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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including its use against women, its portrayal of women as oppressed, and its use of images of women as oppressed. The bounties of men and women, including pams, shelter, and love, are also discussed, along with the use of words like Islam and the word op licensed to cover one's body. The segment also touches on the treatment of women by theying and highlighting their bounties, as well as the importance of men and women in Islam's culture and its need for necessities for men. The speaker also discusses the importance of men and women in Islam's culture and its need for men to provide necessities for their actions.
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In Al Hamdulillah

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didn't Alhamdulillah in Abu

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Dhabi when they when

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Sharon fusina. Woman say Dr. Medina, Maria de la,

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de la whenever

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the hula Sheree when I said when nessa Donna molana Mohammed Abu

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upon watching me Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. What is

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Judo? Judo? He believes Abbas Hakuna

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laka what is oj Katana region Akuma MENA region nativa Spa in

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law what a Nicoletta Murphy

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we're calling the BU sallallahu taala. Ali was Salam ala Daria teeny Hata yoga Yeoman qiyamah Tiana wahaca. A walk on adding is Salatu was Salam ala eurocom eurocom li li

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li, o kumbhakarna Salatu was Salam. Salam ala alihi wa Sadako sudo Karim Allah Danica minister Medina was Sakina 109 Europeanized alameen

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honorable Ana microm respected brothers and elders. Amongst the many methods, weapons and tools that the enemies of Islam have been using and are currently using, in poison in the hearts of people against the beauty of Islam.

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One of it has been reflecting and portraying an image of Islam as an oppressive religion towards woman.

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Unfortunately, many of us know very little about the rights and the honor that Islam has afforded to women. And it is on on days like this, which has been referred to in termed as national Woman's Day. Let many woman ponder, contemplate and reflect

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that has Islam on it me? Or has it been the Western world with Western slogans that have liberated me? The image being portrayed by the enemies of Islam, that veiled a woman who is kept indoors is an oppressed woman. Hence, many Muslim women have been significantly convinced that Yes, it is true. I am restricted, and I have many I have very little choices to make in my life as a Muslim woman. However, in the broader world, with a broader perspective, with the Western view, I have many other opportunities

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for us to understand

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how much honor and respect and dignity Islam has afforded and endowed and favored the woman with let us just go a little prior to the advent of Islam, to understand what was the condition and how a woman was a woman was treated in the pre Islamic era.

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The Quran summarizes all the evils and all the crimes that were committed against the woman in one verse. Many, many crimes and atrocities were meted out against woman, many forms of oppression. But the most horrendous action in which the pagan Arab was involved. The Quran testifies in the 14 years. Why da da da, da, da but you must

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be yahara amin al comienzo, Mr. Bashir Avi, that when the couple was informed

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that adultery has been born to you, Allah is favored you with the female offspring. Allah codes the natural reaction of the Arabs at that time. Allah says one word you must immediately that father's face would turn pale. One word Kareem and you would swallow his anger. Yet Omar Amina comb, he would hide and conceal from society, leaving him with two options. A young sicko kawada warning I'm here to show how

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do I continue living with the stigma on my name? That I am the father of a girl with this embarrassment? Do I continue in life? Or do I resort to an option by burying my daughter so that I still have a face in society? Allah samaya Come on. The Quran says even indeed what the choices those people made

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with the coming of Libya Karim Salah long

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He was seldom did Islam not only wipe out and disapprove and forbid and make unlawful such practices. But when Allah describing Tiamat speaks about the justice that will prevail, Allah say is one

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that will show a lot. Every girl that was buried by her father, suffering a complex of being the father of a girl will be given life to from the grave, and she will be called up before her father and before humanity in its entirety. And Allah will ask this innocent child be a dumb being Kokila Oh, my sweet little child. Oh, that girl who looked like an angel, what crime Have you committed when you hardly entered in the world that your father had to do such a nasty thing?

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In fact, when the Quran speaks about

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giving children, Allah speaks about it in the 25 years of the Quran, you're not only Manisha inasa while you're not only Manisha loco, own user with whom the chronoa inasa luminesce ottima. Allah says some, I bless them with daughters, some people I bless them with sons, some I bless them was both male and female offspring, and some people I leave them barren and I do not grant them children. This is my choice, my selection and I reserved the authority of deciding who will have what children however, something very strange in this is when Allah speaks about favoring with children. Allah commences by favoring was female offspring and not male offspring. Allah say some

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people I blessed with female offspring demo for Syrian say there are certain indication that one of the greatest fortune was rewired that Mufti schepis of substantiates one of the greatest fortune of a woman who would be that woman who's first Chinese, a female.

