Taha Karaan – Debate on Shism (3 of 4)

Taha Karaan
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh I once again welcome the listeners to channel Islam. We are once again into this historical event, which is a dialogue and a discussion and a debate between His Eminence Maulana Quran and Mallanna Dr. Husseini.

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We are now going to be addressing the subject of the authority of Al Bayt. And I've been reminded by one of my African Muslim brothers that when we use terminology, we must be careful because some we mustn't take it for granted that they understand everything. He used one term. For example, he said that if I don't think that all of us know the meaning of the word tarif and therefore, I will request both the speakers that when they use technical terms, that they must try to simplify it for the benefit of African Muslim brothers who do not understand these terminologies necessarily.

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I will now request brother, Dr. Seo to Saini to speak for 10 minutes on the authority of Ahlulbayt whereafter. I shall give the same amount of time to His Eminence Mallanna Kiran, first Dr. Hussaini for the authority of a halal beta Lee he was salam we have two reasons.

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One is from Quran

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and the other one is from sunnah.

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The idea which is from Quran is very famous island

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which is

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waste tree chapter 33. The address is very easy.

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Now I have got a book here called showerhead Tenzin.

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This is

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Shiva Tenzin Phil Oh Yatta nozzle, fee Al Bayt salat wa Taala he was salam O Allah, Allah Gil the level and then we have to volume. This is my left by Al Hakim Al has County which is not a shareholder. It's a Sunni. And he's a famous, authentic writer also. He in this Shabbat Heydo Tenzin which is to volume has gathered more than 390 is in Quran

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with the authorities from not Shia sources, but from Sunni sources. Because Hakeem has got he doesn't believe in in Shia school of thought.

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So he doesn't use our sources, the majority with 100% of every Hadith that he bring in this higher and he wants to make Tafseer of those 390 yard is taken from the books of our Sunni brothers. So out of the 390 is in Quran concerning a handle beta Li Mo Salam compiled by a Sunni alim, I want to choose one, because time is not allowing us and that is 3333

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which we call is that he

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or two to tattoo here has come in the middle of a series of our yard, which is concerning the wives of the prophet

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that our yard which says we're Karna fie BeautyCon Bella tuber Rajnath Hubbard Rodial Jah Helia some warnings, some advice to the wives of the Prophet sit at home. Don't be like the ignorant people do this today some advice which is in this

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way says

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is advising the wives of the Prophet concerning some outcome to the students which those of outcomes is common between the words of the Prophet and the other people. If you look at each and everybody over the last column, you see there is no difference between those that come to be followed by the worst of the Prophet and us all of them it's better to sit at home in all of them is better to not to do Tabata Virgil, Jilin. That's one

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in the middle of such a series which Allah talks only to the wives of the Prophet. Talking to them directly Tala tuber Regina hit up two wives, and he use Karuna or Hoonah over Karna, that noon, which is noon attorneys and connect which is the meal jam oneness

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pronoun for a plural female problem.

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More than 20 time Allah subhanaw taala. In those series of Wells's Allah talks to the wife of the Prophet and US

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Luna, gentlemanliness as damaged as pronoun,

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but all of a sudden in the middle of such a series of our yard, Allah change his tone

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immediately say something else, which doesn't seem that Allah is talking to the same people.

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What is that portion? He says the NAMA you read Allah, the youth Heba and Kumar rich sir albite.

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Now, listen to this very carefully, because every letter

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which has been installed in this set of words,

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which is 33 The last portion of chapter 2333 Every letter us there has got a big meeting.

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I think we have got to lecture

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what is the meaning of this? Worse?

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Let me let me first translate that worse. In nama it means Allah only

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has wished

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and will to purify the you reader. In amo you read Allah Allah wishes

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the youth haber to remove and come to see come connect

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Karna beauty Kona comm is now a plural pronoun.

