In Love With The Quran #25 – The Journey Of Your Lifetime

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Do you know what students sometimes do when they finish reading the entire Quran or memorizing it? Sometimes they start over right away. So a student finished memorizing, for example, the entire Quran. And as they finished a few days prior, they saw one of their teachers at the masjid he smiled and he said, Congratulations for graduating preschool. Congratulations for graduating preschool, a student of the Quran sometimes begin begins their journey with the end in mind. So they're thinking I want to finish I want to be a Hatfield or Hatfield, I want to finish this journey or this class, not realizing that every re citation of the Quran is in fact, the mark of a new beginning, and that

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it's not the true ending of the journey. So oftentimes, a student thinks of the end in mind and suddenly they want to discontinue or slow down. But really the ending for all of us as believers is when we enter our graves. When we move from this life to the next life. Whatever relationships we established in a dunya in this life, as students, we will find that there is going to be an impact in the afterlife because of it so the Quran will testify will be a witness for you or against you. While Quran the Prophet slicin told us the Quran is a witness, it will testify for you a rally or against you. And I want you to think about the heaviness of this hadith if you're not taking the

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Quran seriously. The reality is a student who approaches the Quran just to get it out of the way or get it done. Are you reading your daily citation to check it off the list but you don't really care, you don't like it, your heart is not in it. You haven't really tasted then the sweetness of the journey. That student has not really connected to the purpose of being someone who recites the Quran or students.

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The practice of the people of the Quran is that when a student finishes their memorization of the Quran, sometimes this is a practice that's not based off of anything the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam taught, or some students will finish reading the last lesson. And then they want to start over again, meaning what they'll tell their teacher can I start reading in Fatiha the first I have a buffet or can I start at the Quran over why to show that to indicate that as you are finishing one whatsoever, the Quran, one act of worship, you want to start the next re citation of the Quran. And this process basically is meant to continue. In other words, you're never finished, you're not

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really done. This is not a practice everyone should take and say it's, it's the only way to do no, you finish reading the plan after you finish reading the Quran. But sometimes you'll want to do another act of worship, to demonstrate that, you know, I'm racing and rushing towards agenda. And so just because I finished one thing doesn't mean everything's over. So I'm going to relax rather, let me start the next thing so that you'll be more motivated to continue. When you attend university. Some classes you'll realize you will utilize in your career later on, and others you won't, and this is a reality. And yet you push through waiting for the day you receive your degree. And then you say

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goodbye to your campus or your professors to the students who are with you, and you're ready to move on to what's considered another stage of life. The Quran, however, is a guidance for us in every single stage and moment of our lives. It's always there, it's always going to be needed. And one of the blessings of needing to constantly review, so as to not forget, as a prophet slicin advisors is that it means we're constantly in contact with. And this leads to an amount of goodness in our lives that cannot be measured. It's priceless in terms of its impact.

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No one goes on a hike just to reach the end of the trail. Rather, you want to also enjoy the hike itself. We should say no one should go on a hike just to think of the end but rather want to enjoy the journey itself. Because the time spent on the journey itself is what gives the ending more value. So you hike to marvel at the signs of Allah subhanaw taala you hike in order to strengthen your body, you're going up and down or you're moving all around. You might be hiking for stress relief, you might be hiking to talk to somebody who's with you just to spend some time doing something different.

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You might be hiking to challenge yourself. Your Comfort Zone, you heights, you find that you're pushing through even when it's difficult. And sometimes yes, you might need to take some breaks depending on how difficult of a hike it is. And of course you choose your companions very carefully. And you're going to pack what's needed. Now some types of hikes are two, three hours and you're going up a mountain you need to have the right nourishment, the right protection. So when you reach the peak, you realize now you're looking and you're experiencing a type of happiness, a type of appreciation for the journey itself. You also realize as you're looking down for

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I'm really high a place, how insignificant you are and how small you are, and how magnificent Allah's power is. So students of the Quran will accomplish His any goal looks back at all the late nights that they spent studying the long hours every citation, maybe even frustration that you could try to review and you kept forgetting and they realize they are in reality and the entire time. We're in a state of blessings from Allah subhanaw taala that there's a sweetness in it. And so I'm loving this rune well the last one, it was reported that he said, do not scatter the Quran, as if it were dates falling from a tree, nor recite quickly as if it were just poetry. Stop. And it's the

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verses that amaze you and let it move your hearts. And let not your concern be reaching the end of the surah. Enjoy the journey and spend time marveling at the signs of Allah subhanaw taala and allow it to strengthen, allow it to shape you into a person of Taqwa person of God consciousness. And realize that becoming more advanced in our studies, our accomplishments should actually humble us. So when you have an accomplishment, it should actually humble you make you see how small you are, by how much Allah has blessed you. Recognizing that our focus should be on the journey rather than the just the end helps us how we'll mention a few things. Number one, it decreases the anxiety that

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comes with expectations that we place on ourselves or others have placed on us to accomplish certain types of goals by certain deadlines, and they may not even be realistic. Number two, it helps us not to compare ourselves to others who are moving faster, or they advance further on and they're way ahead of us or they're just able to do more. And number three, it allows us to taste the sweetness of the ayat of the Quran that we recite focus on the journey that you are on right now. And wherever you are on you find verses affecting you pause and reflect. Don't just think about the end or the next page. Number four, to be in a constant student mindset, which helps us to continue benefiting

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from the Quran until we meet Allah. So as you're always thinking of the journey, you're always on this journey. You're not thinking about the end.

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A question for you What verse or song do you enjoy reciting the most and why