a slur for other unforeseen and if you think about it, with Serbian complain, I have done nothing wrong. Every single servants of Allah commits errs, every single servant of Allah commits errs.

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So Allah Dena, so for Allah and for those who have committed his wrath against themselves, don't despair of the mercy of Allah.

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The question is, what does it mean by Islam against oneself? A sort of fool is Roxanne Rafa is His love is to neglect the set bounds and go beyond them.

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Everything has its limits. When it comes to eating, there is a limit. When it comes to spending, there is a limit when it comes to enjoying, there's a limit isn't

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every action there is a limit to it, if you go beyond the limit, that is Islam.

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So, for example, when it comes to spending, there is a limit to spending and what does that limit whatever a person can afford, whatever is lawful, whatever is necessary. But if a person goes beyond that limit, buying everything that he wishes, everything that he desires, whether he can afford it or not, whether it is permissible or not, whether it is with his money or money that is taken on loan or money that is stolen, this is what is rough.

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Similarly eating, if a person goes on to eating whatever he wishes, whether it's halal or haram, or whether it's good for him or not, whether he is hungry or not, this is what is slough

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over here and Medina, a software other unforeseen those who have committed Islamic extravagance against themselves. What does it mean? Those who have committed sins

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because what is the limit that Allah has

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For us servants for us slaves, that we remain obedient to,

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what is it saw that a person crosses those bounds and he ends up disobeying a law in one way or the other.

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And when a person disobeys of law, he is committing extravagance against you, himself because who is going to suffer, he is going to suffer.

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So, alladhina slothful Allah and fusi him, those who have committed injustice against themselves by committing sins, by disobeying Allah, by disregarding his comments by violating his limits,

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and letting a slow for Allah unfussy him and this could be in different ways. This could be for example, a person committing chick. This could be for example, a person uttering lies. This could be for example, a person neglecting his father. This could be for example, committing something major, or letting us know for other unforeseen, but this is general, any kind of wrongdoing, any kind of same, no matter what level it is, no matter how much it is a sort of or other unforeseen. What's the good news? What is it that a lot of parents are studying all of his servants, announcing to all of the servants that lead up to the rush Matina, do not despair, of the mercy of a law.

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No matter what you have done,

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no matter what mistake you have made, no matter what error has been committed, don't despair of the mercy of Allah. There's always hope. There's always a chance, let oconomowoc medela

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takanobu, of new Taku and kuno is to despair of goodness, to give up hope, of receiving any good and this is extreme despair. Yes, is also to despair, but notes is to give up all hope to abandon hope.

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And when a person abandons or when a person gives up all hope, does he do anything? No, he just accepts defeat. He just accepts failure. He doesn't do anything to save himself. He doesn't do anything to improve his condition. Allah says latoken atoma Rahmatullah. Don't despair of the mercy of Allah. Do not give up hope. No matter how many sins you have committed, no matter how great those sins may be, no matter how ashamed and embarrassed and fearful you are, there's one thing you cannot do. You cannot despair of the mercy of Allah. Why?

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Because in the Lucha Indeed, Allah Yelp filled with the Nuba Jamia, he forgives us the new meaning all sins and that is further emphasized by Jamia all of them without exception. all sins Allah can forgive because who is Allah? In the Who? Who Allah for over him? He is the one who is most forgiving, and he is the one who shows mercy. Remember, Rahim is one who shows mercy Rahman has a sliver of mercy. But Rahim is one who shows mercy. And how does he show mercy that when a servant of electorates to him with sincerity, seeking forgiveness, Allah forgives him in the who, who Allah food, and he's also a foul.

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So no matter how big, how many sins, a person may have committed, unlock and forgive all of them.

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And the word is the new VISIT FLORIDA, them, and them is every action that has a bad consequence. And since What do they bring evil consequences in this dunya, and also in the US, Allah.

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And the word does applies to all types of sins, from the smallest negligence to the major sins, even

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small negligence. Like for example, in Sala, a person is distracted. This is what negligence, isn't it? And that also applies to a major sin like for example, murdering someone major sin.

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So all them all the new, smallest negligence to the greatest sense of luck and forgive them. It's not difficult for him to forgive. You have to turn to Allah.

