Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P10 106D Tafsir Al-Tawbah 60-63

Taimiyyah Zubair
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In the Masada Koutou now Allah subhanaw taala tells as to who the charities are for in the masala cod indeed the sada caught, because the people objected at the distribution of the profits all of August. Right? The hypocrites they did. So Allah subhanaw taala he clarifies over here that Allah decides who the charity should go to. And over here so the court is not talking about general charity, but specific charity and what is that specific charity, the obligatory one, the final one and that is called, that is called zakat. So alhamdulillah now you've studied the fic off Salah inshallah soon you should move on to the flick of the cat. This is not an official announcement, I'm

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just preparing you mentally okay?

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So in the Masada, Koto, they are for who first of all, Lil Fukuhara for those who are poor,

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because charity is not to be given to a rich person, let the Hallo sadaqa to Leilani sadaqa is not permissible for who for rich person. And these will never clean who were demanding that they should be given something were very wealthy from before, because they wouldn't spend in the way of Allah. So they had a lot of money. And then here they were greedy for more. So Allah subhanaw taala says no, so the quarter for who? Lille for Cora, for Cora is Florida, fuck it, and who is fucking someone who was very, very poor, basically someone who's got nothing to fulfill his needs nothing at all. How is it that people generally fulfill their needs from a regular source of income, whatever it may

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be, it could be coming from their parents, it could be coming from their spouse, it could be coming from their job, it could be coming, you know, a business and investment, whatever it may be, but from a regular source of income, what does the person do? He fulfills his needs. If, let's say anytime that income is not there, or it is less or there was, you know, an extra expense, then how is it that a person fulfill his needs? From his savings? All right, let's say he makes 1500. And this month, the bill was 1600. Let's say all the bills add up to 1600. Where's he gonna get that 100 From from his savings? All right. And even if he doesn't have any money in the bank account, let's

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say he has something that he can sell.

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Many people do that. They'll sell their house, they'll sell their car, they'll sell their jewelry, they'll put a garage sale on or something. Right? Why to get that extra money? Who is fully someone who's got no source of income, and who's got no savings either.

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You understand? His hands are basically empty. He's got nothing.

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Like sometimes when you go out and you see a person standing there in the rain, and you wonder why are they doing that? Or sleeping on a bench? Why are they doing that? Because they don't have a home? They don't have money. They don't have a source of income. Yes, there are many other problems going on. But why are they on the bench in the park? Because they don't have enough to fulfill their needs. So this is who fucking so so the cars are for who focus on all Zakat is to be given to such poor people. Secondly, Messiah keen, Messiah keen, floor enough miskeen needy. Now needy poor isn't the same thing?

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Is it the same thing?

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No, because there are different levels of poverty, right? One is a person who's got nothing. And other is a person who's got something, but he doesn't have enough to fulfill his needs. Or everything was fine. And now all of a sudden, you know, the father figure or the person who made money, he passed away suddenly. And now all of a sudden, the family is scrambling, you know, to meet their basic needs. They don't even have enough money to buy groceries.

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Right? So this is who miskeen in a hadith we learned the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, miskeen is not he who goes about asking for a bite or two.

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Meaning he doesn't go around begging people. Do you have $1? Do you have a penny? Can you buy me lunch? Can you buy me dinner? No, this is not risky. This is for kids.

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Because he doesn't even have enough to eat. So he goes and begs people to feed him.

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miskeen is who the one who does not have enough to satisfy his needs. So he doesn't have enough to fulfill all of his needs, and whose condition is not known to others. His condition is also hidden from others. People don't know that he's suffering from this poverty. Because they think oh,

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I mean, they live in a house so they should have something at least. I mean, their son works. Yes, the father died, but the son works and yes, the wife works too. So

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Everything should be okay, they should have plenty.

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No, they're not going to go ask people, because they have self respect, right. So their condition is not known to people, they're not going to go telling people, we don't have enough money to buy groceries this month, I'm going to have to pull my daughter out of school, because I don't have enough money to pay her tuition. I can't come anymore, because I don't have enough money to pay for my gas. You understand this is someone who was not able to fulfill their needs Messiah keen. So the prophets of Walton said he does not have enough to satisfy his needs and whose condition is not known to others, that others may give him something in charity, and who does not beg off people, he

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does not beg them, he does not ask them.

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Now, many times it happens that we think for Corolla, they don't live in this country, they live elsewhere. And everybody in this country is perfectly fine. There's no mistaking either. But think about it. Think about it, if there is a family of five, a family of five, and not even one person is making money, or doesn't have a stable job. How do you think their needs are going to be met.

