Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 05 – L059B

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative consequences of superstitions and their negative impacts on various people, including negative perception of religion, actions towards others, and the cultural beliefs of the Mecca City. They emphasize the importance of shaping behavior to determine fate and the importance of knowing and experiences to differentiate between the right and wrong. The segment also touches on the use of magic in relation to popular culture and the negative impact of people not trusting God.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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lesson number 59.

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I have 51 to 70.

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Even Medina una Sabir Minal kita.

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Have you not seen those who are given a portion of the Scripture

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again, and I'm Tara, this is amazing, this is very strange.

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So our attention is being drawn, then look at this, reflect upon this and take a lesson from this. This is very strange, this is very amazing

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who those people who are given a portion of the book

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and we have discussed the meaning of those people who are given a portion of the book, only knowledge, no action, parts of the book only what they select for themselves, only what they pick and choose

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they believe Bill jibbety what

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they believe in superstition, and false objects of worship.

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It's amazing. They have the book, but still, they believe in superstition. And they also believe in torvald because it doesn't suit a person who is knowledgeable, a person who is educated, a person who's qualified highly qualified to believe in superstition, especially someone who is educated in Deen. So, this is very amazing

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knowledge it is from the new factors gene beta.

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And the reject is a comprehensive term that includes idols, as well as all types of superstition.

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It includes magic, omens, what else is included zodiac signs palmistry. All of this is what superstition and that which is baseless. So it's a comprehensive term that includes all of these things.

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It is said that gypped was the name of a particular item of courage, it is an opinion

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and others say that no debt can apply to other idols as well.

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Then it is also subject is superstition. It is at the gym is already useless under the law hierarchy, that in which there is no height, no good.

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So something that is useless, void of any good. So como la la fere, either the fee 50

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everything in which there is no benefit in the matter of religion.

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So when it comes to the entire thing has no benefit, no benefit whatsoever.

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Or, more particularly, it brings harm to the Dean of a person.

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So first of all, it has no benefit. It's useless, it's unreal, it's baseless, it's completely imaginated there is no reality to it.

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It doesn't bring any benefit. And instead it actually brings harm to the Dean of the person.

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So basically, drip is useless, unreal, baseless, imaginative, nonsense, things, concepts, which have no reality to them, no reality whatsoever. And they harm the Dean of the person.

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What all is included in this, I gave you some examples, magic spells, zodiac signs, similarity, fortune telling omens, all of these argit.

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Even about how they learn who said Jeff is the carrying the suit, sir. Who is this would say,

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the fortune teller

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who is a fortune teller that you wrote to him, show him your hand. He has his ball of glass and he

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read something and he wipes his hand over and he tells you about what's going to happen and delta got your fortune, etc. All of this is what in Canada, so even Ambassador on his edge is Kevin.

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Sorry, gingerbread, he said get this shape on.

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The jet is Satish, a magician. In the language of the people have habashi jet was used for sorry. And a little later on who here to set the gym is sick. It is magic. So all of these magical things, from magic ones to magic spell to magical concepts and you know what I'm talking about. So you need a budget. It's amazing that these people, they have the book. They have the knowledge of the book. They're highly educated, they're highly qualified, they're knowledgeable people.

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They're students of the Quran,

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but still unibilt yet they believe in superstition. They are very superstitious.

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They go watch such things and amuse themselves with such things. You know, an object

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Because he doesn't seem to believe that when he has learned intellectual Baccarat, about magic being called for Omar Kapha Sulaiman, well, I can assure you that Lena cafaro, what does it mean, for us with a man that he did not perform Cofer by indulging in magic.

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So it doesn't suit a believer that only believes in the Koran. He has the book still, he's interested in it.

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Even if he doesn't actually believe in it, he knows that it's all fiction. But still, it doesn't suit a believer that he's interested in it. He shows interest in this, he's impressed by it. He can spend three or four hours to entertain himself by indulging in this will Djibouti walked out and also traveled, the ultimate even traveled tortoise wonder if that was traveling yet. And we have done this word earlier. And what is the result?

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The ha everything that crosses the limits the Java crosses the limits, crosses the limit of what

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of servitude to Allah subhanaw taala.

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So taboo, is every rebellious force that exceeds the bounds of obedience and servitude to Allah.

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That is authorities and owner of the land who he said the town with his shirt on why, because he thought he refused to obey Allah subhanaw taala.

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So he crossed the limit of servitude to Allah.

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And then he didn't just stop there. He is also stopping other people from servitude to Allah.

