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Referring to the Israelites in Surah Al-Baqarah, Allah stresses that like them, we are in real danger that our hearts will harden even though the Quran is in our hands and we recite it in prayer. In the same surah, Allah teaches us how to protect our hearts from this, first by maintaining a deep connection with our creator, which in turn will improve our relationships with close family; then by always speaking well of people, followed by establishing the prayer and finally giving zakat. Salat is the means by which our worship of Allah and goodness to others is reinforced. The consequences of a hardened heart are grave, leading to a strong warning from Allah in ayah 85 against those who believe in some parts of His book and choose to deny or ignore others, if it doesn’t serve their interests. The compensation for such extremists on both sides (those obsessed with the superficial aspects of religion or those who fail to observe even the most basic rites) is humiliation in this life and the worst of jahannam in the afterlife. Such behavior damages the Ummah at large because it makes Islam itself appear contradictory.

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Today's code bite is about a few items that belong to bunnies slide in. But before I discuss some of the lessons that I'd like to share with you and remind myself of when you

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have those if I wanted to go over something that belongs to a different slide, this is in sort of Bukhara. But the idea that I wanted to start off with today is in sort of the 57th surah of the Quran, Allah azza wa jal poses a question to the believing community. It's a very hard question. He says lm Jani levena Amano and Tasha aku homely tequila,

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isn't it time yet, for those who believe that their hearts should tremble and their hearts should be filled with all with the remembrance of Allah. When I akuna Latina Otto Kitab, I'm in Kabul, and we should not become like those who are given the book from a long time ago. Meaning the Israelites, the Jewish community, the Torah and the Christians. They shouldn't become like those who were given the book A long time ago, for Allah Allah, He will Ahmed, a long period passed over them for Casa de la boom, their hearts became hard. worker thielmann home kasikorn. And men most of them are a huge number of them are corrupt, or they become corrupt.

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I wanted to share with you that Allah azzawajal mentions that those who have received the book of believing community, something can happen to them after a long period passes, they can deteriorate and they can become rusty, literally a lead describes that your heart should be filled with the remembrance of Allah, not like those who were given a book and they had the book for 1000s of years. They had them for Allah and the human, Ahmed, they had it for a long, long time. For kosaku home, their hearts became hard. And there's something that there's a relationship between the remembrance of Allah and the hearts becoming hard. But there's also a reality that people who claim to believe

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people who have received revelation from Allah like us today, we have received revelation from Allah, that we are in a very real danger that our hearts will become hard even though the Quran is in our hands, and it's being recited by our tongues, and we're hearing it in the prayer. And we're engaged in the ritual worship of Islam. And yet at the same time, our hearts have become disconnected from this Deen and our hearts have disconnected themselves from Allah. We feel nothing inside and taxjar aku Allah and Allah azza wa jal says, isn't it yet time that you started feeling something? Basically the question that's being asked is, why isn't something inside you rattled?

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When you remember Allah, and why and he's warning you and me that we don't become like those who came before us who the same thing happened to focus at Hulu home. Okay, thielmann home for a second. What I want to start off with today is one of those people the Israelites who will let talks a lot about and Allah describes what he gave them. What is it that he gave them and in Baccarat describes that their hearts became hard even more he says he compares them to rocks or even stiffer than rock. Right? So they're allowed to describe the essence of what they were given in their book, The summary of their entire book. And the remarkable Sultanate of Allah is in many ways that the summary that

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was given to the Israelites, the Torah, the essential teachings of Torah, are no different than the essential essential teachings of the Quran. The fundamental message is the same which is why when Allah gave his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Quran, he said Musa De Palma been a minute, alright, it's confirming what's already there ahead of him in the Torah. But it's not something new. It's a reaffirmation of what was already taught. But since so many of the fundamental teachings were lost, Allah decided to bring it back to the basics. Now, some things about Jewish law, if you don't know, which is similar to our fifth in many ways, is that it's kind of 1000s upon 1000s upon 1000s

