Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P24 243B Tafsir Al-Zumar 32-35

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of lie and the negative consequences of lying about Islam. They caution against using " Hal centers," "verbal" language, and "by" when referring to someone. They stress the importance of living by the Quran and protecting against evil, while also emphasizing the importance of not believing in lies and avoiding showing one's actions again. They also discuss the importance of forgiveness and avoiding showing one's actions.
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feminine so who Allah who is more unjust women than who can ever he lied on Allah against Allah wa and can never be denied. This say the key with the truth is Jah who when it came to him,

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Elisa, is it not? II Johanna in hellfire, math one and aboard little caffeine for those who deny.

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Two crimes are mentioned over here two types of Cooper are mentioned in this idea.

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And the idea begins as for men of lemmo, who could be more unfair, who could be more unjust than such a person? Which person the first crime is men, Kedah, Allah Allah, the One who lies against Allah, the One who tells lies about Allah, however, his calf that

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is to say something that contradicts reality. There is something that is not true. That's a lie. It's false. It's financial warfare. So he lies about who about Allah? Meaning he says something about Allah, which is not true. For example, what kind of lies do people say about Allah, okay, that he has a son child or that he has a partner, or that he is unfair, or that he does not know,

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saying things about Allah without any knowledge, describing Allah as he is not denying him rejecting his existence, denying His mercy, rejecting His attributes, His actions, his power, his ability, these are all lies about Allah. And if you think about it, any kind of belief that people have concerning Allah concerning God, which is not based on Revelation, and that is untrue.

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Why is the criteria revelation? Because what is revelation, what Allah Himself has informed?

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Understand, where he is what Allah Himself has informed us has informed people through his prophets. Like, for example, AYATUL kursi, he tells us about the attributes of Allah, for example, Allahu La ilaha illa, who, right there is no God, but him later who say no to Allah, no. Right is not overcome by slumber or sleep. Correct, the home office and it will not fill out everything in the heavens and the earth, the entire creation belongs to him. So whatever we believe about Allah must be based on Revelation. Because Wal knows Allah better than Allah Himself. Nobody, Allah knows himself. So whatever he has taught us about himself, that is what we must believe. And if we believe something,

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otherwise, we make things up about him, then that would be false, that would be lies. So the one who says lies about Allah, then this is great injustice, how is a great injustice? How is it a great crime? Because these are false beliefs concerning Allah. It's not right. If you think about it, if somebody begins describing you without any knowledge, and they say things about you as if they know you really well, whereas they've never met you. How do you feel?

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How do you feel? How does this person know?

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I was, you know, they don't know a thing. How could they talk about me in this manner?

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Isn't it? It's unfair, it's just wrong. It's not acceptable. So, my man Allah movie men, Canada and Allah, He lies about Allah, meaning he describes Allah in ways that Allah is not he describes Allah with attributes that Allah does not have that do not defeat Allah. Whether it is by attributing a child, a partner, or any form of weakness to him, this is lying about Allah, another form of lying about Allah against Allah is to say that Allah has said something whereas in reality, Allah has not said it.

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So for example, a person says oh, this is halal.

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Whereas Allah has not declared it halal. Or person says oh, this is haram whereas in reality, Allah has not declared it haram.

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You understand what's happening? Thing Halal haram without any proof because you see when a person uses

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The word Halal that what happens? It's like oh, wow, permissible. And if you say haram, then what happens? Stop the argue and because how long has been used? Stop the discussion because the word Haram has been used, isn't it? And many people use this label use this word to win an argument.

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And it's very, very wrong. It's a crime to say that something is haram whereas Allah has not declared it head on. So be very careful. Be extremely careful.

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Using the terms Halal haram must be used with knowledge with proof and if we don't have proof if we don't have knowledge, please do not use these big words. Even if you want to convince your children to do something or not do something don't use these words by for example, dV. Haram. Have you heard this before? Going to the movies? How wrong going to a restaurant how long I mean? I'm not saying that these are all good things everything in them is good. What I'm saying is that just because you want to make a point you want somebody to listen to you you want to convince somebody please don't use these terms. Because you could be lying about Allah which is a crime you know a person might be

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committing something wrong by going to the movies for instance and watching something completely you know wrong obscene on a huge screen. Okay, that's wrong. But what is worse is

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that you use the term haram without proof

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understand this is a crime near Allah.

