Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 05 – L059C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the authority of the Bible and the use of words like "verbal" and "verbal" to describe people. The history of the Bible and its use in support of Muslims is also discussed. The concept of hazard and its negative consequences are also discussed, with advice given on avoiding false assumptions and staying true to one's heart. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding hazard and remembering that it is a decision made by the person.
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Disable? Or do they have a share, mean and make of Dominion for it allow you to earn a nurse and appear. So they would not give the people even as much as a speck on a date?

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What does that mean?

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Meaning what gives them the authority to pass judgments and rulings? concerning v Daya or dholera feathers? Who are they?

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In the previous ayat, we learned that our Latina user Conan was at home.

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And now we see they're going up to the Michigan telling them, you're better guided by Muslims. They're not guided at all.

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Allah says, What gives them the authority to pass judgments to give rulings concerning the Hidayat, although their fathers? Do they have an asleep of the monk of the Dominion? Meaning? Do they have a portion of the dominion of Allah Subhana Allah?

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Because Allah subhanaw taala is the one who ultimately decides who is guided who is not. So if they're saying no, this one is guided and this one is not guided, what is it show, that they think that they have the same authority that Allah subhanaw taala has, so, what gives him the authority

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alone the same woman and work for either lay to the NASA nuclear

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for events, so, then, meaning if they had even a little bit of milk, if they had even a little bit of authority, even a little bit of possession, then they would not give to the people and unless over here is general the rest of the people whether there are mistake or Muslim or whatever, they would not give to the people Nikita

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Nikita is known for

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and nakara is to dig and nucky is a small.on the database it is a small.on the debit,

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you see the date, but there is there is a line that goes lengthwise at the bottom of the line, there is a small dot,

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a very tiny dot that is what Papyrus.

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So Allah says, they would not even give to people something as tiny as that, as a speck, something very tiny. And nothing over has been used as a method for as an example for Canada for something that is very small. So they would not give to the people a little bit at all, they would not share in the Dominion if they had been given anything.

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So what do we learn from this, that a person who is jealous of another? First of all, he does not have any authority. And he cannot change the situation by his hazard.

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Because it was a hazard that led them to doing this that led them to go into people of mcaren telling them that you are more guided and Muslims are not guided. So what does Allah say do the thing that they have some work,

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to the thing that they have some authority to the person does hazards the person who thinks themselves to be very great, but he doesn't have any authority to change the situation? nothing whatsoever.

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We also learned that if people were given any parts of the milk, then what would happen? Most of the creation would be in starvation. Because people if they're given even a share of the milk that they would not give even an athlete

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we also see that the cheetah and specifically they are not there miserliness their stimulus is being mentioned, that this is how stingy they are. And why is this being said? Because, what was it that prevented them from believing in the prophets

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It was your stinginess, they wanted religious supremacy, they could not bear to see anybody else having that.

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So, this is a stingy you Arthur, if somebody is given something by a loss of penalty, you cannot tolerate it, you cannot accept it.

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And you go to such lengths to oppose them.

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Time in a moment, probably

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odd people for what Allah has given them out of his bounty.

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What is has a

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jealousy envy? What's the definition of hazard? Three words. Germany zool in

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Germany, the well in Mira, what is the money to wish? What is the one downfall and near my blessing. So it is to wish for decline of a blessing. Which mercy that Allah subhanaw taala has given to someone

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to help others when a person wishes. That blessing is taken away from them. They lose that blessing

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It is also that that hazard is karatu. It is dislike for what Allah subhanaw taala has blessed, a servant of his width. So it is a little different from the first definition that I told you. The first is that you wish that it should be taken away from them. It is very severe. But before that, what is it carozza dislike that she can't tolerate the fact that somebody has something that you don't have,

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or the company or something that you want and you don't want them to have.

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So I'm actually doing a NASA or are they envious? Are they jealous of people? which people are these? And massively refers to the prophets that a lot of Salaam, the Sahaba the Arabs, you can say, at that time in particular, Allah Allah now in probably over what Allah subhanaw taala has given him out of his bounty.

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What is it that Allah subhanaw taala give to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Prophethood and

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obviously, that was a source of glory for the Arabs as well. Similarly, the prophets are allowed Hassan was given the Sharia, the book, The Quran, similarly, many opportunities.

