Suleiman Hani – Nightly Du’aa Ramadan 25

Suleiman Hani
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similar 100 Hillels was salam ala Rasulillah while early he was Sufi woman water we will inshallah Tata give everyone just a minute for the stream to go live and to push to a different channels and then we will start with our nightly dua May Allah subhana wa Tada accept from all of you along with me

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we will get started being lighter than just 30 seconds or so

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or give out an Arabic and divine English inshallah.

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While they consider Maura from Florida to welcome welcome some familiar names Masha Allah and some new names as well may Allah bless you all and except from you

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it's already the 25th night of Ramadan for those who started on on that Thursday before and for others 24th But either way in all places and shout out it is possibly late it will audit so take advantage and make dua from the bottom of your heart mailbox and

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we'll go ahead and get started with the night Tada with the Arabic dua.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hamden. Kathy you're on boy even mobile rockin fie your umbilical hamdok Am I am Billy you generally what do you kill all the MySuper

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long Mala can handle interneurons summer well it will only woman Fein when it can handle untuck a humid summer well it will only woman fee and while I can handle until Hawk while you can help while your PA will get help. Well Jana to have one on one interview and when Mohamed Salah Aloha adios Allah Muhammad was to help law Malika slimness Obi Wan aka token obika force on folfiri Lana Yama, Willa Anna condemnor wanna follow no one a strong woman or an inner one into our them will be human. And 10 More buddy more until more hero La ilaha illa and one more somebody was a limo by Ricardo Nabina Muhammad in February in with his athlete in Warfield manner in order you know you're meeting

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along Medina Freeman Herdade Where are you now female athlete whatever Luna female into or late or Burdick learner female athlete was Nina chadbourn are called White in Naka tapa Lee will help me whether you're on a bike in a hula the lumen were late whether your resume and date developed better what are night longer in the car for winter Hibbeler for foreign law in a car for one to one alpha if alpha one law on the intercom forward to him will alpha one a la manana Soto coming on Heidi couldn't Leon G we're urging I don't even know I mean who am I don't know when our will become initial equally big he will early my argument I mean who am I I'm not him. A long meeting Nana

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started with Fiona and Hydra to a total Kinnaman Kurata who'd been Misaki what either Autobianchi bedika fitness and Midna you like along with Tony what is up now back are from them and your handbook or Obama in your oddity buena phobic be rotomatic homograph me a law who may know Naruto becoming a million women of color has been Ayesha women are in turmoil. I mean, I've seen Natasha. Woman do I used to jab along the side of Calaca Marine menoufia What? When Hoshyar what he said and you don't Shakira? Well I'm an onslaught on you how much better

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Allahu upon here I'm out in the wild Siena Atlanta, United Kingdom. Where are you and Anna Minos here. What blue banana Muna Shirky Wamena NIFA yarmulke label Peruvian Upsource a bit blue banality along miam or con label polo we went up song third bit Peruvian allergenic Allama Zona public multi Tober Runden multi shahada ogarden multigene net and when Arima Allahu Allah to John mostly you button a few Deena one after God dunya Akbar Amina, what are my blog or even one or even early monsoon what John Jana here Donna what corrode on a bit of magic from above I mean, Allah will make you notice it will give you a somatic and Krishna will suffer Deacon earlier and tinjauan Earn and

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all the mod will be awkward will be no one no one else will already know what Gela

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Horizontina whether herba Hamina Wilhelmina Allahumma the kitten I mean who might have seen what I didn't even know I mean imagine who no one was looking at the water who laid the water off and the whole island when he did that he will be gone Mirotic or Hameroff I mean

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a lot of Minetta Donna female Carmina Harada them and he loved them when he law of art went to him and he left for Russia. What are they in Isla Kadota when a wall learn in law her data when are the lumen Ilana sorta when our marine on inertia feta when our body been Ilana Jetta What are Musa if you don't eat Salomon either here or that we rotomatic al Hamid walk me

