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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim see

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wonderful coffee. So if I

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Adina had

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Jeremy on loving,

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Why not to Jonah Hill.

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So as we talked about yesterday, we concluded the second major passage or major part of the sutra, the first part of the sutra focused heavily on the concept,

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the core concept of, of rissalah Prophethood messenger and the validity of it and the credibility of it, the authenticity of it, and the need to believe in it. The second major part of this sutra that we concluded yesterday, focused on the central theme of the oneness of aloneness of God, and the evidence is in the way, and how to go about believing and realizing the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala, and the importance of believing in it. The third passage of the sutra that we're going to start from today is going to focus on the third core concept that we talked that we mentioned that Muslims are on, focuses on, and that is often the life of the year after the fact that there is a

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life after death. And so this first part, as happened, as it as was the same, as was the case with the first passage and the second passage, the first part here, the first few are like an introduction to this topic. So it's going to introduce this topic, and then it's going to get into very specific details and specific,

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specific nuances or intricacies about believing in the life of the hereafter. So in number 51, the last panel says

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that the horn was blown. A Swan literally means support, but it's referring to like the one that is also low. So when neufeldt is sued, that the horn was blowing in, it was blown into the horn, meaning somebody sounded the horn, somebody blew the horn. And it's saying this in the past tense, when you and I understand that the person reading the Koran, listen to the Quran, studying the Quran, this is yet to occur, this is yet to happen. Why does Allah stated in the past tense, it's to show that this is a confirmed fact.

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It's like it's done, it's a done deal, it's confirmed it's going to happen. It's so sure, it's it's such a done deal that this is going to happen, that you could consider it already done. It's already been written down, signed, sealed and needed, it's going to happen, there's no changing. So when you have full suit, and it was blown into the horn, for you, that wouldn't mean an agenda. Then all of a sudden day. Now was this day referring to the same vein, the same people that the suit has been talking about, up until about the group of people that didn't want to believe in the messengers, the group of people that at the conclusion of the last passage, didn't want to accept the concept of the

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oneness of Allah weren't interested in believing in Allah subhanaw taala rather became very arrogant, and we're mocking, even the belief in a lush power, Tada. The concept of just believing in Allah, they were mocking the concept, in and of itself, that same group of people. They're the ones being spoken about. But

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then all of a sudden data from an agenda. The word agenda is the plural of the word gender, which means great. It means great, but it means a specific type of grade, the grade the word for grades in the Arabic language is the plural of witches who hear the word gender or the plural of witches agenda has been used. Gender, the plural of witches is that it refers to graves that have disappeared.

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graves are so old, that they're forgotten where those graves even existed. The signs of those names have completely been erased, been removed. You know, like recently in New York City, they while doing some construction, they found that there was a whole gravesite underneath it, that people just didn't even know that it ever existed.

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forgotten graves just wiped out even the signs of them were all completely gone. That's what the word just means. And that's really profound. Because remember, the previous two passages, the passage about believing in the Prophet, the passage about believing in Allah, it ended with one warning to the people ended with a warning to these people. And that warning was in Ghana to law say

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that it would just take one loud piercing sound, one explosion would happen. And that would literally kill and completely just demolish and annihilate these people. But the first passage ended with the word for EDA, Hong Kong, and

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then all of a sudden they would be put out comment comes from him. And I explained, I was like putting out a fire, like you put out fires are common. So hobby don't mean they would be put out just like you put out a fire. And part of the interpretation and understanding of that is that all signs of them will be removed, all signs of them would disappear. It was as if these people never even existed. In that is a whole nother level of humiliation for people, that when you when somebody dies and leaves this world, but they they're respectfully buried in a dedicated graveyard. And people know that this person is buried here. And these people are buried here. And people go there

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and they make to offer them and they visit the relatives regularly go and they visit. And they remember that and they make to offer them. This is it's a sign of dignity and honor and distinction.

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But for somebody to just completely, just be completely forgotten, to the point where their grades are just completely removed. They're just erased. Nobody even remembers these people have even ever existed.