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But not anymore for females. It is for males also cool hola all of a sudden change his tone from Pune to come. Instead of saying in the more you read Hola Hola, US Heba and Pune lobate

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Li You Tahira Hakuna Matata Hera, Allah doesn't say that to talk to wives of the Prophet. He says what in Allah you read Allah Allah youth Heba and Khun rich sir, a halal bait by your Tahira Kume that Hera so that comb has got lots and lots of meaning.

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And I'll come to that.

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And when Allah wish something in namorada la quinta che and fire Kula who come

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for your cool Allah you read in nama you read Allah Allah wished so and that is done.

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Immediately when Allah says it's done, it's not like my wish, I want to have a call. I wish I had a call. It doesn't happen.

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But Allah immediately when he wished something that is the that's what

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so that's that sounds a little bit strange that all of this worse is saying to the whites of the prophet and Allah change his tone to to have now is seems that he's talking to people with majority of them there are men

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and come a little bit and then Allah subhanho wa Taala use a lot of tacky emphasize like what

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tattoo here has come three time

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you to heavily use Heba and commemorates what it means Allah wants to purify you. And then again, Allah doesn't stop there. He says, Allah wants to again says purify you in another word. And then Allah again says that the last sentence the last word in this idea is that Heydo another repetition of the same cream that it seems that Allah has got this strong determination to do this job, which is purification of annual beta Li Mo salah, so that's what

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and then

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Keller may bait the word bait in this is different from the other verses. In the other set of verses which Allah talks to the wives of the Prophet says boo you Tichenor meaning jammer, Prowler plural, we use meaning houses, sit in your houses.

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And then when it comes to this with this portion of why it doesn't say with houses,

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he says your house Allah has wished to purify the household, the House did the people have your house and they come and they come a little bit so the it seemed that there is one house means by Allah one is not built anymore. And it seems that that house is purified. Then Allah subhana wa Taala brings the Word and come before Halal bait which is another tag kit in Arabic Bulaga language

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and then

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it seems that this hello bait are sitting Some may and Allah is talking to

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them which Allah is actually a they are audience of Allah. Allah says Allah Allah wish to purify you the household of the Prophet, which has got a history when I'm emphasizing that that's because of reason.

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And then I've got also confirmations from the books of our destiny brothers that the two seats of our yacht actually has been revealed in two type.

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Which by Allah and by Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has come together here.

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Okay, now that one has come, in the fourth year, the recording of Hebrew youth Hakuna, which talks to the wives of the Prophet and the IRA, which it comes to which talks about Allah debates about 18 months before the demise of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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and also when we go to the people in the world of Allah sunnah who doesn't accept this idea to be for 100 Beta Lima salaam, if you go to Madonna later doll which is written by zahavi but Calama

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was sutra. Huzzah. Hubby Fiala at a bar

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he's the highest authority has got the highest authority Madonna lated all actually talks about all of those people who disagree with this idea of being 400 Beta amo salaam, he in the hobby in Madonna later doll actually says that they are not authentic people and they are Kazak. Also Abner Hajer in Sabah called Maharajah says external Morpha serene, this is his word.

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A written first atma then I checked, the text was several Morpha city. Plenty of Marfa serene of the Sunni world says Allah Maha nosey Latvian en Fatima well Hassan Al Hussein that's what

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who you want more than Sahih Muslim? Say Muslim in Bob chapter for Xyla handle bait and Aisha says Jara Jara Sula, guidata Prophet came out one day where Allah hammertone Magellan min Sharon asked about and he had a tint type of clock type of Abba something which you put on your on your shoulder

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fragile Hassan color who hasn't came he entered him under the the above because of

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some Majid Al Hussein further Salama who then Hussein came he interviewed him also under the under the kiss up. So mad jaw at Fatima fat ha ha tell Cassatt then Fatima came he entered him some majali on fat fella who's so McCall when he have all of these five people, four people day. Then he says, In nama you read the law and use a Bancomer Rizza handle bait by your Tahira contact here.