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along on sorrel Islam or isn't Muslimeen Allah Monthsary Muslimeen and mustafina equally McCann along women are Ardabil Islam when a Muslim in a fight on our filco either qualified woman or audible Islam you want to Muslim you know so fragile Qaeda hopefully in a hurry when you're not just so Yanni Yeah, are we you you're a law you are lean we are a law your anatomy in law one sort of like a solid enough equally matter Allah methodology to calibre anti Muslim enough equally mucca piccoli makan Allah may know how over for immingham gr and fell for him to unfixable month normal enough on sort of June that you like AR or Wii U era Z's along the Eric mesothelial oxide you know,

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the hobby mostly me Allah, Masjid off site you know, their hobby Masumi Mama was up on our feet here solids and problem my mad dogmatic homograph me along the frontage along methodically to cut about a misdemeanor frequently my current law and mythology carbanion microbeam what for the Dean on in Medina in West Fremont Alana we're modeling mostly mean you're up and automate

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a lot more fiddly motor and misdemeanor Adjumani Alladhina Shahi do look a bit duniya when you know be a community center warmer to where I know that love must feel love and more humble Wow for him waffle on home What a dream louzada home what was so modflow wasn't seen when you were 30 when Bernard went up the minute the movie will come out you know patho will appeal to Dennis Allama Hamner you know sooner EML Soto Ed Allah more prominent you'd also not you know mouse all the way along those up now public and multi Tober we're in done multi shahada we're in done Moti shahada, Rangan Moti shahada, we're about in multigene number one our EMA Allahumma Filion what we need one

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more Mina 20 Muslim you know, one Muslim out, even hold on what in the Kaoma willona. Semi Ron Paul EBO Mooji with Dharwad a lot more 100 the authority to enter into law law more Hana Vida Ilaha illa Allah Edina be summoned and discern what battle that is for the man what happened Allahumma indica third winner while Dr. Karma Luna are having to love me though for now for more on it or from the LogMeIn website if you have been a unique alarm a listener leader to the fire alarm mobile listener Nina Allahumma, the listener leader to find one John fee her body alarm and kind of attorney you need to set up combined menagerie well if your learner yo Rahim Allah Allah who must fill in our

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feminine a lot of them are filled and I don't know when I call her

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the QA Angela kabhi Raha was only Raha man I didn't know I mean, her woman I'm not law Houma and Telangana you want to hang on football? What until probably you want to know more after that. Oh, can you ah Misaki one of Juca Raja and fall if he Allama letter of dental soybean when I'm in medical moto Dean. Yeah, how are you? Yeah, for you? Yeah. Are you up? Are you bureaucratic and astellia or slash learnership Nana Aquila. What exactly not you don't fusina thorofare time. A lot more affinity one Idina? Why why do you want Idina Allah? In Mooji Bertie romatic was a mmf erotic was mathematically it was one of the one Eema time equilibria welfare was a bill Jannetty one Naja

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Tamina law merger nomina No, Allahu Majid and I mean no Allah who have given me no no allow to play call but what do you call the Abba? You know, Maha Tina, you know, No, Allah Manos no confusion dos. Yeah, as easily as no Kelvin Dobson Allah believe myself, but I'm gonna be enough also deeply, you know, shahada, he was solid hustler. He got off vehicle Allah muslim Lana Ramadan me to Blahnik one Naja wanted to come in neurotic Allah him abetik than a female demon Ramadan. Aloma. I got a note I'm Alana singing on Anita was Mina to Medina when John Allahumma fimian moody, along with John Nephi 14 along with John Neff, human and marine, a lot of Mortal Kombat Salatu was the Yamuna what

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the mana Otto Khurana was to do the long multiple Bindra Anna Nica and dissimilarity What about ina in Nica into to Webb Rahim.