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In this ayah there is a good news or reassurance, a hope for

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all people, all servants, whether they're believers, sinful, obedient, disobedient, no matter what their record has been. No matter what they have been doing all their lives, there is good news for all servants of Allah.

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We learn from a hadith that is reported in Bahati and was

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that there were some people who accepted Islam.

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And after they became believers, they remembered some of their sins that they had committed in the days of ignorance.

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And you understand very well how the Arab society was, that should first of all was very common. But besides ship, there were so many other forms of disobedience to them, in many ways that society was a very corrupt one was a very evil one, as is the case with many societies. And

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so many prohibitions are committed, so many injustices are committed and they're considered acceptable. So a person commits one wrong after the other, lying, cheating, killing other people zinna, one after the other, the list is endless. So those who have when they would remember those sins, they became extremely worried.

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And they were very concerned. And they went to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and said that what you are saying and calling us to is good.

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What you're telling us is good, what you're calling us to is very good. If only you could tell us that there is an explanation for what we have done.

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That what we have done in the past, somehow, we will be forgiven for that.

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Because if we were to be held accountable for the wrong that we have done in the past, we're finished, we're in trouble.

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Now, this was the case with who? Those who were previously mushrik and then they became Muslim. So what is this ayah? Tell them that don't worry, don't despair of the mercy of Allah, whatever has happened in the past has happened. Now you seek forgiveness from Allah sincerely, and Allah will forgive you.

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But there are also those of us who are born Muslim, who perhaps have not committed major sins like those who weren't non Muslim before. But because of our ignorance, because of our lack of faith, even we have done many, many wrong things. Perhaps before we learned the Quran, perhaps before Allah guided us, perhaps before our even became strong, perhaps it means neglecting Sala perhaps it means not even praying a single prayer. Perhaps it means lying.

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Perhaps it means being rude towards one's parents being disobedient to them different different things. It could be many things. But what is Allah say over here that in the La Jolla, Jumeirah Alok and forgive all sins.

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For those who accept Islam, whatever happened before Islam, that is automatically forgiven when a person embraces Islam, but for a person who is Muslim, and he commits His wrath against himself, when he does go back to Allah, when he seeks forgiveness from Allah, then what happens? All of the sins can also be forgiven.

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We learn from a Hadith, American to us, he said, I went to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and I said, Mohammed salatu salam, I want to become Muslim. Extend your hand so that I can pledge allegiance to you.

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When the Prophet sallallahu wasallam did, so I'm gonna have an asset, I pulled my hand away, and said, that I have a condition to make, before I accept a song, I have a condition to me. Only if that condition is fulfilled, then I will accept otherwise, no. And what was that condition that you pardon me for the great crimes against the Muslims? Because Mr. Bonilla had committed grave crimes against the Muslims, he was from Makkah, of the leaders of Makkah, someone who was very powerful, and he had committed many, many injustice against Muslims.

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So he said, a condition that only if I'm forgiven, then I will accept the Prophet sallallahu Sallam smiled. And he said, Oh, don't you know that Islam erases everything before.

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When a person embraces Islam, all sins, all of the every single one of them, forgiven, finished, gone.

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And hijra erases everything before.

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When a person migrates for the sake of Allah, leaving his home, going to another place, than whatever he has done before, Allah will forgive that.

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Because he's starting a new life. He has made a new resolution, he has made a decision to change his life to improve his life. So when he will do that, Allah will forgive his past the wrongs that he had committed.

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Now, although the site is with regards to a specific context, but in general it can also be understood, because Allah subhanaw taala addresses who everybody My servants, and this includes all servants of Allah, those who have committed costs, those who are committed check those who are born Muslim, and have been very sinful, because of forgetfulness because of lack of knowledge because of lack of your team. Every single person isn't

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suited in.

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And when a person, he has a loving heart, a conscious heart, he recognizes Allah, whose hearts Allah opens up for Islam. Then he begins to see the difference between what is right what is wrong,

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what Allah likes and what Allah dislikes because for who Allah knew the middle of it.

