Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 09 – L095B

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a court case in which 70 people were punished for their actions and punished with punishment, including punishment for their actions and the use of the Bible as a teaching tool. The importance of forgiveness and mercy is emphasized, as it is crucial for success in a situation where someone refuses to forgive someone. The transcript also discusses forgiveness and mercy as ways to avoid future mistakes and emphasizes the need for forgiveness and mercy in order to avoid future similar mistakes.
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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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lesson number 95 salt of the earth is number 155 to 168

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was Taro Moosa Toma who said we're enology Lima cartina.

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And mozzarella is sedan Joe's from his people. 70 men for our appointment, walked out, and he chose he selected. Who selected musasa? What did he select? Who did he select?

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oma who meaning from his people? How many people did he select Sabrina? Or Julian 70 men? Why did he select them? For what purpose? limit Latina for our appointment, meaning for appointment with Allah subhanaw taala at Mount tooth.

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Earlier we read that musala ceram had gone to mount to why,

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in order to get the Alwah.

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Later on 70 men from the bunny Israelite you were also called to the mount to along with Musashi center. Why? several reasons have been presented. But before that, let's look at the word if del

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Estado What does it mean? he selected?

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And it's from the roof letters ha yeah. What is higher mean? Best. So if the error is to is to select the best,

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what does it mean to select the best to select that which is very good.

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Because sometimes you have a large group of things or people individuals, and you have to select some for a particular task. So musar nslm, who did he select for the meeting with the last panel data, the best of

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what had happened thus far in the Bani Israel? There were some people who had worshiped the calf. And there were some other people who had not worshiped the cuff.

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So estado he chose the best ones from the bunny ears, meaning those people who had not worshiped

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and why were they called for this new court with Allah soprano Tada. several reasons I've been given.

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First one, it has been said that when musasa he brought the Anwar, to the Bani Israel, he brought the tablets. And he presented the tablets to them. We know that once he returned to the Bani Israel from Brownsville, when he saw the people worshipping the God, he became very upset, he became very angry, he put down the alpha, and then he dealt with them. And later on, he picked up the Anwar, as we learned in the previous ayah that will socrata musataha a huddle Allah, He picked up the alpha.

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So when he began telling the people that these are the alpha from Allah subhanaw taala and this is what the Allah say, people questioned that how do we know this is really from Allah subhanaw taala

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you claim that you went to Mount Dora, and you had a conversation with him with Allah. And Allah gave you these Allah? How do we know? How can we believe in you? We want some evidence we want to see.

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Therefore Musashi Salaam, selected 70 men from the 12 tribes of Bani Israel as obviously the entire nation could not go up there.

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So 70 men were selected and musala salon himself selected these 70 people, and they were the cream of the Bani Israel. And they went up to the mountains and they witness the conversation between Allah soprano tada and musasa.

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But then what did they do?

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We learned earlier in silicon Baqarah that they said we will not believe in you. Until we see Allah.

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We learn so little bacala what is called Tamiya Musa, Lana minella que tener en la hija. We're never going to believe in you until we see a lot openly we can hear you and Allah speaking, but we want to see Allah openly. So what happened

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for her that como Sorry, I thought you were and

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then the sorry, the Thunderbolt struck you while you were looking meaning before your very eyes, it came down upon you, and you were struck dead.

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So Musa SNM selected these men for this purpose. Later on when they were taken over there. They made another request. That was very inappropriate. Therefore they were punished. And if you look at it musasa when he went to speak with a loss of hunger, he also said that Robbie areni under Erica, I wish to see you but musasa was not punished. But these people they were punished Why?

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There was a difference.

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musala ceram wish to see a loss of panatela Why

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have a love for him?

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And these people, they wanted to see him Why? out of denial out of arrogance, that we're never going to believe until we see when we see then we will believe.

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Therefore, they were punished for this.

