Murtaza Khan – Vices Series – Ep. 05 – Hypocrisy

Murtaza Khan
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of the phrasing of loss of Canada, sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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continuing that journey, looking at the vices, or the bad habits or practices that exist amongst not just the non Muslims, but more specifically, even amongst us Muslims, unfortunately, these practices they become habitual inside our lives, and begin to have an impact upon ourselves, and upon the wider Muslim community around us. Amongst those traits that we touched upon, which are actually today's topic, the signs of Agnetha of hypocrisy of a laziness, approach towards a silhouette towards a prayers, a lazy approach or loosening of our tongues, or the loose nature of our tongues, our own, we can say signs of hypocrisy. And we shouldn't shy away from the fact because

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unfortunately, some of us, Muslims are good at that. We try to prop our heads inside the ground, and think that certain things don't exist inside our society, that we are totally a pure society, and infallible society, or these wise civilizations don't exist amongst us Muslims, and

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hypocrisy. Unfortunately, it does exist amongst Muslims, while the Muslims have been born more and more, to be aware of Anita. And as we find we read through the seer of the Prophet alayhi salatu, salam, we find that in the beginning, not compared to that we find the first 10 years or so there was only a man. And there's a choice, either you submit to a lawsuit, that in totality, or you follow the path of proof of disbelief, just imagine at that time was a pure Eman, a pure devotion of pure commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah, it is only inside the median period that we find that the third element began to exist inside our society have an ethos of hypocrisy, that some people

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began to enter into Islam to display Islam, to protect themselves to take the honeymoon to take the booty to take the world to feel that they protected, because the power of Islam was growing. So this was the only thing that exists a third element existed inside Medina. And this is something a warning to us Muslims. And this was at the time of the Prophet la start to saddam. So 1400 40 years later, how can we not think that

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hypocrisy doesn't exist amongst us Muslims, and thus we find the major level as we know of Nyssa is to pretend to be a Muslim externally, to even adorn oneself, to dress like a Muslim to behave like a Muslim, to do all some of the traits of Muslims externally. But within your heart is corrupt. Your heart wants to break Islam, your heart wants to destroy Islam. This is what those hypocrites for doing that externally, we can even use such words they display themselves according to the son of the Prophet Allah is totally in totality, the only time that he began to become to be revealed and hypocrisy, and we're going to touch upon is in the state of Salawat, missing their prayers of

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staying away from major commandments that last commanded them inside the Quran, then they were revealed as an externally that you could not tell.

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Unlike today that we find that even the level of hypocrisy before I even extend your person can display the hypocrisy becomes visible. We don't even try to conceal it amongst ourselves as to the minor hypocrisy that we find, which is common amongst unfortunately, breaking promises, lying to individuals cheating, vulgar speech, rude words that we find these are all elements in pharmacy, alike are defined being to face towards individuals, which is our topic today, of this immoral practice that we find 32 intravenous yamapi Amati endermite them which mean you find the most wicked of people and in front of Allah Subhana Allah, on the Day of Resurrection will be the person has to

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face and lead yet you have to let it be what you were, how will they be watching him? He comes with this group to this group of people one face, becomes another group of people another face and had the motor finale collected by Mr. Bukhari Muslim inside this the most wicked of people a day judgment. We're going to meet a lot of Canada and adult individuals who display two faces. They show one face to one group of individuals, and they show another face to another group of individuals. If we dissect this head is what does it mean? In today's language of being to face towards individuals around us? It's a sad state, but it's visible inside our society. You know many people I can see

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that there's a cultural element amongst certain Muslim what they practice. Islam is also become cultural in many

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The other environment as well. It's just a cultural practice certain things, certain symbols that you do, but the actual spirituality, the practice of Islam, for certain societies became becoming more more weakened. It just the display wisdom is Ramadan. So we all fast, it's a time of had so we own observe certain rituals and practices. It's not just about rituals and practices that we find it's more in an element than spirituality that we find, because someone suggested that Islam prayer is just a ritual. It's a form of exercise. It's not just a form of exercise, because exercise will will will only exist at certain times in certain periods. OBS will be dissolved, when a person

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doesn't have the ability to pray. But yet Allah Subhana Allah what we find, according to that the fifth of Salah, even a state of need a state of hunger, a state of fatigue, a state of weakness, a state of sickness, a state of troubling, persistent needs to offer their prayer, especially specifically the men and even peasant cannot move their limbs as it uses their bodily movements, or uses their head uses the eye if not their prey inside their mind. This shows the point that Asana isn't just an exercise. It's spirituality, that no matter what moment inside your life, you are connecting yourself, a sinner below some kind of the other that is an impact important your life.