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And you know what, everything could have been fine. They come from a very, you know, stable family. And all of a sudden, one member of the family got extremely sick, because of which they've had to travel here and there for treatment purposes. Right. And because of which many things have changed in their family, they will not go and tell others, we need money, they're not going to do that. They're not going to do that, because they have self respect. So what is necessary, then, then we go and pry into other people's affairs? Do you have enough money, you have money to buy groceries? No, daddy, for whom? This email home, you should recognize them, by their science, recognize them by

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their signs.

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If the mother is saying that I have to leave my daughter with my mother so that I can go and work at a coffee shop, or at this store. And yes, it's very difficult for me because my daughter, you know, I'm nursing her, but still she has to be with my mother because I need to work. I need to work.

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There is a problem over there. Yes, you can say, how is it that my charity is going to fulfill her needs, and one fulfill her needs? It can at least help her? It can help her in some way. When we hear about the difficulties that people are going through, we think their problem? Yes, they're going through a very tough time. May Allah make it easy for them. But then what are we doing to help them? What are we doing to help them? Didn't the prophets of autism say that food for two is enough for three? Then he said that? Yes. Then he bring 10 people to his house to feed them. Yes. So many times this happened.

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But we think that just because we spoke about someone who's suffering from financial difficulties, or we shared their problem with someone everything assault, what is necessary is that we also go out and help them. I'm not saying pull out $200 from your purse immediately, and go help them. At least you can when you're buying your groceries, cut off a little bit on your personal expenses and spend from that, buy a little extra for someone else, buy a little extra and go deliver the groceries at their house. There's no harm in doing that. And we can do that it's not difficult. Or if that is even more difficult from your pantry. If there is a can of chickpeas or there is a can of tomato

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sauce that you haven't used for two months. It's about time you give it away before it expires. Right? And you don't find anybody. Okay, go find a food Ben. And you'll find it in many massages in many local supermarkets, won't you? Yes. So masa keen, these are also people who need to be spent on and many times that happens at miskeen he is going through the stage temporarily meaning you just need some time to get everything together. And then hopefully, you know once he's got a stable job or once he's no done school, then inshallah everything should be fine. But for that time when he's struggling, he needs a little bit of help. He needs a little bit of help, but we think someone has

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to be absolutely poor to deserve any help. No, even the person who's struggling deserves help. So in the Masada Caitlyn Focolare, well Misaki Secondly, while I'm Alina Ali her I'm an employee of I'm in the workers, meaning those who are working on the cat. What kind of work is involved when it comes to the cat

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hitting it, collecting it. Right? And then bringing it and then counting it and then distributing it. All of that requires a lot of work. These days, what happens is there are people working in the bank. Right? So what happens? They're the ones who are doing the transactions for others calculating their taxes or, or whatever it may be their fees or whatever it may be. They're working in the bank. So are they paid?

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Are they paid?

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Usually why it's my money? Should they be paid? Yes, they should be paid from which money

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from which money from the money that you put in the bank, right? Because sometimes what happens every month you are charged your particular fees. All right, oh, for every specific transaction, you're charged. I'm not talking about hold on money. I'm talking about Halal transactions, okay.

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So think about it, people who are working in a bank, they deserve to be paid. So likewise, if there are people working to collect the cat to calculate the cat to distribute it, don't they deserve to be paid? Yes. And where are they going to be paid from? From that zakat money itself, meaning a portion of it is going to be used in order to pay them because back in the day when the Muslim government used to collect the cat, so for example, at the time of hola that there were people who were appointed to go city to city, city to city and make sure that people had paid zakat. Now, every person was not an expert when it came to the fix of zakat. So, a person would say yes, I have this

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much land and I have this house and have this much money, this much gold and I have these many animals, this is all my money please calculate my zakat. So that army he will come calculate this a cat and say okay, this is a cat you have to give. So he will take that the cat money and go deposit it were at the vital man. Now he has had to travel

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and you know, use a lot of his mind to calculate all that ticket and then bring it so he has to be paid for it. So when I'm really gnarly, then well more or less vertical OBO Allah from their letters Hamza lanpher, OLFA is love. So more or less at equilibrium, those whose hearts have to be brought together, meaning those whose hearts have to be inclined, inclined to what? to Islam, to the Muslims. So for example, we see the prophets of Allah Christendom, he would give a lot of money to people who were almost inclined to Islam or who had recently accepted Islam. Why, just so that they would start thinking positively about Muslims about Islam. So for example, someone will Omega he

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said, the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam gave me from the spoils of her name. While he was the most hateful person to me, I hated him. But he gave me so much. And he kept giving me and giving me and giving me until he became the most beloved person to me. Some people, they love money, they love stuff. So if you give them a gift, they'll be very happy, very happy. And then they'll be ready to do anything for you. And there are others whom you give a gift to, doesn't make a difference. I mean, because they're not really into things. Right. So some people who can be on the side of the Muslims on the side of Islam, there is an inclination, just to label it a financial help, right, or

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gifts, and they're fully on the side of Islam. Then in this course, also the cat can be spent some upside, but this is also for those people who have recently embraced Islam. Because what happens is that when a person has recently embraced Islam, there's a lot of things that are that are changed now.