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Similarly, it has also been said that the 70 people were taken for this new card. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala commanded that 70 of those people who had not worshiped the calf,

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those people who had not worship the gods, they should come to Mount

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as representatives for the entire nation. Why, in order to seek a loss of power without his forgiveness for the rest of the people who had actually worship the God.

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Remember, I mentioned to you earlier, that when the people worship the gods, the nation was divided into several groups. One was of those who actually worship the calf, and other ones of those who did not. And they also stopped others. And a third was of those who did not worship the God but they remain silent. They didn't do anything about it, they were just spectators. So who are these people, the second group, those who have not worship the cuff, and they also stopped others.

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So they were the best of people, because they did not worship the calf themselves, and they also stopped others. So 70 of these people were taken to mount old why, so that they would seek forgiveness for who for those who actually committed the crime.

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And this is the opinion of most of them of a city.

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Thirdly, it is said that this is the third group of people,

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meaning those who did not worship the gods themselves. And they also did not stop others from worshiping the gods. They were to come to mambu and apologize, seek forgiveness. For what?

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For what for not having stopped, as well as for the crime that the rest of the Bani Israel you had committed

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to do you understand the second and third opinion.

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The second opinion is that at first a second group of people, they were the cream of Bani Israel. The third is that it refers to the third group of people who did not even stop others.

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Then it is also said the fourth opinion is that Alo arland whatever reason it was a loss of parents Allah commanded them that 70 people from the Bani Israel have to come to mountains. And they had to whatever reason it was that doesn't concern us. All that we know is that this was a new court, Allah subhanaw taala had commanded them to come at mountune at a particular time, and they did. They were supposed to go there to worship Allah subhanaw taala to seek forgiveness from him, whatever reason Allahu Arnhem, but we know that they weren't made to go to mantle.

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But what happened?

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fellow man or that woman Raja,

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but then when the earthquake sees them, alleged,

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Raja is from the root letters Rajim for and we have done this word earlier as well. And what does it mean? A very violent earthquake, violent earthquake

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in which the earth below is shaking continuously, continuously. And just imagine, if there's an earthquake, just a slight movement, then what happens people just become scared, they feel shaken. But just imagine the earth is constantly rocking below your feet.

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What's going to happen?

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People are going to fall the buildings are going to collapse, people are going to die. So much chaos is going to happen as a result of that earthquake. So a large effect is a violent earthquake, a severe earthquake.

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So phenomena are harder to move refer to then when the earthquake sees them.

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Why did the earthquake season the 70 people who were up at Mountain

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if we did the first opinion, why did it seize them? Because they demanded to see a loss of data as they thought that hearing was not enough. They demanded that they must see.

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If you think of it earlier, we read into the bacala. For that commissar

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that the Thunderbolt seized over here we read the word logica. What does that show that there were thunderbolts coming down from the sky on top of them.

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And from beneath the earth was also shaking

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from beneath the earth was also shaking.

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So furama, hola Toma, Raja Pato, thunder, lightning and earthquake shook them and they all died.

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musasa was the only one who survived over there.

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Secondly, they said that if we take the other opinions, a second third opinion that it was

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Those 70 people who had not worshiped the calf, whether it was a second group or the third group of people who had to go to mountain to seek a loss of eternal darkness, forgiveness, why did the earthquake sees them as a punishment, because they did not stop others from worshipping the calf.

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So a loss of Panasonic could have finished them where the rest of the money is for us. But they were brought to mount booth. And over there the earthquake sees them why as a punishment upon them that why did you not stop others from worshipping the cuff?

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Then 13 is also said that the 70 people who had gone there, when they went there, they began praying to Allah subhanaw taala seeking forgiveness. And amongst the draws that they made, they said, Oh, Allah, give us what you have never given anyone before us, and will never give anyone after us.

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So when they made this, Allah subhanaw taala dislike this application. And as a result, they were punished. They were struck with a violent earthquake.