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Not just that we've just completed the prayer. Many people that make such statements I read my prayer is hey, there's goodness inside them. What is the impact of the prayer? What is the value of that prayer? What is the percentage of reward of that prayer? This is what many of us have, life has become just an approach. Life is just a formality is that you find many of the people on this list today Yama Juma, we've observed Yama, Yama, we came to the Juma prayer, it's just a formality. It's not an element of spiritual uplifting, of changing ourselves, rectifying ourselves, becoming at the core of Illinois, so canon with the honor and justifying this, in essence, living two lives, in in

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essence, is the impact of centralism. That's what it is that we live to live that when we're in the masjid, we're devoted individuals, a bad man, when we come up the machine, we live our life how we want to live. It is unfortunate many of us most of even Western, well, that's what we become Monday to Friday, nine to five, we work around the people around us. On the weekend, we give some time towards Islam, we have that estimate events, we do Islamic activities, we do this, but the rest of the time, we engage with what's around us. But this is my push my share of Islam there is goodness and hate inside that we don't reject that. But that's not what Islam is. That we live in to face

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life that you find even in the Muslim lands that we find we shouldn't shy away from the fact many people want to need the environment. Look at the state of them. They they take off the job, they take off, they leave a different totally different because they find this deep, they find a restriction inside their heart. They don't find contentment living with Muslims. They don't like containment living in an environment. They want to come out of that environment. As you find it in the summer, it's open. How many people travel to foreign lands, for what?

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For what purpose this year, for tourism, what tourism is there, only a few individuals may engage in certain things that may benefit them. But this is the reality is living to live. Maybe inside Islamic Society. We don't shake hands with a woman. We don't listen to music, we don't do certain things. But a woman women, the minute we come out and Superman, we do everything that we know is how long because now we're in a different environment as if Allah subhanaw taala can never hasha doesn't exist anymore. We're in a totally different world. There's no there's no accountability. It's a totally different life. This is to face towards the deen of Allah Subhana Allah living a double

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life, the environment and display certificate when I come out that environment and live a totally different life. This is something which is an element of hypocrisy, that we all need to question ourselves inside a life that we find to behave and even amongst us Muslims to behave and display ourselves amongst Muslims and non Muslims alike. We find this Unfortunately, some Muslims, they like to go out of their way to overpraise non Muslims, we don't say we shouldn't pray them. We shouldn't be kind to them. We shouldn't look after them. But we can't seem to find the balance. Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah Lena Maharaja,

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Rama obey No, we're not going to be harsh and stern all the time it was done Muslim, or be rude to them or disrespect them we give them the rights or you find that the moment anything is twisted.

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They no mercy, compassion towards Muslims around you. kindness, goodness, love, affection. But yet we find the opposite. That if a Muslim does something wrong, it's like all * has broken loose. But if a non Muslim does something wrong, then maybe we should we should find excuses for them. Why Why should we find excuses for them and not find excuses for Muslims around us? This is an element that we need to question as a we don't need to shy away from the fact our belief is that we should have shown two faces will not Muslim, that Muslim begin to crumble and say no, these things don't exist inside our society or we don't believe this. We should be open and clear. There's nothing to

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fear inside our lives.

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Amongst other things that Islam is the final and only way of life.