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of fatawa. It's got, you know, like, every single issue, how should you sit? How should you stand? When should you eat? When should you What should you pray, you know, the dietary laws, the clothing laws, the marriage laws, the Divorce Laws, and every law with lots and lots and lots and lots of details. So there's literally 1000s upon 1000s, upon 1000s of issues in their 50s, just like there are in ours, I mean, it's an exhaustive volume of stuff. So Allah is going to do in his eloquence, he's going to take one or two, in this case, one ayah, and essentially mentioned the heart of the matter. And I want to compare this for you. The human body is made up of many things, there, and

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every one of them is very intricate, just studying how the finger works is an intricate thing. There are lots of joints inside, blood vessels inside veins inside muscles inside, and each one of them is extremely intricate. But if you want to talk about the essence of life, that's the heart, or maybe the heart and the brain, these are the essential components. Other parts are there, they're valuable, but they're only alive because these things are functioning you understand. So really, the heart and soul of the matter is going to be discussed by Allah, which gives everything else life now a person whose heart stops working, that's on the inside, the heart stopped working, and they're

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lying in from a distance. You can't tell if they're dead or sleeping.

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The hands are still there, the body is still there, the face is still there, everything is still there. From the outside. It looks exactly like any other person. But on the inside because this is gone, everything is gone.

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And because the mind isn't there, the brain

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functioning, everything is dead. It's no longer functioning, this is not a functional human being. So what I'm trying to get at when I lost has the hearts became hard. When he says for the people before us that their hearts became hard. That means everything else in the religion, even though it looked like they're practicing the religion is dead, is of no value. That's just artificial. It's just like a corpse, that literally like a corpse. And so if that happens to you and me, that were Muslim, that we see it last name, have you pray that we make the law that we make thicker, that we recite the Quran, but the heart inside dies, then everything else outside becomes an artificial

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corpse that others might see as alive, but Allah knows better what's going on inside the hearts. So we begged Allah not to make us of those whose hearts have become hard. So now Allah does this when he's going to describe the fundamental religion in this ayah for the Israelites. What he's basically teaching us is what are the things that keep you your heart from dying? Because if you hold on to these fundamentals, then your heart will not die. And if your heart will not die, everything else in Islam, everything else that alone is messenger want from you, so Allah Han Solo is going to fall into place. But if this isn't there, everything else is pointless, everything else is just

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superfluous. So what is this essential thing? He says la buena Illallah. He says he took a contract from the Israelites and agreement. What is the cause now mythical bunnies? In latter Medina, Allah Allah, you're not going to be enslaving yourselves worshipping anyone other than Allah. You've heard this a million times. But let's dig into this a little bit. What does it mean to worship Allah? What does it mean to enslave yourself to Allah, the more you get to know Allah, the more it should change you and me. The more you learn about him, the more he changes me and I want to give you some practical, you know, how does that work? When you get to truly appreciate that Allah is Worthy of

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all praise.

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Then you no longer seek praise yourself. You're no longer interested in praise anymore. It changed you because you internalize that lilla Hill hum Alhamdulillah it belongs to him. So I don't need validation by people's praise. Now it's his entire his giving. When you understand Allah is Allah Aziz is the owner of all dignity and all authority, then you're not looking for respect from anywhere else. If it comes, it comes but it only came because Allah wanted it to, but what Allah has given you, nobody can take away when you when I internalized, deeply internalized Allahu Akbar, that he is greater than you and you and I internalize that we're not so great that we're not we don't

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need to prove ourselves to anybody. It's a it's a check in on our own humility. It brings us in it puts us in our place when you and I realized that lies Miley Chioma Dini is the master of judgment every time you learn something about Allah, He's the owner of all justice, and

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then you get really scared of His justice. And you start act if he's so just and he's letting me then I'm not free roam. I can I can't just do however I please. When you recognize that Ally's man he's loving, caring, merciful kind. And then he's given so much love care and mercy to you that how is it that a lot can be a rough man to me and I can be lulled into someone else that I could I could be oppressive to somebody else. I could be you know, cold toward somebody else. This is going it's every time you and I learned something about a law, our relationship with a law evolves or a bother to Allah evolves. So it is this constantly growing and by the way, these things they become rusty,