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It just it's such a humiliation is just so tragic for somebody to meet that type of event. So that's what I was mentioning that these people were arrogant in the dunya. Remember that in the very last day of the last passage, how arrogant they were. We got a lot of multiple models up up in LA when they're told to spend in the path of love from that which Allah has given them to feed people out of that which Allah has given them. Funnily enough,

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should we go and feed those people that are wanting to be able to feed themselves? Follow one of these people, we felt so badly? Why do we feed him himself? Where should we go and look at the areas when they display this type of an arrogance, we've got the punishment of a lot that befell them that only were they wiped off the face of the earth. But even all signs of them were wiped off. And nobody even knows these people ever even existed, is completely wiped away. So this is what I mentioned about the feta mean alleged that they start coming out of their graves. Because the horn has been blown. These people are being summoned. They're being resurrected, it's the scene of the

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Day of Judgment. So they're crawling out of their graves or coming out of their graves. But these are not ordinary games. These are games that people didn't even know existed there.

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wrapping it,

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and they're going straight to a mug. And the word that's been used about them going straight to a bar is called dancy Loon from NASA. This at the core of it,

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it means to go quickly to walk quickly toward something. But more specifically, this type. This word is used when you're describing somebody walking or running downhill. When somebody walks or runs downhill, the word is used. So they are going straight to a loss kind of without it running very quickly moving quickly, as if they're running downhill. What's the significance of running downhill? When you place a ball of water or in an object, and the slope is going downhill? What does it naturally do to that thing, that object, it just naturally moves forward or rolls forward. And you can't stop it unless you'd like tried to obstruct it someone's around. The natural flow of it is it

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says it's a lie, saying that they won't even be able to do anything else. They'll naturally be forced to go in that direction to Allah describe something. These people know what's in store for these people right now realize when they come out of their graves on the Day of Judgment, they're gonna realize what they've done. They completely fully realized before I mentioned that even when they are dying, even when the Angel of Death Trump's agenda is all from them. Even at that time, you don't build your own, I'm going to give you one more chance. When they're in their graves, they're gonna cry and scream and wish that they were given another chance. So when they come out of their

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graves on the Day of Judgment, they know exactly what's in store for them. But they want to, they don't want to go in that direction. But they they're going to be compelled to go in that direction. They have no choice but to go to a loss and to stand before a law. Remember what was said in the previous passage, for example, Jimmy or letting that

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input in Canada

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lost power Tyler said specifically

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We're in gondola magic we already know that each and every single one of them eventually will end up being made to stand before us.

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They'll be made to stand before Allah. So this is how they're being made to stand before a lot that they're naturally just moving in this direction. They can't even help themselves, loving me and

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what are they going to say? They don't say Yahweh Nana, the curse themselves. Waiting is an expression of just remorse. Regret, it's like to have pity on someone waiting.

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Allah says for waiting on me.

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People that are forgetful about their prayers, Allah says he has pity on them. These people they'll say yeah, we'd love pity on themselves. They'll curse themselves. They'll Don't feel bad for themselves that help authentic are we Yeah, we letter manga anime Medina, Allah don't say who has brought us back to life. The word bad means to bring someone back to life, or to push someone along to make somebody go. So not only will they be brought back to life, but they'll be pushed along and made to stand before a loss on the Day of Judgment. This is described in many ways in the analysis or would use their own. It's kind of like you'll be herded like wild animals, like wild beasts like

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cattle, like you take cattle and convert them together. They'll be herded together like cattle. So Mumba as an adult, say, who has awakened us, who has brought us back to life who has brought us here, me, Mark Medina, Medina, from our resting place. The word rough on that in the Arabic language means to take a nap.

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Not like deep sleep, not like you sleep at night, but you don't want to just kind of lay down on your, you're fasting in trouble and you come home from work, you're tired, you've had a long day, just lay down on your couch and just kind of pass out for a little bit. You're out for like an hour or so.

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It's like sleep. It's a nap. You're obviously not there to sleep eight hours. But definitely feel really, really nice, truly relaxing and refreshing. And when somebody does wake you up, what's your first reaction?

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Is No.

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Leave me alone. Don't wake me up somebody on the phone.

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Right? Somebody who's at the door. All right. So you don't want to just deal with anything. It's so relaxing. It's so refreshing. It's so relieving. You just have to wake me up. What do you want? It disturbs you when somebody bothers you, even if it's for your own good.