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In the Athena in the system, there's no there's no need to choose a word. And to pretend you say this is Islam is the way of life, which is called defined by Allah Subhana Allah, and the only way of life which is acceptable by lots of data from a woman

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who wants to believe what they believe, who wants to disbelieve them disbelief, I believe is great. Islam is a way of life is the only way of life is the only thing acceptable in front of Allah Subhana Allah, we don't need to be rude to any individual. We don't need to sugarcoat it and say, No, they are Abrahamic faiths, every single faith leads you to God. That's not Islamic belief. Every single faith doesn't lead you to God. Only one path leads you to Allah Subhana Allah wa serapi must document only one path that goes to a loss of panel data that is beyond Islam. That's it. That's what we should present to the society around us. Likewise, we find purity and rule of the Quran is a

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book of rules and regulations, codification application, a life of living, why should we shy away from the fact and say no, applies to a certain certain regime, a certain environment, a certain medieval practice a certain time a certain location

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was sent down the colony

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is shut down for for rules and regulations for application. Why should we shy away from that fact? We can see the turmoil. We can see the corruption of face of this earth that we live away from the book of a loss of pennant and it's all invisible. Why should we shy away from the fact and pretend No, that's not the reason. We've abandoned the

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Euro minakami

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euro it's unsuited for commutative. See, this is the view of him. No, we speak about a bad thing the evening leaving is foreign, that we abandon this application upon ruling and judging by the verses of the Quran, likewise, Sharia Tokai Subhana Allah and its application, why why is it we Muslim is so naive, so shallow, so weak? They somebody speaks about the shittier we find an upheaval

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individual may be some form of a radical individual, the Sharia of Allah Subhana Allah has been placed, for what purpose? Why do the laws and rules and regulations? Why did Allah say this is a punishment with such and such action? This is a punishment such as an action. If people break the laws. Why is it needed to protect humanity, we can see the man make those around us. People go into prison, they come up being more smarter criminals tell you more crimes, there's no punishment upon them. They don't see the law. They don't say anything. But Islam is a way of life a law, a qualification takes retribution, that takes out punishment on people who've broken the law of Allah

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Subhana Allah. And likewise, the two punishment differ, dude, again, we shy away that a person commits adultery or fornication does this, or this is a practice at a certain time, it doesn't really mean this. No, we should be clear, in an Islamic environment. In an Islamic law, if a person is caught carrying out certain actions, this is the punishment according to the law. Just like you have a punishment that we have inside this country, there's a law, this legislation, this practices that you carry out, we practice it, we carry out certain practices inside the Islamic environment. We're not applying them inside this country. And we don't intend to apply them inside this country.

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That's priests to clay. This is law that exists inside an Islamic environment. And even in this law is only applied, after strenuous conditions that the Buddha the judges will go through. don't fully travel have non Muslim say that they just as they say excuse to or just chop off a person amputate person's hand for stealing a bottle of milk, it is a work like this. It's not a law, but lots of Canada, there's a long discussion. There's a long process, till eventually Finally, the judge may decide that this is the only punishment. Finally, it's not just quick, as they seem to perceive inside the media, that we just punish people. The law is a form of protection. It's not just applied

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that is people they start to push it inside society that the Sharia is some form of barbaric law. Hi, Jim just executed people rolling people's heads off sending him to the gallows. No, it doesn't exist like that. It's a long procedure. We should be at the forefront explaining to people this is what the sharing of Allah subhanaw taala what it entails, and like or define against all types of vices, homosexuality. Why are we shying away from the fact we can see LGBT being taught to our schools if we just shy away from it? From the 15 Muslim MPs that define who is supposed to represent Muslims inside this country for us? You know how many of them mentioned the case inside Birmingham

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of the school, that the students, the parents, revolting. You can use such words against the teacher to subject how many of them spoke out in Parliament. You know how many 00 spoke out about it have been almost a non Muslim to come and speak. What's wrong with them protesting, they don't agree with it. What's wrong with that? This shows our mentality, you're not a criminal. That's what we think we think we're going to be criminals. If I say this, then they're gonna think I'm a criminal. These are rights. These are views. It's a rite of the law of the people that

