Abdul Wahab Saleem – Tafseer Of Surah Taha 14

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The history and cultural context of the term "slack" in the context of Islam is discussed, including the use of the term "has Alabama" in the language and the importance of finding a solution to be eleventh. The segment also touches on the confusion surrounding the resurrection of the Oulu M saloum party pattern and the need for a solution to be resurrected after their bodies disintegrate within the ground. The speakers also discuss the concept of infinite and how it is not restricted to individuals, but includes followers of the Mahdi's message. The upcoming " Diagnosical" event will involve "by the way" and "by the way" in English, and participants will be given opportunities to participate.
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Ooh De La Nina show Borneo Raji

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Yama fulfill sudo sudo the new God mean a a woman

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named Elizabeth tune in Shara nano lm o de Maria una de PUE m third party a pattern is Elizabeth tune in

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Luna county Reggie Betty

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see for her out of beingness Ba Ba Ba

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Ba La da da de

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yo ma Ed

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What was your

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Sir? Yeah woman

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shaza to in no rush man want all the I know Who?

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ad him 100,000 yard

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ad 100 federal more now your field Boone Evie Navy or even man. Why on earth Didn't

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you record the harden?

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Woman he met amino slot he heard you are who I mean?

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split out from the LA salatu salam ala rasulillah hamdu Lillah

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wa salatu wa ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala early he was so happy Jermaine Lama alumna and for now and Fiona habima antenna, was it gonna eliminate getting permission via surgery recently Emory melissani of our coding

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or obesity or obesity or visit Allahumma salli ala Moana Geraldo Sara?

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Sara, we're continuing on with the sudo sudo to Baja. And now we are done with the story of Musa Elisa, we're also done with the conclusion that Allah Subhana Allah Allah made after the story of Musa alayhis salam in which you shared with us the fact that just as he had reported to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, just as he had narrated to the profits on the law where it was send them the story of Musa just like that, does he report and narrate to the prophets of Salaam in the Koran other stories as well. And then Allah said, what are they enact Amelia Donna dechra and we gave to you from us a remembrance and a reminder I either put on in the stories which happened to be

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reminders. Now whoever turns away from these reminders, then he's got a serious problem to deal with. And that is the day of judgment in which you will be carrying a very, very heavy weight. What is this day of judgment? A law describes now the Day of Judgment.

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Allah says, yo una Yun Saku the Day of Judgment is such that on this day there will be a trumpet in which is that our field will blow when surely Medina Yama is in Zopa. And those Majidi mean, those people who happen to be criminals, Allah subhana wa, tada will raise them up on that day zorica blue eyed, okay. Now, some of the deviant sects such as the Nation of Islam, they believe that this is referring to white people, okay? Because the word zorica, the mufa serine, they explained it to be blue eyed. And I remember several years ago, that

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I was standing in the

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heart of downtown Toronto, and I met someone from the Nation of Islam, and they started speaking to me, and they obviously saw that I'm a Muslim, and they are also their affiliates for Islam as well. So they started speaking to me and in the conversation, they, of course, I said, Why do you think that the white people are devils and so on and so forth? Because that's the premise on which the entire nation of islam was founded. It's not an Islamic movement, they just call themselves the Nation of Islam, right. So and of course, it's very sideline, it's very, very new as well just was founded in the last century. Malcolm X was one of the great preachers of this but then he moved out

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to regular Islam, basically the Islam of the prophets a lot, right, he said them and all of the generations thereafter. So he

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He quoted this verse he said when actually Medina Yama, Eden Zopa. And of course, this movement didn't come out of a void, it came out of the extreme racism, which black people in the United States of America had to deal with throughout the 20th century. And also till today at some level to some level and some degree black people in the United States and in many other parts of the world continue to face racism. Now, a lot of messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came, and he eradicated this racism from, from the face of the Arabian Peninsula, anyone who treated anyone with racism, he would be very, very harshly brought to justice. And the law would deal with him very, very severely

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from the very getgo of Islam. And that's why anyone from even from amongst the closest of companions of the Prophet SAW Selim that would make a racial comment. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wouldn't take this lightly, you will take it very seriously so that this particular idea of racism becomes eradicated but because, as I said, the 20th century was a very racially supercharged time. And to be honest, now we are going through another similar era of a very racially supercharged time as well more against Muslims than it was then other people. Just as yesterday, it used to be more against black people than towards other people as well. But that is not to undermine the racial

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racism that black people till today experience, it is disgusting, it is despicable. It shouldn't be tolerated in the least. And but on the flip end, we cannot become extreme on the other end as well. And then start misquoting the verses of the Koran and say, Look, the moduli mean, the the criminals are Lhasa they will be raised on the Day of Judgment belied zylka Okay, so that means who has blue eyes, white people have blue eyes as in there, then would you mean, they must be a criminal? This is what this individual is telling me in the heart of downtown Toronto. But anyways, I told them that, let me ask you a question. What is the word jerk me? The word zork means blue. Okay?