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Allah in earnest alchemy Heidi masa and I can be I'm gonna be coming from Southern La Jolla center. When are we gonna be coming shut him out. Are the videographer gonna be Mohamed Salah Lohani. He was

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not been allowed to say who you been

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My mother in her Gaetana will have learned Mila Rama in

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Robina Hublin I mean as wodgina What the reality no parota windjana in multiple you know Eman Robin a Tina Finn dunya Huseynov Orfila Rottier Huseynov Athena are there been no Wellsley to Darwin and if hum did you learn Don't be loud Amin wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad in rather early he or Sufi

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metaphilosophy Come we'll move over inshallah to Allah to our English dua May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of you for tuning in from around the world Aloma I mean

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let's start the English DUA and shout lota

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Oh Allah, we praise You. We praise you we are law for life to Ramadan we praise you Allah for guidance to Islam. We praise you Allah for the blessing of the Quran. We praise you on law for all the blessings that you have given us that we cannot count or understand or measure or recognize, Oh Allah, to you belongs all praise your The Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is in between so to us thanks and praise Oh Allah, you are the light of the heavens and the earth. So to us thanks and praise. Oh Allah, you are the truth and your speech is true and your promise is true. Your meeting is true and Paradise is true and the fire is true and the prophets are true. And

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Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as true. Allah we submit to you and believe in you, we depend on you and repent to you, and refer back to you and seek judgment from you. So grant us forgiveness from you, for our past sins and the new, those hidden and evident from all of them we repent. And from the sins we forgotten while you knew, Oh Allah we ask you for Paradise, the highest levels of Paradise, and everything that will bring us closer to it of actions and speech and friends and environments. Although we seek refuge in You from the fire, and anything that will bring us closer to of actions and speech and friends and environments. Oh Allah, guide us amongst those who have

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guided and grant us health amongst those who have granted health to protect us amongst those who have protected and bless us in what has been given to us by you. All are protect us from any evil that is decreed for you decree in truth and none can decree over you. Nan can disgrace whom you support and uncon honor whom you oppose. You are the blessed and exalted. Oh Allah Yeah. Rockman you are the Most Merciful of those who showed mercy. The Most Merciful of those who are asked you are the most generous Karim of those who give you are the sustainer of everything in you alone ever live. Oh Allah you Who here's what we do not hear you who sees what we do not see you who changes

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the universe by simply saying couldn't be. We don't have the ability to praise you. You already praised yourself. We thank you for our faith, family's health and wealth. And we declare you to be our Lord with no deities other than you. You created us y'all Allah and we are your slaves and we fulfill our pledge to you, You Allah We seek refuge in You from the sins that we commit. Your blessings cannot be counted Your favors, we all admit you Allah we confess our sins and ask for your forgiveness for none forgive sins except for you. Oh Allah, we beg you during these blessing days and blessing nights. During this blessing month, with all the promises that you've informed us

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about, we beg you Allah, you are alive for the forgiving, you love to forgive. So forgive us all along. You told us you are the forgiving and you love to forgive. So forgive us your Allah, Oh Allah, you are a lawful, you are the forgiving and you will love to forgive. We beg you a lot to forgive us. We ask you Allah to forgive us for all of our sins, the major and the minor, the past, present and future, the sins that are public and the sins that are private, the sins that we remember and the sins that we forgot. And we ask for your strength and your aid and your assistance your Allah in never going back to those sins again. Or Allah We seek refuge in You from a heart that

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is not humbled. And an eye that does not tear and knowledge that doesn't benefit us and a prayer not lifted near Oh Allah make the Quran, the spring of our hearts and the light of our chests, the remover of our sadness, the repeller of our stress.

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Teach us Oh ALLAH what we don't know of it and remind us of what we forgot. And grant us the ability to recite it throughout the day and night. Oh Allah make us and our loved ones people of the Quran. Allah make us and our loved ones people of the Quran, those who recite it every day, those who reference it, those who reflect on it, those who internalize it, those who act upon it, those who teach it and those who convey it to others. All our guidance and guide for us our youth and bring them to the truth and protect them from influences that would cause them to be misled. Allah forgive our parents and grandparents and have mercy and our debt