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Something of the people, a lot of the people, freedom of expression, the people, we express it, we're not going to be rude. We're not going to be derogatory. We say we don't believe in these practices. We don't believe in this type of relationship. We don't expect this type of religion to be taught to our children, we should be at the forefront of expressing this. We should shy away from the fact because this is a policy, this is neither option one face, yes, but this or that, but when we come in front of them, we don't want to express it. We don't want to talk about it. Then everyone says, oh, why are they teaching this to our children? Why do they teach us actually, because we're

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not being vocal? We're not expressing our concerns in a good manager environment around us that we don't agree with such practices for the rest of the vices, likewise, world politics, the walls that we find, why should we not express our concerns? You know, if people have no faith can make a million man might come out in society against war and terror, etc, that we find? Why why why do we think that we we shouldn't say anything? You know, the sad fact about some of us Muslims is, we still have a slave mentality, whoever pays us the money will speak for them, we will work for them, we will talk for them. That's not what Islam is. Islam is free. That's it. That is what you mean

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called freedom of expression and speech, free from any entity controlling our mind, controlling our life, controlling what we say when we speak, which is common practice, unfortunately, that is Muslim at the moment, everything is controlled is coded by certain people pay a stupid pay a certain way, give a certain position, give a certain authority to do one to undermine people to control people to keep the masses in a state of silence. This is what hypocrisy. We know this deep down inside our hearts. But does anyone expressed such concerns inside a society that we find that we find that some individuals Unfortunately, they think success lies in this? There's some form of glory, some form of

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honor, in siding with certain types of individuals? Look at the Koran is crystal clear, warning us? Does it mean that we're rudimentary towards non Muslim to other individuals? It's a warning to awaken us about what the correct belief of a Muslim should be. And levena McCaffrey not only I mean, Tony mugnaini, those who take the non Muslim disbelieving individuals as their friends besides the Muslim give them preference, the Quran is very explicit. You can't make that we'll have the Quran. Quran is very accurate inside his language for all times in all places giving us that warning reminding us as I said, we're not going to be derogatory or rude towards the people around us. But

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it's crystal clear. You cannot give total allegiance, friendship, commitment towards the non Muslims like you give it to the Muslims. It's not possible for Muslim to do that. If a Muslim seeks

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to enter a certain journey, because you claim that it can be some honor, some glory, some friendship, some commitment that could come via this is a comes from a loss of Paradise all alone, all form of Islam, Allah Subhana Allah person focuses with a commitment with Allah Subhana Allah that Allah will give glory will give honor, when the victory maybe may not be visualized for a few years. But it will be it will be documented that this is all of his glory belongs towards these type of machines that we find and actually by numerous passages, every study shows that we find numerous verses inside the strange thing is numerous passages speaking about aneesa about hypocrisy that we

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find Yeah, you're learning the technical catherina Oh, yeah, I mean to evoke meaning, all you believe, is to make clear who are you believe don't take the disbelieving individuals as your only or your friends. Besides the Muslim authority do not the German lady from Santa Ana Medina, you will allow that to play place a manifest manifest display evidence against you about what your what your belief is? What your intent is in Laguna Athena, historically as 40 million indeed the hypocrites are going to be the lowest tips of the Hellfire while integrity alone nazira no help, I would help him on that day. You want to help other people around you on that day you will be in the depths of

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the Hellfire and no individual come and try to relieve you or help you on that day. And as we find it rather the Quran throughout the Quran. The beginning of the Quran, sort of Baccarat that we've made, as you mentioned is it begins by speaking about Csonka Manasa T. Speaking about the hypocrisy, the belief or the hypocrisy of practices and traits of the hypocrites till we find that it's up to Toba, the name chapleau con is once again a large theme of it is revolving around the hypocrites. Then we went to the venue to 63rd chapter Quran Surah munafo, there are not a sense that the whole surah talking about the hypocrites that we need to go back and study and understand the meaning the

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sort of impact is Surah. Speaking about whole passages versus about this, these individuals that we find to such a degree that a lot of famous resellers differ

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based upon the surah and the first talk was on versus sort of Bukhara, whereby you mentioned them 38 CFR 38 different descriptive characteristics of the munafo that he collects and he mentioned, he mentioned about a hypocrisy deep rooted and an all pervasive spiritual disease.