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And when he is on this note, he can see what is right what is wrong, he can see himself, he can recognize his mistakes, he can recognize his faults. And when a person begins to recognize his faults and mistakes, if he does not have hope, in the mercy of Allah, he can despair very, very easily, very easily. And shaytan attacks a person in this way, because he himself on the spirit of the mercy of Allah. This is why he is he believes herbalists are the one who has despaired. So what does he want? That Allah servants even they should despair of the mercy of Allah, they should give up hope of the mercy of Allah. And what does he say? Just accept, you're different. You can't

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change. This is what he says to a person. I have done so many wrong things. It's impossible. I can change my way. I'm so used to this lifestyle, there is no way I can change. And besides, I don't want to change. This is from JSON, because JSON has lost hope. He has lost his chance. And what does he want? That we also follow him?

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But a person who sees his mistakes and he has hope in the mercy of Allah. What is he invited to do? During to Allah seek forgiveness from him?

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So Allah soprano tada announces this good news that in the La Jolla, Villa de Nova Jumeirah, Indeed Allah He can forgive all sins. And how does Allah forgive all sins in two ways, conditionally and unconditionally? What does it mean by that?

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That for some sins a person has to repent, a person has to consciously leave them, he has to consciously seek forgiveness for them.

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Like for example, major sins

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for instance of a person has been doing

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a loss of pregnant artists hasn't sort of done this I have 48 in the lower layer through unusual curvy Afro Madonna, delicately, Manisha schilke is a crime that Allah does not forgive. So what does it mean? In order for ship to be forgiven? A person has to consciously leave it consciously seek forgiveness.

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So in the lie Alfredo de novo Jumeirah, first of all, how conditionally

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and secondly, unconditionally, what does it mean?

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That For example, when a person accepts Islam, then all of his sins even if he does not consciously remember each and every single one of them, and he does not seek forgiveness for each and every single one of them? Will they be forgiven? Yes, he accepted Islam, all of them forgiven. Similarly, a person is willing to change, he has made up his mind that he is not going to be like the way he was before disobedience, and he increases in his happiness. Then, after all, he's a human being. Yes, he performs good deeds, but at the same time, he will also commit many errors, because he's a human being.

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So even if he does not seek forgiveness for every single crime, but because he has improved in his way he is busy obeying a law that his sins will be forgiven.

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Like, for example, when a person performs Salah five daily prayers, that what happens, the fire of sins that he has, kindled in between that is extinguished by Sunnah. does a person have to remember every single thing? No, even if he does not remember, because all the time, all the time, intentionally unintentionally commit so many mistakes.

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And if you think about it, if it's an unintentional mistake, that you didn't even realize, will you seek forgiveness for it? Will you remember it? No. You never even thought about it. You never even realized you were doing something wrong. So look at the mercy of Allah in the law if it'll denuvo Jamia Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. For some you have to consciously repent for others just do good and Allah will forgive you.

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And we see that when it comes to sins, there are different types, some since they are against Allah subhanaw taala and others in their against EU people.

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Some are with regards to the right of Allah and someone with regards to the rights of people.

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Now, when it comes to the rights of Allah subhanaw taala when a person turns to a lajitas, though, then Allah will forgive him.

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But when it comes to the rights of people, what's the condition that you seek forgiveness from a lion you also seek forgiveness removed

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from the person

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From the person that you have wronged

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and if you have deprived him of his right then what does it mean that you give him his right?

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If you've caused him any loss, then you make up for it in some way or the other.

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If you have hurt them, you go and apologize, you go and say, Sorry, you have to do that. That's a condition you understand. So in the La Jolla, pero de Nova Jumeirah, Allah forgives all sins, but you have to seek forgiveness, you have to seek forgiveness the right way as well.

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Now, if a person has committed wrong against someone, and you remember what you did, you go to them you apologize, you make up for the wrongs that you've done, okay, fine. But it's quite possible that you don't know where that person is anymore.

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Like, for example, you remember when you were in school a long time ago, in another country, there was a person in your class, and you were very rude to them, you bullied them? Do you remember after years? Is that injustice? Course? Is that wrong? Of course. Do you have their contact? No, you don't? Do you remember their name? Probably not. What do you do?