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It means it's the plural of Zelda.

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Or it's the plural of

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it's the plural of the singular word blue. Okay.

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So how do you know for sure that the zoo are in fact the are you? How do you know for sure that the blueness is in fact within the eyes, because even the movers city have differed about this, whether it is referring to blue eyes. And when they say blue eyes, they further explained that not just blue eyes for the sake of blue eyes because human beings have blue, black, brown, and other collections in eyes as well. So it's not referring to blue eyes, that a person is born with it is referring to the blueness. That gets in the eye when a person goes blind, okay? That's the blueness that this is referring to or when a person has

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the lack of

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or the person is dehydrated, dehydration can also lead to slight blueness within the eyes. So that is the blueness that this must be referring to it's not referring to the natural blue eyes, that people end up people end up having, that cannot be the case that if the word zork is referring to eyes, right? And as I said, I asked him, How do you know? So naturally, his response was that the person who had explained this he has 20 years of experience in Arabic, What experience do you have? Anyways, that's not a comment that's any of any use, it's not a comment that should be responded to the word Zook simply means blue, there's nothing about the eyes in the eye of the Quran itself. So

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that's why the scholars of the Seas different whether the blueness is in the eyes, or the blueness is in the body itself. You know how when somebody gets punched in the face, may Allah protect you and I, the eyes go blue, right? So that's, that's a blue eye, right. And similarly, if a person gets harmed anywhere in the body on the arms or the bruises, right, they're all blue. So some Vaseline, they said that this is referring to bruises all over the body. So the blueness that occurs because of the bruises all over the body because there'll be coming out resurrected through out of the graves so it's like and of course the graves are within the ground. So when they're coming out it

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could be that they get bruises along the way and for any other purpose. Anyways, Allah tells us only the fact that they will be resurrected zoeken right blue as for the eyes, or the or whether it's this skin or the body or if even if it is the eyes as many Mufasa and did say then it is definitely not the natural blue that people have. That happened to be Caucasian. It's referring to

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the blue that happens when a person becomes blind, yet the half a tune so it's referring to blindness then the other half a tuner.

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Buying a home in Isla Vista Illa Shah, they started to discuss very, very silently, very, very secretly, you have to have a tune a secret discussion, beta home between them in wisdom Illa Ashura, you only remained for 10 odd days, in the graves, you didn't remain long enough, you just remained for 10 odd days, that's all. Nothing new will be my opponent. Allah said we know vast what they're saying is the Oulu m saloum party pattern in the wisdom Illa Yama, we know that's what they're saying, when the most worthy of them and when the best of them when the fairest of them and opinion says that you only remain there in for one day and no more than one day. Now, why are they having

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this discussion, because

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they are people who deny the fact that they will be resurrected, right? There are people who do not believe in the resurrection. And since they don't believe in the resurrection, they have to find a solution for the fact that they've been resurrected, they know they died, they know they were buried. Because even the person who's being buried despite the fact that we can't see their movements, they can actually hear the footsteps of us. And they can understand that they are now being buried, and they can understand all of these things until the angels even come in and be along with them in the graves and question them and all of these things. So they already know what's

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happening. They know they're being very they know, they went through the punishment or the nyeem, or the or the, or the reward of the grave, right? They know all of that. They know that they were either punished in the grave or they were there. They're given all sorts of,

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you know, nyeem in the grave as well. They know all of these things.

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Okay, they already recognize that they are now being resurrected, but they were denying resurrection, especially the ones that didn't go through the dying, they go the one through the instant, those who didn't go through the bliss, those who ended up going through the punishment instead. Instead, they knew all of that, right.

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So now they the deniers of the Day of Judgment, they have to find some sort of excuse they have to say some something to make sense of what they used to say all of their lives and what they denied all of their lives and the punishment of the greatest they denied all of their lives, and so on and so forth. So Allah subhanho wa Taala said national Allah movie Maya pollun Reno, Gustavo, what they say is your punto am fellow home party pattern Illa Illa Yama, the best of them the most fairest of them and opinions. He says that you only remain there for one day Why? Why does a lot of calls this person the best of them in opinion? Because even though he happens to be the worst of the worst of

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them and opinions, perhaps, right? Look, their premise is that we did not we will not be raised up we will not be resurrected after we die. Okay, that's their premise.

