Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-007C Tafsir Al-Baqarah 26-29

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Now you see this example that has been given over here that in the law hilarious to hear driba Mithila Maruta and former fuqaha. This example, any, if you think about it, there isn't really, you know, a comparison that is being made over here with a mosquito, right that the mosquito is like this or the example of such people is like that of a mosquito, though mosquito here has been given as an example of the fact that Allah subhanaw taala is not shy to put forth anything to explain the truth. Right. And through this example of the mosquito, any, a very important concept is being taught. Now, some orlimar say that an example reflects the concept that is being elaborated, right.

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For instance, if you want to elaborate, if you want to talk about something that's really mighty, that you know, you really have a lot of respect for, you're going to use descriptions and words and examples that are fitting, that are fitting meaning that are appropriate, that also reflect that greatness. On the other hand, if something is really despicable before your eyes, then the example that you're going to cite is also going to be something that is despicable. Right? You know, for instance, if you want to show your child if you want to explain to your child that don't bite your nails, you know, that's dirty, you know, you're going to talk about germs, you're going to talk

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about nastiness, you're going to talk about, you know, the dirt that's in the nails, that's what you're going to talk about. So an example reflects the concept that is being elaborated. So, you compare what is insignificant with what is insignificant, and you compare what is significant with what is significant. So, what's the objective over here? Any, the people got upset that Why are you know, spiders and flies being cited as examples for us? Well, that is because this is the reality of your idols. So, learn something from this example. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that if the world was equal to A mosquitoes wing, even near Allah azza wa jal, he would not allow

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the disbeliever to have a sip of water from it. He also said that a bulky person will be brought on the day of judgment and he will not have the weight of even that of a mosquito near Allah, meaning such a person, even though he was really high and mighty in the world, he will have no worth in the sight of Allah. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave several examples, you know, through the mosquito in the Quran, this is the only place where the mosquito is mentioned, all right, but these verses teach us an important concept. Now, just a few things I want to quickly go over with regard to these two verses again, that in the law hilarious the heat Ayub river Mithila Marula 10

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from Africa. Remember that in general, Allah subhanaw taala likes HYAH Okay, hyah modesty, shyness is something that is good, that is a part of iman. And that is supposed to inhibit us from inappropriate behavior. But if shyness leads us to hudgell, okay, which is cowardice, or it leads us to Hoeve which is fear, then that is where it becomes a problem. So Mujahid he said, that an extremely shy person and an arrogant person cannot learn knowledge. Such people cannot acquire knowledge, who, people who are extremely shy, and people who are arrogant. And what he meant by an extremely shy person is someone who was too shy to ask, because if you don't ask, because you're shy

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to admit that you don't understand or that you're shy to admit that you are struggling, or you are too shy to speak to, or to ask, you know, the person who is teaching you, the person who you can ask questions, then this is going to inhibit you from learning. So I shall do a lot more on her. You know, she said that how excellent are the women of the insult? That shyness does not prevent them from understanding their religion? Um selama de la marinha as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that, you know, Allah is not shy of the truth. And then she asked a question, which was, you know, a matter that is difficult to talk about, but she wanted to know what should be done in a

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situation like that. So shyness has its place. All right, but when we're speaking the truth, when we are learning Islam, when we are sharing the teachings of the Quran, then that is not a place where we should feel shy. Okay,

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Light is not shy to present any example and we should also not feel shy to speak the truth. And then we see that different people react in different ways to the things that are mentioned in the Quran in surah Toba Allah subhanaw taala says in verse number 124, that what either my own zealot Sora tone from inhome Mejia Kulu au cansada two had he Imana that when a surah is revealed, there are people who say that who increased in faith because of the surah and he didn't make a difference to your faith. They make fun basically, are you consider to have Imana? Allah subhanaw taala says for a millennia irmen offers adatom Iman wa homea stub Sharon, as for those people who believe then that

