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Just to quickly add to that the Hadeeth of anxious the low time and the wife of the Prophet I needed someone from Sudan. She said, I thought I would also like solo it was sudden be in the shade and cut them rocks and whatnot Hardman, that the prophets of light it was something never hit anything with his hand, not a woman and not is certainly not a woman and not a servant and the only thing that I am aware of and the whole entire suit of the Prophet is allowed to sit in where he ever touched any one of his wives. Was it she herself, who said that he never hit her, when she followed him to the graveyard that night, and the prophets aligning with someone was, she thought that maybe the prophet

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SAW you someone was doing something? And he said, Did you think that alone His Messenger would be unjust to you? And she said that he was kind of like poking it like that, like kind of waking up her senses, like did you think that right? But that's that obviously is not considered to be any kind of abuse, this was the extent of what the prophet is allowed to sit in did. So the reality is, is then in light of that, and the fact that for example, the prophets of light, it was sometimes prohibited the companions from touching their touching their wives, and then they came, because the woman came in and complained to the Prophet, I didn't realize, they said, Look, these guys are, you know,

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putting their hands on it. So the prophet SAW, I saw them forbade them, then the men came back, and they said, that they you know, I mean, in our colloquial terms, they out of pocket now, you know, they know that should not allowing us to do anything, and now our hands are tied, and now the household is going crazy. And so the problem is a lot of them relax that prohibition. And so then the woman came back and said, they back at it again, and the prophesy centum, said, Lisa, how will that PL come that those people are not the best of you, they're not the good ones, from another words, those who can only manage their households by if it ain't roughly the right type of style.

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Now, that's not those are not the good ones for emotion, but there has to be a different approach to them. And so, again, we don't have any indication from the son of the Prophet alayhi salatu was saying from his accident, he's our cookbook. He's the one that we that we are supposed to be modeling ourselves after. We don't have any indication that he ever laid a hand on any of his wives low tide island.