Tahir Wyatt – Tafsir Series – Surah al-Humazah

Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The concept of "force eternally" is discussed, including its relation to salvation and personal lives. It is emphasized that "weird people's behavior" can destroy their lives and that "weird money" can be a result of "weird gathering." The segment emphasizes the importance of learning from others and finding someone to talk about them, as well as the importance of using time wisely and not just focusing on one's past experiences.
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To be stronger and longer

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and continuously, he thinks that is, well we'll make him immortal. No, he will surely be thrown into the crusher and want to make you know, what is the pleasure? What is the version that is the fire eternally feels, what smells different is it that the marks and teeth, it's the fire hire

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an extended

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time here

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is a method

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revealed in McKenzie as 33 words

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and 133 letters

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in the surah, which comes after.

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And let's look at their connection between the two is talking about what

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it is talking about the means of salvation, this is the theme of sort of

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the means of salvation. So it is using your time, the four ways that it must appear with data as mentioned, those who have been excluded from being at loss

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or loss of data informs us about those who have not used in time wise.

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Those are not using their time wisely. And therefore they become from the category of the losers.

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Now you'll see

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the main theme actually of this.

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And you can you can sum it up into one thing

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is that a lie to a joke is warning us about the disease of crime.

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You see the word pride which is given

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in Arabic,

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you'll see that it is pride that has led them to do the things that he has done because this was talking about what

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are backed by others, and those who gather up their wealth,

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count their wealth, and they believe that their wealth is going to allow them to live

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or their wealth is going to allow them to be in

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The first thing that it says in this form and and this

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is why you will equally no matter where you are legally.

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The scholars have a different they have different opinions over how to explain both

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general general

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almost as one who believes people by their gestures.

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So they make gestures about people they belittle them. So for example,

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if someone goes like this,

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on their arms like this, what does that mean? Basically, if somebody is freezing, like

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so he doesn't actually have to say it off of his tongue. This is someone who is making.

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Right? Or for example,

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like this, somebody is short.

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That's what people do different things. And different cultures have different ways. different means.

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speaking ill of

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intending ill about someone by using gestures by using

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whereas lems is using the charm to speak evil about someone by either backbiting them, or slandering them or sowing discord.

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between people. All of this is from

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one lens.

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The next type of person that is mentioned in

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the one who got his wealth and counts. But notice, you know, this year,

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that last paradata, that he says

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he believes he thinks that his money is going to make him live, whatever that's going to make him, someone who is immortal.

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Merlin wise, he has gathered up the money, and he counts. So it is not enough that he just gathers up the money. But he also wastes his time, he wastes his time

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counting the money. So he gathers it, and then he counts. And this becomes his life, his life circles around these two things, gathering up the money, and counting the money, and then gather up some more and count some more. Likewise, the one room busies himself

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with talking about others, and that becomes his

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nature almost.

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When he sits down for lunch to the family, for dinner with his family,

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they begin,

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the son starts talking about the neighbor, the daughter talks about our classmates.

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The father talks about his employees, why you talks about her girlfriends, and everybody is at the table. And the whole time they are talking about other people.

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And it starts it starts from up top. It starts from this type of person.

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Who what happens is, is that his children learn from him.

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How to talk about other people, they become professionals.

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And speaking about others,

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and this becomes their hobby.

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And they use their time when they sit down.

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Does the father teach his child? Wait a minute, what do you say before you What do you say

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to some teachers to say when you come and

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teach us to say when you leave the house, say No, that doesn't happen in these types of gatherings.

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He begins to talk about somebody.

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And so what happens is the children they learn from this, that Wait a minute, if I want to gain the favor of my father, I want to be a part of the discussion, then all I need to do is find someone to talk about.

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So this is how they get trained. They get trained to teach to speak about other people.

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The gatherings that they had

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are different.

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If when the father is eating,

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or they're sitting down as a family, they're having family time.

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And these other types of things come up.

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And they begin to talk about some of the plans that they have to be better Muslims, for example, how are we going to take advantage of the first 10 days of

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the month, even though they already look for examples coming up?

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Too fast on what they have.

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And why this shouldn't be something that misses us.

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I think so here. So here

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is the sort of defense he said he said this

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to the next year. And I will also fast the day before it got even nicer. So it's not to imitate the Jews did their best.