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just because you know how many belongs to Allah, you learn that in this football you hurt you thought about it for a few seconds. That doesn't mean that eight hours from now, you're going to be thinking that I don't need validation that I don't need praise You and I need reminder, we need to review these teachings that needs to come back and hit us again and again and again. And the most effective way that that will hit us is actually a laws words themselves, which is why he says isn't it yet time that their hearts and duck Shaku Lee decree law that their hearts became filled with all by the remembrance of Allah and so many of the Sahaba commented vicryl la fille IRA and Koran, the

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remembrance of Allah in the Quran itself. When every few hours I stand in prayer, I stand up there and I say al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Rahman Al Rahim, Maliki oma Deen iaca that Buddha kind of saying everything that I'm saying, every one of those that I'm saying has a reaction. It does something to my brother, I'm, he's gonna be the one that's worthy of praise. And by the way, that also means whatever I'm going through, doesn't take anything away from his praise. No matter how many problems I have, usually somebody you know, we asked each other Hey, how's it going? And hamdulillah you know, like we say Al Hamdulillah like I got problems. What can I say I'm supposed to

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say Alhamdulillah but I don't really feel it. I feel the problems. I don't feel the hummed when I'm standing in front of Allah leaving everything behind. And I think

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And I say with full conviction, all praise and gratitude belongs to Allah, then what I'm saying is no matter what problems I'm going through, I know one thing for sure, this could have been way worse. And I'm praising Allah that it's not.

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This could have been way, way worse. And Allah is not putting me through something that's, that's a punishment. It's always a trial. It's always a test. And the test is only there for my improvement. Just like in any any training, when you're put through a test, it's just there to make you stronger. That's all it's there for. And so you stand in front of a lot and you praise Him. And He decides the test, you're not the authority, you don't decide Why am I being tested this way? Why couldn't it be a different kind of test? Why couldn't it be? He's a little bit I mean,

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why is he being so harsh to me? No, he's not. He's awesome. I know him.

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And I don't care anymore. I don't care about this test my likoma. Dean,

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how do you not care? You're gonna stand in front of him. He's gonna judge what you did? Well, I don't know how to do this on my own what he will do? Fine. I'll try my best Try not to, but I can't do it on my own. What do you say, Yeah, can I help? I can't do it myself. It's an entire conversation with a law about my daily struggle just in Nevada. Allah says to the Israelites, the first thing you must do is fix that bond with a lot of conversation with Allah.

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When that happens, then it affects all the other relationships around you.

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And all the other relationships around me. So when the relationships around me, or there's something wrong with them, then there's first something wrong between me and Allah. And that's creating something wrong around me. Now, there's two kinds of things people do wrong to you. And sometimes you do wrong to people. And I've given you plenty of talks about when other people do wrong to you this whole bias about myself, when I am doing wrong to somebody else. Well, how am I supposed to think about this, because you know, always always, we are programmed to think about what somebody else did to us. And they may have done things to us, not not taking that away. But we have to now

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become people of introspection also, somebody else doing wrong to you doesn't justify you doing wrong to somebody else. Those are two separate things. And Allah addresses both of those things. The problem, however, is when we become people of extremes, when we discuss one thing and not the other. And you know, for example, every time I'll give a talk about the rights of parents, children will get upset and say you didn't you never say anything about abusive parents who abused the rights of their kids. How can where's our rights? And if I talk about children, whose rights are being ignored, parents say, you know, you keep putting parents down. What about our respect? How about

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some respect, everybody's looking for self service, and we're gonna come to that in a second. Allah says what Bill Walid any silent was in Korba, wanyama will Masaki wakulla, co host none. He says be the very best you can be make the best of what you can with a relationship but with both your parents, close relatives, orphans, Masaki, and then those who can't help themselves, in other words, not be perfect. Not everybody's situation is the same. But whatever situation you find yourself, try to do the best you possibly can. If you at the end of the day can say this is the best I could possibly do. You did Excellent. So even though that's not my football, I want to give you that

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qualifier. Because that's an important, you know, a disclaimer that's necessary. Allah is not expecting everyone to be exactly the same with all of their parents, my parents are a blessing to me. Alhamdulillah somebody else's parents are a huge struggle for them.

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They're not the same. It's not the same. Somebody's siblings are the best thing that ever happened to them and somebody else's siblings is like hobbylink kaabil.

