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An-Nisa 51-70 Translation 51-70

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem avod for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi r Rahmani Raheem for beshara Holly so the way cili MD or Hello Dr. melissani Yakubu Kohli, Bob veneziana in

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Lesson number 59 suited to Lisa, I am number 51 to 70.

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alone did not the UC Isla towards and Medina, those who, who too, they were given Nestle ban abortion men from El kitabi. The book

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you may know, they believe they'll aegypti in budget, superstitions, what the root and the root, the false deities

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were called Luna and they say, Linda Vina to those who care for you. they disbelieved. How old are he, these

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are more guided men from and Medina those who knew they believed sebelah in way

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la iica those levena are those who learn at home kickers. Allahu Allah. Woman and whoever yellan he curses. Allahu Allah, felon, so whenever Vegeta you will find the home for him. No seerah any helper

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or the home for them? The cbrne abortion a shared men from a milky the Dominion the kingdom. Fair he then so then they're not you tuna they will give a NASA to the people not the Euro in the least. Even as a.on the date stone

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or your sooner they envy and sir the people either upon ma what utter whom he gave them. Allahu Allah, men from fugly he his bounty His grace for God. Then in fact, Athena we gave Allah family, Ibrahima have Ibrahim alayhis Salam okitama the book will take matter and wisdom or attina home and we gave them monken a kingdom of river, great

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Firmin home so from them, men who he believed be with him.

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Women home and from them. Men who said that he stopped, he refrained

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from him Walker fair, and it sufficed, be Johanna, definitely help sir Isla as a burning fire

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in indeed and Medina those who care for Rue de disbelieved Be it now with our vs. Our signs, so far, will soon mostly him, we shall enter them to burn. Now law in fire, called lemma whenever nebrija it was consumed, it was thoroughly burnt out. Due to the home their skins weapon home, we shall change them Judo then skins, viral her other than it. Liana aku. So that they taste and other the punishment in Indeed, Allah, Allah, Ghana, he is ever as he isn't always a mighty hekima always always.

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When levina and those who may know they believed what he knew, and they did a slightly healthy, the righteous deeds so know the healer home. We shall soon admit them. Jen nothing in gardens, the jury it flows, men from dirty hair underneath it and how the reverse Holly Deena ones abiding eternally fee her in it either there forever. The home for them see her in it as well. June spouses Muta Hara once completely purified when are the senior home

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We should admit them raelynn in shades vallila thick, dense

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in Indeed, Allah Allah yet Moodle come, he orders you, he commands you and that to add Do you all give back you will return an asset, the Trust's the deposits, either to

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its owners

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what either and when hackers don't you will judge bainer between a nurse the people and that that guru, you will judge the idol with the justice in Indeed Allah, Allah near a man, how good it is what year it will come he admonishes you be with it.

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In Indeed Allah Allah Cana he is ever Semyon always on hearing basura always on seeing

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Yeah, are you here are you and levena those who knew they believed? A clear rule you will obey Allah Allah will appear and you will obey as soon as the messenger were early and possessors and have the authority men come from you for in then if then Azhar to you all dispute amongst yourselves fee in Shea in anything for a boo hoo then you will return it you all refer it either to Allah He Allah or bassoon and the messenger in if quantum you were to Mina you all believe in Allah when yummy and the day and the last

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vaniqa that her urine is best or essential and most suitable that we learn in final result.

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Adam did not turn off UC, ILA to and Medina those who yes they claim

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and the home that in the day Avenue they believed the man with what unzila it was revealed in a car to you wanna and what NZ that it was revealed men from carbonica before you

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Judy Donna, they want they wish and that yet a hacker boo. They go for judgment either to aka Hoot Hoot Walcott and in fact, yummy rule they were commanded and that yuck furu Buddhists believe they deny behave with it where you really do and he wants a shape on the shape one and that you build the home he leads them astray. Berlin a string there either one for

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what he there and when they land, it will set the home to them there are no you won't come either to mA what Angela he sent down, Allahu Allah, wa ala and to assume the messenger for Eva, you saw omona 15 the hypocrites You're so do they stop uncut from you. So do that a definite stopping

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for kafer so how either when I saw that home it reached them mostly return a misfortune or calamity Bhima because of what are the Met it sent ahead? ad him their hands. So then Joker, they came to you. Yesterday foreigner they swear by Allah He by Allah in not Aradhana we wanted Illa except if Cernan utmost good, what and they'll feel reconciliation.

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Today aka those and levena those who yarlung he knows Allahu Allah, ma what fee is then going to be him their hearts for them. So you turn away on home from them, where is home and you admonish them often and you say law home to them, fee in and foresee him themselves or learn a word, a speech, belly Whoa. One reaching one penetrating.

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Warmer and not our center. We have sent men from wrestling any messenger event except Leo bar so that he

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Is obeyed the his knee with permission Allah He of Allah

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well no and if and the home indeed there is when when a move they did wrong and force a home to themselves jerrica they came to you for stuff then they sought forgiveness Allah from Allah was stuck for and he sought forgiveness the home for them of a suit the messenger larger do surely they found Allah Allah the word greatest acceptor of repentance or Hema always All Merciful

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feather then no so no we're not bigger by your lair not you me Luna they will believe Hector until you have chemokine they appoint you as Judge femur in whatever shedule it branched it occurred bainer home between them. Some then left not yeji do they find fee in enforcing him themselves? How agenne A tightness a constriction member from what kobita you decided? What and you said the move they submit the slimmer a complete submission?

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Well, and if and indeed we got Abner. We wrote we ordained I lay him upon them and that awkward to do you all kill and full circle yourselves. Oh or do you all go out men from the comb your homes? Man not for Alou they did it in there except a little a few men home from them

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or no and if a new home in the bay for I do they did now what you are the owner they are advised the with it like and surely it was higher on best the home for them or a shed the most strong this be the infernus

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what even and then let the inner home surely we give them men from Ludhiana near us eduroam a reward or lever great

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work and let her Dana home. Surely we guided them, sir often about Mr. Thema when street

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women and whoever you query he obeys Allah, Allah will assume and the messenger for Allah equals So those ma with and Medina those who Anoma he favored Allahu Allah, or they him upon them, men from an Nabina the prophets was with the Athena, and the truthful ones were shuhada and the martyrs was sila hain and the righteous or has sooner and it was good. How excellent America those rafiqul as companions

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vaniqa that alpha blue, the Father, the bounty the grace men from Allah He Allah worker and he sufficed the law he definitely Allah I Lima has always on knowing

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that specifically recitation of these verses

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una gbg

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de la

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ed Nikki

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you read

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a movie

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nema 101

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Man levena and

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he knows he knows shuhada

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una una de

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la lot