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Place is strongly connected to storage

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arrays has 17 words and 73 letters. And some of the campaign's and the message is still alive it was

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used to read

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without saying this delay between them.

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So the scholars have different because at the beginning, it says he left

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for the purpose of

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bringing place together, if you will,

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a difference of opinion about what that means, but we'll just take it step by step so that we can understand this sort of because it is it's critical time to stand up

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and be

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when you say that something is for something,

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then you need to relate it back. And you can't just say for the security of boys, what does that mean, for the purpose of bringing the boys together? What is the purpose of bringing families together.

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So the scholarship tips here is different as to what this means. Some of them said this is the opinion of

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the great scholar

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that Allah is saying here, that he destroyed

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the companions of the elephants.

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For the security of race, you see the relationship between the two sodas,

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destroy the companions of the elephant for the security of the place and to bring them together, this is one A B, so they say that it is grammatically correct, connected to the song that comes before other scholars for most of them.

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Even when somebody

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says that there is a verb that is omitted here.

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And that verb is

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data, you should be amazed

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at the fact that place doesn't have to do

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Single out a loss of worship, even though he is the author of that house that was protected from the companions of the being. And that house that was built by Ibrahim,

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which became a source of pride for boys because they were the ones that were the caretakers of the house. And all of the Arabs used to come to Mecca to make it

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to where they came to the house to make sure it was a source of pride, for grace.

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And it was a source of their economic or one of the main ways that they had economic stability.

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So you should be amazed

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the fact that they did not single out a lot. So kind of tie that and worship, even though he is the one who

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is the Lord of that home that we mentioned and gave them

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traveling for that journey, the caravans

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to end though in the summer and in the winter, in the summer to the me

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in the summer to

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Syria, Palestine in Jordan today. And in the winter, they will go to Yemen.

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And this actually, the caravans that they sent to the north into the South that is to shaft and

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this is where they got their provisions from that they would store up for the remainder of the year.

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And so that is basically in this sort of

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review them for not worshiping him somehow.

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Even though he is the one who was done these things for them.

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The last opinion

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is that they should

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last for dialysis and he laughed.

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He laughed.

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Third opinion about the beginning of this is that it means let the police

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worship the bottom of this house because it facilitates for them their winter and summer journeys. That is not the not that there's a murder that is being made, but simply that they should be worshiping a loss of animal data they should be singling him out and worship because of the fact that he thinks for them in winter and summer journeys, the central theme of sort of life and now that we understand this point very well is that the

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blessings the Nam the gifts and favors that Allah subhana wa tada gave us his service have to be met with gratitude.

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That when Allah subhana wa tada blesses someone with something that they have to meet that blessing with gratitude, and the blessings of Allah subhana wa tada are of two types. He is either providing someone with something beneficial, or removing arm. Removing that is also considered to be a gift from illustrator data that he removes some harm that has befallen someone and protects them from danger, or that he actually favors them with some and sort of feel. We see that data protecting them from danger we moved on. And this is a blessing from a bunch of new data, and in sort of place, a lot of talks about some of his greatest blessings upon the children of Adam in any place at any

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time. And that is that he gives them food to ward off hunger and that he causes them to feel safe and ward off things.

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security and safety and foods award off everything after that if you think about it every other blessing that comes after that is extra. And this is why the profits are

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mentioned yesterday.

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Fever in

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some narrations

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eminent he said we need more and when he when

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he wakes up

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and he is secured, the environment is secure

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and is healthy.

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He has permissions for the day.

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He has the whole entire

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family we here in the same I think we hear that lesson of security and being free of hunger. Need a security a safe environment is a safe environment that's stable. And he

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has what he needs in terms of his provisions for that particular day. He's not going to go hungry.

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No data is reminding

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of these,

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of these blessings that He has given them.

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Even though when you look at places to go out twice a year,

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twice a year, once in the summer, they will go to a shin and in the winter, they will go to what anybody else have.

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But any one attack attack attempt to even attack white snow. Why? Because once the Arabs heard about what happened to us how it feeds down into Japan is of the element. No one dares no one dare go close to voice in terms of trying to harm because they feared divine intervention. They fear that if they tried to do anything to grace, that they were going to be punished the same way that the companions of the elephant were punished. So

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we're like kings, when it comes to them, they could go anywhere they wanted to go and no one would attack them and even when they left out, because the people know that they were going on their journey. I think what happens now when you know that all of the men in a particular area for example, that they're all gone there's nobody left there's just women and children and maybe a few scattered videos here but basically they've left their lands the fences so anyone else that wants to attack they can go attack when they know that they know nobody wants to go attack anybody

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gave them that security, even though that's our data.