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For them a hot woman, Roger facto, when the earthquake shook them, and as a result of that, they all died. But musala Sarang was the only one who survived. What happened was Allah Salaam saw the 70 people lined up before him on it, he said, Messiah, listen and pray to Allah subhanaw taala.

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It'll be, oh, my Lord, no shit. If you wish, us luck, the human kapu you could have destroyed them from before. You could have punished the 70 people before they actually came to mount or

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that these 70 people if they did not stop the rest of the nation from worshipping the crap, you could have punished them over there.

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Or they could have been punished back there and not have been brought to mountable and then punished over here for whatever requests that they made, which were inappropriate.

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Or be low shape, or lockdown in public. You could have destroyed them from before. What a Yeah, yeah. And also me, meaning you could have also punished me before you could also have destroyed me before. But the fact that you made us Come here, and here the punishment has been given to these 70 people. What is this show? What does it show? That this is a test? This is a punishment, this is a trial?

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So if you wished you could have destroyed them from before.

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I thought licona would you destroy us?

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This is a question. And remember, is the famous for several reasons. Sometimes people ask for the purpose of objection.

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So this is not the musar this time is objecting that why are you punishing us? No way. The prophets of Allah never object at the decree of Allah.

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Over here, this is defend is for the purpose of his theory off his dear boss from out.

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And what does that mean? gentleness. So is there above this is plead for compassion?

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I thought licona would you destroy us? Would you punish us? Meaning please don't punish us. You understand? I do licona would you punish us? We please don't punish us. Bhima ferula sufa. Her Amina because of what the foolish amongst us have committed. What does it mean by this because of what the foolish amongst us have committed? What crime is referring to, it could be referring to the worship of the calf, that these 70 people who have come to montell they did not worship the calf. It's the rest of the sofa, who worship the calf. So please don't punish us for the wrongs that other foolish have committed. These 70 people did not do anything they did not worship the cuff.

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Secondly, this spirit, this action can also refer to the DA the requests that some of them had made that Oh Allah only give us and don't give to anyone after us. Don't give it to anyone else besides us.

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Or it could be their demand to see a loss of final turn.

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Everyone did not make the same request. It was only a few people. It was only a few individuals, but all the 70 men were destroyed.

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So Musa SNM prayed to Nicola Bhima foreigner so for her Amina, would you punish us for what the foolish amongst us have committed? Meaning please don't punish us for the crime that they have committed. We have not committed it. So please forgive us and don't punish us.

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In here, it is not in that except fifth. Nautica your trial.

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This is not about your fitna.

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What does it refer to it can refer to

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To the fitna in which the suffer heart fell into which was worshiping the calf, that the fact that the bunny is right you fell into worshipping the calf. What does that mean? It was a test for them. And the foolish people fell into it. They failed the test and they began worshipping the car.

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Elsewhere in the Quran, we learned that honor for in the fatten, coma coming Baraka, Allah nomos, samedi, Allah subhanaw taala says that indeed, we have tried your people we have tested your people, but then comarca

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how that samedi has led them astray, how by making them worship the calf. So here it the fitna refers to worship of the calf, that somebody is like you fell into. So that was only a test. That was a trial.

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Secondly, here, this fitna also refers to the death of all these 70 people.

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And in this case, the word fitna will be understood as a punishment for the 70 people, and a test for me, meaning a test for musasa.

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The fact that these 70 people had been killed, this was a punishment for who, for the 70 men. And at the same time, it was a test for who, for musante center that the cream of the nation had been punished.

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Just imagine this was Moses and I'm being put in a very difficult test.

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Just imagine the money aside has been saved. They come they request for an idol. masala Sam says no, he goes to Katara he comes back. The people have fallen to a great fitna, they're worshipping the calf. The few people who were saved who did not fall into this fitna, they are brought to monto, they commit a crime now, and now they are punished What a great test for musasa.

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So this is only a test of yours.

