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An-Nisa 94-104 Translation 94-104

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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My mother who want to send me another Sunni will Karim Allah

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rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Frobisher, Ashley Saudi were silly MD.

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Data mainly Sunny, cloudy probenecid.

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Lesson number 62 suited to NASA is number 94 to 104.

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Yeah, are you Where are you? And levena those who am I knew they believed? Either when thorup tune, you all struck, you all went forth, fi in sabini way, Allahu Allah, further obiano then you all clarify, you all verified one and do not the coup, you all say lemon to whoever or to who. And he offered Aleikum to you a cinema, the greeting

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the peace or the submission less that you are not meaner believer

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of the hohner you all seek out other goods advantage and hierarchy of the life adonia the world for in the Sonia Allahu Allah Mohan mo booties which is Kathy Ratan many.

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Cavalli vaniqa likewise concern you were men from a balloon before feminine so he favored Allahu Allah, are they come upon you? further Vega No. So you all verify

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in that Indeed, Allah Allah, Ghana he is ever Bhima with whatever Dharma Luna you will do hubiera always aware

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lair not yesterday we he is equal or a donor. Those who said men from me Nina, those who believe or the believers, why you other than only possessors of daughter of the hurt of the harm.

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What and Allah Mujahid una, those who strive Fie in sabini way Allah He of Allah be unwinding him with their wealth while enforcing him and themselves.

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fabella he has preferred Allahu Allah Al Mujahideen, those who strive be rewarding him with their wealth while enforcing him and themselves. Allah upon alcar Idina, those who sit the Rajasthan in rank.

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Well, Colin and all what are the he promised? Allahu Allah and her Sunnah, The Good Wife of Allah, and he has preferred Allahu Allah, Allah Mujahideen, those who struggle either upon Allah or Idina, those who sit at urine a reward or Lima, great.

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There are Jatin ranks degrees, men who from him, one Murphy Ratan and forgiveness, what mutton and mercy were can and he is ever, Allahu Allah fuhren most forgiving rahima always are merciful.

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Enough indeed. And levena those who were for whom he recalled them fully causes them today. al-mulla eager to be angels, worthy me as ones ranking and forcing him themselves ALU they said, FEMA in what control you were

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pilu the SEC code now we were will stop our feeder ones who are made Wi Fi in

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the earth

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carlu they said Allah did not the con It was our Earth land. Allah He of Allah. Wa cr 10 spacious, vast for 200 euro so you all migrate, fee her in it. For Allah he can. Those who are home their abode jahannam is hell was and how evil masura as a destination

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inla except almost double our female those who are made weak men from a region the men when the SIR and the women when will then and the children

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learn not yesterday earner they are capable haledon any plan whether and nor yes they do that they obtain guidance sebelah to any way for una eco so those are sir perhaps it is hoped Allahu Allah on that yeah for he burdens on home from them what can and he is ever Allahu Allah our full one most pardoning of a fura most forgiving

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woman and whoever you had it he migrates fee in sabini way Allah He of Allah Yejin he will find fee in a way the earth Morocco Oman places of refuge Cassie euro many were certain and abundance women and whoever Yeah, he goes out when from babies house is home Mahajan as one who migrates Illa to Allah He Allah, what are Sunni, he and his messenger

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so much then you'd Riku it overtakes him, it reaches him, Elmo do the depth for God, then in fact, Walker, it became incumbent drew his reward, either upon Allah He Allah, what can and he is ever Allahu Allah of a foreign most forgiving or Haman always All Merciful.

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Why there and when bada boom you are struck, you all traveled fi in the earth, Felisa So, it is not our they come upon you do not own anything. And that that was true you are shorten men from a solidarity the Salah.

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In if you feared and that we have Tina come, he puts you in trial

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and levina those who care for the display in indeed alkaff Irina the disbelievers can know they are local for you are the one and enemy mobila one clear

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why either and when you will feel him in them for a contract then you established the home for them as well at the Salah. Fanta calm so it should stand by if I don't a group made home from them. Marika with you

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while your Hulu and they should take asleep at home their weapons for either so when such a do they frustrated failure kulu then they should be men from or equal behind you

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130 and it should come for if I don't agree before other lamb not use I knew they offer solar for use I'll do so they should offer solder they should pray marker with you when you do and they should take hedra home their precaution well as they had their home and their weapons.

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What that he loved and Medina those who care for who they disbelieved. Low if don't faloona you all become hitless I'm about a three hottie comb your weapons were until it gone and your goods for them yummy Luna they incline on a coup upon you may lighten and inflammation where he didn't single.

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Why not and not do not have any sin? Are they come upon you in if Ghana it was become with you other than any affliction, main from muttering rain or concern you were marva sick and that trouble you all put down as we had the comb your weapons. Were hoodoo and you won't take hydrocodone your precaution in Indeed, Allah Allah either. He has prepared lincare feeding for the disbelievers or there been a punishment Mohit

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Now when disgraceful

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for either, so, when are they done, you all have completed you all have fulfilled as soon as the sun fed guru, then you all remember, Allah Allah began as one standing work with Odin and as one sitting wider and upon julu become your sites

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for either so when

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you all were safe your Lenten you always say

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for people then you will establish a solar the solar

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in indeed a solar the solar cabinet It was either upon me Mina, the believers keytab and one written in joined makuta at appointed time.

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Voila, and do not take he knew you all be lazy. You all become weak. Fi in evitable II pursuit alcone of the people in if Taku you all be you all are that lamona you all suffer you all are suffering for in the home So indeed de yet lamona they all suffer comma just as that Luna you all are suffering without Juna and you won't have hope. Main from Allah He Allah ma what law not your Juna Davao

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what can and he is ever Allahu Allah.

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Always annoying hekima

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Cara Lee.

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What's up?

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Elon Musk.

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Is una de la

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Luna sebelah Ola.

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of the moron

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was sued he

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solo Nina Salatin

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una de

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de de

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turbo, turbo

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meanie Nikita,

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demon hakima