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In other places in the Quran, he mentioned that they have heard

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that the people who are around that the other Arab tribes that they were being attacked, so it says

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to me, for you to have the national mean homey, a bit bossy, you're

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gonna look daddy today that seat that is placed that we have made for them a secure place. Harmon me the nanny a sacred place that is secure

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investment, even though the people around them have been stashed away. And it wasn't that it was just a safe place that the Arabian Peninsula was just a safe place. No, but Allah, Allah made Mecca, a safe place and he gave place safe and security and stability. So he says with all of this is it that they still believe in falsehood, and the ninth and blessings of Allah subhana wa Tada. This is what God says about them.

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And the sooner he says good, yeah.

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Once you recognize these famous from the law superheterodyne then worship

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slaves become

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become slaves and slave yourself be true about worshipers of the love of this house.

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Because you saw what happened to the last people that tried to destroy this house, you know, the power of the data and you know the fact that he is giving you these great lessons. And so, for this reason, the scholars say

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that whenever

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it opens up a door

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of favors for you that he gives you something

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Famous you with something, then you need to open up the door thanks, you need to show some gratitude.

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If you have been making god bless you with a new car,

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use that car to go to the best in more. Use that car to visit your relatives. If you did not have that call for you to visit them and build those ties.

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blesses you with a raise your money and give

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out as much as you will use it in a way. Use it in a way that shows that you are thankful for that blessing.

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every blessing, every gift that Allah gives you should induce a greater right into a greater show of gratitude for the one who that blessing is given to me

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from the interesting

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aspects of

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the surah is that many of the modern day

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political scientists and those who deal with the what society needs in order to function properly. One of the main things that they mentioned is stability, and security and that nothing else can be established. And until there is security It is impossible. For example, for a person to build a business.

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Ally misura fusina sejahtera Marina de la Fernando de la la

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la la casa Allah Allah Allahu la sharika shawanna Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa salam o Chesney, Makati, Ronnie la Medina, Medina, we left off talking about surratt kurush. And the beginning of sort of Quraysh is a statement of a loss of power to add up the love,

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which means for the gathering or assembly of cooperation, some say for their welfare and their security, some say for their trading their profit. The point is here, that the the word Li Levy, or the statement, the ILA Quraysh, for the security of kadesh, for the assembling of Quraysh.

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It is a prepositional phrase, it's like when we say in English in the house, around the corner for you, this phrase needs to be connected to something else, in order for us to understand the meaning. without it being connected to something else. The income is fragmented, it's incomplete, and it doesn't it doesn't carry a meaning. And so the scholars of Tafseer or doesn't carry a very clear meaning, the scholars of Tafseer have said here

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three different things that this prepositional phrase is related to one of three things they have difference of opinion as it relates to that. And from amongst them are those who say that it is grammatically connected to the sort of that has preceded that is sort alfian so what they say that it means and this is the opinion of Eben Katia Rahim Allah tala, many other scholars of Tafseer. They say that what it means is that Eliza gel destroyed abre and the companions of the elephant for the security of Croatia for their trade and their profit.

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So this is one of the meanings that can be deduced and a loss of Hamlet Diana knows best.

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He left

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he was safe. Danny

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had safe passage of their caravans

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during the winter during their winter and summer journeys, that is because in the winter they will travel to

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Yemen and in the summertime they will travel to a Shem so Allah Subhana Allah mentions that and then he says then he says immediately after that failure, I will do right by the bait a lady up I'm a woman jewelry, a woman hope so let them worship

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this house of this house, which is another indication that obviously this sorta is a Mexican sorta. So let them worship the Lord of this house, who provided them with food to ward off hunger and provided them with safety to ward off their fears and their insecurities.

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So Allah Subhana Allah has provided as he said, he has provided police with both safety and sustenance. And these provisions from a loss of data have to be met with sugar they have to be met with gratitude, but it's not the gratitude

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that a person makes up for themselves. You can't just come now and decide your own way of how you're going to think, for the gifts and the blessings and the favors that he's bestowed upon you, you have to do what he commanded you to do. And so here a last handout is telling clayish what it is that they have to do to thank him for those blessings that He has given them. So he says, fell, yeah, boo, boo. Oh, by the way, then you need to worship Allah subhana wa Tada. Not the way that you want to not anything that you make up but make yourself slaves make yourself a beat. So Allah subhanahu wa Tada, the one who is the Lord of that home. So we covered most of that yesterday, there are two

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benefits that I wanted to look at before closing this shallow data.

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That is in the statement of Allah Subhana Allah

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to do

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so worship the Lord or the rock of this house.

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Why? Why did he specify because he realized we don't we know that he is.

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He is the Lord of everything, everything and he is a sustainer and creator and provider into them.