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This is the good fortune for that woman. Furthermore, then we will not take it even further, not only at her birth, are you honored? In fact, we can safely say that no religion, and no human has honored Islam, like how Islam, no, no religion and no human is on it a woman in the manner that Islam and maybe a creme de la Salaam has honored this woman.

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Allah has centered the gentleness of a male around a female.

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Understand what has been said. Allah has centered the gentleness of a male. In essence, you have for woman, either she is a daughter, or she is a wife, or she is a mother or she is a sister, one of the four roles they play in our lives, and at every juncture, kindness to them, would lead or pave the way to gender for the husband, for the brother for the uncle, whatever it is.

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The honor that Allah gave nebia Kareem sallallahu Sallam says, men Allah geria Taney hacia la da yo Mel chiamata Anna wahaca hotton that person whom Allah gives two daughters,

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if he only raises them islamically and sees to their upbringing, until they mature nebia A Salam says myself, and that man will be so close in gentlemen, indicating the closeness between his index finger and his middle finger. This is how close myself in debt men will be whom Allah has given two daughters, and he sees to their upbringing and their via islamically does not deprive them of anything provides for them in every aspect. Maybe le Salaam says if the Father has done that they mature and they've made arrangements for their marriage, myself and that men will be so close in gentlemen.

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They Kadima that I recited in the beginning. When other men how are they going? Salatu was Salam will engender. And of course, one of the greatest bounties and favors of Allah upon insulin is this woman, that even genetic could not be enjoyed, which is the pinnacle of happiness until Adam was not coupled with our mother while he has Salam. So in essence, even genetics is incomplete in its boundaries, until one does not enjoy the company of his spouse and his partner. That is why when the Quran highlights the bounties of Allah, Allah says, Jana to the near the Kaduna woman Sana, I mean, he was watching him adore him. Let go into gentlemen and with you take your wife, of course, this is

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the kindness of Allah. What is being highlighted in this is that we know it would be more than likely in general that there would be difference of rank, revolving around the difference of piety between husband, wife and child. So perhaps the father was more obedient because of which he will enjoy a greater level of gender. The woman had less piety or vice versa, the woman was in a higher level of gender. At the same time, it is the promise of a law, that in general, every dweller of gentlemen would be granted every desire of his now there is a predicament that one

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Member of the families in general fear those, the wife is in a lower level, the son is in a lower level, there's two ways of accommodating the situation either demote those that are on top and put them at a lower level. But of course that is injustice to what they deserve. The other option is promote those on a lower level. But in this has been extra and more kind to them because they do not achieve that they did not work so hard. Allah says I am free from injustice, known men will be demoted. If you are in general, because of your piety. Allah says I will promote your wife so that you can be coupled with her internet.

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Of course, the condition is this much that the wife has to have that amount of piety which enables her influence in gender, and then her rank will be elevated by the piety of her husband, but on the mere grounds of the piety of her husband, she will not be granted entrance, she has to be deserving of being granted entrance and then to through the piety of a husband she will be elevated. So when Adam and hawara salat wa salam was in Genet, and Allah Allah commanded Adam and Allah commanded the Maluku to prostrate before Adam in the all prostrated with the exception of shape and

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then Allah warned in Allah caution ultimately Salaam in Allah tala tala them in the heart nada de

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falla region nakoma mina jannetty butterscotch that oh Adam, this is your enemy, he have openly denied to prostrate before you, let it not be that he influences you and your wife to do such an action which results which results in you and your wife been thrown out of junk Gentlemen,

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I told him to prostrate he refused, from which his enmity for you and your offspring is evident. Now be alert Be conscious be particular, let him not do such an action by virtue of which he influences you to come close to that forbidden tree and then you will have to be expelled from gender. Now the idea that I went to speak about here is that Allah Allah tala de molay salam, O Adam, if shaytaan influences and succeeds in expelling you and your wife from gentlemen, then furthest Spa in the lecture, I'll let you see how well I Tara, one, Nikola Tesla, we'll see how we'll have that in gentlemen, you enjoy four things without effort effort on your part. In Nikola Tesla, in general,