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The person's heart cannot even seem to is oblivious to it can't seem to understand that there could be elements of hypocrisy inside the heart that we find this person is trying to spread corruption on the face of the earth. He also then continues to mention realities of the enemies, seeking to destroy from within, covertly spreading their corruption, ignorance, such an unwary thing that these are the following. These are people falling knowledge and upon right action, how many strong homes have is done, these people that try to destroy anything, they try to attempt to wipe out the religion of Allah Subhana Allah, he wrote these centuries ago. And through these words that today

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that we find that the enemy within us, people from within us, we tried to dismantle Islam, who tried to speak in of Islam, you know, this dismantle Islam isn't just a one way understanding, or just people have been a people of innovation. It's like people of corruption, of belief, of vices of sins, that we find political interest that we find its various forms, various attacks, of seeking to weaken Islam from within. It's not just a one way traffic. And some people think that this is the thing that we think Islam is many things, many attacks that take place before Islam to weaken the roots of Islam that we find, like when you find that these such individuals that we find, as

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mentioned by the prophet Elijah don't have sound, application of some knowledge that we find is a man in a pseudonym to me that we find two characteristics will never exist together inside a hypocrite, good manners and comprehension of religion. A person who understand the deen of Allah Subhana Allah, and as fine characteristic is going to be slight is going to be away from hypocrisy. But a person doesn't understand the team doesn't understand the universe. Canada doesn't have good comprehension, you can see the blunders, you can see the speech, you can see the end tickets, you can see their behavior, it will become display, because this is the promise of Allah Subhana Allah

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upon the blessing of the Prophet, some of the signs of hypocrisy that we find numerous signs that existed, that we all need to be wary of that when he speaks, he lies. And you find either when Mr. Paddy's mentioned either Maria becomes habitual one of the resume speak and utter a wrong word or say something wrong because we're human beings. But whenever they speak, their vision and they lie, when they make a promise, they break their promise when they trust you with something that is honest towards that trust. And you find a fourth characteristic when they call them whenever an argument someone they become rude and insulting inside their manners. Is that on a Sunday morning, it was

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Look at me of that Shabaab Are you if you don't agree with someone they differ with someone is a genuine difference of opinion. Listen to the language, look at the etiquette, look at the behavior, may Allah forbid these are signs of hypocrisy, as I mentioned these four things, if a person has all these four elements, then that is pure hypocrisy. And in person is one design that is one element of hypocrisy. In other words, we need to wipe all this out from us. All forms of hypocrisy purification that needs to be developed inside our life to purify ourselves. As we mentioned, the purity of the heart leads to purity of the tongue, these the purity of actions as well defined amongst the traits

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or the characteristics of these individuals, whereby the karate adventure that serves mentioned itself that we've we should be wary of that, like life isn't your speech to some people that they think

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that the essence of a life of a believer inside the inside the practice easy for an individual to speak and to say certain things, but every element of Islam is the practice, the internal practice of the individual, and the practice that inside their private life, that will have a great impact upon the individual inside the personal life, and give them an impact upon the wider community around them as they say that a word from the heart is delivered from the heart and taken inside the heart of another individual words, which are just giving them the tip of the tongue that is taken from the tongue to the tongue is ignored, which exists unfortunately as society. And as we find it's

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not about how how intelligent the individual is, how skillful inside the language is, how many degrees they may ascertain, or they may possess for the position that they may have. That's not what Islam is based for. Even though there is something good, something fruitful, but it's dumb. It doesn't lie upon academia, relies upon the application of those words, application of the sciences of Islam doesn't operatic gives us a warning. Notice not only him, but also speeches I showed him on our own. When they speak, they want people to hear their words. They want people to listen to them. They want to be attractive. It's all the world of politics and politicians that we find around it.