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Surah increases them in faith and they rejoice anyone they learn something of the Quran, they rejoice, they increase in their faith. What Amma Lavina feel Kenobi him marathon. But as for those people in whose hearts as a disease for that hemorrhages and elaborate see him, it only increases them in their filth will matter to whom caffeine and the guy while they're disbelievers, you know, this doesn't mean that there's a problem with the Quran. The problem is with these people, you know, for example, if you have a bag of rotting garbage, okay, kitchen scraps, imagine two weeks old, okay? And you put in it an entire bottle of disinfectant, okay, or rubbing alcohol, or, you know,

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your floor cleaner, which Mr. Clean citrus, you know, smells beautiful, you put an entire bottle of such a cleaning product in a bag of rotting garbage, is it going to make a difference? It's not going to make a difference to it. In fact, what's going to happen, it's gonna get worse. It's gonna smell even more nasty, right? So this is the reality of these people. That because they've already made up their mind that they don't believe that they don't trust Allah. They're approaching the Quran. With denial. They're approaching the Quran to find fault in the Quran, then what's going to happen? Every ayat of the Quran is going to make them worse. Every description in the Quran is going

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to make them worse. A staford Allah, may Allah subhanaw taala protect us. So it's so important then, that we approach the Quran with the right intention with a man with genuine curiosity, right, and actually seeking guidance, that should be our goal, because people who seek guidance than Allah subhanaw taala actually increases them in guidance in order to hedge if 54 We learned what in Hola, hola, Hedy Levine menos de la serata Mustafi. Indeed, Allah is surely the guide of those people who believe to the straight path, Allah subhanaw taala guides them right and in total curve is 13. We learn that in Nome Videoton, Amma noburo Be him was Zina homebuilder that they were young men who

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believed in their Lord and we increase them in their faith. So people who believe Allah subhanaw taala increases them in their faith and people who seek guidance, Allah subhanaw taala increases them in their guidance. Almost cantarella told us and sort of Maria Maya 76 Wei Zhi de la who Lavina Dido Houda that Allah subhanaw taala increases people who adopt guidance in guidance. Any people who follow guidance people who seek guidance, Allah subhanaw taala gives them more guidance. And another thing is that people who turn to Allah than Allah increases them in guidance. So for example, you read something in the Quran, you have trouble understanding it turn to Allah, Ya Allah guide me, Ya

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Allah make this matter. Easy for me, your Allah grant me understanding of this matter. In Surah Surah 13 Allah subhanaw taala says way ahead de la he may you need Allah Subhana Allah guides to himself who the person who turns to him. So when you struggle, ask Allah subhanaw taala for guidance. Don't stop over there and start doubting and questioning. No immediately ask Allah subhanaw taala for guidance and people who we see over here that you will be he cathedra where you live up inland faster pain. It's not that someone wants guidance and Allah subhanaw taala will force them to be misguided No, who is it that Allah subhanaw taala sends a straight it is people who

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commit lol okay, we learned in total Bacara io 250

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yet well Allahu les Adil como la Alameen. Allah does not guide the people who are wrongdoing, meaning people who do wrong. And Cofer is a form of wrongdoing. schicke is a form of wrongdoing. Right denying Allah subhanaw taala is a form of wrongdoing. Allah subhanaw taala does not guide such people. It shows that Allah is not in need of them to be guided. Allah does not need people to choose guidance to do what is right. Yulin Nobuhiko Theodore Allah sends a stray and he this shows that Allah does not care about people who don't care about him. Allah does not need them to be guided to accept the truth in total Bacara i or 264 Allah tells us who Allah who lay a little Komal

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caffeine Allah does not guide the people who disbelieve so those who disbelieve Allah does not guide them. Those who disbelieve after the truth has become clear to them. Allah does not guide them, those who deviate then Allah's Prontera does not force them to follow guidance. And also we learn in surah Taha fear Ayah 28, in the LA halaya, demon who are Muslim on Kitab Allah does not guide the person who is Muslim extravagant Cadabby extreme liar, caddy, Boone kuffaar In another place. Also, we learn in a hadith in a Timothy that people who are very argumentative again, Allah subhanaw taala does not guide them. So it's okay to be curious. It's okay to wonder. But don't argue and debate