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removed from hacia Allah the overpowering of people and the overburdening of debt. Oh Allah give us success and remove our stress. Oh Allah marry our bachelors and bachelorettes and put bet on the blessings in all marriages of our brothers and sisters around the world it will not protect them in all of their marriages in any type of harm from any type of evil internally or externally Oh Allah. Allah grants Muslim students the ability to excel in Dean and dunya and doubts and desires repelled Oh ALLAH free our prisoners and bring them back to their family safe and secure. Oh Allah heal our sick from all ailments. You are a chef you alone are the one to cure all our we seek Your protection

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for being tested. And we ask you along for protection for our family in the land that you have made. Bless it. Oh Allah free Masjid officer from the hands of oppressors or live free masjid and officer and the Lions of the Muslims through the hands of oppressors and random justice and PCL law, or law make us a source of peace and justice for others around us locally and globally. All make us amongst those who are guided in a source of guidance for others and a source of justice and optimism and hope and security, or law for our brothers and sisters and every London every place around the world, in places we don't know don't even know of Yet Allah We beg you to be with them and to remove

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from them their sadness and to punish those who oppress them or law many of our brothers and sisters are struggling in situations in lands and in places where they have no state to support them and no OMA behind them no land to accept them and no one to carry them it is them and you you're Allah, you are their supporter you are there hope all law all avenues are shut for them except your door that never closes. So be the greatest supporter and the greatest ally Oh ALLAH. Have mercy on our friends and our brothers and sisters. Have mercy on those who requested our prayers will love forgive all of their sins correct all of their affairs all or purify our hearts from anything that is ill Oh ALLAH

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purify our hearts from anything that is defective all our purify our hearts, from any jealousy or envy or ill thoughts or grudges towards others and etc Allah and being people are forgiveness and forgive us for it to Allah protect us here along in our homes and our families and our communities and our institutions and all around the world. Oh Allah, you've blessed us and allowed us to experience the month of Ramadan. So yeah, Allah We beg you to allow us to be forgiven. Forgive us, your Allah and be with us so long and don't punish us Oh Allah. There is nothing that allows us to have the ability to pray to you with all of our shortcomings and all of our faults and all of our

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sins and our guilt and our shame except what you've taught us of your forgiveness. or Allah forgive us and make us people of paradise and protect us from the fire with our loved ones. Grant us the highest levels of paradise along and reunion with Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the highest levels of Jannah.

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All are we asked you to make us amongst those who love the Prophet Muhammad and study his life and prove their claim of love by acting upon his teachings and following in his footsteps and teaching his life to others and teaching the sunnah to others. You Allah we asked you to guide us to follow the Prophet peace be upon him, both in character and in worship, in character and in rituals. Yeah, Allah, protect us from the fire. We seek refuge in You Allah from being people of the fire, protect us, our families and the Ummah from all evil, and heal the hearts of the believing people. Oh Allah, we ask you for all that is good, the good that we recognize the good that we don't recognize now and

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later. And we ask for your protection from all evil now and later that you will that we recognize and that you will that we don't recognize, or Allah, we ask you to make us amongst those who are accepted on little paddle or Allah we asked you to make us amongst those who are forgiving on the Night of Decree. Although we asked you for strength to be consistent in worshipping you throughout the 10 nights of Ramadan, and to be amongst those who are accepted on Laila to Allah we ask you to grant us the wisdom and consistency in worshiping you throughout the year. Oh Allah, we asked you for protection from all that as evil. Although we asked you for happiness and healing, optimism,

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resilience and hope. We asked you a lot to grant us physical health and mental health Yet Allah we asked you for strength in our physical and mental states. And we asked you a lot to make us a people of strength and a source of strength and hope for others. Oh Allah, for our brothers and sisters who just started to worship you and Ramadan we asked you Allah to forgive them, you know Allah and to guide them to be consistent throughout the year we asked you Allah to grant us all consistency throughout the year and to make our Islamic centers and our masajid our events and our programs welcoming to our brothers and sisters from every London place. Oh Allah. For our brothers and

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sisters who converted to Islam in recent years. We asked you Allah to make things easy for them to grant them strength and resilience and to make them a source of guidance for their families. Oh Allah guide their families to Islam, and protect them from all harm. All random steadfastness in grantor steadfastness as well and keep our hearts united upon what is pleasing to you. All Allah we asked you as Ramadan is coming to an end