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you find food without any difficulty, when Nikola Tesla oficina. Voila. In general, the springs of water available to you, you don't have to work or make effort or toil to get water, and voila, you have shelter over you. When you have clothes to cover you for basic necessities of every human that is food, clothing, shelter, that and the clothes that he wears. Allah Allah tells us the money ceram if shaitaan influences you and experience you and your wife out of Gen net, then these four things will not be easily available to you, you will have to toil on this earth, you will have to go through difficulties. Now for your food you will have to earn you will have to work hard you will

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have to prepare, you will have to earn provide build a roof above you. Now the point that I'm discussing, Allah did not say that you and your wife will have to toil, Allah said both of you enjoy the bounties in gentlemen. But if expelled out of gentlemen, your wife will still enjoy that bounties without doing anything, it will be upon the men who will have to toil in himself and still provide for the screen. Just as she said and enjoyed in gentlemen, when she comes in this world, in the house of a Muslim, and not in the house of the Western world, when she comes in the house of a Muslim, then she will still enjoy the same bounties that were afforded to her in general. And that

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is food, drink and clothing and shelter was made available for her without any duty, or any commitment on her part, in the very same way that she is that one human in this world, who in this world will enjoy these bounties of gentlemen without toilet.

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But unfortunately, the world to this very same thing, that when that woman said in our house, and presented foot before her husband and her son, with honor with respect with dignity, Lin she was orthodox. And when she took that same plate of food, and she presented it before a stranger as an air hostess, then she was liberated. And then she was modern. And then she was advanced feeding her son was putting an orthodox and feeding a strange man and a strange child was promoting what what what, what world are we living in brothers.

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When that woman was told to sit in a winter, after the demise of a husband, and mourn the demands of a husband in the confines of a house with honor and respect and dignity, it was taken as oppression in the name of this filthy series that is going around in the name of Big Brother, where a woman is contained in one house with I don't know how many other people who sit on Manson and the world admires it, the world cherishes it, and when she walks out there, she walks out as a hero when with so much money,

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brothers, everything that Islam has given us an honor that woman, as I mentioned, either she's a daughter, or then she is a wife, Libya, Kareem sallallahu Sallam says

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Cairo calmly I really wanna you know, calmly Emily. But the system of Allah is very unique, that the more the enemies of Islam are reflecting a nasty image of Islam with regards to the treatment of women, more and more American journalists are coming forth, and expressing and revealing the truth of Islam. In fact, very distant this morning, there was a program on Channel Islam speaking in interviewing with a very American journalist who was caught in Afghanistan. And then she spoke about the beauty of Islam and how the Taliban treated her with honor, respect and dignity. This is the system of a law, the more someone suppresses. In fact, the most honor use of a solemn God was from

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those that suppressed his honor and that was his brother's the most honor in their own environment. Fear on one side is torture in Musashi Salaam. That is what has been happening around the world and this 10 hour now operates been, you know, beneath the nose, in their own environment in their own country. We're on one side is torture in Moosa. And he says, Well,

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let the world know whoever will Deena in my message, the consequences will be grave. The Quran says what Colorado mean mean and if Iran in the very palace of your own, in the very land of your own, and the nose of your own, without the knowledge of your own, does one man accept Islam and he comes to Moosa and he says, almost, I have been listening to the agenda of your own, I am telling you move they are playing in your assassination. So this is exactly what is happening as much as they are trying to reflect an image that Islam is oppressive. More and more women are accepting Islam, understanding that veiling That woman is Dawn of that woman.

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What does not be a Karim sallallahu Sallam say Cairo, Cairo come the ugly, the best among you is He Who is the best to his wife. In other words, in the eyes of Allah, Allah will measure the excellence over men according and proportionate to how excellent and how kind and how loyal and how faithful he is to his wife. That is how Allah will measure the kindness of a man. That is the statement of nebulae Salaam, in the next level, if someone makes a claim, or an affair you commonly early on my Sahaba I don't only say this as theory, but I claim to say, and I proved myself that I am the most kind to my wives, there isn't any man who is more kind to his spouse to his partner to his wife than

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myself. It is important for us to analyze,

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how did the Navy of Allah reflect kindness This is also something important. I mean, if we have to analyze kindness, we would analyze it in the form of monetary I have financed, I have given a jewelry I have bought a house. When we assess these aspects in the life of Libya a salam, then we don't find him making much financial contribution to his wife. In fact, the house was so small that I showed her the olana says when the number of Allah used to make such down ramezani he used to touch me with his hand and then I used to pull my legs in in the night while he is staying up at 100. Then when he used to stand up, I used to spread my legs. So someone asked her why did you do

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this? She said the room was so small, it did not accommodate the Navy of Allah, prostrating also and me stretching my legs also, when he prostrated I had to withdraw my legs. When he stood up, I stretch my legs. This was the house he provided. Yet the Navy of Allah has said that there is no one more kind to his wife than I that leaves you and I with a major question mark to identify what is then kindness to our wives, because we feel it's monitoring in the homes that we have provided for them.