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about the Quran or with the Quran. And that means don't criticize it approach with humility, approach with faith. Then we see that in the next idea, first subpoena described as those people who break the covenant of Allah, right, and upholding the covenants of a lie or any covenant, in fact, is something that we are required to do as believers into trauma either is seven, Allah subhanaw taala says with Kuru near Matala, hiya, la come when we selca, who live Iwasaki Lacombe that remember the favor of Allah on you. And remember, the covenant that you made with Allah is Alton Samir, in our Uttara. Now when you said we hear and obey, so there is a covenant of obedience

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basically, that every Muslim has with Allah. Right? And besides that, also in Subtle Art off I 172, I mentioned to you earlier about the Aleste, right, that allow us to be or become Allah subhanaw taala asked every human being, that is a covenant that every person has made with Allah, in certain may either I or 12, specifically the covenant that the Bani Israel eel made with Allah is mentioned. So those who break the covenant, and then they sever would Allah's panel, Tata has commanded should be joined. And I gave you multiple interpretations of that. And remember, one interpretation is about that they severed ties of kinship. This is also something Allah subhanaw taala does not like

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at all. You know, you might be wondering, why is severing ties of kinship mentioned here in this context? What's the connection between severing ties of kinship and, you know, criticizing the verses of Allah? It might seem like these two are not related, but they are related. You see, your relatives are people whom Allah has chosen for you. You did not choose them, you choose your friends. All right. You can even to some extent, choose your neighbors, you can decide which area you want to live in. Which building you want to live in. Which neighborhood Do you want to live in which city you want to live in? These are things that you do have some control over but your

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relatives do you have control over them? You don't. In fact, you know, when it comes to inheritance, right? You don't even have a choice over there. These are matters that Allah subhanaw taala has decided. So there's two ways of life. Okay? One is that you live in submission to Allah, that Allah has chosen these relatives for me, I will maintain the ties of kinship, even if I struggle to connect with these people, or to have any sympathy for them. But Allah has chosen these people for me, I accept Allah's decree for me. Allah has given this example it is the truth. Allah has given this command. This is the truth. Allah has given you know, this description in the Quran. This is

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the truth. This is what submission to Allah. So submission to Allah is not, you know, just in one aspect of our lives. submission to Allah is something that is reflected in every aspect of our lives. You understand? It is reflected in the way that we deal with our relatives. It is reflected in our Eman what we believe in, right it is reflected in our actions, our obedience to a law. So the question is

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So what exactly are your relatives? Right? Your relatives are people who inherit from you. And also people who don't inherit from you, but are related to you through blood. And you know, the rhythm I have drawn different boundaries. Because if you think about it, every single human being is somehow related to another human being. Right? We're all children of Adam, were all related. Okay, so who exactly are your relatives then? So there's different definitions that are Aloma have given, but basically, if you think about your blood relatives, okay, and these are ties of kinship, that absolutely have to be maintained, absolutely have to be maintained. You know, your parents, your

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siblings, your children, and then go a step further. So from your parents side, your grandparents, your great grandparents, both maternal and paternal, right? We're talking about blood relatives over here. Okay? Not in law's blood relatives. Those relationships are also important. Absolutely. But here specifically, we're talking about blood relatives, okay, because these are the will or have meaning those which are connected through the womb, okay, meaning through blood. So paternal maternal grandparents, now think about the siblings of your parents, your uncles, aunts, right, and that both your maternal side and paternal side, and then their children as well. And now think about

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your siblings and their children, and your children, your grandchildren, et cetera. Any these are all who people whom Allah subhanaw taala has chosen for you that they are related to you. And we are not allowed to sever relationships. This is something that Allah subhanaw taala has prohibited for us. We learned that people who severed ties of kinship are cursed by Allah inserted Robert is 25 Hola, hola, como la nina. Those are the people for whom is the curse. You see, everyone is not married. Okay. And relationships are primarily what blood ties. Okay? Of course, if you're married, there's, you know, a different type of bond that is there between the husband and wife. And that has