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Before you could just go get a burger from McDonald's for like,

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a few dollars and now he has to go buy halal meat. He never bought meat himself. Now he has to go buy halal meat. Many people live this kind of lifestyle. They don't really buy meat themselves and cook food themselves is eat out all the time. Right? Or it's very rare that they will actually buy meat. Now they have to buy that now they find out that their job, what they're doing is not halal. So they have to switch jobs. They find out that the house that they bought in the way that they've bought is not okay, now they have to do something about that also, all of a sudden, so many changes, they can't handle it. Or sometimes they were getting support from their family. And so let's say a

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girl She's living with her family, she becomes a Muslim, they kick her out of the house where she's supposed to go. What is she supposed to eat? Where is she supposed to live? Right? And these are real expenses that have to be taken care of. So who's going to give her from what zakat can be spent on such a person? Remember that the cat can we give it to such a person? So when we're alive, it flew boom, and then after that waffle record, and in the cause of record record is a plural of rock cover what is rock

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Neck. So in the freeing of next meaning and freeing slaves, whether it's that the slave is set free, so you buy the slave and you set him free, or you help him by his freedom, while Adi Mina, and those who are in debt, very mean exploring of mine raw mean,

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and what does that mean that alone.

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So if a person has taken a loan, that means that you can give the cat to them.

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That's what the is saying, basically, those who have a loan, they deserve to take a portion from Zakah.

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But what if a person has bought their house on a big, big big loan? A million dollar loan?

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Or let's say there's a person who's bought a car,

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a very expensive fancy car on a loan, and then they say, you know, I've taken a loan. So give me the cat, is that okay? No, which kind of loan is this, a loan that they have taken to fulfill basic personal needs, not to invest in a factory or in a business, or to have a big house No, to Fulfill basic needs. And now they're struggling to continue to fulfill their needs, and also to pay off the loan. They're stuck. If they make any money, all of it is going in paying off the loan. Where do they eat from? How do they buy milk for their children? How do they buy groceries for their children, they're stuck. So for this person,

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he deserves a cut. In a hadith, we learned that South Africa is not grateful for a wealthy person, except in five cases. And one of them is who Allah meaning the one who is a debtor. And sometimes it happens that everything is fine. A person is not needy. But there's a huge, huge financial burden. All of a sudden, like for example, the person had their business house everything, their child got kidnapped. And now the kidnappers are saying, Give us $200,000 Give us $500,000 Where is he gonna get that from? Okay, he sold his house.

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He sold his business in order to get his child back. And now what has he got? Nothing. You might say, but he still has a fancy car. But the situation is different. Now can they take from the cab? Yes. Well, hottie mean, you see this idea, it just shows how

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loving Allah subhanaw taala is that he cares for people, more than anybody can care for them. He is concerned for the well being of every single individual, that if he is suffering, because of a debt, if he is suffering because of this crisis, if he is suffering because of this incident that happened in his life, then the community should come together and help them and the cat should be given to them. It just shows how caring Allah subhanaw taala is then what visa vie the Allah and also in the way of Allah. Now what does he mean by this in the way of Allah scholars have interpreted this in two ways. First of all, some said that this is jihad. Okay. And other said, so for example,

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supporting the quasi the Warriors and other stuff that no this is not specific to jihad alone. Because fees to be the lead is not a person. It's not the soldier fees have been Allah is a cause. If you look at the IEA earlier what was mentioned, alpha Cora, Elma sakin, alarm Ileen. Who are these people? All right. Likewise, a look up who are these people, right, Phil look up or you mean who are these people, but feasable Allah, this is not a person, this is a cause. So this is why they made it more general. And they said that the cat is also to be given in all good works, all good works and efforts that bring Allah's approval. So any action that Allah subhanaw taala likes, any

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action that Allah likes, for that cause the cat can be given. So for instance, there is a need to build an orphanage, for example. So is it permissible to spend on that from zakat money? Yes. Likewise, a masjid has to be built so that people can come together and pray. Can the academy be used for that? Yes, likewise, Dawa. People have to be called to Islam people have to be taught the religion can zakat money be used to spend on such causes? Yes, their water bill for Ebola. All of these causes, they said it is permissible. And we learn in a hadith of the prophets of Allah Salam said a group of people from my ummah will continue to fight in defense of truth and remain