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It happens. Not every family is the same. Allah is not expecting the same exact behavior from everyone. What a lie is expecting though, as a son, you know what that means? It means what's the very best you can do in your situation? I'll tell you something I may have mentioned before a friend of mine had a terrible relationship with his mother and you know, in Islam, how much Allah talks about the mother, how good you have to be to your mother, how we can never thank our mother how she gave us birth and how she you know, she almost died giving an and the favors of her and the acknowledgement of her in the Quran is remarkable. And in the Sunnah of the prophet sites have it's

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so remarkable. The status of the mother, everybody here knows if you know nothing else about Islam, you know how how high up mom is, you know, that, you know, and then his he had a terrible relationship with his mother, not because of him, because she was extremely abusive. And she tortured him mentally, psychologically, even physically, sometimes, to the point where he developed like a major anxiety and started having panic attacks and even started developing seizures. So when he would be in the company of his mom, he literally started foaming at the mouth and pass out. Like that happened multiple times to him because of the things his mother says. And the way she abuses

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him verbally. And he feels that he has to keep going back to go talk to his mom because he doesn't want to burn in hell. Cuz you know, if I go if I don't go back to mom, then Allah will be angry at me because you don't have to be the best to your mom. You know? And so what am I supposed to do? And I told him, and I say this with a clean conscience in his case, the best

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He can do is stay away from his mom take care of her rights take care of her needs. But you cannot do that at the expense of you being abused yourself if that was the case of Rahim are they Salaam is in an abusive environment where his father is committing shift

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he's not there to just stay at home and I'm just going to be with you no matter what when he kicks him out he leaves he's gone not everybody circumstances the same. But anyway that's a side note will be valid any sudden with Luca with your relatives with you know the the need the orphans, the needy, you do the very best that you can given your circumstances. You have to do a full assessment of what your circumstances maybe even get some outside help but to expect that we all have to be perfect in every relationship and everybody is expected the same standard that is just not our Deen. That's just not Islam. Okay. In any case, after having said this, Allah describes the next step for the

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Israelites and by the way, this was it if you have your relationship with Allah good. And as a relationship, and as a result, you're trying to do the best you can within the close family. That's the next item, right? So first, you're deeply connected with Allah, and you're trying to do the very best you can within close family. Then what's next? Then what's next is wakulla nasya host and speak to people in good the best way you can say good and beautiful things to people. If you don't have something good to say in public, don't say it. If you don't have something beneficial to offer, then don't just keep your mouth shut. Only say beautiful things leanness actually, by the way means two

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things in the Arabic language say good things to people and also means say good things about people. That's that became a fundamental By the way, you know what that means? Every time you don't, your heart gets harder. Every time you don't it affects you not someone else you would think your words are affecting somebody else. They're affecting you. They're affecting me. When we're talking about somebody else, when we're talking to somebody else in other than nice are kind ways. You know, now we're kulula nasty hustlin and then he says well, Pema salata, Otto Sokka,

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established a prayer gives,

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you would think when Allah says worship only mean the number one item should be pray. Number two items should be given to God. He says no. First item take fixture relationship with me. And before you understand what that truly means, know that when your heart becomes soft towards Allah, it will naturally become soft towards the people around you. And then and and to make sure it stays that way established a prayer. Okay, masala meaning the salon is a means by which you're a bother to Allah will be reinforced and your goodness to others will be reinforced. If you're standing there in prayer. And you're annoyed with your wife. Because she's there's too much noise coming from the

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kitchen and ruin your salad or something. Or if you're standing in Salah, and kids are running around, you're like, as soon as I'm done, I'm gonna, you know.

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How is your heart become soft? What What is that? What did you just do? The outside of the prayer was all there, but the heart hasn't softened.

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What is that compared to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who can stop in the middle of a huddle for a crying child? Well, what Islam is this, this is the Islam where the heart is hard and only the outside is left. And when that happens when the heart becomes hard, not only will the oma become harsh, you'll become harsh towards close relationships, and the harshness then the harshness of the tongue will come, you'll speak harshly to other people or about other people. And eventually the heart becomes so hard that even what happened to the Israelites it became so hard that they were willing Muslim was willing to kill another Muslim.

