Mufti Menk – Why did you Study Islam

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © A man talks about his passion for Islam and how his grandfather had to encourage him to study the language. He explains that his grandfather had taught all of them and his grandfather had granted him success in his studies. He also mentions that his grandfather is a hero to all of them and is a professional clarologist.
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So what made you follow the path of studying Islam?

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim

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just to add chef, you know, you mentioned we don't look so much further, far apart in age. And someone wants told me I said, Oh, he's my uncle. So they said, Oh, you are his uncle.

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I said, Come on, man. Come on. You know, that's strange, because I have my son as well. And when when I, when I'm with him, he looks very similar. So someone said once that

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is that your brother? I said, No. So my brother. So he looked at me and he said, that's crazy. They actually think I'm your brother. But then when we went somewhere else, someone said that your father and I'm like, what my father my son men.

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So the people sometimes don't really understand you're right, mashallah Baraka lovely? Hamdulillah. So alhamdulillah with regards to the question, I've been studying Islam with my granddad from a very young age, in fact, my elephant bow was taught by Him and I attribute my beginnings to him. So essentially, we were born into a family that studied Islam Alhamdulillah and that's I attribute after Allah subhanahu Attallah to my grandfather. So that Alhamdulillah was a huge driver for me to study Islam. It was what I knew it was what I was familiar with, because he taught us the Quran he taught us the Tafseer of the Quran, he taught us I remember him sitting, studying words for the next

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day's lesson and writing them down. And then the next day, we would hear those words in the lesson. So Subhanallah it's something that we studied from a very young age myself, and she had none were together in some of these classes as well. So it's something that just comes naturally so when the opportunity to go to Medina came Alhamdulillah it was one of those things I knew we always looked up to our uncle, share his mareel movie smile, we looked up to him. And we looked up to him as not only a scholar of Dean, but like the set like he said, a fun scholar of Dean, it was different to the norm. You know, usually you have a chef or Molana you sit quietly in front of him, put your head

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down and listen and hear we could interact, we could speak we could laugh, we could joke we enjoy these lectures Alhamdulillah so it's something that really inspired me to you know, further my studies in Medina. That's definitely Can I Can I add something because he can he speak about my father, my father, Mashallah. He has taught all of us all his children and his grandchildren. And with that he has established massive institutions. 1000s of people have turned to Islam. 1000s of people have benefited learned the deen they have been empowered in terms of dunya as well. So he is a hero to all of us, my father, their grandfather, and to this day, he still sits as all diseases

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about 88 May Allah grant him goodness, he still sits and teaches he cannot,

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you know, not do something he has to be doing something so anyone who's really interested in certain teach them Quran and Arabic. Another thing anyone whom he's taught the Quran to, they are professional Quranic recitals. And really, he is amazing in his teaching, Allah has blessed him mashallah amazing

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