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They want people to listen to them. They like to make false promises. False oaths, say certain things to what to attract the people and I certainly wouldn't want to be heard. They want to be known. They want to be listened to, but I'll make your own laser beam will lower my tune. They say within tongues that which does not exist inside their hearts. Below, we may have to moon Allah knows what they're concealing within themselves. Look at the Quran is accurate. Allah knows the words that they drink on their mouth, they mean nothing. These are the words that if people are trying to say to mesmerize people, and say to take people into into the grasp, as they say, but their heart is

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devoid of their devotion towards a lot

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panel to enter the effects of impact of poverty in our society. It leads to lies and dishonesty becoming widespread. We unfortunately began to exist inside a society. How many times you find such questions presented by you by non Muslim that is standing in a good way of life, even though it's not excused, but it's a plausible argument they can present to us Muslims that were engaged in general engage in PGP. Or we should be if Islam is a poor way of life, a good way of life. Why do Muslims cheat? While you Muslims live? Why are you pushing betray your trust? It's a plausible argument they can present to us because we're not practicing what we preach. If we say Islam is the

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right way of life, it's a form of success. It is this it is that we don't live in our own life that gives them an element of doubt, even though there should be no doubt that Islam is pure look at the text of the Quran and Sunnah don't for our practice, but we unfortunately are a symbol of that and we should live up to shine good symbols of the standard This is what we do. We carry carrying every single device on the face of the earth. It sounds very, very sad. Amazon reviews are non Muslim sentiments. Why are you drinking for? Why are you drinking alcohol for there's no way for them? They know they don't care if it's halal haram it's their life. They look at it they have some some

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element of shape some understanding Okay, I'm drinking my Why are you drinking for? Why do you drink for you know is forbidden for you according to your your way of life. They have to tell us our Deen they have to remind us this is something forbidden for you. That's how shallow we've become some of us there on the streets around and most of you will behave in such an evil manner. Don't take these extreme words. In engaging with so many different authorities. They said this that a man of Muslim youth that we've caught trafficking drugs, drinking alcohol doing heroin things we know is haram. They know is haram. We have to tell them is haram to avoid this inside a Muslim so called inclusion

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of Muslim highly populated areas that we find it's a shame upon us that what are we doing? Is that a society at the moment is is misused? What are we going to do about a knife crime the violence that leads to that gauging inside a community? The answer is quite simple. answer is very simple. All these messages around us

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speech we can week after hook by is given inside a language that most people don't understand. We can recap. People turn up on your machine or when it's time for them by and then via is not part of human drama. You're part of the football. Everybody knows that. And actually is an innovation to have a speech before the footpath. So Pete, nobody turns up in young youth will turn up towards the end of the sermon at the end of the prayer. So what uplifting is there? What reminder is that 55 massage inside the area of human what benefit is it? Then when you sit down and think tax? How are we going to tackle the crime inside our community? We have drug dealers is no exaggeration,

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traveling in drugs outside the masjid Muslim tankiness outside the masjid trafficking, this is a shame upon us. A shame when a community shame upon me that wouldn't be boasting about what we boast about if this is the vices, then the moral fiber of our society the moment is something we need to be worried about the need to be engaged in society around us lifelong trust and honor inside our society. Likewise, people become treacherous inside their lives, as for impact upon our own selves, to remind ourselves of the elements of hypocrisy, as we began hypocrisy regarding a solder kossuth incident and forgery was

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sloppy, and sloppy Russia, a person who's regular from staying away from it, who didn't make it for silicon project and Russia ngema inside the machine needs to place a great big question mark about themselves. He plays a critical role. Maybe once in a year, twice in a year pheasant falter Steve doesn't wake up. This happened even among the companions, we're all human beings, but in a habitual basis. You don't make it for function inside the machine three, four times, five times six times in a week you don't use you place a big push up inside your heart. inside your mind. You can go back and rectify everything about yourself. Because this is among dripping from minus signs that you need

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to meet the signs of your fantasy of staying away from the prayer staying away from the congregation. Obviously, when I pray, I pray in the morning. I pray in the morning and my older Janaki etc. So to get to the congregation, because the most difficult prayer for the monastic code for the hypocrites is enough to further answer the question. And if they knew the reward for coming for these two prayers, they will come have one. They come crawling aka BABY Crawling on the ground or force to get to the machine we dry. We live close to the machine. But we look at our lazy attitude. Look at our mental state that it's too difficult. It's too far away. We're all surrounded

