Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #22 Justice & Fairness

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Of the essential manners of the believer is that of justice – a believer judges an action based on the action itself, and not who has done it.

In our latest episode (Episode 22), I discuss this reality and bring evidences from the Quran, the Sunnah and the lives of the Companions that demonstrate this.

The Quran explicitly commands us to be just, even if it be against our parents or with our enemies. And the Prophet (SAW) took the first Oath of Allegience at `Aqabah with the explicit command that the new converts must be just at all times.

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah who other early he was so happy woman whether Hammerberg today's characteristic that we'll be doing is one of the primary reasons why Allah subhana wa Taala revealed the book and it has been compared with almost to the level of the importance of donor aid itself, as we will see, and that is the characteristic of being just idle Christless. The characteristic of the believer is that the believer is fair, the believer practices justice and equality. You know, the verse that every hottie around the globe recites every single Jumeirah in the La Jolla, Monroeville agilely What if sunny what a tidal Korba Allah commands

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Justice. This is the verse that is universally recited around the globe instituted by the Khalifa Ahmed Abdullah disease 1100 years ago, he started this verse and every hottie follows because it is a comprehensive verse, Allah commands you number one, which adult in Allah Yeah, I'm gonna I believe well, sonny, wait either Cordoba and your son and giving to your relatives and the verse goes on. Allah subhana wa Tada says in the Quran was the new bill Kristofferson was studying, we are commanded to put the scales of justice with equality. The word Arabic is false. By the way, I've said this many times. It is an Arabic cognate, which means it comes from another word in Latin, and

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the Latin word is Eustice. from the Latin word, Eustace, the ancient Arabs took this loss, and they made it an Arabic word cause loss from the Latin word Eustace English justice. So when we say Arabic peice loss, English justice, it sounds the same because it's from the same root the Latin root of Eustace so we can literally say that the Quran is commanding justice with the word justice was the new bilkis Boston was studying. Allah says in the Quran, there are two verses very similar to each other, but there's a slight twist in it or they're slight swapping. Listen to this Surah Nisa, Allah says that you will Adina Armano, Kuno Wamena Bill Chrisley shahada, Allah Allah, or you who believe

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who Hawa Amina bill must stand up for justice, discuss last justice stand up for justice shahada, Allah, Allah, witnesses to Allah, Allah is watching you as you are just then Allah says what our other and fusi Come, I will worry they will occur Robin, even if that justice has to be against yourselves or against your parents or against your close relatives, even if that justice means that you have to say something that is against your mother and father, but it is the truth. It is the justice that Allah is saying Allahu Allah be Hema Allah has more right than your own mother and father, when it comes to justice Subhanallah the book of the holidays are not as important as the

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book of justice. What is fair is fair, and this is the essence of justice. Because what is justice? Justice means you judge a person by the action and not because of the person, regardless of who the person is, regardless of whether it's your mother or father, your cousin or relative, it's your tribe, or Klansmen, or whether it's somebody else justice. And you know, in the Western world, the symbol of justice is Lady Justice. She's blindfolded with the scales, why she blindfolded the metaphor here, the symbolism here, it should be irrelevant who is standing in front of you. Justice means everybody's treated the same regardless of who they are, depending on what they have done. And

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the Quran is explicit. Even if it is against your mother and father justice has a higher virtue than speaking on behalf of your mother and father. What is true is true. What is fair is fair, if they've done a crime if they've done something wrong, and the court comes or you have to testify, Allah says Kurokawa Amina Bill Christie shahada Allah and certain ma either the two phrases are swapped around or you who believe Kurokawa Amina Elahi shahada, it swapped around Oh, you who believe stand for justice for Wamena because shahada dilla kumoko I'm gonna do constitutionality swapping I'm sorry that stand for justice witnesses to Allah.