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I mean, I'm not saying that if something is how long we should not declared haram right. If something is haram, and somebody asks us, Allah has declared it haram then yes, you say that it is haram but don't make Halal haram and make haram halal.

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Like people who have Muslim friends, they use these terms very loosely to just be like haram for like anything. So I feel like if you have guns like that, you should let them know that, you know, they're very specifically used in the Koran and they shouldn't just be thrown around like that. Exactly. Enemy. And where do they get these from? From us? Because we use these terms so loosely. So that's what they pick up on. All right.

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I was just thinking how even if you lie in front of a judge when with judgment or a statement has been made, there are a lot of consequences for just lying in in addition to what you did wrong if you did something wrong. It's so in line in front of Allah subhanaw taala is even worse.

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So from an algorithm will mean men Canada Allah, Allah, who could be worse than the one who lies about Allah, meaning regarding Allah has attributes his existence or that he lies about Allah, as in he ascribes statements to Allah, which Allah has not said. Another form is that people say, Well, this is from the Quran. For us, it's not in the Quran. For people to all it's done in the Quran, whereas it is in the Quran, this author lying about Allah, and that a person says, that revelation has been sent to me, whereas in reality, no revelation was sent to him. This is also a lie.

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I was listening to a hotel once where the speaker had the opinion that taking photos was impermissible. But then sound a lot like he he didn't say it like he was unsure of how he felt about it. But he kind of just said, this is a view that I have and then because he knew there was a difference of opinion on it, he didn't like kind of say it's like haram haram. I don't see how do you like because there was a difference of opinion because there are other solid proofs to go against his he was just saying this is how I feel about it. But other people even there are things that are there's differences of they'll still say no this is completely haram and that's all there

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is to it.

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So from an aha moment when Canada Allah, the second crime, what can never be solidity and he denies a slick, Canada is more intense than Canada. Right? Canada lie. And Canada is to declare something as a light call something a lie, do treat it as a lie. So can never be sick as an he denies a slip. What is the truth, the Quran for in no US local Hadith, because it is the truest of all speech. Right? So what can never be sleep? The truth could also refer to the Kalama La Ilaha illa Allah over here, whatever the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has done, so he denies the truth is Jah who, when it came to him, meeting as soon as the truth we

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Each him, he heard of it, and he denied it is just a What does the word is indicate immediately? The truth reached him and without even trying to understand, without even trying to learn without even thinking deeply about it. What does he do? He denies it immediately. Allah says La surfy Johanna mammoth one little caffeine. Is there not in *, a residence for the deniers for such deniers. Aren't they deserving of that residence in *? Isn't there room in * for such deniers? Yes, there is Mustafa Thau. Well, yeah. So is to remain to reside somewhere for a long time.

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The two types of gopher are mentioned over here,

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lying about Allah and secondly, that we will sit denying the truth

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and the one who commit such crimes is full of hide, for which there is no cure but *

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because if you think about it, lying about Allah, a person has the confidence to lie about Allah. What is he full of that he has?

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Seriously What does he have within him that he's lying about Allah mean lying about a human being is also not appropriate lying about Allah? What is a person even?

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What pride is he full of what false confidence is he fell off. So for this there is no cure, but *.

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And then the stubbornness can be simply so proud that as soon as the truth reaches him, No way, rejects it without even giving thought without even reflecting over it.

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The for such an acfe Johanna McMullin, carefree the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he also warned us in Caliban Isla lace I can't even Allah had him.

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Lying about me is not like lying about anybody else. Getting ascribing something to the Prophet sallallahu sallam was not like ascribing it to any other average person, any other person for that matter, because whoever lies against the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said failure to vote what are the human and now that he should make his residence, his seat in hellfire, the where we are not to lie about Allah, we are also not to lie about the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, you should be extremely careful when speaking about the Quran or the Hadith was what was saying it incredibly clearly because this is incredibly Illogical Behavior, even in terms of you know, when it comes to

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anything else, if you were to ask someone, okay, would you lie against someone who has a very high authority? It makes no sense. Why would you do that you're only asking for further consequences against you. If you're going to deny something without even actually looking into it. Are you going to sign a contract without reading what it says first? It's the same thing. Alicia is showing us how completely illogical this behavior is? Why don't you think a minute slow down a bit, think about it before you make a decision. And it makes it so much more clear, because this is behavior that anyone if you attribute it to anything other than Islam or to Alaska, anyone would be like, you know, this

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makes no sense. Why would you do this? And so last month, I was making it clear to them that if you would say that about something else, how could you even imagine saying that against the last panel data?