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Sorry. Okay. So we're about two weeks away from that.

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This should be some of the discussions that we have with our families. What day is possible that is going to be the night that says you want to be weekend or weekday whatever the kids have to go to school.

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Or you want to make sure that they have some

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type of book if talk to the end up. If that is what the discussion is about.

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The discussion amongst the families how to become by service of a Washington about what things can we do as a family. Should we take 10 minutes and they go we have 10 minutes to stand

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we can read that, we can open it because he is in English, we can read his

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words. And then we can learn these two ideas together that the process of wire son have instructed us to make.

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Some people

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that is what their gatherings become.

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And it's a disease.

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And usually it stems from a person who is busy going, what gathering is money and counting.

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Because he begins to look down on other people, because he has, and they don't have the 1% and a 99%, they happen to have nice.

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And so he looks down on other people, because because of this fact, because of the fact that he possesses things.

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And he doesn't recognize, and doesn't acknowledge that this is a favor, from a loss of data. For him. That turns into a punishment, it is a favorite. But it's not

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that it's actually a punishment.

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On that day, about the pleasures of the delights that you have.

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So his gathering of that money,

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and causes him to be

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causes him to talk about other people, but not necessarily that gathering of money, because anybody that begins to believe that they are better than everyone else, that they are guided, and everyone else has a strength, that they have knowledge and no one else has knowledge that

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they are truly sincere their worship to God and all of these other people are just hypocritical paying lip service, that what happens is it becomes very easy to talk about other people.

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So the origin

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of this sin is what

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what is

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definition forgiven? For pride, arrogance, he said it is possible.

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It is to not be satisfied with the truth to reject the truth, to refuse the truth and to be little.

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this is this is given. Alright, so all of these these things that I was talking about,

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that it all stems from prior

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sets, says Riga because I

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know He will surely be thrown into the crusher. And what can make you know, what is the crusher? So here,

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he says, No, this person is not going to live forever. This money is not going to make him be immortal. Rather, he's going to be thrown in.

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And that word in Arabic means something that crushes something totally destroys. And this is the only place of the bride where the fire of * has been described as

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nowhere else has the

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fire been described as the Brian except for you.

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But this is something that rushes something else totally destroys.

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It's all about us giving us a vivid picture of what is going to happen to this type of individual and then he goes on to

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the rest of the day

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is the fire alarm turn on the field.

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So the rest of this is describing this fire.

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And this work is Jane's a general warning for a person not to be arrogant and that we have to avoid Kippur as well as as well as

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using one's wealth for the pleasure of not just gathering up and counting.

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And even more so a warning from the dangers of the tongue in general,

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as the promise of the body was upset

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listen to this, it is a feeling

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that is going to cause the people to fall on their faces in the fire dragged on their faces under fire, except for the harvest of

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the product of the tongues.

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This song

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is something that every time you hear this sort of way.

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remember the dangers of using the tongue in a manner that is not easy.

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Indeed, one to be crushed in the fire. And a lot of times, and this is an interesting concept, because a lot of times when you think about fire, think about burning.

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Right, because fire does not seem to have any weight.

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It's something that crushes usually has weight. I mean, think about you're scared of being crushed by a building falling in an earthquake or something like that. And you don't usually think about firing that man

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is capable of everything and meet the strive this fire has been one

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that fire that either reaches the heart or penetrates the heart.

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You see in other in other eyes,

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like this.

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every time the fire burns their skin,

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we will give them a new skin we will give them new skin so that it can be burned so that they can taste the Punisher.

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As the nerves go away,

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you no longer fear you no longer feel it right.

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That is letting those who disbelieve in him know

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that he is going to be a renewal of the skin and every time the one gets burned off, there's a new skin here talks about

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that fire that goes up to the heart.

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Why? What is he talking about?

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Try that as fast as set one to do one that is the same way for what to do these things that he is mentioning in this

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and find his cousin is a disease of the what?

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Cry is a disease of the heart. And so the fire will go to the heart

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and purified

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and purified because fire is the purifies.

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So this one when we hear it,

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it should also remind us to use our time wisely.

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This should remind us when we hear that we should remember

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that comes right and remember to use our time wisely in the manner that Allah subhana wa tada has prescribed for us and not to be

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arrogant in body and especially the two qualities that have been mentioned here with one misuses their wealth or misuses.

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