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And it is because of the absence of the kindness or the element in the nature of the kindness that nebulous Ron gave to his wife, we have not given them that kindness. That is why despite giving them kindness, what the world refers to as kindness, still to our marriages are breaking up.

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The irony of the whole thing is we've given so much, yet there is no understanding. As far as the world is concerned, we have liberated, we have honored her. We have been faithful to her. We have given our own her choice on her decisions, she is in charge. Yet we find Despite all these advantages, these marriages are not withstanding the challenges of time. On the contrary, the Navy of Allah did not give any of these things. He made a statement that there's no one more kind. The question is what is kindness?

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He further goes on to say kindness to woman, brothers in Islam. A woman has equal but different rights. A woman has equal but different rights. Just as there are two children. The son needs a jacket and the daughter needs a pair of shoes. The father or the parent would invest the equal amount of money to purchase a pair of shoe and buying a jacket. It would be really foolish for anyone to demand equality from this father and say no, no, you buy in a shoe for one you must buy a shoe for the other one.

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Understand She needs a shoe he needs a jacket.

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My mother, Your Honor, and your respect is so sacred

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The Hadith is in beta when you hire a woman comes to me via a serum jasola law and a wire feeder to Nisa in a Jihad ghetto who longs for in Cebu? We're in Portillo Cano afia. Wanna know marathon Nisa na como la him from Atlanta I'm in Dallas. Whenever you have a lot I have been sent representing a large group of women. I took the courage. The woman who have certain questions to ask you go ahead and ask what is it either Jihad caribou lung and a region. Allah has ordained striving in the path of Allah upon demand for in Cebu. If they are injured, they are rewarded for inputting Locarno. If they are martyred, the Quran says they are alive in the gardens of Paradise. One afternoon, Sharon

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Nisa, and we the group of women we sit in at home, there is no Jihad for us. There is no martyrdom fast, easy that Allah has been deprived us of the reward of martyrdom. Now whose will is it that Islam is prejudice against women? Islam is bias against gender equality.

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Those are the terms in inverted commas upon which the Westerners are happy.

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Is it that Islam is prejudice against woman? What is it gonna be over law? We have not been given the platform of jihad, so we cannot present our life. Now we are a salatu salam says, our military men look at men and Nisa, and Natasha is those who are the rotten behati er I de la de lica waka Li illumine, Konami afolu Oh my Sahaba go back to the group of the woman that have sent you and tell them that the NaVi has conveyed salons and tell them that Allah has simplified the task for you. Allah said, sit in your house, honor your husband, prepare for him to strive in the path of Allah, you will be in the comfort of your house, only tolerating the separation of your partner and

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yourself and your husband will enjoy the same rings in gentlemen, he will be in the battle, going through the difficulties slain and being slain you on your separation will enjoy the same rights internet, but at the same time tells that woman worked really long minko nemea falou It is very few of the woman who realize and capitalize on this opportunity that a man will get up in the morning and come to the masjid to perform further Salah that woman will get up in the comfort of her bedroom, make was doing an en suite and perform further next to her bed and hop back into the bed. This woman and that man would enjoy the same reward. Allah has made it so easy for his sister going

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to be foolish to to for her mouth to water and stretch and npsi to that woman who the world refers to as advanced and liberated.

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Well, yes, I do. And I can't even believe there are so many instances that the Sahaba came to us maybe a creme de la is and just to explain to you the motivation that Islam has adopted. And the honor, one of the major issues that people question is with regards to inheritance when it comes to male and female, that Allah Allah says with the curry Mithra hartville own saying that the male will get double that of the female. And people say that this is again being unjust and you know, it's been prejudice against that woman.

