Poetic Tafsir of Ayat Al-Kursi With Sajjad Gul

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning of a "has been around" name, which refers to a person who is only present when others are around. The speaker also talks about the "has been around" concept, which refers to the person who is only present when others are around. The speaker concludes by discussing the "has been around" concept and how it applies to the concept of the "has been around" person.
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All right, we'll be here Mina shame on yield on Lodgy

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Allahu La

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how you call your

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Allah is the default name of God. Some said it means the one who is love some said the one who is worshipped some said the one who bewilders all nonetheless that he's the one that you should call and he's the only one that's worshipped. I mean, there's many that's worshipped if you look around you, but there's none that's deserving to and hey is the Ever Living. And the meaning that this name sense is that he's the only one not your family and not your friends who's with you on your journey from the beginning until it ends. And so he's the only one that the heart of a believer shouldn't depend on. You him is the maintainer of every soul, billions of creatures all around the globe,

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heavens and galaxies in another zone and creation beyond that we just don't know.

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Learn to hold on Sina Oh, one I know moon. This is an emphasis to the greatness of his maintenance Center is a wakefulness between sleep and laziness. Sinner is a wakefulness between sleep and drowsiness or laziness. And the perfection of his life is another point being stressed because sleep is deaths brother level math is Why do you want to feel?

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And this verse reframes everything that we think that we own our family, health, wealth, every possession we've ever known, it all belongs to Allah, it all belongs to him, in fact, and so whenever you want something, it's him that he should ask

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Now power in

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the home in the evening,

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like who can intercede or even dare to speak speak in front of God without his permission on the day of great submission with phony peers have hearts filled with fear and eyes of humbled vision? Yeah, I love you man. Nina Edie Mona holophone, whom he knows everything that has occurred and what tomorrow son will bring it everything that didn't happen if it did the outcome of everything.

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On your phone, I'd be shaking him I

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mean, I mean he in the machine.

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He knows everything that has occurred and what tomorrow son will bring in everything that didn't happen if it did the outcome of everything, billions of daily choices, affecting our collective destiny and all he knows. And all we know is what he taught us just a drop taken from a see

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what's the article on seeing your was Santa wanting one.

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Of course, he was said to me and his knowledge. Others said it's where his feet are placed. In any case, it encompasses everything we know of space, and how great is our God when all of this is under his power, and he maintains it every second every minute and every hour

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on or do a whole half long.

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And this causes him no fatigue, no rest, no breaks, no sleep. He maintains it all perfectly. Well who unlikely you'll now me and this verse concludes on a beautiful basis. No matter how high someone gets, no matter how high someone gets, Allah is still higher. And no matter how great anyone gets Allah is still the greatest