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So a lot of times that is asking them the why are they doing this? Are they jealous, but they should remember that Allah is the one who has given them these blessings in the first place.

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And they should also remember that Athena Allah Ibrahim, that we gave to the family of Ibrahim alayhis salam, what?

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Al Kitab Well, hickmott at the book and the Wisdom who does an Abraham refer to the family of Ibrahim or Islam? What does it include? The Bani Israel as well as, but he is married.

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So in the family of Ibrahim is Allah, Allah subhanaw taala give the book meaning the scripture will matter, and also the wisdom what is referred to Prophethood. Scripture, as well as Prophethood was given to the children of Abraham, are they?

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What are they in our home and we gave them wilken.

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A great kingdom.

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Thanks for the men are listening, though that Islam they were given welcome, especially sort of an early center, he was given the greatest Kingdom ever, that the winds were subjected, the birds were subjected the gyms, they were subjected to him. And he was given a milk that nobody else has given after him. He prayed into exile. Number 35. We learn we're heavily molten lithium really hadn't been buried in the Enter herb and grant me a kingdom such as will not belong to anyone after me.

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So, so the Mona Lisa, who was found the alipore him he was given Welcome alima. So also Hassan is asking that you have such a rich history, you are giving so much you're given book, The scripture Prophethood an American as Lena, but still you're envious, because what was the envy that we have always had profits right. And now from the money is married, one person is given Prophethood I mean, you cannot even tolerate this. All the profits came from your tribe. But if one profit comes from the other, you cannot tolerate that. What kind of stinginess is this, what kind of jealousy is this? So over here we see hazard has been mentioned.

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And hazard is a major

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hazard is a major sin. Why? Because it consumes the good deeds of a person.

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The prophets of Allah Salim said iya como hacer el hezonja. Kuru has an ad, grammatical and novel hottub. Beware of envy, because it consumes the virtues of consumers of good deeds, just as fire consumes.

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The profits

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lead to the hobo whether that has to do to double walk home or iva de la he

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did not hate one another, nor envy one another nor shun one another. All slaves of Allah, the brothers, the brothers. So has it is a type of it's a diaper. Having led to it someone so not about her do one or two has said don't have both and don't have hazard and don't shun one another don't abandon one another. But instead, all slaves have alabi brothers.

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So we should that hazard is a major sin. And because it's a major sin, it is something that is haram. Why?

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Because it does not bring any benefit to a person. Rather it only brings harm to a person isn't it sir? What this has to do to a person does it bring you many benefits? No. It only harms him How? The first of all, it's a major sin

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and it cannot be forgiven except after October.

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Truly a person has returned from the sin. And what does that mean? That you stop it you seek forgiveness, and you don't do it again.

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Ultimately, that hazard is an error of meaning it's an objection

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at what? At the decree of Allah subhanaw taala. that a person is objecting the decision of Allah, the decree of Allah, that Allah Allah, why did you give this, I dislike this decision of yours, I don't want this thing to be with that person anymore, I want it to be taken away. So this is this slide this is objection at the decision of Allah.

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Similarly, it leads to, or one, it leads to enmity, how to cold as well as very thorough when a person has hazard inside him. He's going to say words that are inappropriate, he's going to do things that are inappropriate, he's going to show us and he's going to show us jealousy. We learned earlier that whatever is in the heart, is demonstrated by the words and the actions of a person, he cannot keep it concealed in his heart.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said it as a filler to help.

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When you think about something, when you have an assumption about someone, then don't try to verify

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meaning a negative assumption, for example, if you think that, so until is having an affair or so and so is doing something wrong. But don't try to ascertain by interfering in the private matters. Okay, what do they?

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Do they send this text message to it's your assumption that they're doing something wrong. And into healthcare, what are you going to do, you're going to take their cell phone, and you're going to go through their text messages, you're going to go through their email, and trying to ascertain as to what is actually going on what did the Prophet said about us and him say, it Elementor fanatic to happen, either has actor and when you're envious fella terribly, then don't do badly on the other person.

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Because it is a feeling of the heart, it's an emotion.

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And you don't have any control over your emotion, you can try to suppress it, you can try to control it. But what you can do is that you don't follow it through. You don't say, you don't do it.

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Right, you don't say you don't do it. Because remember, that as long as a person keeps something in his heart, it is forgiven in sha Allah. But if a person verbalizes it, if a person acts upon it, then he is definitely accountable.

