Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P19 188A Translation Al-Furqan 51-62

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing a war and a possible resolution. They mention various names and actions, including a woman named Alka Farina and a man named Alavi who caused a death. The conversation is difficult to follow and appears to be a mix of coworkers discussing a war or potential resolution.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Nash Madhu Sundiata Sunni Hills Karim Amma beret Ferodo bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, rubbish Rouhani Saudi Wei a Sidley Emery wash LuLaRoe the term melissani of coho Foley openers in our

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lesson number 189 assaults on Furqan iron number 51 to 62. TRANSLATION Willow and if shipped now We willed Leviathan ah surely we raised fee in Cali every buddy at in a town now the era a warner

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fella, so do not do tear you obey Alka Farina, the disbelievers wotja hit home and strive against them. Be with it. Do you have an A striving? Kabira one great.

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Well, who and he? Olivia is the one who Maharajah he emerged or he has released an Uber hiney the two C's Heather this. I've been sweet. For Alton. Delicious. Well, Heather, and this millhone salty. Ojai June bitter, why'd ya Allah and he made by you know, humor between them to borrow the Han, a partition, where Hadron and a barrier Mark Jura one forbidding or prohibited whatever. And he Alavi who Holika he created men from ALMA the water by Sharon, a man or human being

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for Darla who then he made him miss urban Kindred by blood was so raw, and kindred by marriage. What can and he was Rob Booker your ideal, always all able.

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We are Medina and they worship men from Dooney besides Allah He Allah, ma what? La not en Pharaoh home it prophets them why Allah and nor you'll do rowhome It harms them. What can and he is ever Alkaff you the disbeliever Allah against Rob be he is Rob la Hira and assistant.

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Warmer and not also lurker. We have sent you Illa except mobile, Shirin one who gives Glad Tidings when a Vera and a warner all say MA Not us a LUCAM I ask you or lay upon it. Men from agile in any reward Illa except man who share he willed on that yet the leader he takes ILA to rugby his rub sebelah away,

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water local and trust Allah upon Alhaji the EverLiving lovey who lair not your Muto he dies was a bit and glorify behind the he with his praise worker for and he sufficed be he definitely he be the newbie with since a buddy of His servants hubiera as one always all aware

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I lobby who halacha he created a summer work the heavens while Earth and the Earth warmer and whatever bein a homer is between them to fee in CIT 36 A Yemen there's some then is the where heroes Allah upon a louche the throne of Rockman the Most Merciful. First l so ask, be with him about him hubiera one who is aware what either and when Taylor it was said LA home to them was Do do you all prostrate little man to the Most Merciful. I know they said warmer and what other human who is the most merciful shall muster do we prostrate Lima for that which that model now you order us well and Zadra whom it increased them new Fuhrer in a version.

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The Baraka he was greatly bless it. I love the who gyla He made fee in a summer the sky blue John stars

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What do ya Allah and he made fee her in it see Rajan Allah will come around and a moon Munira one radiant Wahoo and he Alevi is who Jarrah Allah He made a Laila the night one the hara and the day clean fatten as alternating Limon for who rather He wished and that he had that girl he takes heat out or rather he wished Schuco raw gratitude

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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theory no

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big herds gonna be a long while who will let me know

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why they

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hate you on

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the phone up Amina

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booga on your way

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boom welcome

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down below here on one

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game in agile in

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AI Turkey that visa vie

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what I want

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to be handy worker behavior

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for being

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a lady all of us

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you know whom IBZ

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have washed man with us and will be

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well either Dina whom was Judo many

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us Judo Lima Munna ones

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for Bebo Lankan lady Jaya, that is

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evil. John Fe has

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one who will lady Jilin lado and

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Lehman? I bet

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they shouldn't go along.

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