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Allah had to reveal that Dr. Luna and pusaka you will not be killing each other. You will not be killing your own people. You'll not be kicking them out from your own homes, unimaginable a believer would kill another believer. It's not so unimaginable for us today.

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So much of the violence that's happening in the room is not happening at the hands of outside forces, some other invading force, so much of the killing that's happening in the oma today's two people, both of them who claimed that ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And what's even wild while all of this is happening, the people who speak harshly like they hate this group, this group is they're not even Muslim. They're caffeine. And this one says no, they're not Muslim. They're caffeine. And what you You're both praying, you're taking the same vote, a beer prayer break, and also a prayer break and then going to kill each other again. And while you're both doing this, you're quoting the same reciting the same Quran, praying to the same Allah, you're doing all of that. And we say, how come there is such crazy violence in the oma and I will take a step back. It doesn't just come out of nowhere. First is the heart that becomes hard, then it's the close

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relationships that become stiff, then the tongue becomes harsh, and all of that evolves into eventually into bloodshed. That evolves into bloodshed. It doesn't just come out of nowhere. So when we don't soften when our tongues don't soften, when our relationship with a lion, our close relationship doesn't fix

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When we don't do that stuff, then we don't get to complain that there's some people killing each other.

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Because we're part of that cycle. We're part of that same chain of process. They're just the most extreme end of it. But there's a lighter version that we're culprits of. That's the progression in these high art. And in the court in the midst of those ayatullah said to me, noona be battling kitabi wakfu, Nami, Bob, do you believe in some parts of the book and deny other parts of the book. So this is the part that I really wanted to talk to you about and conclude with one of the indications that the heart has become truly hard, and that religion is now only artificial. I told you know, the core of our religion is a bada. Bada means everything you learn about Allah impacts

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you in some way, your personality, your thinking your feelings in some way. That's about it. At the end of the day, Allah is the most giving you become the most grateful. That's how that works. Allies the provider knew you're careful with what he provided. allies, the judge, you're not going to cross his lines. When that relationship is not there anymore, then what happens there? There are lots of crazy extremes that happen unless as you believe in some parts of the book and you believe other disbelieve other parts of the book. How does somebody do that? Nobody comes and says, By the way, I love this surah I believe in this surah next door, I know I'm a copy of that. Surah Nobody does

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that. Nobody does that. Nobody said I like I am number 35. I believe I number 36, though Nah, not happening. Nobody does that.

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And what this what is this go for? You know what this is? Then you decide what parts of the religion are suited for you. And what parts of the religion I can just ignore. They're not. It's not my thing.

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That's just not my thing.

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And so people do this in different ways. For some people, the outside of the religion, the length of the beard is really important. The head cover is really important that you have to wear shallow Archimedes or a thought or something. And those are those are Islamic clothes and I'm wearing colored clothes right now. And I'm you know, because I'm not covering my head according to the fact behind it. That's not i'm not discussing it. But because of this I'm not as Islamic as some other people or somebody else. But this guy doesn't even have a beard La hawla wala quwata liberalise faces Haram, or that one doesn't wear hijab, you know, what kind of hijab is that? Look, there's a

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hair sticking out in India, he went nearly Roger on, you know, the outside the appearance? And where do you when you go to somebody's house? Where do you get the chicken? Did you get it from as we have? Please? How's it because those of you have, please? Did you do an exhaustive background check of the butcher? Did you find out where he was born? And how many animals he's killed so far? And does he pronounce Bismillah Allahu Akbar properly or not, because if not, I'm not eating here. I'll just have the salad and I'll go, this is the this is their Islam, checking the ingredients on every ice cream packet. So make sure you're not eating Haram. But when it comes to giving my hair

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to the wife, when it comes to giving the inheritance the same, same, same long beard, same handjob, same Super halophyte everything else when it comes to money, I don't know where that Islam went, where did it go? It just disappeared. All of a sudden, when it comes to speaking kindly to people, when it comes to not backbiting against others, when it comes to not putting someone down. When it comes to not slandering somebody, it just disappeared. So in some things, extremely Islamic looking, and other things. That's worse than any coffee would ever do. of her to not be battling kitabi what's gonna be better than by the way, the Justice kindness, mercy, forgiveness, softness in

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speech, they only come when a hardest soft

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but the outside appearance and impressing somebody with your religious you know, you can quote stuff. You even know Arabic.