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by massage all around us. We find it so difficult today to step out of our bed to perform or do to travel to go to the machine to gain the answer to get that reward whoever prays so that will further boost humanity but he's under the protection of Allah subhanaw taala all for the rest of that day who are praised with the Imam. So now that Russia is under the protection of a lot of data. They are presented the reward of standing half the night pray

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during the morning after morning or the night standing in prayer, before we speak about big things, this is what we need to uplift ourselves regarding fighting this hypocrisy within ourselves that we find and likewise to pray that it's right appropriate time. In the Sonata counted animal mini Nikita makuta, as we began with a double life, in a work environment surrounded by non Muslim, I will slip my prayer here, when I find time, or when I leave

00:30:24 --> 00:31:01

the most beloved action to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah to Allah walk to a Salah, and it's right time, once in a while it could happen. But in a temporary phase A person would focus every single day, try my best to observe the prayer in the machine with the Java is not possible, bring it down, or at least pray in congregation with a group of Muslim if not at least bring it down a great pray on my own but at the right time, don't let it travel down all the way that you pray at a later time on your own at the end time and it becomes habitual. That event you spill over into the following prayer is all dangerous for the individual that we find. It doesn't mean to go back to certain he

00:31:01 --> 00:31:42

said that we find pages 100 to 101. Two on pages are so old, descriptive nature of the monastic code amongst the first Christopher that we find that Allah mentioned after the treachery in the monogamy they had their own aloha their own. They think they can deceive Allah Subhana Allah, but Allah if you can use such words linguistic is tricking them, which is something plausible, in a good manner that Allah makes them forget about their own sense that they're trying to deceive Allah and no one can deceive Allah Subhana Allah. But what concerns us is what is the first characteristic, the first sign that before we deceive the world? We deceive people, we deceive everybody around us is trying

00:31:42 --> 00:31:49

to deceive Allah, regarding one way the communist society on your own and NASA What if kurunegala in

00:31:50 --> 00:32:17

the beginning, if you're deceiving the law regarding your shutter, that's the beginning of hypocrisy. The rest is is actually easy. It's simple, to lie, to cheat to people to fraud to whoever you want to do. The beginning is a Sunnah. That's the beginning of the indifferent that's focus. That will awaken the individual. Now keep them in check. Keep in focus, but it has no value inside your life. That's in conclusion find our way after Yama, Yama,

00:32:18 --> 00:32:42

Ronnie that we find Firstly, we will be a solid inside a great day successful everybody successful of the individual as defined inside the grip of Salah will come has been watching TV. I shall I will come to all of us. If we observe the right manner in a beautiful figure in an industry fragrance in a good smell. It will come to the individual side a great person Who are you?

00:32:43 --> 00:33:00

Who are you? Is this beautiful sugar and sweet smelling fragrance? We say I am your prayer. I'm your president you garden you preserve and you took care of here I'm inside your great woman you have an idea. Whoever doesn't garden preserve their prayer doesn't have an even difficult finger disfigured face.

00:33:02 --> 00:33:42

A bad state a bad foul state. We'll come to the independent side a great person Who are you? What are you celebrating? I am your prayers. And your prayers that you wasted on Islam you took your pill that we need to definitely find as you began with as soon as your food stranger is alguna rasulillah installation can be sudden, there used to be worried about sada because the only symbol that they had to be shown at that time opening in general was they stayed away from selective jamara they stayed away from their record and these are the hypocrites they inserted the effort to make sure they came to sit at the gym so nobody could spot them read through the seat of some of the

00:33:42 --> 00:34:11

companions. If somebody in this gym they were high in the crevices of the ward, so people go but nobody could spot them and Mr. Madden very upset. They felt worried. They feel trouble. We think nothing of it today. And then we want to speak about why I like that sort of contentment. Try to uproot elements, a proxy for my life. We also lost kind of give us a topic and ability to uproot the minor elements of hypocrisy from our heart and likewise to keep us away from the major needs of the major hypocrisy of trying to dismantle Islam.

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