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Brothers, we must understand

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the factor that Islam considers in the distribution of the legacy or the inheritance of any person is taken into consideration that person who has dependence on him now the woman, she is at no stage, responsible or liable for providing for herself Never mind her son or husband or anyone. She's either the duty of her husband. And if she doesn't, if the husband does not comply, the Buddha would say Kappa Bill Murray if you buy me food that has been who deprives his wife of her provisions, he is a perpetual sinner in the eyes of Allah until he will not put Of course we referring to necessities of life and not luxuries. We speaking of luxuries, we all will be sent as in the eyes of

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Allah. We are speaking of necessities of life, we are responsible to provide the necessities of life for our wife.

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Either she is the daughter She is the responsibility of her father, or she is the responsibility of my husband. Or she is the responsibility of her brother, as a job in the unknown who got married. Maybe an extra person looked at him and said, David, Are you married? He says yes. So whenever you have a law background, I'm saying even have you got married to a virgin girl or a woman that was previously married? No one Have you ever like got married to a woman that was previously married? Maybe la salatu salam with great modesty said Allah be current to La Jolla. Oh JB Did you not select a young girl a virgin? Perhaps you could enjoy the initial stages of your marriage. And the words of

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the Hadith Maria Sallam said that you could have some time with her in seclusion. You could fundal with her she could fundal with you. Why did you get married to an elderly woman said only we have a law

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would desire that like any young person, but my mother has passed away, leaving behind young sisters. I dislike bringing a wife who will be the age of my sisters, she would become a friend. And I needed a spouse and a partner who could mother, my sisters and be a wife. To me. That is why I say look at look at home mature the choice of debt Sahabi was that my mother has died, she has left behind sisters who is going to take care of our sisters. Unfortunately, the ohmmeter shifted from its responsibility. Nevertheless, she's either the duty of the Father, she's the duty of her husband, or she's the duty of the brother. And if there's no one available, then national Muslim

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Treasury will provide for that girl. But her honor is too sacred. We will not risk sending her in the outside world, becoming a victim of the lustful gazes of the enemies of Islam to earn few rents. We will keep her indoor with respect in honor and dignity. And the National Treasury will provide for that woman, but her honor is too sacred in his

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eye and with one incident, just to explain and to highlight and illustrate the moderation that Islam has given. We find prior to Islam, speaking about the moderation in Islam and other divine religions, whenever a woman would experience her menstruation and her monthly cycle, then there was two different extremes between the Yahood and the nesara. The yahood would abandon the woman totally for that period of time, no contact, no physical, no verbal no contact that now she's impure, and they would distance themselves from that woman totally. On the contrary, was the other extreme and that was the nesara that they would enjoy all relation even matrimonial relation with that woman.

00:26:39--> 00:27:14

During this period, which the Quran refers to is called who are the factors aloneness are a field that indeed that is felt and obtained from the woman from that period of time. So we find the Yahoo that distant and abandoned that woman. Why is the nesara engaged in everything even matrimonial religion? Islam came with a moderate way that do not discard that woman. Do not abandon that woman I said at the Alona it wouldn't be any Salaam in hiding, and then she experiences it. She starts crying that now I cannot make the work. Maybe on Instagram consoles, don't cry. How the shaman Allahu Allah bonacci Adam, Ayesha, what are you moaning and crying for? This is part of the plan of

00:27:14--> 00:27:51

Allah, part of the system of Allah that Allah has put on it woman makes her under Salah will give you great reward. This is the plan of Alliance. This is the test of Allah that will come on a woman. Allah has made it so easy for that period of time Allah has made her set him up a woman in Ramadan. Ramadan is extended to 14 days, the 10 days that she is not fasting, although she is not fasting but she still enjoys the virtue of Ramadan. after Ramadan when she will be making fun of those 10 days, she still gets the reward of Ramadan. So look at the honor that Allah has given her her Ramadan and the Birkett of her Rosa is not at the sighting of the crescent of Allah that He terminates. But the

00:27:51--> 00:28:20

Casa offers that she will keep after Ramadan, she will still enjoy the rewards of Ramadan. Islam said that love will be close to her communicate with her sleep with her but no physical contact we need the navel and the knee we make door to door and mighty Allah that He removed from our hearts and our minds, the influences of the Western world. And may Allah give us our wives, our daughters, our mothers, our sisters to understand. The true honor is the honor that Islam has afforded us. She's the queen in this world and she's the queen intended Allah give us the trophy Catherine