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You can quote that stuff and look religious, that stuff anybody can do.

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Anybody can do that. A Buddha spoke really good Arabic. He was really good. The leader of the mafia, one of the live in Norway, he gave epic speeches, man, his Arabic was way better than mine. Way better. So you want to just quote Arabic and you feel like you're more religious. That's not what makes somebody religious knowledge doesn't make you more religious.

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Epicurious doesn't make you more religious. It doesn't make you a better person. But for some people, that's essentially Islam, and everything else isn't. And if somebody doesn't look that way, then you judge them. And the you you don't even judge yourself over those wrong things you're doing in your life. And the way you're dealing with people, even in the way that the prayers have become you. You're praying perfectly, you're like, according to my school of thought the hand should be here or here or wherever they are. And the entire prayer looking at the guy's hands next to you whose hands are a little bit lower like

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and I sort of realized, bro, your Roku was just not 90 degrees. It was more like you know, you need to fix your was your heart. Your heart was not in new cooler. Your heart was not as good Why don't check in somebody else's prayer. What's wrong with you? When did that happen? This is a heart that is not overwhelmed by the remembrance of Allah. On the other side is the other extreme people that say no, no, no. I'm not that religious. I don't want to be like these people. They all look religious, but

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You know, really, they're just just they're just scum. And they, they're cheaters and liars and all of that I don't want to deal with them, etc, etc. I know what they're all like, etc. Fine, you're not Islamic, you call yourself normal. I don't want to be, I don't wanna be the religious type cool, good for you, except when it's to your advantage. So when your son is acting up, you start quoting you know, in Islam, you have to be good to your mom.

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What do you what? When did Islam just mom just got religion? No mom didn't get religious, just religion served her purpose right now.

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So she quoted it,

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or the husband who doesn't even pray, drinks, whatever else, you know, abusive, and the wife speaks up you know, in Islam, women are supposed to be obedient.

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Islam really you Islam? When you call Islam when it's going to when you can slap somebody with it.

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This is to be known to be valid Kitab otaku navab there'll be there'll be people that have lived a completely non religious life and then they're going they're going through a divorce I've seen cases like that are going through a divorce and you know in the in the western courts it's like the women and men that are 5050 right. But surely our court is going to give you more money so he becomes religious during the divorce and says I'm gonna go to Sherry our court because I don't want her to have

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Mashallah. This this part of the show Dr. is very beloved to me. Everything else about Sharia? Who cares? Who cares? This is to be known to be battling Kitab otaku lava, but let's take a deeper look. Let's take a take a look at ourselves, what have we become? If I am, truly if I truly acknowledge this about myself, and you acknowledge this about yourselves, if we don't become people that when we pray, when we stop and pray, and we recite Allah's words, that we don't give up our own pride, ego, insistence addiction, you and I have certain sins we're doing something's wrong. And we don't want to let go of that wrong. We're afraid of letting it go. It's too dear to us. It's too sweet to us.

00:27:01--> 00:27:12

It's too too compelling to us. And when we're standing in front of a law, we're telling a lie Yala. I'm willing to pray for you. I'm willing to recite Hold on, I'm willing to do all this other good. But let me just hold on to this sin. I don't want to let go of this.

00:27:13--> 00:27:45

Okay, I'll make up for it with all this other good stuff. Well, I have to be healthy or to who, but I'm an casaba Satan, what a hottie hottie to somebody who earned a single sin. But and that mistake took a hold of him and surrounded him. Like you start negotiating with a lot. I'll give you all this other ibadah but this 123 haraam things so we should hold on to them. Okay, I'm not dealing with that. I'm not a pilot, I'm not even you know, at first you may even make us to fall for it. Eventually you start doing making SFR for Allah knows how I am.

00:27:46--> 00:28:16

At least I do all this other good stuff. This is a 2 million I'll be battling Kitab with a total of about believing in some parts of the book, rejecting denying ignoring other parts of the book. And so I conclude with the scary conclusion that Allah Himself gives. May Allah protect all of us? He says, Well, what images are all manufactured alikum in comb Illa his une fille Hayato dunya la cosmin comb, lemon home, lemon bunnies, Weidman comb, he says, what should be the conference compensation for somebody who does that among you?