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its own, you know, rules and regulations, etc. But this is about blood relatives. Okay. In this we learned that a man came to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and he asked the Messenger of Allah which deeds are the most hated to Allah, a bald eel Allah and he said, associating partners with Allah. The man said, then what or messenger of Allah. He said, Alia to Rahim, severing ties of kinship. And he this is a deed which Allah subhanaw taala hates, which Allah's parents are dislikes. In another Hadith and Muslim we learned lie of the whole Jana Takata Rahim, the person who severs ties of kinship will not enter paradise. This is something serious. And what's amazing is that, you

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know, the thing is every family has their own drama. Okay, every family has their own drama. Every family has their own political issues. The point is that we have to join even with those who try to cut off from us. Okay, sever means that you cut off from them, meaning that you do not talk to them, you do not see them, you do not interact with them. And this is something very common.

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You have to do your part. It's possible that you call and they don't answer. It's possible that you are nice, but they don't reciprocate. That what they do is their problem. What you do is your responsibility. You have to do your part. Okay. And then it is set that way you've seen a fill of the cause corruption in the earth. And remember that disbelief is a form of corruption. Turning away from the truth is a form of corruption. bloodshed is a form of corruption, that you know, finding fault in other people making fun of them, pursuing their faults. This is a form of corruption. Cheating one another is a form of corruption. severing ties of kinship is a form of corruption. And

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facade is something that Allah does not like in South Dakota, Iowa. 205 Allah subhanaw taala says Willa hula, you hibel facade Allah does not like a facade. In Soto Arafa 56 Allah says Willa tuxedo Phil or the bar that is La he do not cause corruption in the earth after Allah subhanaw taala has put it right. So such people are losers. So what is it that we can take from these verses? That we should ask Allah subhanaw taala for guidance, we should make dua Allahumma inni as Luca Houda. What to call will offer

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I thought well Athena that oh Allah I asked you for guidance. Allahumma Houdini was a Disney that Oh Allah, guide me and keep me straight. Then it is said que Phatak Furuno Billa he will come to me and Walton. How could you disbelieve in Allah while you were once upon a time dead? You were lifeless, you did not exist, have a terrible insane helium in the helium you can shake them with Cora. So literally insane verse number one, did they not come upon the human being a time when he was not even a thing that is mentioned? Right? So what it means by what content I'm worth and you used to be dead is that you were lifeless. You did not have an existence you did not have a name. And Allah

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brought you into existence Allah gave you like, you did not make yourself Allah created you. So this question is a question of the job of amazement. That amazing is your disbelief. This is also a question of reproach Toby. That how could you WHY WOULD YOU? And it's also a question of in car denial that do not do this. You know, when you ask someone a question like that the point is, don't do this. So Kay Phatak Faloona Biller, he will quantum and wildland fire here calm he is the one who gave you life. So may you meet to come then he is the one who will cause you to die. Meaning after you're destined time on earth comes to an end Allah will cause you to die and this is important.

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Allah will cause you to die you need to come meaning when Allah has written that for you, that is when you will die. Not before that.

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And we see that sometimes people attempt to take their own life you know to kill themselves but they're not able to sometimes there are people who will try to kill someone but they're not able to kill them. Sometimes the doctor will say that this person only has a few days and they live for a few years. So you meet to come Allah will give you death. A lady holla call moto will hire to Allah is the One who has created death and life. He is the one who gives death he is the one who gives life and then suddenly you hear come he will again bring you back to life. So my LA heater Jerome and then to Him you will be returned. So you have no reason to disbelieve in Allah. He brought you

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into existence. You will die at his command and you will be resurrected, you will be brought back to Him you will be answerable to him. So stop wasting your time. Who Olivia Hello color co mehfil are legion Mira, it is He Who has created for you all of that which is on the earth. This is very interesting. Why is this being mentioned Allah subhanaw taala is mentioning this as a reminder of his favor upon us. You see typically any for us as human beings, we are not allowed to remind one another of the favors that we have done. Right that is men, men, man is to remind someone off the favorite that you have done. And we're not allowed to do that. If we do that it will nullify it will