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Savannah went to Allah and then Allah says, even if it is against your own enemies, wala Yejide mana Commissioner Coleman Allah Allah to ID to make sure Allah says that your hatred for your enemy does not cause you to act with injustice is to do to you even with your enemy be just who are crapola. Taqwa that is the essence of piety. Notice in these verses the most difficult things number one, family and friends, Allah says justice is higher. Number two your enemies. Allah says be careful, just because you hate somebody just because you don't like somebody still, justice is more important. And if you are judging or you must get involved, then make sure that your own intentions

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are pure. And Allah is saying make sure your own animosity and hatred does not cause you to turn away from Justice era due to who according to the taqwa be just that is the essence of Taqwa. And that is why justice is of the core values of our faith. Allah says in the Quran, to the prophets, Allah Salam that say to the people that will admit to that I am coming to an ideal Albania calm that I have been commanded to treat you all with justice. And you know, the famous treaty of Aqaba took place the first and the Secretary of APA, the first oats that the profitsystem undertook, what was the wording of that oath. The first October treaty that took place three years before the Hijra

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regatta Ignis Ahmed said, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam took the oath of allegiance from us that we hear, and we obey, regardless of our circumstances, and that we always speak with ideal with justice. This was in the Treaty of Aqaba, that you have to be fair, Justice has to be there in all of your interactions. So the concept of justice is core to our faith, and our Prophet sallallahu sallam was sent to establish the Kitab and the reason to establish the book and the scales of justice. And if you want to see how important justice is, all you need to do is to look at the evil of its opposite. The Arabs have a saying that by the opposites, shall you understand look at how

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evil the opposite is, you will see how important justice is what is the opposite of justice, volume, and Subhanallah volume has been equated with Schick in the Shigella hula Moon album volume and should have been equated together. And Allah azza wa jal has cursed the body mean Allah Allah Allah to Allah Allah volley mean that is the worst thing to have Allah's curse. And Allah says the volume has no worry and nausea, nobody's going to help the volume. Allah azza wa jal has linked the destruction of villages and civilizations to their golem that Allah says in the Quran that Rebecca we're here Voluma look at how Allah has taken these civilizations while they were doing boom, Allah

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links destructions of civilization to boredom and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a bull move through March on your multi Yama injustices of course it's a play on words with volterman Moto moto moto mod means darkness volum is injustice. The Prophet saw some said any injustice will become a source of calamity, a source of grief on the Day of Judgment of bull movoto Moto and your Milka Yama. In one Hadith he said, oh people, any volume that you have done, make sure that you get rid of it in this world. Make it to heal get rid of this boom. Make sure you have no room on your plate, before the day of judgment comes in which there will be no gold and silver in which on that

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day any loom. Allah azza wa jal will call you to task and you will have to pay not with gold and silver with your good deeds. And our scholars say there are three types of volume, one volume, Allah will never forgive that his shirt if you die upon shirt, another volume, Allah will never let go there will be a hisab and that is don't between people, any of whom you have done to somebody else any injustice. And the third volume is the one that Allah can't forgive. That is something you've done against yourself your private sins, Allah is called for and Rahim but the volume between people that is never forgiven without the other person forgiving, Allah will never let it go. And that's

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why our Prophet system said that beware or people of the mauve loom making dua against you beware, because nothing comes between the dua of them of loom and Allah subhanho wa Taala In another Hadith, he said the dua of the one who has been wrong it shoots up straight to Allah subhana wa Tada and Allah gives a custom the Hadith Allah swears to this drop. What is it? What Jalali the unseren Nicki Well, Obeida and I swear by my honor and there is I shall defend you. Even if it is after some time. Our Prophet system said Allah azza wa jal might give some leeway to the volume but Allah never allows the volume complete uncontrol

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All some time maybe but Allah never allows the volume to go unaccounted for. That's not the Sunnah of Allah subhanho wa Taala of bull muda Luma tune yo Milka Yama adamantane Mia has a very profound remark which we see the reality in front of our eyes, a painful reality. Ibn Taymiyyah says that it is known that the nation and civilization that practices justice shall be protected and blessed even if it is a confident nation, and the nation and civilization that does not have justice will not be protected, they will not have that sanctity, even if it is a Muslim nation. And we see and open our eyes well Allah He bitter reality, bitter reality. We have more justice and many of these lands, all