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And how can we take the meaning of fitna to be a test or to be a punishment? Because the word fitness is used in these ways. It is used for a test for a difficult situation and the word fitness is also used for punishment.

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inserted there yet number 13. We learn yo mahoma Natty youth the noon the day on which they will be punished on the fire. So you afternoon they will be punished.

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The word fitna is also used for punishment. So any elaborate nataka this worship of the calf that the Bani Israel fell into it was a test

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the 70 people who have been punished over here this is a punishment for them and a test for me in here 11 Nautica Do we know be here? You let go a straight through it through what through the fitna, Manisha Oh, whomsoever you will. What that demon Tasha, and you guide whomsoever you will,

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what does it show to us?

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That when there is a fitna whenever there is a test, whenever there is a difficult situation, there are some people who increase in their guidance because of it.

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And there are some people who increase in their misguidance because of it.

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How, why

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the test is the same. Some people they get closer to Allah, some people, they go farther away from Allah. Why? Because it depends on the person,

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the one who, when he is going through a difficult situation, he realizes that perhaps it is because of the crime that he has committed because of the wrong that he has done. What happens to him, he turns to Allah. He seeks forgiveness from him,

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isn't it

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and as a result of that, he increases in his hedaya, he increases in his guidance.

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On the other hand, there's another person who goes through the same fitna perhaps, but he objects and he complains and he says, Why me? And why like this, and he becomes upset with a loss of penetrating he becomes angry at the decree of Allah. Will he increase in his guidance? He will not increase in his guidance, he will only increase in his misguidance as a result of that fitna.

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So Masada said, I'm saying that this is only a test and tests you send them some people, they increase in their risk guidance and others they increase in their guidance.

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And when the union You are our wedding, meaning Where can we go? Where can we turn to except you. We have come here to seek forgiveness from you. Please forgive us. Don't punish us for the crime that the rest of the people have committed because you are our wedding. If we don't come to you, where else can we go? If you don't have mercy on us? Where else can we go until when you are our wedding? fulfilled learner. So forgive for us. Forgive us.

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For what? Forgive us for what? If it's the crime of worshiping the calf, forgive us for that, for those people who committed that crime, and if it's the crime of those people who did not stop, forgive us for not having stopped people from doing wrong.

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And if it is for making a request or a demand that is inappropriate, forgive us for that fulfill and forgive for us what Hamner and also have mercy on us what under haidle are feeling and you are the best of those who forgive?

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Allah subhanaw taala is the best of those who forgive. Look at the word halfling. It's the plural of fish. And what does life mean? One who forgives. There are many Oh forgive people forgive, isn't it so. But Allah subhanaw taala is the best of those who forgive?

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How is a lesser penalty, the best of those who forgive?

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Because he has the power to also inflict punishment. But still he forgives. He's the best of those who forgive. But his forgiveness is the best how he's not as often, but he is a foul. And he's also a fool that he forgives again and again and he forgives for the greatest crimes even.

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And his forgiveness exceeds everybody else's forgiveness.

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You see what happens with people they forgive? But they still remember, isn't it? They keep the grudge in the heart as I forgive you but

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yes, I forgiven them. However, it happens, isn't it.

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But alas apologia once He forgive someone it's as though that person never committed that crime at that moment had them come and lead them but the one who repents from a crime is as if he never committed that crime, in the sight of a loss of hunger. But for us, such a person always remains a criminal. Allah subhanaw taala is hydel often because his mother is complete, his muffler exceeds the muffler of everyone else. And alasa panel data shows forgiveness in such a way that he does not just forgive the person for the crime that he has committed, but he also covers the crime that he has done. Because what does muffler mean cetera, them to cover the crime, what the jail was on who