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One of the and the one who Jah he came bisutti with the truth, Job is sitting he brought the truths. And who is this? The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he brought the truth what truth is this the Quran

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was said the copy and he confirmed it's confirmed what the truth meaning the Quran, so the Prophet sallallaahu son brought the Quran Allah gave him and he also confirmed it as an he himself believed in it. I'm Anna rasuluh beema on Zillow in a union lobby, while Minjun, the messenger has believed and the believers have also believed in what Allah has revealed. So while Ludy jab is Sookie was sought the copy you see over here the exact opposite. One is calibre, Allah Allah. He's lying about Allah pretending that revelation is sent to him. The other hand is jab is syrupy. He has brought the truth the Quran because the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was certainly given the Quran he did not

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And then what can never be sympathy. He denies the truth meaning the Quran and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said the kadhi he confirmed that he believed in it himself, hula Iike those who mourn with Takuan those are the ones who are the righteous, who shall be saved with the Quran can also be understood that those who will be saved, protected guarded against what Hellfire for the previous the deniers, Canada and Canada Jahannam and here, the one who

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All job is simply will suck the coffee for him would our economy Moutoku they shall be saved, they shall be protected.

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Allah the job is simply

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the one who brought the truth. This can also be understood as another interpretation is the Prophet sallallahu Sallam brought the truth and sadaqa the he's the one who confirm that is referring to those who believed in the prophets of Allah, like Abu Bakr as Siddiq sadaqa he was a dick. Because of Gawker, Sabetha de la Juan, he was the first man right, who accepted Islam. First Men, he juggled the long arm. She was the first woman first person, in fact, because when the Prophet salallahu Salam came after receiving the revelation, when he doubted himself, when he was wondering what had happened, Khadija of the low Arjuna is the one who gave him confidence. Right? So amongst men, Abu

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Bakr, Siddiq Padilla one who was the first one, all right, so sadaqa Biggie refers to the believers.

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Another interpretation of this ayah is that a lady Jaya have a single key, which I hit very, he said, homo Lavina Yoji, ona Ville Qurani, Yeoman Piazza, they are people who will come with the Quran on the Day of Judgment, they will be accompanied with the Quran. There'll be accompanied by the Quran, when they come before Allah because they spent their lives with the Quran. So on the Day of Judgment, they will come with the Quran. Allah the journey of acidity for Siddhartha v, because previously he had said the coffee he had believed in it confirmed it. For the terbaru they had followed it.

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He lived the Quran, he believed in it in tongue and action, hula Iike homegirl Moutoku. Such will be saved from punishment. What do we see in these two verses, but there are two ways of living. One is in lies and the other is in truth,

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in lies lying about Allah denying the truth, denying the Quran, person is living in lies.

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And the other is living in truth. believing in Allah, believing in the Quran, living by it completely two different ways, the home for them, may Yasha Guna, whatever they will arrange or be him near their Lord, who those who believe in the truth in the Quran. For them, they shall have whatever they want near their Lord, that He can that is Jezza recommends of mu l theanine those who are sun. So what is your sun then?

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For the more sunny

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weather more sunny go backwards on the word more singing? What is it referring to? What actions and Lidija of acidity will suck the coffee? I'll Moutoku this is all arson. Because what is airson excellence? beautification. So Ersan is to believe in the truth and live by it.

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Because lies are falsehood and falsehood is ugly.

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Right? And truth is beautiful, because it is reality. And you think about it a fake flower versus a real flower. There difference.

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The difference between life and death. Right? There's a huge difference.

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If someone is to believe in the truth and live by it, and living otherwise would not be your son it would not be beautiful, it would be an ugly life in and out. Valley catches our own mercy. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, if you wish that Allah and His messenger should love you, then guard three characteristics and all these characteristics fall in the category of your son because your son is you know with oneself,

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with Allah with the creation, right? So three qualities. A person must guard if he wants to be loved by Allah and His messenger. What are they? Firstly said could Hadith be truthful in speech? Be true in your word in your speech. Secondly, that will Amana returning trusts and thirdly, personal jeweler being a good neighbor.