00:28:17--> 00:28:22

except his unifil hayati dounia humiliation in this worldly life

00:28:23--> 00:28:59

whalemen qiyamah Tierra de la Shatila dub, and on the Day of Resurrection, they will be taken rejected and taken back to the most intense of all punishment. In other words, there is Johanna, and there is the worst of Johanna, this is the worst of johannah. I said the other woman lobbied often in Amazon and allies not at all unaware of the things that you do. Why is Ally making such a harsh punishment? punishment for these people? There's Quraysh we're attacking the prophets eyes on them. They're making war against the Muslims. Why don't they get shut down either? Why is these people getting a shutdown? The worst of all punishment Why? Because these people are supposed to be

00:28:59--> 00:29:35

believers. They're supposed to be ambassadors of Allah as Dean, when they take part of the book, and they reject other parts of the book. They make the book itself look ugly, they make Islam look ugly. And for so many other people who could have come to Islam. When they see their behavior. They walk away from Islam, as a matter of fact, even their own young their own younger generation says my parents acted in this way my uncle's acted in this way. They were religious in this this but look at how they behaved in this, this and this, I want nothing to do with Islam. You were the reason to push schepens agenda onto your own to spread gopher within your own what bigger crime is there? And

00:29:35--> 00:30:00

so unless as your multi Amati or aduna illa De La MaMa la will be often and I'm not talking about noon. And Allah is not at all unaware of what you people do. You know, I am compelled to give this code because as I speak to people, people write to me. They reach out to me via social media about whatever problems are going through. And I cannot begin to tell you how many times people have said because of how my family behaved towards me, because of how my inlaws behaved towards me.

00:30:00--> 00:30:08

Because of how my siblings behave towards me, my parents behave towards me my children behave towards me. I don't even want anything to do with Islam. I don't even know what God's doing maravilla

00:30:09--> 00:30:15

like they start questioning Deen itself because of how they were. These are religious people, they treated me like this. How can that be?

00:30:16--> 00:30:45

So Allah says people like that deserve the worst punishment. You know, yo mo chiamato de la gente de la la de la fille de Lune. So May Allah not make us from those people I know I've taken over my time within a minute I'll be done. I just want to share with you how Allah Himself concludes this passage, he says, some problem with Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Hayato dunya bill Assa t? Well, I will ask her for that you have for four on one as well. So, those are the people that have purchased worldly life and given away the afterlife.

00:30:46--> 00:31:19

Why did he say that? Because when people do that, when people take some parts of the religion and ignore other parts of the religion, for whatever reason, I've mentioned a variety of reasons in this football. When people do that, then they do that because they want something to gain in this world, whether it's control, whether it's their own agenda, whether it's some greed, whether it's some lust only, quote, parts of the religion that serve your cause in this life, well, then you all you want from the religion is you want something to be served in this life. You do not come to the Quran, and the Sunnah of the Prophet Alayhi Salam so that you can earn a large favor in the next life. You're

00:31:19--> 00:31:59

only coming to it because it serves you in some way in this life, then Allah says, fine, that's all you're gonna get, then. That's all that's all you want. That's all you get. May Allah azza wa jal make us of those that are at the service of this team, and do not force the Dean of a law to be at the service to us. barakallahu li walakum filco Anil Hakeem when apparently we are coming it was declared Hakeem al hamdu lillahi Wa Wa Salatu was Salam O Allah anybody Latino Safa Susana Allah Allah him wahat Amina been Mohamed el amin, Allah alayhi wa sahbihi verrine con Allahu Allah delfy kitabi him Kareem Nakula rubella Humana shaytani r Rajim in de la Mola, eketahuna soluna lnav Latina

00:31:59--> 00:32:31

amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Moses Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Anwar Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah tala Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al al amin in Amita Majeed Allahumma barik Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed comma Baraka Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al al amin in the middle Majeed Reba la Rahim Akuma La La Ilaha Illa de la San Benito if you want her and in fact, you will mooncup politiker Allahu Akbar Allahu Allah Mata stone Akemi Salah insalata kanatal Mini Nikita makuta