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So the route is every rebellious force that exceeds the bounds of obedience and service due to a loss of First of all, doesn't obey Allah doesn't worship Allah Himself. And secondly, stops others from worshipping Allah as well.

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So primarily, it is shavonne. But after Showtime, it also refers to any other person, any thing at all, any person any being that stops people from worshipping.

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So isn't it strange? Have you seen these people they believe in Japan taavet.

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Were your corner. And they also say meaning this is also very strange, that they say to who Villa Dena, careful to those people who have disbelieved

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or disbelievers. In the context, it refers to the people of Mecca, the machine of Mecca.

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So they say the machines that have ABS meaning you all are meaning you are people of Makkah, you are there you are more guided, meaner, ladina Amano than those people who have believed to be that way.

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When it comes to the way of religion, the way of life lifestyle, you are you almost shaking and Medina kafu are more guided than alladhina amanu. You're more guided

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for these people who are talking about

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and I'm Tara Ellen Latina, una seven minute kita. They

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were known that the Jews of Medina, especially their leaders, and their scholars,

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even Ashraf included,

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they went to Mecca after the Battle of that, in order to incite the kurush to take their revenge from the profits out of darkness and the Muslims. And they encourage them to take their revenge from the profits out of the Muslims by saying that their religion and way of worship was better than that of Muslims.

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So they incited the machine, they encourage them to take revenge to come back and attack the Muslims. And they said that you're much better. your lifestyle, your way of life is much better. And we learned that I was a fan. And his friends, they asked the Jews, that are we who are the guardians of the house, meaning we are the caretakers of the house of a loved Baitullah. We give drink to the pilgrims, we offer hospitality to the guest. We set free the captives and we do such and such and such they give a long list of their good deeds. They said Are we better? Or Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam who has contravened the religion of his forefathers, he has severed the ties of kinship,

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and he has abandoned the Hello, he left Makkah

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who is more guided? We are him.

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So we learned that carbon Ashraf and his companions from the Jewish leaders. They said to the mccanns that you are more guided, you are better guided.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says this is very strange. These people they have the book, but still there are believing in Egypt and Davos, how do they believe in Egypt and thought

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that when they went to the machine, the machine their religion was chipped and thought it was all about idols and fortune telling and shaitan and all of this, this was

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their religion, this was their tradition.

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So when they went to them, you want to build up a thought.

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And they said to the disbelievers that you all are better guided unbelievers in life.

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We say that they are good. They're settled in Medina. Why? Why did they live in Medina anyway?

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The Jews are not from Arabia. They're actually from Palestine, right? a sham Jerusalem. So why did they come to Medina? Why were they living there?

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Because they were waiting there for the last prophet sallallahu ala. Because Medina, as it was described, the land of the day pumps was the description that they knew in their books. So this is why they live there.

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And this is why Sandman and fantasy, he also came to Medina. And that is where he stayed until he met the prophets of Allah.

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So we see that the bunny is for you. They were there, waiting for the profits a lot, a lot of setup. And when the profit sort of autism did come, they knew about him they recognize his truthfulness, but still the disbelief in him they rejected him.

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And in rejecting Him, they went to such a great length, that they actually sided with the machete King,

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in their rejection in their opposition of the prophets, or about a sudden What did they do decided with the wish the king?

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Now we know about the Treaty of Medina, that if anything happens, all the people of Medina, whether Muslim, or Jew, or mushrik, are supposed to be together united. But what did it use to instead of helping the Muslims they would go support the machine.

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And one of the ways was that after the Battle of brother they went to Mecca to encourage the machine to come and attack the Muslims again.

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Over here, they are being reprimanded. Allah says Oda eco those people and Medina, Lana LA, Allah has cursed them.

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Why does he remove them far away from his mercy?

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Because they have the knowledge of the book yet. They don't practice the book, yet. They're superstitious, yet. They believe in Davos. Yet, they support the machine against the believers. They know the truth, yet they oppose it. So I'm not surprised Allah has cursed them.

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When a young anila and whoever aloka says Phelan taggi della hoonah CEO, then you will never ever find for him in a sea. You will never find a helper

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helper for what? The helper to help him against a loss without his judgment and retribution. No one can help him.

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So what do we learn from these two is

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that those people who have the book, who believe in the book, in divine guidance in Divine scripture,

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it doesn't suit them to believe in Egypt and

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to follow superstition, magic, sorcery. It doesn't start the person who has knowledge of the book.