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To all of this is part of airson Blue Cat fear Allah who as a result, Allah will remove how entirely you can't feel loved or unwell. What is it that Allah will remove from them as the evil most evil Allah the AMILO, which they did, because who amongst us has

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Non evil which person hasn't done wrong? Every person does wrong. Every person human being will make mistakes. But those who believe in the truth, live by it, confirm it with their words and their actions, and they live with your son, then Allah will remove their sins from them.

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Look at the word you can feel. You can feel Kassandra or discover or literally mean for our cover.

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They also sound the same Kapha English cover, cover cover. Anyway. So Kafala is to cover.

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For some reason, every time I say cover cover comes to my mind. Like I'm Arab resizing the English also. So Kapha is to cover, right and Farah, you can feel to completely cover something entirely so that no sign of it remains. And why would you cover it? Because it's not worth showing?

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And why would you cover it? Who just burying it so that it will just finish there? Eventually?

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It for example, if there is a corpse

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is it buried?

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Why is it buried? Why is it completely covered? Because even the sight of it is disturbing.

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It's disturbing. And it's covered in dirt, because eventually it's going to become dirt.

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Correct. So Kafala you can do is to cover something entirely such that it's not visible at all. And why would you cover it so that it'll just finish it's not important anymore, you've buried it. You've buried it.

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It's history, it's gone class. So Lee you can't fear Allahu Allah will completely cover and the objective of covering over here is to remove.

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It's not just to hide in such a way that eventually it'll be shown again, because you see once we have done an action, it's written in our records, isn't it?

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Part of our record.

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So you can feel when Allah subhanaw taala does godfather of sins is covered them such that they won't be displayed again.

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And what this means is complete forgiveness such that a person will not even be embarrassed by looking at it ever again. Allah make all our sins like this. Leo can feel Allahu Anhu as well a lovey AMILO look at the word as well. It's not just so it's a SWAT because a swat a file means worst. Not just bad, but worst. So the worst of their sins, like the worst sins that they've ever committed.

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All of us can think like this right? Think about yourself what's the worst thing I've ever done? In the sight of Allah the worst action? Francais?

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A SWAT Allah the army loo because of this exam, because of this Eman because of confirming the truth and living by the truth living by the Quran. Allah who will completely cover meaning remove their sins, which since the worst of their sins, hasn't he will clean their records, where does he at home, and he will reward them Agila whom they reward, you will recompense them with their reward, which reward the sunny according to the best Allah the canary or maroon which they used to do. Worst since removed, best deeds highlighted,

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worst sins erased, and the reward according to best deeds.

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You know, for example, think about your past. And think of the best good deed you've done past good deed. Maybe you gifted something very precious of yours. You gave it away in charity. Maybe it was a time when you didn't remember, maybe it was when you were extremely hurting in your body, but still you serve your parents, whatever it was, whether it was, you know, just thinking about something good we've done in the past, it makes us happy, not in the sense that we boast about it, but it makes you happy and you wish if you could always be like that if you could do that more and more and more.

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But Allah subhanaw taala knows he's the one who's made us He knows our weaknesses. Every person has deficiencies, so the worst sins erased and reward will be according to their best deeds. This is the reward for your son. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said a believer will be brought to his Lord on the Day of Judgment

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And Allah will place

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and Allah will place upon him his side, meaning Allah will cover him. Right Allah will cover him from WHO? And the rest of the people so nobody knows the conversation that's happening. And Allah who will make him confess his faults.

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And Allah will say, do you recognize your faults? And the person will say, My Lord, I do recognize them? How can he admit at that time because he lived a life of truth, not a life of lies, he will admit because he was truthful to Allah Who will say I can seal them for you in the world. And today I forgive

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in the world, I conceal them and today, I forgive them I finished

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and he will then be given the book containing his good deeds, so the sins will be erased and this is true success.

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allays Allahu Allah questions us. And this is your Lord Allah, then is Allah not be careful when definitely sufficient Abdullah who for his servant

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when this is your Lord,

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how do you believe in him you live a life of truth of exon Allah who will reward you so generously remove your worst crimes. And as Allah not enough for you, why are you running after others?

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Why are you crying over others with a central recitation of these?

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Then I'll

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gather more, he will

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allow you Saffy Jahan. One feeding was

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then he can just

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see me do you get fear on long one

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way Agenzia agile

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be lazy

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