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In order to seek forgiveness from Allah, you have to seek forgiveness from that person? What do you do?

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You can give charity on their behalf, you can do some good deed on their behalf. Why? Because on the Day of Judgment, when they come demanding their rights, you have something to offer.

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Because who is the greatest, worthless, bankrupt person, that on the Day of Judgment, he comes with a whole lot of good deeds. But what happens? People come demanding this person wronged me, this person wronged me. So what happens all of his good deeds are given to them.

00:21:47--> 00:21:50

All of his good deeds are given to them. Just imagine.

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But still, there are other people who are demanding that this person was unjust to me. So their sins are given to him. So before that happens, that people come demanding, you have something to offer them.

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What if you don't remember that you've heard someone, then you make a general door, that Allahumma for a Muslim in suburb to that, Oh Allah, any Muslim that I have heard that I have caused loss to that I have to curse someone or to say mean things to them, then federal radical who pervert and you will then make him close to you on the Day of Judgment.

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So you make dua for them that all if there's any Muslim, I have wronged any person I have wronged in any way, please forgive their sins. Please accept their good deeds, please increase them in their hedaya give them this reward in paradise. Do you understand?

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So you make the offer them to make up for the wrong that you have done? Do you get it?

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Similarly, that person could have passed away?

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First is that you can't meet them you don't know where they are another is that they have died. So how do you apologize to them? How do you seek forgiveness from them, in the same way that you pray for them, you do something good on their behalf.

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And at the same time, also seek forgiveness from a loss.

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So in the La Jolla Village, the New Belgium era, Allah forgives all sins, don't despair of the mercy of Allah, Allah forgives all sins, but remember, that you also have to do your part.

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So since there are different types, some against a law some against people, and all of these sins a person should be worried about, a person should be concerned about

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because these sins could mean a lot of trouble in the Hereafter, a lot of trouble.

00:23:37--> 00:23:44

So before that trouble, a person falls into he should seek forgiveness for and he should not despair of the mercy of

00:23:45--> 00:23:51

You see, when a person gives up hope only then he cannot seek forgiveness, isn't it?

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But unfortunately, if you see, this despair is so common, isn't it? It's so common amongst people is that there's no hope for me. I've done so many wrong things. No chance for me. I'm fine the way I am. But this is not right.

00:24:08--> 00:24:24

I remember somebody was once telling me that they were talking to someone and they refuse to press lab because they said I've done so many wrong things. There's no use of I pray sada and I'm bad. I'm just a bad person. I know I'm not a good person. So then they told them this ayah. And they were surprised that this is and

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they were amazed that this is what a

00:24:28--> 00:24:32

lot of not only Rahmatullah in the new Virginia.

00:24:33--> 00:24:40

The servants of Allah, they're despairing of the mercy of Allah because they don't know. They don't realize that in the La Jolla, Pharaoh de novo Jamia?

00:24:41--> 00:24:57

So it's our obligation that we ourselves should not despair and we should also spread this hope amongst people. Not such hope that people don't seek forgiveness and they think that Oh, we're fine anyway because Allah is very merciful. No, there should be a balance of fear and hope.

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Hope of the

00:25:00--> 00:25:04

Mercy of Allah, fear of the sins that a person has committed which is why he seeks forgiveness

00:25:05--> 00:25:23

in certain Nyssa I 110 Allah Subhana Allah says when a yarmulke Tzu and a Young Living if so who? So Maya stockfeed in law her ear to the level of food over humor, that whoever does a wrong or wrongs himself, but then seeks forgiveness from Allah, he will find a more forgiving and merciful

00:25:25--> 00:25:27

he will find a love Forgiving and Merciful who

00:25:28--> 00:25:32

a person who has done something wrong, but then he seeks forgiveness from Allah

00:25:34--> 00:25:41

into the Toba I 104 wheelers, follow me on a row and the La Jolla, Ca velluto veteran everybody.