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And in among the verses in the Koran in which Allah quotes some of these kinds of people, and we see those kinds of people till today as well, who believe that there is no such thing as resurrection. They say that after we go into the ground and the soil, since we disintegrate within within the soil, are we going to then be resurrected? Is that even logical? Is that Does that even make sense that we're going to be resurrected after we are disintegrated within the ground and our laws messenger tells us in the kulu kulu just said divinity, Adam yabla illa Jazeera that every single portion of the child of Adam, it disintegrates within the grant within the soil, except the little

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portion in the back of the child of Adam, from which Allah subhana wa tada regrows this individual, which carries all of the different aspects of the DNA of the person. So you read rose from that particular portion of his body, right? So the disintegration of bodies is real. We see it experiential. If you go dig up graves that are 150 years old, or 200 years old, they've all disintegrated right. So now they need to find an excuse because they said that are we going to be resurrected when our bodies have disintegrated within the ground? This is really, really an awkward affair. This is really, really an awkward matter. This is their opinion. This is what they've been

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saying. So now this one of them says, you know, what, if the hoffa to never you know, some of them start talking to each other secretly, they that in love with Camilla, you only stayed here for 10 days. It wasn't a very long time. We couldn't have disintegrated within 10 days. We couldn't have become soil within 10 days. That couldn't have happened, right. But some of them, they looked at their bodies and they say generally we look similar to what we used to look right. So one of them gets up the most, the most fairest of them in opinion. Allah says national

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I won't be my opponent. We know best what they were saying is your fellow home party pattern when the fairest of themselves that you only stayed here for one day, right? Because now I can explain away the fact that my body is intact perfectly one night, the body is not going to become corrupt. One night the body is not going to start becoming disintegrated right? It's not going to start disintegrating then what? We can't go over one day then. So he says Elizabeth to Eli, oma, you only stayed here for one day. So they're looking for any excuse out of their claim that they had made, that they will be resurrected, but there is a resurrection. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says with a

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Luna Gannon Jeevan they are asking you about the Jeevan what are the Giovanni the mountains

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they're asking you about these mountains? who are who are asking you about the mountains, the morpha city and they said that the people have thought if we're asking the profits are seldom about the mountains. Some people from above, for poignancy foolhardiness for

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sale hammered respond to them and tell them you can see for happiness for a loss of Hannah Montana will uproot these mountains fully, despite the fact that the roots of the mountain mountains are deeper than what we can see apparently by many, many times. Allah subhanho wa Taala will take these mountains and he will take them out right either route jetty Aldo Raja, well was set in Japan obasa for Gannett Hubba. Mombasa when the earth will shake a job, a very severe shake, what was settled GBR obasa and mountains will be destroyed for Ghana taba moon Vesta so then the mountains will become like like little pieces of sand and dirt all over Allah subhanho wa Taala explains this in

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this verse and he says after Allah will uproot these mountains for you that'll haha and soft Safa. So Allah will take these mountains and Allah will make from them a plain land, ah soft sofa, you can even hear the smoothness in the word soft, soft, right? So the word soft soft literally means a smooth plain land. So Allah will take these mountains and and there were there were penetrating out of the the earth that were peeking out of the earth that were poking out of the Earth a lot, I will take them uproot them and Allah will shed them into pieces into small grains until a point that Allah says For years, until Allah subhana wa tada will spill the remains of this mountain on as a

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flat plain, soft, soft, which happens to be very, very smooth. Lateral Rafi.

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You won't see any image and you won't see any.

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You won't see any crookedness and you won't see any unevenness. They said that the word a word is referring to the word every word is referring to the fact that you won't see any any

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valleys there in okay.