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waste cancel the reward off the good that we have done. Okay, but Allah subhanaw taala he can do mon He is worthy of doing mn, right of reminding us of the favors that he has done to us. Because when Allah subhanaw taala does that it's not to humiliate us, it is to make us more obedient to Him, it is to make us have more faith in Him it is to have more trust in him. Right and Allah subhanaw taala is worthy of saying that to us of doing that. So you will see in this ayah and in many verses in the Quran, that Allah subhanaw taala mentions His favors to us, so that we feel more grateful so that we increase in our faith. So he is the one who has created for you all that is on the earth. What does

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it mean? This has been interpreted in three ways.

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The first interpretation is that Allah has created everything on the earth, for your benefit. Meaning everything on the earth is such that it is conducive for you so that you can live you human beings can exist you human beings can thrive on the earth. And really, if you think about it, you know, the bees even, yes, they're doing their job. But after all, who are they benefiting? Human beings? I don't know if this is true or not. But I remember either hearing somewhere reading somewhere, I don't remember. But something to the effect of that if all the insects went extinct within 50 years, human beings would be dead end there would be no human life left on earth. So what

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Every word that is on the earth is basically keeping the earth alive, why to sustain you, so that you all human beings can live you can survive you can thrive. Secondly, what this means is that he has created everything for your enjoyment, any whatever is on the earth is for your enjoyment or human beings any you enjoy the fruit of the trees, the crop, you know, the weather, water, and from this dilemma have derived that everything on the earth is permissible and pure. Okay, unless it is specifically mentioned as impermissible. Okay. So everything that the Earth produces everything that is on the earth, what's the general rule that it is permissible? It is pure, it is clean. Okay, this

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thought that it's not dirty, unless it is mentioned specifically in the Quran or in the Sunnah as something that is impure as something that is impermissible. So for example, when you go to the grocery store, you see the fruit. You don't see Oh, our apples halal, or oranges halal. Are watermelons, halal? Or carrots halal? No, there isn't a list of halal foods. Rather what we have been given is a list of haram things what Allah Subhana Allah has forbidden So only those things are forbidden and everything else is permissible. Because Allah subhanaw taala says who Allah the Halacha Allah Kuma fill all the Jamia It is He Who has created for you meaning for your enjoyment,

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everything that is on the earth okay. But isn't that amazing? We portray Islam as the exact opposite right that everything is haram haram haram haram haram okay. And only this this this this, this is halal. Whereas in fact, it's the other way around everything is halal except for the things which Allah has declared haram which are few and inshallah we will learn about them and sort of dakara thirdly, the third interpretation of this is, it is He Who has created for you all meaning for your TBR for your ethereal meeting so that you can learn.

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Allah has created everything on the earth for you, so that you can learn you can reflect you take lesson, which is why we see that in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the bee as an example for us. You know, the cows even that there is a lesson for you. There's a lesson for you in in a neuron. We see here in the mosquito there's a lesson for us in the bee in the fly in the smallest of things, there's a lesson for us. So in total walk era is 71 to 73 Allah subhanaw taala says a photo a Tomonaga Leti to loan Have you seen the fire which you ignite any Have you reflected on this fire that you ignite and you use all the time until and shutdown shadow to her own national and when she

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own Is it you who produced its tree or we the producer national Jarrell now her TED kiloton one meter I lil Moquin, we have made it a reminder and provision for the travelers. So you know, for example, when you work with the fire, you know, for example, you're cooking on the stove, you have a barbecue, you make a bonfire, etc. you benefit from that fire, but that fire is also a reminder, if you've ever burned your hand even slightly, Allahu Akbar any not even directly from the fire, but from the heat that's coming from the fire. It reminds you of Jahannam right and immediately you begin to think stuff that Allah Ya Allah, forgive me, Your Allah protect me. So all of these things

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that Allah subhanaw taala has created for us are not just for us to enjoy and to benefit from, but to also learn a lesson from reflect, right? Reflect over these things. Open up your eyes, you know, for example, a snake, yes, it's scary to look at. But then we also learned that on the Day of Judgment, a person's wealth will come in the form of a snake, you know the wealth on which a person has not given a cat and it will be around his neck and it will bite him on his face. So even when we see these animals, any it should make us reflect. We should have that vision that insight, who will lead the Halacha coma field or leader Mira all of this has not been created in vain, random useless

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normal, there is a purpose benefit from these things.