00:25:42--> 00:25:50

Do they not know that it is Allah who accepts repentance from his servants? Allah accepts the word from his servants, because Allah is

00:25:52--> 00:26:15

the Greatest acceptor of repentance. You turn to him, you go to him, he will accept you, isn't it so that when a person takes one step to Allah, Allah takes 10 steps towards another person goes walking on that comes running, but you have to go, you have to take the initiative. And when you take the initiative, you will find a love Forgiving and Merciful, you will find a lot of web will fall off.

00:26:17--> 00:26:25

We don't know how these, which you all are familiar with, in which we learn of a man who committed 99 murders. 99.

00:26:26--> 00:27:00

And what happened? He went to an avid a worshiper, and he told him that I have committed so many murders. What did you say to him? No, hopefully, you've committed so many wrong things, no hope for you. So what did he do? He killed him as well. Because when you tell people that there's no hope for you, they become angry. Right? They increase in their wrongdoing. Then he went to a knowledgeable man. And he said to him that I've committed 100 murders. What did he say to him, there is hope for you just change your place. Don't stay where you are, go to another city.

00:27:01--> 00:27:41

And what happened, he went to another city. He changed his basically to digital. And on his way, the angel of death came. But both types of angels of death came those who take the soul of the righteous person and those who take the solar, the evil person. And then there was a debate amongst them. That who takes the soul of this person. Those who take the soul of the evil person. They said he's committed so many crimes, those who take the soul of the good person they say, he has done tober He's on his way. So what happened? What was the decision that will last punctata Doulton measure the distance that he has crossed and Allah cause the earth to expand, so that the distance would be more

00:27:41--> 00:27:45

which distance of what he had crossed what he had left.

00:27:46--> 00:27:48

So a loss of data, forgive him.

00:27:50--> 00:27:57

Just imagine, Allah is so merciful, he is so forgiving, that despite the fact that person had not committed a single good deed,

00:27:58--> 00:28:06

and he had killed all those people, 100 people alive still forgive him. Why? Because he was sincere in his repentance.

00:28:07--> 00:28:20

So what is needed? sincerity? What is needed? doba? What is needed your decision that you want to change? You want to improve?

00:28:21--> 00:28:23

And you don't like what you did before?

00:28:24--> 00:28:33

And when you have made up that mind, once you have made that decision, then you will find Allah forgiving. And this is Allah's generosity. This is his kindness.

00:28:34--> 00:28:38

The offer is there. It's us. Do we take that offer? We don't

00:28:39--> 00:28:46

ally so generous, he's ready to forgive. But what do we do? Do we ignore that offer? Or do we accept that offer?

00:28:48--> 00:28:57

Every single day? We have the opportunity to seek forgiveness from Allah for the wrongs that we have done. But it's up to us. Do we do it? Or we don't?

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In the La Jolla field, the New Belgium era in the who, who will have a photo Rahim he is forgiving, and he's also merciful.

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What an evil in order to be calm and return to your Lord, an evil from the word inner noon. Well, the note is used for a honeybee.

00:29:16--> 00:29:17

What does anybody do?

00:29:18--> 00:29:30

leaves the tie. Correct nectar comes back to the hive goes again comes back to the hive. Isn't it? So? How many times does it return to a time in a day? How many times

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many many times not just once or twice, but repeatedly again and again. So in other is to turn repeatedly.

00:29:41--> 00:29:47

And you see a honeybee no matter how far it has gone. What does it do eventually returns

00:29:48--> 00:29:51

so unable to return to your Lord.

00:29:52--> 00:30:00

It's okay. Even if you've gone very very far. Even if you've gone extremely far. Even if

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If you've done many wrong things, there is still hope that unable to become returned to your Lord what Asli moolah who and submit to Him? submit to Him min ugly and yet to caminada formula

00:30:17--> 00:30:20

before the punishment comes upon you, and you will not be helping.

00:30:21--> 00:30:30

If you notice over here unable to eat out of become do your Lord, your master, your heart, your mother be the one who looks after you

00:30:31--> 00:30:36

return to Him, no matter how much wrong you have done, return

00:30:37--> 00:30:44

what is the moolah who and submit to Him? What does he mean by submitting to him that also obey Him?