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victorious until the day of judgment. The man will hottie he said, they are a Honduran they are the people of knowledge, who will continue to defend the religion

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and will remain victorious until the Day of Judgment. Right? So remember while he said that these are not warriors who are the people of knowledge, so based on this also the relevant said that FISA beaten that is not just jihad, but it is more general for the cause of Islam. Because any way that leads to the pleasure of Allah, whether it is someone going for Hajj and you sponsor them through the cat money, or it is that you know, there are people who need food. So let's say a soup kitchen is being built with the cat money. A Masjid is being renovated with zakat money for genuine purposes, not just to make it look more beautiful, but for genuine need. So for all of these causes

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cancer can money be used, according to many scholars, yes, it can be used. And lastly, webbing is Sabine and the traveler and this traveler also, he may be perfectly fine at home financially, but when he is traveling, then there are certain needs that have to be fulfilled. So for example, people go from a particular route, right? And there's a need to have, let's say, washrooms over there. Or let's say arrest house over there. And the locals, they don't have enough money to make it themselves but they say, Okay, we'll spend from our pockets but we also have zakat money, can we use a cat for this purpose, so that the travelers they can be helped? Can this be done? Yes. So webbing

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is Sabine to help him the one who's stranded the one who's suffering because of his travel, help him, Allah says Fatih Allah 10 min Allah, this is an obligation from WHO? Allah meaning these divisions, who has made Allah subhanaw taala, he has decided that that should be given to this person and this cause. And with regards to this, people don't have a choice. So a person can't say, You know what, I'm not going to give the cat to this cause or this cause I'm going to use it for, you know, my own house. Is that permissible? No. I'm going to give the cat to my parents. Is that permissible? No. I'm gonna give us a cut to you know, so and so you can make it up yourself. There's

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a god is an obligation. And there are specific people who deserves a god and Allah subhanaw taala decides who they are.

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Woman woman from them a Latina, those who you the owner, they're hurt on the via the prophets on Allah. Where do Salam meaning among the hypocrites, there are those who abuse the prophets of Allah, Allah said, and they hurt him how were colonna by saying who were Odin? He is an ear. Although, although means what? Ear? What does the ear symbolizes? Hearing? Listening? If someone is paying a lot of attention, what do they say? I'm all ears. Right? I'm here. I'm listening. Right? So they say about the prophets of Allah subhanahu wa Odon. That look at him. He listens to everybody. any random person comes and talks to him and he sits down listening to them for an hour.

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Is this a good quality to have? Being available to others so that you listen to them? Yes. Because how many of us want to talk and want to ask and want to share, but we don't find anybody who can listen to us. The Prophet saw a lot of sentiment, the mercy to mankind, he would listen to people. And then when after clean, they made fun of him. They said, who are them? And they also meant to say that oh, look at him. He just believes in anything that is said to him. Just been case went and presented that excuse in the profits of the vault and just accepted it. Why don't he readily listens, he eagerly accepts anything that is said to him. Allah subhanaw taala says gold say,

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although no hydrilla Come on, meaning if he is older than it is an ear off height and lack of meaning is better for you. It's good for you. If he's like that, it's good for you. Because imagine, if he didn't accept what you said, Then would you not be in trouble?

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Would you not be in trouble? Imagine if Christ came without excusing the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, No.

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Imagine if a person came looking for the profits of a lot of time to ask him about the problem that he's facing. And the profits of allows them to not make himself available. Would that be good? No. Because who else would they go to? How else would they solve their problems? So cool. Oh, do no hydrilla calm it's good for you. It's in your favor. But don't think that he believes everything you tell him even your lies and your false excuses. You may know belay. He believes in Allah where you may know and he he believes lend more money to the believers. Now what does it mean by this yo meno Lin Momineen am Anna Lee eminently is to accept what the other is saying? To trust them.

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except what they're saying. So in other words, he listens to everybody. He hears everybody, but he accepts from WHO? From who only the believers. He believes in who only what the believers tell him. What our motto Lilina Manu and he's also a mercy for those who believe men come from you. Well Ladino you Luna rasool Allah and those people who hurt the Messenger of Allah Lahoma Darwin Alene for them as a painful punishment. We learned that once the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was at the masjid. And the Adan was pronounced, the karma was pronounced and people are standing in rows. Jamar is about to begin. But what happened? A man came to the Prophet salallahu Salam pulled him off to

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the side and started talking to him about something private.

