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wilhemina shaper and Overwatch team what else baja for Mimosa

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in that led to be de la la una casa Bihari takuna mina Mini, Frobisher is everywhere Silly me Raka melissani of Coco de fun hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam alaikum Quran Weekly, we are on the 20th years now from the lower in the 20s. And this is sort of one of my favorite part of the surah talking about the mother of Masada Salaam, I picked this ayah because it actually is very close to my heart for many reasons and most important of which is, all human beings will suffer emotionally traumatizing experiences, were going to be hurt because of loved ones, because of loss of loved ones because of sickness because of the pain that loved ones will cause us like the hurtful things our parents will say to us. Or we will say to our parents, our children will say to us or the wife and the husband will say to each other, or friends will say to

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each other, you know, and we're gonna go through traumatic experiences in life, like, you know, job loss or home loss or even worse, you know, there are people so how many people in the world living in like, you're really horrific situations that we can imagine suffering, children going through things that I can't imagine my children even close to suffering from? Right. And that's a reality that so many people face and this particular to me, is an I have great hope because when people get scarred, people get emotionally damaged, then they feel like they're never going to be able to recover and move on with life again. Moses mother had the colossal task of taking her baby and

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putting the baby in the water.

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The mother has to put her child in the water. That is not an even imaginable thing a mother can do. But she has two options, watch her child be slaughtered by soldiers before her eyes, or take this child and put him in a basket which hasn't been tested for waterproof navigation by any chance by any means. Throw him into the river elk, even young told him and Allah says when she threw him into the water when she threw the baby into the river by Allah's inspiration because she couldn't have gotten herself to do it emotionally. Allah empowered her to be able to do that. He says, what are the only mozaffarian muscles my mother's heart was emptied out, like the the trauma of having to let

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go of her child and watch the child float away into a river, and you can't even access him anymore. And you don't even know what happened to him if he drowned or not. If a gator got to him, if those those horrible soldiers caught him, if it flipped over Cheetos, nothing, the worst thoughts maybe crossing our mind. Allah says her heart was emptied out Friday when her heart became empty, void of all emotion. You know, you somebody hears like traumatic news and you go like this. And they don't blink. They don't talk. They just quiet. They're emotionally paralyzed. That's the state series. In God that led to the beach, she almost gave up her secret. She almost came out running and saying

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that's my baby. That's my baby. But if she said that he would have been killed. Now unless as Lola, our robot Nana, Columbia, had we not firmed her heart, had we not tied up her heart, had we not kept her heart together, a lead to card fraud, which was a heart that's inflamed. And in the same ayah he used a different word for flag which is called he calmed her heart down and brought her back to a normal state. And Allah is describing that he did that. You know, there are people that are emotionally traumatized and can never recover. Why not? Because Allah hasn't tied up their heart. Allah hasn't done that. We as human beings don't have the ability to emotionally recover sometimes,

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but we're learning in this ayah that Allah has the ability to let us heal and move on. alone. You could say to yourself, I don't have the emotional capability of forgiving you. But Allah says, I'll tie your heart and I'll give you that ability. You can say in your heart I have I was I'm too damaged. But what happened, there's no way I can move on with my life. But eemaan faith in Allah is enough for you to be able to move on with your life. Lola, could be had we not tied up her heart, the takuna middle but we didn't so she could be from those who truly believe what mother can get over the trauma of putting her child in a water and not being able to see anymore. How is she going

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to get over that. But Allah gave her the strength of heart that not only did she get over it, she was able to think clearly afterwards and send his his sister after him. She wouldn't have been able to think at all had fallen out intervened. So Allah will intervene into our emotional states.

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He will intervene and she's not a prophet. She's a believer, which means this is an opportunity for you and me. What whatever emotional trauma you're going through, know that Allah can intervene and give you peace of mind, peace of heart, and he can give you tranquility again. Whether it's anxiety, fear, whether it's grief, whether it's anger, whatever emotion whatever thing thing has happened that scarred you, let's left you scarred. Allah can remove that scar entirely. And I pray that you are able to ask a love for that genuine removal of scar and that allows it just gives you that firmness of heart so you can be from those who truly truly believe and can live a healthy spiritual

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life and healthy emotional life. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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this audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim central.com forward slash donate

Whatever trauma, pain, or anguish you are suffering from, know that Allah can and will intervene and give you peace in your mind and in your heart.

Healing for Emotional Suffering [Juz 20] – Nouman Ali Khan

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