00:30:45--> 00:31:12

An evil is to leave the sin leave the wrong action, and Eskimo is to perform good. Because if you don't replace evil action with good action, would it be possible for you to stay away from evil action? No. doba is only possible you can only remain firm on your Toba when you replace evil with good because if there's an emptiness,

00:31:13--> 00:31:16

then what happens over there? shed long comes,

00:31:17--> 00:31:18

isn't it so

00:31:19--> 00:31:32

so we're unable to get out or become a similar who and submit to Him. Men probably if they accumulate either before the punishment comes to you. Don't let them settle, then you will not be helped.

00:31:33--> 00:31:44

So there's warning in this ayah that life is short. It's limited. And a person can suffer the consequences of his actions. When

00:31:45--> 00:31:53

anytime. Death can come upon a person at any time during the day, during the night.

00:31:54--> 00:31:56

You don't know how long you have to live.

00:31:57--> 00:32:09

Therefore, repent to him during to Him and do something to save yourself before the consequences of your actions come upon you. And then you will not be held nothing at all can help you.

00:32:11--> 00:32:48

We learned from a Hadith, an incident medic he reports that Allah's Messenger said, Allah is more pleased with the repentance of a servant, as he turns towards him for repentance, then this that one amongst you is upon the Campbell in a waterless desert. And there is a pond that Campbell has provision of food and drink, and it is lost by him. Imagine your sole possession, you've lost it, your food, your water, you've lost it and where are you in a waterless desert. And he haven't lost all hope to find that gavel lies down in the shadow, waiting for what?

00:32:49--> 00:32:50


00:32:51--> 00:32:55

not having water in a desert means you're waiting for that.

00:32:56--> 00:33:01

So just imagine he has given up all hope. And he is disappointed about his gamma.

00:33:02--> 00:33:06

And there he finds that camels standing before him all of a sudden,

00:33:07--> 00:33:09

what are the odds of finding a camel in the desert?

00:33:11--> 00:33:19

So he takes hold of his nose string. And then out of extreme joy. He says oh Lord, You are my servant, and I am Mirador.

00:33:20--> 00:33:25

Meaning that he's so happy that he doesn't even realize what he's saying.

00:33:26--> 00:33:42

He doesn't even realize what he's saying. he commits the mistake out of extreme delight. So imagine how happy a person would be when he has found this gamble. Just imagine, but Allah says he is happier when his servants returns to him.

00:33:44--> 00:33:48

He is happier when his servant repents to him.

00:33:49--> 00:33:54

He welcomes him. He forgives him because his servant has returned to him.

00:33:56--> 00:34:17

And he will eat out of become 20 or Lord. Lastly, Moodle. And submit to Him, do something good. Submit with the limbs submit with sincerity. Submit in obedience, because life is too short. You don't know when the Angel of Death is appearing before you. When comedy is to colmenar either some of that and so on, then you will not be helped.

00:34:18--> 00:34:23

When your life is over. When your chances over then that's it. You can't do the job anymore.

00:34:24--> 00:34:36

Once the Angel of Death appears, can you seek forgiveness then? No. In your grave Can you do is to fall? No. So do is the phone No, do tilba now do something good now, because life is short.

00:34:37--> 00:34:47

What have you and follow us Anima onzie de la comida become the best of that which was revealed to you from your Lord and what is it the Quran

00:34:48--> 00:34:55

follow what Allah has revealed Min cubberly to colada bucket and before the punishment comes to you suddenly

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

in the previous ayah the coming of the other was mentioned over here

00:35:00--> 00:35:10

Buster is additional, because when the punishment comes suddenly out of surprise, it's more of a disaster, but unto laddish alone, and you do not realize,

00:35:12--> 00:35:20

because when a person is doing gronk, when he is disobeying Allah, and he does not even realize the seriousness of assumes that what happens?

00:35:21--> 00:35:24

He does not think about death, isn't it?

00:35:25--> 00:35:29

He does not think about accountability. He thinks he can do whatever he wants.

00:35:31--> 00:35:41

So, when death comes, when disaster comes, it is built up for him, because he never prepared for it. He never worried about it, he was never concerned about it.

00:35:42--> 00:36:03

So, before that gums were antem latur schroon and you don't even realize, do something, follow the Quran, it terbaru axonemal consider it a Camila because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said I have left amongst you do things, which if you hold on to them, you will never stray? And what are they? The Book of Allah and His sooner.