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and also learn from them and appreciate the gift of life that Allah has given you. And then some Mr Isla Sama, then He directed Himself to the sky for so well Hoonah sub rsmo word and then Allah subhanaw taala made them meaning the skies into seven layered heavens. Now there is a lot that is, you know that people talk about when it comes to this idea that how are the seven skies Exactly. Remember that the sky that we see above us, the sky that we know is the first sky, okay? Because on the night journey, that the miracle lodge the ascension, when the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was taken above, you know, into the heavens and above the skies, by the word heaven. I don't mean Jana,

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I mean, the sky summer, remember that Gibreel took him to a certain door, okay, a certain gate, and debris locked at that gate and there was a gatekeeper there. Right, and to be asked for the gate to be opened, and the gatekeeper asked, and this happened at every sky that isn't just you or someone with you. And has he been called, alright, meaning permission was needed to cross over from one sky to the next. All right, to go from one sky to the next permission was needed. So remember this, the seven skies are not the layers of the atmosphere. Okay, they're not the layers of the atmosphere. These are seven distinct spaces, seven distinct skies. And imagine the vastness of the sky that we

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know of the space and the universe that we know of that we have access to in the sense that we can see through the tools that Allah subhanaw taala has provided us, all of this is just the first sky, just the first sky and above it is the second and above that is the third and above that is the fourth and above that is the fifth and then the sixth and then the seventh. And above all of that the rhythm I say then then there are the levels of paradise and above Jana tune for those is the Throne of Allah.

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What does this show us any instead of thinking about? Well, what does exactly mean by the seven skies, realize the vastness of the creation

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and realize what a tiny speck, speck of a speck you are in this entire existence?

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Do you have the right to be arrogant? Do you have the right to criticize the word of Allah?

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You don't realize your smallness, yet realize that Allah azza wa jal has blessed you with guidance. And if Why would Allah care for us when we are so tiny, on we are so little insignificant compared to the entire creation? He had, Allah has honored us by sending his book by sending revelation. So let us be humble and let us be grateful. Right, this should be our response to the word of Allah, humility, and gratitude, not arrogance and criticism. Some muster wa ala Sama, if a so well, oneness of rsmo word. You know some people get stuck on the word is the word that Allah rose what does that mean? Allah paid attention to the sky. What does that mean? Any? You're missing the point. Some

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Mustafa Illa sama it for so we're homeless of rsmo word and then it is sad well who will be cliche in our Aleem and He is Knowing of everything Allahu Akbar, the massive universe Allah has created and of that also such a tiny fraction we know of and Allah knows everything be cliche in ever knowing. We learned in the Quran era Allah Muna ye lead you fill out only Allah knows what goes into the earth warmer yeah what would you mean her and what comes out of the earth? Well my NZ Domina sama and what comes down from the sky? Well my yard would you feed her and what goes up into the sky? Er Allah Wilma to see rune he knows what you hide what matter really known what you express.

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Allah knows everything. Allah Ya Allah, woman HELOC in suit milk Allah subhanaw taala asks us does the One who created not know So when Allah knows everything, trust him? Trust Him, trust His Word, that it is the truth. It is a help. And don't approach the Quran with arrogance. Approach the Quran with humility and gratitude. May Allah subhanaw taala increases all in our faith in our guidance, in our knowledge in our understanding, and may all of this knowledge translate into servitude and submission before Allah or zoologia inshallah we will conclude over here Subhanak Allah Who

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More will be handed a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta as the Furukawa tuberculate was salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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