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But you didn't know this and we'll kick it off with this Napoleon, you heard of Napoleon. Right? For those that haven't heard of Napoleon, tell us who he was. And you actually said that he accepted Islam.

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Tolkien Bonaparte, the French conquer, we all know about and we all studied about him. But we were never told that toward the end of his life in the exile he was he converted to Islam. And actually some of those who were his companions close to him in the exile. they testify that he used to pray and he used to hold on. Now this is academically sound. Does that mean you're an academic that's in his in his own biography, this isn't enough from a Muslim or people can go verify this on Google website, that Napoleon Bonaparte Bonaparte accepted Islam correct. This is deep coterie in his own biography, in his own biography. Now, what are some of the top this dimension please, Napoleon

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conquered Egypt. And he claimed to convert at that time. And that was an he wore that film. And yeah, he wore the turban. But that all was propaganda just to touch on the emotions of the Muslims to bypass his own agenda. But later on, in the exile, toward the end of his life, he converted

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he was French, French now now this is coming from a place I mean, he's actually like a hero to many friends, right? Oh, yeah. Big time. But But you see a lot of oppression towards Muslims. Even though the French I don't think they would have won the soccer match the world champion if it wasn't for many of the Muslims out there, right.

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But you see them was a batting cage job and minarets and all the things over there French is the heart of Christianity. French all this throughout the history represents the heart of Christianity. So if I mean French is under the threat of turning into Muslims because of the refugees because of the immigrations because of that, that's why there there's a lot of racism in the French over the history. You can't you can test for it. A lot of orientalist, you know game from the orientalist where the people after the failure of the Crusades in the Muslim world to convert Muslims into leaving Islam at least and then Christianity, they fail to do that. So they said the best way then

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we need to study this view. So they start sending orientalist called Mr. Shipley, who posed as Muslims, and they learned everything about Muslims during during everything, these people went into the marketplaces in the massages and circles of knowledge. They learned everything about Muslims, and they went back to Europe. And they start documenting that and giving recommendation, how we can conquer these people. And the things that happening in the Muslim world over the last 100 years is the fruit of all these three of all this research, because they realize these Muslims are different than us Christians. It's not easy to uproot them from their religion. So how are we going to do it?

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That's why you hear a lot of sayings for example, give me give me a prostitute and a glass of wine. And I can do to the home of Mohammed more than cannons armies. Did you hear that gentleman? You fall in desire give me a woman give me a glass of wine alcohol and using exploiting the woman now right? And you and you advocate like you know the the rights of women but you actually subjugating her in this way, denigrating her. Yeah, but then you can destroy it said we can

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do to them more than what cannons and armies can do. Wow, they know that. Those are those shaytan ik traps are going to shower desires. And this is where the home of Islam is. Our Deen is the right Deen. Our Quran is the perfect book. Our Prophet is the best messenger. So how can they attack us through them? They can't. So they said we have to get to them through the shower and the desires of humans and we're weak.

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Do you find it ironic that you see that everyone is trying to make Islam as if as if it's oppressive towards humanity, it's backwards. But then when you look at it, you study Islam, you know, you go back in history, you know, when the muscles are the superpowers, you know, the Christians, Jews and everyone what kind of rights did they have living under the superpower at that time compared to now where Muslims are like losing most of their rights? Like under the Muslim super Yeah, being Superman. I tell you what, a Hebrew professor in here, a Jewish professor in Hebrew Jewish Hebrew professor, Jewish professor in a Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In here it said that there was

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never a better symbiosis between Muslims and Jews than under Islamic and Delos Islamic Spain.

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And if you look at if you read the the little history or some of the history of Spain, that's where the Jews were best treated. They were scholars. They were

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given the opportunity to be merchants, business people, scholars, philosophers, and their Islamic ruling, you know, so when you're when you're objective, you have to testify in the favor of this Deen. And this is by again by a Jewish accupoint. You know, I mean the Jews, the Israelis and Philistine and Palestine of occupation. So he's praising Muslims, right? saying that the Jews never had better environment to excel. Then in Muslim Spain, when Muslims were ruling Spain, then the Christians come the Catholic comes to Spain, what they do to the Jews, and to the Muslims, they slaughter them or feud. If you don't convert, we kill you. If you don't want to be killed, you

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leave. And if you look, later on in Germany, who helped the Jews from Hitler and the Nazis, the Ottomans, the Ottomans send their ships to save a lot of the Jews from from Germany. So this is what this lab This is what Islam came. Where was when they talk about women? What was the status of women when Muhammad SAW Selim came to talk about what was in the dark ages in Europe? What was what they were arguing in the church if a woman comes from Satan or not, if a woman was half a man or not, she has a soul. That's another thing. Yeah. Woman here in this country. When did they start voting in Islam? So you say there's development right? There's progressive, great, but Islam started with

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progress. Started with it from the get go from the beginning. Wow. Yeah. Yeah, America took how many years to get to a point where a woman is we're still talking about women wages, right? not equal to men wages in America, right. Yeah. So still in a form of evolution, Islam from the beginning.

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