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So when I did the hazard, the one was envious. The one was jealous, he is in misery. The other person has no idea. He's perfectly fine. And the one who is in hazard, he is miserable.

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And ultimately, the the hazard, he just remains in hustler. He just remains in wishful thinking in regret, and he cannot change anything. So for example, if you have hazard that why is this person given this status? Why is this person given this position? I want disposition?

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You will just have hasslein your heart? Can you actually do anything about it? Can you change the situation? No, you can't. Similarly, if a person is envious of the height of the other person or the beauty of the other person, why am I not as beautiful? Is that really change anything? Now you're being misery, you have hustler, which is never going to be satisfied. So, Hazard does not bring any benefit to the person it only brings harm to a person. So how should a person deal with hazard and

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how should a person deal with hazard? First of all, he should look at what he has been given like in this ayah Allah subhanaw taala says, that we gave to the family about humored him so much, who gave How can we give to tell and we also gave welcome and if you look at the blessings that you have been given, you would realize what you have is much better much more than what the other person has been given. What you have is much more it is much better. If you compare what was given to the money is married. Yes definitely what the prophets are allowed us and was given was much better, but just you know, comparison, like in Kingdom For example, The kingdom of Solomon Elisa was given was given the

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same kind of kingdom where the Arabs given the same No. Similarly, there are miracles. So many miracles were given to the Bani Israel will the same miracles given to the Arabs No. So, the solution to that is that you should look at the blessings that you have been given.

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Secondly, the person should remind himself that this is the decision of Allah. Because Allah says over here, that Allah gave out of his father

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come along in public. So person should remember that this is the decision of Allah. And in the morning and evening when a person is saying Ravi to be lazy Robin, he should remember this.

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But are they to B layer have been what does it mean? That whatever decree My brother has made,

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I am happy I am content. If he chose to give something to me, I am content if it's

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Not to give something to me, I am content Roby to Bella Europa.

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When a person should not follow it through by words or by actions, because what are these teachers that are either has a different every and also person should make the offer that person for the person whom he is envious of. Because eventually, inshallah, this should help you in removing that negative feeling.

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So, we see in this ayah, that the reason behind opposition sometimes is just hazard pure hazard.

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There is no reason, there is no genuine reason, if you look at it, why whether you're going to such a great length in opposition to the profit sort of audits and what was the main problem has said,

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So, many times if you see a conflict between yourself and another, go to the root. And you will see that maybe it is hazard.

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Also, we learn that a person who is jealous of the other, what is the cause? It's pride, it's arrogance, that I deserve this, I should have this and they should not have

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I should have this and they should not have it too many times the cause of hazardous pride.

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We also learned that when a person is jealous, he ignores the blessings that he has, and that is in gratitude. Which is why the money is why we're told in total Baccarat behind you have any Israel guru, what is the outcome, what is the what is what is so many times blessings were reminded of why. So that they look at what they were given.

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So, we see that when a person is jealous, he does not look at what he has been given. And he is ungrateful for the blessings.

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Familiar and happy he then among them, there is one who believed in it. Meaning from among the Al Ibrahim there were some people who believed in it in what in the keytab and the hokum and the Hikmah that was given.

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Others have said they're familiar man, Aaron Abbey, he he over here first and Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and the keytab and Hitman that was given to him. woman whom man sedan and among the hood, there are symbols of Darren who was an imbecile to stop oneself and also to stop others. So they have rejected him. And they also stop others from believing in him. Work fob Johanna masuria and sorry, Hellfire is sufficient for them. Hellfire is sufficient as a blaze for them, meaning as something to burn them.

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What do we learn from this that Allah subhanaw taala does not force people to believe or disbelieve. He gives them the freedom to believe or disbelieve, it's your choice.

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But there's people who believe they're rewarded, and those people who disbelieve for them the serried the burning blaze the furnace is sufficient. Meaning that is what is going to finally extinguish the blaze that is inside their hearts. Because hazard is like a blaze sack of fire inside your heart. And this fire if a person does not finish it himself, if he does not extinguish it himself, then where would it lead him to

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Janda which is a sorry. So this sorry, there's a punishment for the one who does not believe in the one who is envious, the one who objects at the decisions of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Are you all

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