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So that's the word Robin market means a place where you take a nap like this like your couch. So let's remember that I remember who woke us up who brought us back to life from her resting place. And sometimes I think about it are we have we've been talking about a good group of people or bad people. It's a bad group of people.

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I want you to think about that.

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Bad group of people. Is it a confirmed fact? Don't we know for for certain that they'll be punished in their graves? Absolutely.

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But the fact that these people are now saying that why'd you wake me up from my comfortable nap?

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Where I was napping? Why'd you make me get up from my couch where I was napping?

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They're talking about their brain, but they will be punishing their brain. That means what's in store for them? what they see on the Day of Judgment, waiting for them is so horrific. It is so terrifying.

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That they consider what they went through in their grave to be like a king enough

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that they consider what they went through in their grade to be like taking a nap. I was actually really pleasant. We'd love to go right back to them. We'll take that. When they went underground. They were screaming and crying. Oh please, please help us out.

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Now they see what's waiting for them on the Day of Judgment, the fire of hell, like I want

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to help I will be literally brought in front of people that are undescribed that we as a field worship evil. The parar literally describes the Hellfire that will be growing up people

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will be like a wild animal that is actually described that will be tied up in 70,000 changes with 70,000 into holding the change.

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And then Hellfire will literally be grabbing huffing and puffing like a wild beast, how it snorts and it growls at its print, it'll literally be grabbing baring its teeth at these people waiting to enter just imagine how horrified that that these people will literally look back at their vision and be like you might be

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Israel okay?

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That's all horrific, the conditions

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are comfortable now.

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This is that which man has promised this is that which I promised was sort of almost alone. And the messengers those who had been sent from above from the ultimate authority, they were speaking the truth. These folks

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The truth. Now who's saying this? So there's two ways to understand this. Either these people themselves are now attesting to the fact that you know what have them.

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This is what I had promised. This is exactly what he told us was gonna happen. And those messengers that we denied that we refuse that we call it a bunch of lies in anthropologically, if you're just lying to us. They were true. They were doing telling us the truth. They were they were they were saying what was correct. They were right, we were wrong. That's one thing. And we read the I attorney, as well. And so to center that, where last time I tell us is that these people, when they're entered into the home fire, they'll say, Robin, I have a sub Now, what's that mean? They'll say, Oh, we have seen we have heard from God, now we turn this back to the life of the room. Now. We

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will do a good deed.

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We'll do anything that's good. Whatever that means that we can find that we can get our hands on any opportunity we get, we'll go for it, novelty will be completely believed now.

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You'll get no arguments out of us anymore. We won't make any trouble anymore. We promise. That's it. We've learned our mistake, we figured out we were wrong. But we all know they won't be given that cancel. This is a very realistic scenario that these people will literally just step in and say, we were wrong. You're right. Just please let us get out of some way somehow Let us help, please. So the people themselves could be saying this. And what's beautiful about the statement is they say have that amount wider, right, man. They don't say how am I the law? This is what I had promised. They say this is our man, I promise. Why did he refer first of all we've seen throughout Europe too soon

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to see that the word rush man is constantly used for lost data, because he's trying to show you is trying to make that

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is trying to inspire those emotions of obligation to Allah feel indebted to Allah feel obligated to Allah, that he's giving you so much. And to remind you of everything that Allah has given to you by constantly mentioning the quality, the attribute of a loving aroma, the abundant, the Merciful, that's giving you so much that you can't possibly even imagine. You can't ever comprehend how much our lives truly blessed you and how much he's giving you an average perversities? So these people themselves have a standard called a law that allowed given us everything, he had given us so much that we still didn't listen. So this is that the depth of their realization at this point, but as he

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too little too late, it's not going to benefit them at this point. The second possible understanding of desire is that when they are standing there saying go in and

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they'll curse themselves, Doc pinion on themselves and see who woke us up from our nap. That alarm will say to them how they

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are the angels will say to them, that this is what urashima the one who had showered His mercy upon you, the one who had blessed you so much. This is what he was promising you. This is what he warned you of this is what he told you to watch out for whatsoever. He was alone, those messengers that came to you that you just brushed off, and that you treated like so inappropriately, you treated like trash. Those messengers, they were telling you the truth. This is what they were trying to warn you about. And so however, what's very significant about this is it shows how the acid is the combination of the belief in a lot in the belief in the profit motive.