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To put Baraka blessings in our time, in our acts of worship, in our energy, and to protect us from laziness to protect us from being heedless, to protect us from complacency to protect us from missing guidance, we asked you, your Allah. For many more Ramadan's to come, we beg you Allah for many more years to worship in this world to grant us a goodness throughout those years, goodness every single day of our lives, and to leave this world in a good state. Oh Allah, grant us hustlin Hatim grant us a good ending, oh Allah grant us a good ending Allah grant us a good ending and consistency in our habits. In worshiping

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Allah, we ask You to bless our institutions, our centers, our organizations, our brothers and sisters who are striving and working hard for your cause all around the world. We ask you Allah, if they have any shortcomings to guide them and forgive them. We ask you Allah to forgive them for their shortcomings and guide them to what is correct. We ask you a lot to make us a people who advise one another in the best manner possible in the wisest manner possible, in a manner of wisdom as you've commanded in a manner that reflects the Sunnah of the Prophet peace be upon him in character. All we ask you to protect us from divisions within our communities, in our centers and

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our institutions and to protect us from any kind of evil any kind of harm within our community and external to our community. We ask you a lot to unite us in our hearts upon the Quran and the Sunnah and the truth, and to protect us from all misguidance Oh Allah, we ask you to purify our hearts from any kind of pride and to make us receptive to the advice that comes to us. We asked you We beg you Allah to make us people are humble and gentle and kind and firm upon what is true. We asked you Allah, for the ability to see the truth as truth and to follow it and to see falsehood as falsehood and to abstain from it. Or Allah accept from us or dua or Luxa. From us our prayers will not accept

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from us our charity will not accept from us all the good works that we're attempting to do for your sake and grant us sincerely Oh will grant us an abundance of good deeds in private that no one else is aware of except you yo Allah. Oh Allah protect us and our loved ones. Protect us and our families protect us and our communities and guarantees safety and security, or law accept all law accept all accept for there is none who accepts our prayers except for you. And our final supplication is that all praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds or loss and your peace and your blessings upon your messenger Muhammad and all who follow Him until the end of times Allahumma Amin

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deserve more hidden to our brothers and sisters for tuning in once again, may Allah subhana wa Tada reward you all for your consistency. And may Allah subhanaw taala accept from you as these final nights of Ramadan are kind of coming to an end and concluding very quickly. Take advantage take advantage take advantage. continue to strive, continue to sacrifice continue to work hard, it will be worth it. At times your body may be tired, but let your soul push your body forward. Let your soul push your body forward hamdulillah for the opportunities to connect virtually. Keep making dua keep making dua and the best deal you can make from the bottom of your heart. May lockset from all

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of you make dua for one another for the OMA for our brothers and our sisters in every line and every place. And I asked a lot to reward you all for joining us Hamdulillah. At another live Institute, we're trying to facilitate as many needs as possible. And so keep an mothership in your DUA as well keep the Institute in Europe and all the staff and the volunteers and the amazing students all across the world and the donors as well and be amongst them and shout out to support the great works of another institute. It's been 20 years and Sheikh Mohammed Al Sharif was with us. Last Ramadan. And he departed back to Allah subhanaw taala the founder of another institute has returned back to

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Allah Subhana Allah and the good works continue benefiting people around the world. So make dua for him and his family make dua for and Muslim and its supporters it's facilitators its students its volunteers and join us in sha Allah Tala, we are looking now at the next 20 years from 200,000 students at hamdulillah to 1 million inshallah Tada be amongst those who continue to do good works and I ask Allah to accept from you and to reward you. We will see you tomorrow inshallah to Allah 3am Eastern Standard Time 3am Eastern Standard Time In sha Allah to other for the next duat session. Does that make sense to all of you about a fluffy configure dua your kind words your kind comments

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as well? And if this has benefited you, then share it with others so they can benefit as well every night in shout at does that Muslim brothers and sisters May Allah accept from you? So that might equal what a hammer to law he won't get

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