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You won't see that this the flat plane of this land will suddenly become lower. You won't see that the flat plane of this land will suddenly have you know, a valley in it. It will be flat. Neither will you see suddenly something poking out. Kind of like the way mountains poke out of the ground because a lot I've taken all of these mountains out and Allah had leveled them into the earth. Lotta raffia Allah anta Yama is it. Now a lot of paints another picture of the Day of Judgment. You now know the conversation people will have on the Day of Judgment. You now know what Allah subhana wa Taala will do to the mountains on the Day of Judgment. You now know how a lower level this earth on

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the Day of Judgment, you now know all of these things. Now also know the grander fear for which Allah subhanho wa Taala had resurrected the people Allah says Yama isn't on that day, it w una diary people will follow the color. In this life people had a choice to follow or not, right? People have that choice. And some people chose to follow the colors they chose that they should be obedient to the messengers they did. That was a choice they made. That was something that they chose on their own accord a lot gave them the permission and the ability to make their choices within this life. But Allah says on the Day of Judgment There will also be a color but now there's no choices. That's

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it the choices were in the earth while you whilst you were still alive. And now you've been resurrected. Yes, you are still in the earth but the choices are gone. Allah subhana wa tada says, they will follow the data ie the color. There is the one we'll call them to a flat plane in which they will all be gathered. And that is the resurrection

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gela just as the earth has no haylage just as the earth has no crookedness, just as the earth has no, it has no uneven unevenness. Just as the flat plane of the Earth is extremely flat. No crookedness, no unevenness, just like that it will be the walk of the people into a lecture into the place of resurrection. Allah says, Larry wa Jalla, no one will be unevenly walking towards them, no one will be able to go into another direction if they so please, if they try to if they wish to hide away from the Mexico from the resurrection, because they're afraid that when they are brought to account, they're not going to be able to pay up correctly and they and the books will not balance

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right. When they're afraid of that. In our lives. What do we do when we're afraid of the books not evening, we try to hide from the person we owe money to, right? We try to hide from the person who we have a financial transaction with. That's not what's going to happen on the Day of Judgment. Allah said there'll be a color they will follow the color and language Allah and they will not be able to move right and they will not be able to move left as well. It will be straight. Well, what's your ideal swag to live off man, and all of the voices will become humbled for Allah xojo all of them.

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The voices will become humbled for man, the ever Merciful Fernanda smell Illa Hamza, so you will not hear except the sound of quietness, except the sound of silence. You know, even silence has a sound. So if you're silent for a moment you hear,

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especially in the outside, right? When you're outside and you're silent. You can hear the wind.

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Right? That's what is this called? It's a very soft sound. So every despite the fact that there are 1000s of people, despite the fact that there are hundreds of 1000s of people, despite the fact there there are millions of people, despite the fact that there are billions of people there in Russia, in the place of resurrection, not a single sound will be heard it will be pin drop silence, because all of the voices today will have become humble before Allah azza wa jal today, people try to people try to make dissent against a laws laws and laws book than what Allah has legislated and they raise raise their voices for that sake, very loud and viciously, but on the Day of Judgment, as we're

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standing before Allah azza wa jal, there is no raising of voices anymore. That's it. The voices are gone. Allah says filata smell Illa Hamza. Now you're not going to hear except silence. Yo, Wilma, even on that day, Latin parotia to Illa man arena la hora, Fernando de la Hakuna andati not no chef, I will help

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on that a chef I will not help except for whoever Allah has permitted for that shift to occur, intercession will not help except for the person for whom Allah has permitted the shift to occur while the Allahu Kola and he is also he's also happy with his words. He's also happy with his statement, okay. What all the yellow color is pleased with this statement as well. What does this mean? This means that there will be shafa on the Day of Judgment, there will be shefa intercession on the day of judgment that first and foremost, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will have the honor of doing he will intercede on behalf of his oma. Similarly, the Odisha there will be

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interest intercession that certain people chosen by Allah azza wa jal, such as those people who have the core are committed to memory, such as those people who have achieved the status of martyrdom, such as those people who have been granted certain privileges because of something that they had done for the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Those people have the opportunity to do shefa to intercede on behalf of the people who are not pious people have a lot or people who had committed mistakes or people who are sinful and that and there they still believed in Allah subhanho wa Taala they still believed in the final day they still believed in the reward and they still feared to some

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degree, the the punishment that Allah subhana wa tada has placed for those people who do not worship Allah azza wa jal or for those people who do not obey His laws, right? So these people will be given an other opportunity for them to be saved. And that is through their Shahada through the intercession and that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala will have the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam be told cell to

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ask and you will be granted on messenger Ishmael.