00:36:04--> 00:36:10

So it w Arsenal mountains, it ain't gonna become because if you will follow it, then you will not go astray,

00:36:11--> 00:36:16

then the chances of you falling back are very few very rare

00:36:17--> 00:36:31

because if a person does not replace evil with good, then staying away from evil will be very difficult. And you see punishment has been mentioned over here, that punishment could come upon you suddenly by surprise and you will not be able to do anything.

00:36:33--> 00:36:52

And remember others have different different types. Some are that is tangible, physical, other that is intangible, intangible, like for example, lack of peace. And it happens with people, that they have everything in dystonia, they have money, they have freedom, they have a car, they have beauty, but what do they lack?

00:36:53--> 00:36:56

Peace, what do they lack happiness,

00:36:57--> 00:36:58

isn't it

00:36:59--> 00:37:03

and sometimes this is a result of what one's own sense.

00:37:04--> 00:37:06

one's own sense

00:37:07--> 00:37:13

that because he is doing wrong, this is why he takes happiness in his life. His life is full of worry and concern.

00:37:14--> 00:37:20

Also are that is up dunya are the results of a hero so this or that can continue above our anthem letter scharoun.

00:37:21--> 00:37:27

So do something before your chances over avoid disobedience and follow the Aysen

00:37:28--> 00:37:39

and the colon epsilon less assault should say Yeah, hi slaughter I learned a lot to feed Jamila all my regret upon what I neglected in my duty to Allah.

00:37:40--> 00:37:50

That when there are that comes, then they're only regrets what regrets that a person will regret. Or I wish I had not neglected in my duty to unlock

00:37:51--> 00:37:56

for lockdown from newsletters fell over the fleet is to fall short to neglect.

00:37:57--> 00:38:03

So how I neglected in the sight of Allah, what does it mean by dzambhala sight of Allah

00:38:04--> 00:38:10

meaning in relation to Allah in respect to Allah, with respect to Allah, what is our obligation?

00:38:11--> 00:38:14

What is our obligation, obedience, worship.

00:38:15--> 00:38:25

So I neglected in my duty to Allah, I neglected in my obedience to Allah, I neglected in giving the hug of Allah

00:38:27--> 00:38:36

or them I felt love to feed them Bella was in control me necessity, and indeed, I was of those who are markers. I used to mock, I wasted my life.

00:38:37--> 00:38:41

I didn't give the hug of Allah, and instead I used to mock away,

00:38:42--> 00:38:54

otaku or destitute, say no and Allaha Danny if only Allah had guided me the continent on with Turkey, surely I would have been of those who are pious, those who are righteous,

00:38:55--> 00:39:02

then they will only be regrets. But is it that Allah did not guide this person? No, Allah did offer guidance, but it's up to you. You accepted or not?

00:39:03--> 00:39:14

Oh, Dakota, or it says Sheena Terada. But when it sees the punishment, no, and the camera, if only I had another chance, but akuna mean and more stunning than I would be of those who do.

00:39:15--> 00:39:24

If only had one more chance, but if you think about it every single morning, there's a lot not give us another chance. He does. But it's up to us whether we avail that or not.

00:39:25--> 00:39:38

But Khadija at karate rather know. My verses came to you better be here was talk about contaminated caffeine, you denied them, you are arrogant, and you are of those who were desperate.

00:39:39--> 00:39:47

It's not that a lot deprived you it's not that a lot did not offer guidance. Do you know he did? It's you. You did not avail the opportunity.

00:39:49--> 00:40:00

If you think about it, doors are forgiveness, doors of mercy are open. guidance is there. Allah has sent knowledge Allah has sent the Quran it's up to us. What do we

00:40:00--> 00:40:06

Do do we accept that offer? Do we delay it? Do we neglect it? Do we don't even look at it?

00:40:07--> 00:40:09

So again, it comes back to who?

00:40:11--> 00:40:16

We have to do something. We have to make a change. We have to make up our mind

00:40:18--> 00:40:20

to listen to the recitation and then just a few more things.