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of these lands that we have many times and lands that our ancestors or some of us have come from, and that is one of the reasons why there is a sense of more is there is a sense of higher GDP, let's be honest here, there is a sense of more clout. Why why is it that some civilizations are more blessed than others, even to me and this is actually based on the Hadith annato Barani. Actually, there's a hadith and Barani that the Prophet system himself is reported to have said that the note the home or the people that are just they will have some protection, even if they don't have Iman, and the ones that have no justice, they will not have protection, even if they have Iman, so we've

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been Tamia is taking it from these types of notions. It's not out of thin air, and we see this reality we see this reality a nation that professors Islam, and yet the rich and powerful get away and they don't have to worry about sins and crimes and they are doing what they are doing and the weak are the ones that suffer no, this is not justice, justice. You deal with everybody equally, regardless of who they are when the prophets ism conquered Maccha the first case of crime occurred there. A lady from the shura far from the very elite of the blue mark zoom, one of the cousin's of Abuja had a very, very respectable lady. She was caught stealing a pearl necklace, she was caught,

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and it was confirmed that she stole so they said, Oh, this is a Sharifah. This is Binomo zoom. This is our elite and you crammed other crap, we can't do this. So why don't we send Osama bin Zaid? Let me summarize the one that processing unit raised in his household he loved to summer, you know, the son of Zaid. So Osama was the one to process and love. They said Let us send Osama let us see if he can get her out. Osama went and made sure ha and said Allah she is you know Sharifa she is Benny Masoom CSO and so the Prophet says and became so angry. Rarely would he raised his voice. Rarely would he speak in a loud voice. On this occasion, His face became red with anger and his voice

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became high. And he said, Are you daring to come to me to intercede on behalf of someone who has done this crime? Walla he if my own daughter Fatima committed this crime, I would implement that upon her. And then he said in another version, with the same notion that I said that no nation shall flourish, when the AEF will have the haka against him, but the Sharif will not have the hawk against him. No nation will flourish like that. That's not how a civilization flourishes. So we learned from our *ty that Justice transcends who we are and who our families are, And subhanAllah we know how nations back home are corrupt. We always blame politicians this that, although this is true, but

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Allah is not going to ask us about them. Allah is gonna ask us about me and you. So let us look on our own lives. How fair are we let us look how are we treating our family and friends? If my son does something wrong if my cousin does something wrong? Well, I have a double standard or not. Let's look at how we're treating our own children. Our profit system even wanted justice between children they should be treated equally. Let us see justice in our own daily lives. And the final interesting anecdote are books of history mentioned this very famous incident when I needed the Allah who became the governor sorry, the Khalifa and he was in Kufa, he was the Khalifa of the Muslims. Somebody

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broke into his house and stole his armor a few weeks later, he comes across the armor being sold in the marketplace some of the Yahoo the merchant he had it so I needed the alarm so this is my armor. This is I see it you somebody stole it from my house. And the merchant said No, it's mine. And possession is nine tenths of the law I have it do you what's your what's your evidence? So it took him immediately to the all the of Kufa his name was showed a very famous person shouldn't help all the and the call the sat them down, and he said to ally, what is the evidence that this is your armor? So are they said oh hasn't contested for hasn't come here testify hasn't testified should I

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said this is the testimony of a son for the Father. And you don't have any other testimony don't even have two witnesses. He said to the who the what is your evidence? You already said I don't need an evidence the default if I own it, it's mine. So should I said and that case is going to be considered to be yours before he could finish that sentence.

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The Yahudi says, I testify that I got this via dubious means, and any nation and civilization where the Khalifa does not need to prove rather the verdict will be against him. That is a nation of civilization that must be upon the truth. So the who the merchant converted to Islam in that gathering, seeing the testimony and the justice that was meted out, even against the Khalifa because he didn't have the two witnesses. He didn't have the evidence. So he would have been ruled against this is what justice does. And that's why by the way, the whole of Russia don't are who they were. That's why there was is they didn't have the GDP. They didn't have the weapons they didn't have. But

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what they had was their eemaan their trust their taqwa and their justice, and because of that, Allah bless them now we look at our own Allahumma Stan so head we live our nations and our own lives. Let us be just Erie due to who accountable the taqwa May Allah subhana wa Tada make us of those who are just an issue that will continue tomorrow Santa Monica Monica

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