Ganguly a Journalist Asks “Are you Proud of your Country?”

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My name is Dr. Hughes Ganguly I'm an engineer by profession, and a freelancer journalist. Presently I'm reporting this for a paper.

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I would like to ask you with a question answer session. My first question to you. Are you proud of your country?

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Normally, journalists does one question. And after you reply, the second question is dropping.

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But but but but

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let me finish it. Let me answer I know, let me finish to this allegation. Moodle does have this discussion, for sure. Should I lie? Thank you. I'm not blaming you. I'm telling most of the journalists I'm not saying you are the same category you may or may not be, although, already You see, most of the journalists see normally see one thing is whether I'm in the field. If a person wants to ask only one question he asked, and he goes on. He says two questions. Since this is logic, and he's waiting for the first answer. And after I give the first answer, the second question is tapping. If you put both the question together, then the tap will not be the button. For me, no

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problem answer is the same. Whatever your second question is, I'm proud of my country. India

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is one of the few countries in the world which gives the right for the citizen of India to preach, propagate its religion and practice.

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You have answered my second question abroad in many ways. You have answered my second question. Thanks.