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The last thing which I want to say how came in was Todrick also has mentioned about this I have been for 100 Beta Li Mo Salah don't roll man suited Mizzi in Managua handled bait Muslim Muhammad humble as bourbon Missoula vaca de Shala headed tansy love has Connie all of them has mentioning that this idea is for 100 Beta Li Mo Salah now who is annual beta Li Mo Salam, when we want to know is an old bait including with wife of the prophet or not, we go to chapter two Sahih Muslim Bob fothergilla handle bait in hotel Elisa he didn't come well. They didn't come was told by the Monrovia Hadees exactly and when certainly and when he was talking about the hadith of Sakhalin which you're talking

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about it later on. Mana Halal bait who is a halal bait This is a Muslim not any other authentic and authorized book. And also a question mark nice oh who is the the wife of the Prophet Allah Allah, but I am Allah.

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In Alma Kumar, Joel asked Mina Dan, how woman will stay with a man for some portions of the time, some might look AHA and then he will be the worst five to Java you know, Abby, what Omaha and then he will be returned to his family and his father.

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Hello beta, who, as Lou lobate to who elevate and the household of the Prophet is his accent his route and his children. Allah Xena Hara mas sadaqa, Allium which sadaqa is is haram for them and also Vinaya Hadith we read that when those people Hassan Hussein, Fatima and Ali inches under the tent,

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as mA which is another wife of the Prophet, he wants to also come and enter. He said, I'm not your Prophet sallahu wa salam in Sahih Muslim says and fabricate you are a good woman, but actually this for people and he confirmed the name and we have got lots and lots of them, which I don't have time and the brother mentioned that emesis Tapia concerning the proof of annual Bates authority from Hadith Inshallah, after the

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The brothers lecture.

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since you took two minutes extra, I'll be bound to give him an extra two minutes. So I'm going to now give you 12 minutes instead of 10. I'm going to ask Maulana Tachyon to speak for 12 minutes Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim.

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The extent to which side Abdullah Hussein you in

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to, quote, Sunni sources

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to prove that this particular idea the 33rd, I have sort of the last up was revealed

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in the state of the annual bite, the extent to which even probably created the impression in some minds that I'm going to say it was not revealed for them. No, I don't say that.

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These Ayat were definitely revealed for the unknown bite. And for the three persons who we mentioned, we don't have any problem with that. We've never had any problem with that. But what is the meaning of the idea? That's what we come to.

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A few points before we come to the actual thing, on the issue of Al Hakim and has Gary said Abdullah Hussein, he has mentioned that Hartville hascon is a Sunni and he narrates from Sunni sources, Sunni books. I want to I want to mention to you the needle killer two to five. Imam the hubby or her father is a list of Maha defini memberhub. He has given a biography of this Hakeem and has Garni and he mentions in the in the that word Waqar to Allahu Allah Jews in Hadith a pioneer don't know Allah Tasha, your AE, I found a book of his which indicates that he is a shear he

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Be that as it may be that as it may.

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How many narrators of Hadith are they in Sunni books? Who have she inclinations, the same book? It comes to us again, the right path, the translation of Amerasia contains a list of 100 Raw ease with the orthogonal potential of Houdini selected from SUNY sources. And he says all of these of this era, so why can't Hakim has Kenny also be He? You brought you both 100 robberies from the Sunni sources as Shia so I can't hack him on how skinny also we use here. Simple point. It doesn't really prove anything but come back to the ayah Allahu Allah Allah says in nama you read Hola Hola, yo the Banco Maritza Halal by the way Utah here are committed Hira.

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Is this the only time when Allah Allah says that he wants to remove difficulty from people or is from people? That same Allah who has said that said on the second page of the fifth Jews, ma you read Allah holy as your ally common heritage. We're lucky you read Will you Tahira come addressing the entire ummah. not addressing the annual budget alone. It says Marguerite Hola, Julio. jalahalli Come in. Hi, Raj. Wala, can you read who li Yota here Welcome, Allah. Allah doesn't want to bring difficulty upon you. But he wants to purify you said Abdullah Hussein has explained beautifully that when Allah wants to do something, then he does it. So when Allah wants to purify the entire Ummah,

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so are we all Masoom or do we all have the same authority that the inveighed has because we are all now cleansed Allah Tala as well to cleanse us HeZI cleanse us.