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So why is it that allies would specify? Wouldn't one of the reasons that allows for that as specified being the Lord of the Kaaba in this particular and this particular Sora and the reason and the last Peridot and those best is that is he, he is talking to who in this particular sorta he is addressing Polish was dressing polish.

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And he is instructing them to worship him.

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What is one of the closest things

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that happened in their history

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that will remind them

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the total power of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is that he protected that house from a bra and the elephant's who were coming to attack that house.

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So Allah subhana wa tada

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protected that house. And as a result of his protection of debate

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Quraysh were able to travel,

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take that journey in the winter in the summer without being attacked by any of the rest of the Arabs, unarmed. Why? Because they were scared that if they were to attack,

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then there will be some divine punishment that will come to them. Because Allah, tala had protected Mecca. And so their belief was that he protected Mecca is going to protect the people of Mecca that is fallacious. And so that Nima that they have talked about, which is the name of security, being safe, is a direct result of him protecting the cabin.

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So he reminds them of that, and sort of

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this is a theme honestly, that comes over and over endocrine, where lots of Hell with Tyler

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makes for uses his Ruby on his lordship as an evidence for his own UI. Meaning that he clarifies to people and reminds them of what they already know inside of themselves anyway, and that is that Allah subhanaw taala is their Creator, he is the Sustainer he is the provider. And that therefore is an evidence that he Subhana who were to Allah deserves to be worshipped alone,

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and that no one else is deserving of worship.

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If you look at the first commander, this he says he

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worship the Lord, the Lord of that house. Look at the first commandment to cry.

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What is the first command that you're going to see in the cry?

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Yeah, Valentina. Yeah, you're a nurse.

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Rebecca mala de Hala kakum.

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data in the first command in the Quran. He says, Oh mankind,

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co created you

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who created you another words

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because He created you. Then he is the one that is deserving of your worship. So this theme is repetitive in the cry like the other the other point here before closing out is to know is that Allah Subhana Allah says, worship

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of the house

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can either

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Kava and not to worship the Kava, as some of the non Muslims who want to confuse people would have them believe. You know, they show the Muslims making to offer around the Kaaba kissing the Blackstone, I see they pray in that direction because they worship it.

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And our response and we as Muslims, when it comes to these type of things that people try to use to confuse other people, then we have to be ready to respond to that. And we shouldn't just, as they say, turn the other cheek. Now when it comes to the deen of Islam, that we need to clarify the truth. And the truth is that we don't worship the debate that house in

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the first house that was placed there, for the people for the worship of Allah Subhana, Allah was the one that is in Mecca. So it wasn't placed there to be worshipped, it was placed there as a place of worship.

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And everybody who has a dean understands that concept of there being sacred places where their Creator is worshipped, or whether object of worship is worshipped with a deity is worship. So this concept is not a concept that's not understood by others. And the proof that we don't worship that place, the Kaaba, even though we believe that it is blessed, and we call it the house of Allah is that in the beginning, when Eliza gel

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made the cancer or the five prayers obligatory upon this oma.

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He didn't

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tell the Muslims to face to

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face one direction.

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Even facing the Kaaba and prayer in the beginning, even though the prophet SAW the light, it was seldom used to pray to the north, but to the south of the cabinet so that the Kaaba would be between him and Kibler at that particular time, which was way too locked.

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But the point is that he wasn't instructed to face the cabinet and the muscles were not instructed to base the cob until they were in Medina. So they had already established a prayer for 16 months.

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And then the Qibla was changed.

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Likewise, the issue of kissing the black stone, first of all, every Muslim never kisses the black stone in his life, he's not sinful. He didn't leave off the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. And even when he does, he does so as a complete display of his submission to Allah subhana wa tada and his following of the profit in emulating the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. In for that reason, when he

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went to the Kaaba and he kissed the black stone, he said to the blacks on the animal and I know that you are nothing but a stone.

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In fact, you do not harm anyone nor do you bring anyone benefit. That is in the hands of Allah Subhana Allah alone.

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He was telling me you cut me to come back. And if it wasn't for the fact that I saw the province of the light it was lm kiss you then I wouldn't have kissed you. Don't kiss the Blackstone because we worship the Blackstone and we worship the Kaaba, we kiss it because we emulate the prophet Isaiah Salatu was so that

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we don't touch the Yemeni corner. Because we are worshipping the Yemeni corner we touch it because the prophets of light it was sort of mentioned that doing so removed since who was the one that removed since the Kaaba

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was the one that removed the novella and who was it that forgive sins except for Allah.

00:28:30--> 00:28:45

So we should be prepared, not just for this, but for anything that the kuffar and those who want to to shame Islam or to shame the Muslims and to make them look bad and confuse other people we need to be as Muslims we need to be prepared to deal with them.