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That if you believe in a lie, we believe in the messengers a lot, you know, the answer will be good for you. You just believe in a lie. you disbelieve in the message and the accident will be trouble for you. Because they mentioned two things.

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What my promise was selected once again and the messages were telling the truth. And the first two passages were about like believing in the messenger and believing in Allah. So it all ties in here

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in Canada.

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Now, the same statement was made at the end of passage one passage. A lot talked about the people who reject and refuse the messengers. How are they destroyed? How are they erased by a BA in Ghana, the logic of that loses out one piercing sound, that one loud, piercing sound that will literally meet these people's heads explode. For example, Mahatma Gandhi were put up. And the second concept also mentioned in Canada as a wider freedom Jimmy or Lena was the one piercings out and then they'll all be collected and make to stand before a lost power tada on the Day of Judgment again.

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So just like last time I mentioned, Mama and

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daddy In June, the Minister Mr. Anwar didn't have to make some long preparations and send down an army in order to destroy these people. One sound like that which people were just like that. They were gone. Similarly, Allah says it doesn't take a lot of time without some long drawn out process, some long prepared process to bring these people back to life to make them stand before a lead be accountable.

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Very, very simple. What is the process in Canada nothing.

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Once again, it's just that one sound, that one loud piercing sound, what will be the result of it for you that whatever you're learning that

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then all of a sudden, they'll all he that means all of a sudden, all of a sudden, they will all of them each and every single time The word gymea is used, even though the word home has already been used for you that one then all of them, Jimmy on all of them. What what mean what's meant by reiterating this all of them. The fact that it doesn't matter the original for pious or sinful believing or disbelieving, older, young, who doesn't matter, male or female, doesn't matter. Each and every single person that

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Allah says will be made to stand will be made will be presented before us will be made to stand before us. This is that central concept of accountability. This is one of the most core concepts of our Deen of Islam of the Quran and even of the message of the prophets about accountability. And accountability is a very powerful idea. It helps people manage themselves, it keeps people in check. And if we look around us in life, we conduct we live based on accountability. It's how we conduct ourselves, clocking in and clocking out our work, that's accountability, the speed limit on the road, it's accountability. It's it's the way it's how we pay our bills, how we live life, how we get

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an education, how we make money, we balance our checkbooks, I mean, everything is accountability built into it.

00:21:41--> 00:22:05

And that's actually part of a very successful structure is one that holds people accountable makes people accountable it it actually stimulates productivity when people feel accountable. Dean also makes us feel accountable by men by teaching us about the life of the Hereafter, that we all have to stand. Each every single one of us before must honor the judgment and face our needs and

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makes us accountable.

00:22:09--> 00:22:42

It's a very powerful force and concept, like I was mentioning a couple of days ago, then you don't need police forces, then you don't need laws, and people are naturally accountable. emaan inspires accountability. Accountability makes people live a proper life. They live properly, that this person will treat people properly. You'll be good to his neighbors, you won't cheat at work, you'll be good to his family, he'll take care of his responsibilities. Why? Because he knows he has to answer. That's good enough. He doesn't need anything else. So many incidents, so many stories come to mind. So many things come to mind.

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famous story about the Allahu anhu in the mother and the daughter and the mixing of the milk with the water. What was that about? That was accountability. The girl said doesn't matter if

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we're allies watching a love of what we're doing. So accountability is very powerful for us. It can keep people in check. And this idea of thinking about about being mindful of

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the way they fear a lot even in in winter alone when they're away from people when they're in the dark little corner of the closet of their house. Even there they know about that sense of accountability is very powerful. I love them says and this is the imagery of the Quran. Now when this next is speaking to us. He's setting the tone for the next few if that's going to come in this next is for Leola.

00:23:37--> 00:24:01

That means then today. Now, it's as simple as me telling us to imagine as if we're standing there on the day of judgment in the field in the matchup in the middle. It's as if we're there as an angel. Nobody's telling us to picture as if we're sitting here looking at we're sitting actually at the Day of Judgment folio, then today is the day of judgment. This is a powerful imagery of

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don't think about it as some fairy tale at some faraway place and a long, long time ago a faraway galaxy No, no, it says it's here. It's now Deanna is here and this is something also by reiterate,

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one of the lessons they think the AMA is very very far away lessons but we are telling them it's very close. We were seeing it right here it's very close, buddy.