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If this ayah makes the Ahlul Bayt infallible than you and I infallible as well. Then you and I are as infallible as those that will be. That was the one point the other point was what a Leo the bang Kumar reads, said Abdullah has mentioned beautifully that Allah Tala has mentioned this issue of purification, not once he's mentioned it three times the issue of removing reads. If this issue of removing reads indicates that a particular person or a particular group of people have an authority of divine nature, divine nature, meaning deriving from Allah Tala, that gives him rights that others don't have, then the people who fought in the Battle of burden have that same authority on grounds

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of what do I say so on grounds water extract out of the stump of mine, no, on grounds off the words of Allah Jalla Jalla law

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in Surah Toulon fall Allahu Taala says, Remember, I just want to make a point about it. When you make Tafseer of the Quran. Remember one cardinal rule and Quran no, your first zero bah boo bah bah, the Quran the Quran itself explains itself. If you want there is coherence in the Quran. Allah Allah doesn't speak incoherently you know, what is what mean? What it means to speak incoherently. I'm talking about rugby. I'm talking about rugby and speaking about last week, Tim and suddenly I switch over to soccer and suddenly switch over to cricket that's incoherent, who speaks incoherently. incoherence is a sign of insanity. My job is not insane. Allah he's not insane. Allah doesn't speak

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incoherently. When Allah speaks there is coherence in the speech of Allah Allah. So let's say Allah, Allah says in nama Uriel Hola, hola, Eun Hee Bong como Rizza NLP to your Toyota kata to yoga. You also addresses the people of Burma and tells them

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If you Hershey commoners, Amana Minho or Jonas zero Allah eco Mina sama ima and Leotta Hera Combi while Yun Hee Bong Kuma reaches a che upon while the Euro Vitara Allah colo become what you thought BW Hill AquaDome Allah Tala speaks to the people of brother and he says remember the time when the new has no us is a sleep of peace and tranquility which Allah Allah sins down upon the Mujahideen remember when that new has over to Q when you necesito la comida sama and Allah Tala sent down from the Sama upon you what Allah Tala sin watered down upon you Leotta Hera come in order to purify you, you thought he'll come where you will hear from Korea Satan and to remove the riches of shaytaan

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from you. If Allahu Taala had removed the reach of the annual bay there, then he has removed the rest of the people of Bavaria. If the Ahlulbayt have authority, then the people of butter have some authority. Why must the one be interpreted the one way and the other interpreted another way doesn't make up speak coherently. Doesn't mean hola speak in a way that makes sense.

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if you're SHEIKH AHMED I offer Surah Langford and we will have to give me time for this because I'm

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if you have shikumen No Assa Aminata Minho, or Eunice zilara eco Mina Sama, ma liotta hero can be here while you're here Bangkok Regis Shavon will era betta Allah colo become will use a bit of a halacha and that's one idea. The other idea was my you read Hola Hola. Hola la comida Raj What a key you read Willie you thought you rock them. What do you think money Amata who Alikum La La comtesse Quran. I want to come to the next point now. What is meant by a little bite? What is meant by the word hello bite. Again. The Quran itself will show you what is meant by unknown but you want to know what's unknown. Forget language and everything else. Ask Allah Allah what is meant by little bite us

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Allahu Taala what is meant by little bite? What does Allah Allah say?

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rahmatullah wa barakatu who are Alikum a halal by et now Hamid Majeed, Allah Tada. This was on the occasion of Satan or Ibrahim when Allah Tala came to give him the glad tidings of a son. Remember, I just want to take you into Easter, Avraham Ibrahim had a wife, Zara and Zara had this slave girl called her job. And her daughter had a son from Ibrahim called is married and Zara an account of a jealousy as Ibrahim to take is Maryland, his mother far away to Makkah. So who was left Ibrahim and his wife Sarah, was anyone else with him? Did he have any other children? No, he didn't have. So the mullah the mullock. The angel comes to Ibrahim and the Quran records the words not my words, not