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and not called the other to account for it. Don't inflict any harm on them for the crime that they have committed. So a lot of penalties high to Luffy. Because sometimes a person commits a crime, he seeks forgiveness from Allah and Allah hides the crime, no one finds out about it. It's just a secret between him and Allah. Because Allah is the best of those, if you go to another person, you seek forgiveness from them, they will publicize, they will tell everybody see they came apologizing. But Allah subhanaw taala he gives dignity to the person when he seeks forgiveness from Allah. And if you notice over here, was that Hassan is praying for forgiveness and mercy, fulfilling up while

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hunger whenever Mercy is mentioned, along with forgiveness, and what does it mean? That, first of all, forgive us for what we have done, cover our mistake, do not punish us for it, and then have mercy on us so that we don't fall into the same crime again,

00:23:23 --> 00:23:34

so that we don't commit the same mistake again. Because no one can have this guarantee that if he repents from a crime, he will never committed again. No one has a guarantee.

00:23:35 --> 00:23:41

It's only the rightness of Allah. It's only the mercy of Allah that prevents a person from committing the crime again.

00:23:42 --> 00:23:46

So what do we learn from this? Ayah? What do we learn from this ayah?

00:23:47 --> 00:23:59

Just to summarize the entire ayah that 70 people were selected from the Bani Israel. And these 70 people were the best of bunnies like you. Why? Because they refrain from worshipping liquor.

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Whether or not they stopped is a different thing. But the main reason why they were the best was because they refrain from worshipping the calf. They were called to the mantle to seek forgiveness. For who, for those who had worship the God and also seek forgiveness for what for not having stopped others. These 70 people were punished over there at the mountain. So Moses and I'm pray to Allah soprano tada that, Oh Allah, you could have punished these people before even but you call them here. This is a test. Please don't destroy them for a crime that they did not commit or for a crime that only some of them committed. Everyone did not commit it. Only some of them committed. Please

00:24:45 --> 00:24:56

forgive us because you are willing, if you don't forgive us, where else can we go? Who else can we turn to? Where else can we find refuge? Forgive us and have mercy on us so that we don't commit this crime again.

00:24:57 --> 00:24:59

And you are the best of those who for you

00:25:00 --> 00:25:06

If you notice musasa is found so many times in the Quran seeking forgiveness from almost

00:25:07 --> 00:25:30

in almost every story, almost every incident you will find that Masada said I'm seeking forgiveness before. inshallah we will learn later on that when he by mistake killed the man from the coptics when he was trying to aid the person from money Israel and then he sought forgiveness from Allah. That Rob is really Oh my Lord forgive me and we learned falafel Allah who and Allah forgive him.

00:25:31 --> 00:26:08

Then we learned that masala Sunnah at Mount Hood he requested to see Allah, Allah subhanaw taala did not even reprimand him. But still what happened, he sought forgiveness from Allah. When musasa showed too much anger to his brother. Later on, again, he sought forgiveness for all for himself and also his brother. Over here when 70 people are punished, he is seeking forgiveness, although he's not punished. You see this behavior, this characteristic of constantly being repentant, constantly turning to Allah, in seeking forgiveness. Only when a person turns to a loss of penalty like this constantly seeking forgiveness, then he gets the help of Allah.

00:26:10 --> 00:26:50

And remember, the trouble that the Bani Israel were in, was because of their crimes, because of their sins. And they needed to seek forgiveness to get the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And it's their leader who is always seeking forgiveness, although he doesn't commit any of those crimes. He's always seeking forgiveness. Because we learned from a hadith that the one who makes is the foul seeking forgiveness lesson upon himself mandatory on himself, then Allah will make a way out for him from every trouble from every difficulty, and he will provide him from where he cannot even imagine. If we look at our situation today, the Muslim Ummah as a whole, we are in great trouble. What do we

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need to do seek forgiveness from a loss of panel data. We might say, but we haven't done anything. We scientists alone can do anything. He never did anything wrong. But still he's constantly seeking forgiveness. Because only when you seek forgiveness, then you invite the mercy of Allah. Then you invite the mercy of Allah and when you get that, then you're able to reform

Al-Araf 5-168 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 155

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