00:24:32--> 00:24:41

The time for the accounting of people has come very very, very close. exaggerated form. It means very, very close. It's right there under their noses.

00:24:43--> 00:24:45

But what's wrong with people feel awful.

00:24:47--> 00:24:52

But they're just completely oblivious to this reality. This truth, so much for y'all today.

00:24:55--> 00:25:00

Not a single soul the word Neptune is in its common form, which means nothing

00:25:00--> 00:25:16

single soul will be done wrong to not a single soul in the wrong shape, and not in the least bit. The word of what it means to misappropriate to put something where it does not belong. So to wrong, someone to violate someone's rights and

00:25:17--> 00:25:22

not a single person will be wrong, nothing the least bit.

00:25:23--> 00:25:49

And we talked about this, we've read the AI app and in thoroughly earlier, that last kind of analysis, what kawakita people's book of deeds, their entire record of deeds will be placed in front of them, they'll be told you read your book, cover up enough to get your body. This is enough for your accounting to you, you tell me what I should do. Here's your book. Every person will be presented their own book, you mean?

00:25:50--> 00:26:00

The criminal will look in this book and he'll be afraid of what he finds in it. Your own home, they'll say your way that's yo curse themselves money. What's wrong with this book? Like?

00:26:03--> 00:26:07

It hasn't left anything smaller being everything is here. It's taking everything into account.

00:26:08--> 00:26:16

What would you rather find each and every single thing they ever get present in front of staring them in the face? Well, I

00:26:17--> 00:26:20

was wrong. So similarly, Allah says

00:26:21--> 00:26:26

that a single soul will be wrong that in the least bit without his own.

00:26:28--> 00:27:03

And they that's no not a single soul. People will not allow certain lessons you will not be recompensed. You will not be rewarded, you will not find as a return. In that accept that go to terminal, which you used to do in yourself. This is the epitome of justice. This is ultimate justice. You're going to get exactly that what you do, you'll reap what you sow, you'll find exactly what you invest in. That's it, nothing more, nothing less. No additions or subtractions. You'll face exactly that what you've done.

00:27:05--> 00:27:20

Nobody can argue against somebody can plead, they can beg, please, I don't want to see the return of money. And that's why we have the concept of still seeking forgiveness doba repentance, Mr. Believing in alignment repenting 11 zabo.

00:27:22--> 00:27:28

To repent to align and believe in Allah, and then do good deeds, lots and lots of good news for

00:27:30--> 00:27:33

the law will actually convert their citizens or good deeds.

00:27:35--> 00:27:48

But at the end of the day, this much remains. This is how the Army's presenting constructing this argument. I talked about how the Suez continuing so this passage of the surah is just letting people know look, you have to deal with the consequences of your own actions.

00:27:50--> 00:28:01

You keep doing what you're doing. You don't you rejected the messengers. You mocked the pure distance, your concept of believing in Allah, you thought it was foolish, you thought people who believed in Allah were stupid.

00:28:02--> 00:28:03

So keep doing what you're doing.

00:28:05--> 00:28:12

Keep doing what you're doing. All you will have to face is the consequences of your own choices of your own deeds in your own action. So keep doing what you do.

00:28:13--> 00:28:14

You'll get what you have.

00:28:15--> 00:28:16

For Luminato.

00:28:19--> 00:28:59

You you'll only be given in return. That which you have done yourself, whatever you've invested is what you'll find waiting for you in the life of the hereafter. So this is a very powerful concept of asset of the life that you're after life after death, accountability and facing the consequences of our actions and our deeds and having to stand up for lost power to be accountable did and inshallah from here on out. It's going to mention more specifics of not just that accountability, but it will also talk about the reward waiting for the people who did believe in a lad were obedient to Allah. And it will also talk about the punishment waiting for people who disbelieve in law. This believed

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in the messengers and disobeyed the lost power Tada. They allowed us to go to to practice everything you sent her