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even a hadith, the words of Allahu Taala he says, the mullah you can address Ibrahim in his family say The story goes that the wife of Ibrahim expressed when she was told that she was going to have a child. She said she found it very astonishing. When it says Rama to Allah He wa baraka to Who are they a halal bait, the Rama and the baraka, the mercy and the blessings of Allah upon you. Oh, a halal bite who was that a little bite was with Ibrahim, his son, his son wasn't there. His other son, his other son wasn't even born. So I asked you in terms of what Allahu Taala teaches in the Quran, does the word alone might include wives or doesn't include wives? Does it include wives I ask

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you the question. In light of the words of the Quran, does it include wives or does it not include wives? Third point, third point.

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Where does this idea lie? Where does this ILA, it lies we in between said Abdullah is explained to us, Allah Tala speaks to the wives of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. And then he switches over to the masculine gender, but he didn't explain to us and then Allah, Allah goes back to the feminine gender,

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feminine gender, masculine gender back to the feminine gender speaking to a woman, then using a male term and then speaking to

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women again, this is in nama Illa julio de banco Marisa Hanalei lies in the middle of those other ayat who put it there. It brings us back to our previous discussion, our friend, our friend, one of our friends here, who believed in 31 of the Shaolin while believing they say this is a sign of the fact that 32 plays in the Quran, because this is not supposed to have been there. It doesn't fit in the context. But no, who put this ayah who this particular theme of the Quran was divinely inspired. Rasool Allah Salah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam read the Quran in this particular way. In his very final year, he read the Quran every is to read the Quran to Gibreel God was to come in Ramadan Musa

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Musa read the Quran to him twice in the final year he read the Quran to say it even Therby twice in it in this is the 13th in which he read it in in Salah you should read this particular theme as the if you so who plays it I have a it I place it did you place it in Abu Bakr place he did Omar place he did holy places. Allahu Taala said that IMS come there

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There's a hadith about this, that the placement of the ayat is by divine inspiration, it is not by human interpolation, the placement of the eye. Therefore, now I come back, and I want to speak about the issue of switching from the feminine gender to the masculine gender back to the feminine gender, I have to disagree

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with all due respect what said Abdullah, when he says that you use the masculine gender when the majority is masculine, no, that's not true not in Arabic language, it doesn't work that way. You use the masculine gender in two cases, you use the masculine gender when you are addressing males exclusively, or you use the masculine gender when you are addressing a mixed gathering such as yo, I'm addressing these gauging whether they be one male and 25 females, you use the masculine gender.

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So it's not a matter of who has the majority was a minority. That's a point of connection from a grammatical angle. So now I asked, I come back for time and still within my time limit, give me a minute, okay, only a minute.

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I say Why did Allah Tala change from the masculine and feminine gender to the masculine gender then back to the feminine Allah, Allah doesn't speak inherently. It was for a specific reason. Yes, when the idea was revealed, he said Abdullah didn't call the Hadith completely. Rasool Allah there are various different versions of the Hadith. The most authentic version of the Hadith says he took them together these holy persons, Ali, Hassan, Hussein, Fatima are all the Allahu Anhu. While he was salam. He took them all together, and put them under this cloak. And he made a dua that's about he didn't mention, he made a DUA, he's two hours as follows Allahumma How old are you at? Oh Allah,

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these are the important part comes next not that the important part comes that he banhammer its water here hometown hero, you're asking Allah, Oh Allah removed that is for them and purify them. Allah Allah is already said he wants to do it and when he wants to do it, he will do it. Then why ask? Why ask? Because when the IRA was revealed, when the IRA was revealed, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam knew by the very wording of the idea that more people are intended, aside from his wives. More people are intended to be included in this if Aside from his wife, and who would it be so he took these five together? He Allah these are my annual, so include them into this as well

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forever he banhammer reads water here home thought Hira and that is why the idea comes in a particular way switching from a feminine agenda to a masculine agenda, but more importantly, switching back to a feminine agenda. And anyone who says it Allah speaks incoherently should check the foundations of his Eman once again.

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