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We also see that some people despite having knowledge of the book, they are superstitious,

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and shall tell you about the superstition that is very common amongst the Jews as well as in Muslims as well. It's very common, that sometimes people will write the whole book apart, they will put them on a wall,

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you go to a store, if it's almost same on every wall, you will see it could see, okay, one is that it reminds you, but how many times do people actually read it of course, see, by seeing that, really, they will write through macatawa they will hang talismans and different different things, why there is also precision.

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So it doesn't suit the people who have been given divine guidance that they believe in superstition, that they become superstitious. And believing in Egypt under oath is something that is against the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said earlier a year for two or three or a two

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minute Egypt What is it

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and what is up there and what is apoc

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is throwing rocks to determine fate.

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For example, a person wants to do something and he cannot make a decision. So what does he do? He tosses a coin that whatever side faces up accordingly, he will make his decision. Like for example, sometimes we will have a rose, they will throw on petals. He loves me, he loves me not and he loves me He loves me out and at the end, he loves me or he doesn't actually love you. Or he doesn't love me whereas actually does love you. This is what I mean. How can throwing petals tell you?

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Similarly sometimes people will pull on their eyelashes. And in whichever hand the eyelash comes in, okay, if it's on the right I should do this. If it's in the left, I should not do it.

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This is what

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Different types of tasks that a person is throwing stones at different objects. In order to make a decision, what have we been told?

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To istikhara?

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If you're not sure about what to do do is to ask Allah subhanaw taala for height, it doesn't mean that you're gonna have a dream. But what does it mean that whatever is good for you in Sharla that will be made easy for you.

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Similarly, a tiara, and what is a tiara, bad omens, like, for example, if a black cat passes, that's it, I shouldn't go.

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Number 13. Similarly, if a class breaks or something like that, this is all what bad omen

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then as in what is the effort to determine fate from something that happens, like for example, the name of a creature for instance, owl, I don't know how it is used in these things. Similarly, sounds, sounds of a creature if a crow makes noise. Similarly, if a bird flies in a particular direction, so all of these are what

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Allah subhanaw taala has prohibited all of these things,

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all of these things are prohibited. And they are chick. Why?

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Because a person is associating higher or sharp to the coin of a crow. Or the number.

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A person is associating higher or sharp to petals or eyelashes, or the baking of a glass or different things. And all height and sharp comes from.

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And you see these beliefs, they weaken a person, they make a person a coward. I mean, just because a black guy has passed, you're so scared, but you're not going to go when that car has gone 10 he will look at you. And you that coward you that scale. So it makes a person very weak. And it is against the wall.

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It is against reliance, one

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who ultimately decided that a person who has knowledge of the book, it doesn't suit him to side with the unbelievers. The Muslim,

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especially when it comes to opposing the Muslims. Do you understand? If it's something correct? If it's something good, then you are supposed to side with them, you're supposed to support them.

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Health that was made a NACA profit out of others have said even if I was offered something after Prophethood, I would do the same thing again. So if it's something good, do it. But if it's something that is against the deen

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even if it's just words, because over here, it's only words. They're saying i will i mean i'm Latina, Armando sobhita. It's just words, there isn't really any action involved. But it doesn't suit a person who is a believer to do something like this. The person who has tasted the sweetness of him and one of the things is that he hates to return to disbelief after email. So if you're a believer, then why are you siding with the disbelievers? Why would you do that?

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We also learned that those people who have knowledge, they should have the ability to differentiate between right and wrong between who is more guided and who isn't.

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But when a person is in the gardens of prejudice, when a person is prejudice, then what happens? It veils his discernment, his decision, his mind.

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And as a result, he cannot differentiate anymore.

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Because if you look at it, knowledge should enable you to differentiate between right and wrong.

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But if a person is biased, then what's going to happen? It's going to blind him.

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Like the educator, they should accept the profits out of officer. But they didn't. Why? Because of the bias because of the prejudice. And that blinded them so much that they weren't able to differentiate between what is correct and what is not correct.

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I mean, the machine they used to call them only this looked down upon them, and now they're going up to them telling them you're more guided.

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In North America, we learned earlier number of failure commoner Latina autumn kita kita la hora de la la la Why?

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Because of prejudice because of bias.

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We also learned that all of the disbelievers were there from the machine or they're from the other keytab. Sometimes they unite together, even if they disagree with one another. Why

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in opposition to the Muslims.

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Like the hood, they were in clear disagreement with the Michigan and we should have been clearly as agreement with the old but they joined together in opposition to the Muslims.

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We also learned that a person who was cursed by a last panel data that he does not have any helper at all, even if he goes around, asking for help by abandoning

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his religion by opposing the truth. He doesn't have any helper

An-Nisa 51-70 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 51-52

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