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And he kept talking to the prophets of Allah and when the Prophet saw the loss, and we kept listening to him and discussing his matter with him. Until some people they fell asleep who waiting for the Jamara to begin

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waiting for the Jamar to begin they fell asleep. Imagine this is how available the prophets of Allah made himself for the people.

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Another time we learned that once the Prophet saw a lot of a sudden he was walking and this old woman came and started, you know, presenting our story before him long story and the prophets of Allah is and listened to her and fulfilled her need. And this didn't just happen once happened many times. Yeah, Haley phone a biller he, they swear by Allah lecan For you, Leo LUCAM, so that they can make you happy, meaning they say these words of mockery behind your back and they come to you saying, Oh, we were just having fun, and they swear by Allah just to satisfy you.

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Leo blucon, Allah says Allah Who and Allah wa rasuluh and His Messenger, they are a hardcore, more deserving and your local that they please him in Canada, meaning if they're truly believers, they come to the Muslims, and they try to make them happy with their words. But Allah says No, Allah is more deserving that they should make him happy. The messenger is more deserving that they should make him happy. And how is it that a person can make Allah happy through obedience? How is it that a person can make the prophets Allah said I'm happy through obedience? Lm er lemma Do they not know? And who that indeed he man whoever you had the Lucha opposes Allah wa Sula, who and His Messenger

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whoever opposes Allah and His messenger for Anila who Nanogen and then indeed for him is the fire of * Holly than fee her abiding there and eternally, then he can his Euro Aleem, and that is the credit grid humiliation, the humiliation of this world. embarrassment of this dunya is temporary. Has it ever happened that you fall before someone and you feel embarrassed? Yeah. Imagine a person being thrown into hellfire. That is the greatest humiliation, the greatest disgrace being thrown into the hellfire. Has it ever happened that you get hurt, physically hurt and as a result, you have a big bandage or something. And you don't want to go out before people because you're embarrassed.

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Because you don't look that great. You're still in your pajamas. And you can't really wash yourself and you can't really make your hair so you're embarrassed to go out before people imagine people who are thrown into hellfire, those who will be taken out of hellfire, they will be sent to Jannah while their bodies are charred like coal burned out completely. And they'll be put in the water of life and then their bodies will grow just like plants grow. And they will be called Janome Yun Yeah, those who went to Janome isn't that embarrassing? Isn't that humiliating? Were their legal his Eulalia him. So a person must do anything, anything whatever it takes to make sure he doesn't fall

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in the hellfire.

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He doesn't end up there. And for that the most important is sincerity to Allah. Love for the messenger. So a lot is sincerity to Allah, His Messenger, the believers, Allah's book, being honest, being trustworthy, and being the same person fearing Allah everywhere, not just in some places, but everywhere. reacting positively to what happens in life. Any situation that a person is in life, being on good terms with others, this is what will save a person from hellfire. You know, people will cross the slot and the slot bridge is placed over what? Over the hellfire

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and people will cross the slot with the help of two things one speed and second light. This speed will be determined by their actions and the light will also be determined by their action

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By the EMA so some people they will go as quickly as you blink your eyes and other people they'll be crawling pathetically and then falling off. Some people will have light as much as a huge doll building like a tall column and others they will have light only as much as on their toe, just under two, just that much light. And on the two sides of solid from the Hellfire are big hooks going out.

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One because of Amana and the other because of Scylla. So if a person has not been trustworthy, has not been fulfilling his responsibilities distrusts this hook will come, grab him and make him fall in the hellfire.

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If a person has not been maintaining ties with his relatives, he's been cutting ties off with his relatives, then the other hook will come and grab him and make him fall into hellfire. Imagine falling into L from that bridge, after drinking from the hold, because not everybody will get here. There'll be people who will be sent directly to hellfire. And there are others who will drink from the hold of the prophets of Allah is Allah and then they will go over the bridge.

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Imagine having water from the hole and then falling in * because of lack of Amana and lack of maintaining ties. So it's necessary that a person fears Allah and all aspects of his life. Fear of Allah it duckula hazemag canta

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this is the way to success in this life and in the hereafter. Let's listen to the recitation

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no solder ball too little football or you will miss a key new one Amelie no

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more people who morphine for being a War II mean our fees or be

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any Sebby 30

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minute or one long running on hockey be warming

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noon and your way up. Oh now our ozone hole ozone Ohana whom you mean we'll be learning why you mean I mean our metal

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wall levena You know now also long long

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early yeah actually foreigner

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more laws

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Help for

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meaning Alania alone

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a holiday

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early can girl he's your lovely

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panic alarm will be handed Masha Allah Illa illa Anta has to wake a ceremony.

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