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To shefa intercede and your intercession will be accepted on messenger. So the profits I'll send them will be allowed to make intercession and a couple of other categories of people and then there will be the ultimate shefa and that is the shofar of Allah azza wa jal as well ask Allah subhana wa Taala to grant us from this shefa to grant us from this intercession I mean yellow banana me Now, the question is who is granted this particular sofa generally speaking, okay, unless at 11 avina level ramen, except for the person no one will be granted Java except for the person for whom Allah had permitted the shofar to occur. So shatta is not going to be for everyone, you have to have at

00:25:44 --> 00:26:25

least some degree of goodness within you for you to be granted the shift Ah, and then what are the Allahu Allah and he was also pleased with the statement about said La ilaha illa Allah, there is no God but Allah, meaning only Muslims will be the ones who will be granted cefa and what I mean by Muslims is only the followers of the messengers throughout generations. Okay, not those who follow a messenger after the message of that messenger has already been abrogated, such as those who follow other religions today after the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has abrogated other messages already. Yeah, Allah mama Bina ad him

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he knows what is before them, what my hunter whom and he also knows what is what is behind them as well. When are you gonna be here or email However, they have no knowledge of Him. Right? They do not encompass their knowledge does not encompass him. And they do not encompass him with his knowledge with their knowledge. Right. So Allah knows everything about a person. A lot knows what was before him. Allah knows what is after him. Allah Subhana Allah knows what's inside of him. A lot knows was external. Allah knows everything. And that's why some scholars they said Medina add more Mahadevan means whatever is external and whatever is internal. So even if you keep things inside of you, Allah

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Subhana, Allah knows Allah subhana wa tada can recognize those, right? So Allah knows what is before them. And Allah knows what is after them, what is in front of them. So it's metaphorical, based on the meaning that I shared, right? My bellina ad whatever is in front of them because whatever is in front of you is apparent. So whatever you do, apparently metaphorically speaking, right. That is as if it is before you as if it is in front of you. So that Allah subhanho wa Taala has all knowledge of complete knowledge. And in addition to that, Rama honeycomb, whatever is behind you is not actually important is not actually a beard. So currently, I'm sitting you can see me you can see my

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chest you can see a portion of this put on perhaps you can see a little bit of the chair, but the portion of the chair that I have my back to you can see that right? Because that's behind me. So that's almost like it's it metaphorically speaking, you can use that as a metaphor for whatever is internal because whatever is in your chest is also not seeable, right, it's also not noticeable.

00:28:13 --> 00:28:36

So Allah Subhana Allah says, Yeah, Allah Marina de Mola alpha, what are you here to be here, however, they do not encompass him with their knowledge. They have not complete knowledge of Allah Xhosa, they can do that. Right? And that's why we say that you you can know a lot through His signs, but do not ponder the actual

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existence of Allah azza wa jal, that is beyond the finite mind. Okay. Some people attempt to do that and shaytan uses that as a trap to lead them to disbelief because he says, you know, this cheer was created by or put together by Fulani or uliana. And that Fulani planner came into existence on this date, and that Fulani and Fulani came into existence, their parents came into existence on that date, and all the way to add them Elisa. And then of course, Allah had created out of them. So who had created a lot of Xhosa. Right? Now your finite mind cannot understand infinite. And that's why as we grow to understand we grow to explain to ourselves that sometimes a number can be divided in a

00:29:23 --> 00:29:51

way where it is dot 333 without an end to it. But as a child is growing up, the finite mind gets stuck at that they say How is that even possible? How can this number keep going forever? Right? Where does it finish? because your mind is finite, you don't understand infinite, but then we just grow to explain ourselves that this three just keeps going three points 330 3.33333 all the way till the end, without any end to it, right?

00:29:52 --> 00:30:00

Because I just said all the way till the end. And then I said what without any end to it that's contradictory tells because we're used to an end and we're used to our beginning

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We are finite creatures. So how can we try to attempt to understand the absolute existence of the infinite infinite being and that is Allah as origin who is not limited to time and space who is not limited to north and south and east and west is not limited to these things. These are limitations that we have as human beings a lot is limitless. Ally's infinite, Allah is not bound to the limitations upon which Allah has created the physics of this world. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues, he says, What are you gonna do? They are not capable, they don't have knowledge of Allah azzawajal entirely so they can encompass a lot with their knowledge,

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where it will do hulin high yield to you.

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And the faces they become you humbled before Allah azza wa jal. Now why are these faces becoming humbled before Allah as origin? And what are the two groups of faces and two groups of people on the Day of Judgment, and how is there a fear on the day of judgment and what is the result in sha Allah Allah all of that we will discuss in our subsequent episode. Please join us Giacomo Lohan was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Episode 14 of the series Tafseer of Surah Taha – Ramadan 2017.


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