Tahir Wyatt – Do I need a Fatwa or Qadhaa

Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various questions and scenarios that affect the situation of a divorce. They mention that a woman may change her locks and that the judge needs to hear from both sides. The speaker emphasizes the importance of providing feedback to avoid unfair situations.
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Again, just to kind of piggyback off of that, many of the questions that have come this one is about a husband who got a fuller and they thought it was a divorce and all of this type of stuff. And then another one that talks about a husband who was unfaithful to his wife when he had to be left

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You know, this is this is from the cabana. Well, you're gonna love it, same way, the same way that you wouldn't want somebody to do that to your daughter to your wife is no one that is more jealous than the last one, which I

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think about what you're doing to his servants, because whoever that woman was, who you slept with, that you shouldn't ask, that is the servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The point is, that there are several questions that are like this, that they're not they don't need fatawa they need cover. And people have to understand is the difference so when you deal with specific situations a woman change the locks Can you do this? Can you do that, when you're dealing with these specific situations, affects what is something that is given where you don't have to hear from the other side. But when a situation where now is another side to this story, it would be irresponsible for a Mufti to respond

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without hearing the other side of the story and bringing and that's where that's where the Cabal comes in where where there's actual judgment, and the judge has to hear from both sides provided that he's given the other the other side the opportunity. Now if that if that opportunity is provided to the other person, I gotta go to him.

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Then then essentially the net situation can be dealt with, as is or from that one side of the the the story and shuttle but as she hasn't mentioned,

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and she hasn't mentioned many of these situations and scenarios that come up. You cannot give a general answer. Hello, Adam.

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