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AI: Summary © The use of words in the Quran's meaning is seen as a way to describe experiences and struggles, and it is important for individuals to have a strong faith in themselves to avoid fall and embarrassment. The beast is a powerful sign of a man if a woman is approaching, and it is used to hold people in faith. Security is used to prevent falls and avoid embarrassment, and technology is used to help people avoid embarrassment and dangerous situations.
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So last from the last last time also in our lives there has been several economic data alongside data have you been able to veto homicides and infidelity or Saudi law who was selling Mubarak and have you been able to veto Muhammad Ali? So good afternoon. Allama Sanjana, have you known Amina Mohamed salah, Mahalia cinema coulomb Iveco, avec la kolomela, phonetically la feuille. All please do Tomas Panatela. We thank everybody for showing up in Shell and listening. This is Illuminations, Quranic reflections from the domain, day 16. And we're discussing the is that the quarry machine that we recited from and this is sort of use of, so the use of speaks about the promise and

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establishing the believers after they've gone through a number of difficulties and hardships. And essentially sort of Yusuf is one of the most beautiful stories in the Quran, of course, and has an amazing,

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I guess, number of hardships and realities that even a Prophet Yusuf Ali Salam went through. So in essence, the story speaks about if a prophet like Yusuf Ali Hassan can go through so many difficulties, and what about the difficulties that we go through? And it teaches us that right in reality, this entire life has been made for if Tina, if Tina means trials and difficulties and hardships, and Allah Subhana Allah says, Lea blue Acoma, youcome, assalam, Allah, so he may see those of you which are best indeed. And he said, x and y Mela, the best indeed, not the most indeed. So, it's about the quality of the deeds that we present to Allah with the sincerity of our hearts,

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not necessarily the quantity alone, because the quantity is a marker of the quality, the more actions that you do is the more marker of the truth of, of your love and your sincerity to something, right. I mean, if you don't, if you love someone, you're not going to limit it based on numbers, right, you're going to keep doing the actions that you do for the sake of the one that you love. So similarly, we're not going to just say it's not about the quality, it's about only the quantity, but the quality actually is a marker of the quality, hopefully. But the idea is that this entire chapter, sort of the Quran focuses on showing us that Allah subhanaw taala, even in the most

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perfect of people, does not have the perfect of situations and even doesn't have the perfect families and even doesn't have the perfect of lives. If you think about how many things Yusuf has gone through what kept him sane, what kept him intact, what kept him grounded, what Capting anchored, is his faith and that faith was grounded in him from a very young age. And that's something powerful that we kind of need to relearn from in and of itself is that Yaqoob taught children that were anchored in Islam. And that is incredibly important. The more we don't have children that are anchored in Islam, the more that they will be shaken by the struggles of their

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life. Because the whole point is that not even prophets are safe from struggles. Not even prophets are safe from family disappointment. I mean, do you have family members, like your brothers trying to kill you 11 of your brothers trying to kill you? No, I mean, hopefully you don't have a little brother's trying to kill you. But it used to fight he said I'm dead. So imagine even the amount of family struggles that that he essentially had. It teaches us that not even not even the best of people have the perfect of, of lives, and they're safe from from struggles. There's a lot of lessons, of course that we can derive from so it's useful, I'm not going to go into so many details.

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But there's one particular idea that just like jumped out at me, and this entire student hadn't before in this particular context. And this is why I want to just focus on something. The words in the Quran itself have deep deep impact, and also have deep meanings. So if you focus on even just the words, like for example, when Allah possesses tequila, like what is God consciousness, what does that actually refer to, it comes from with higher which means to cover. So when you're actually

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obeying Allah subhanaw taala, you're covering yourself from the punishment of Allah, but you're also covering yourself in a figurative sense from the harms of falling into your desires from the harms of falling into a sin from the consequences of those sins. So it has a beautiful, figurative and also literal context, which talks about with higher which is to essentially to create a shield for yourself. So Taqwa consciousness of Allah, before you do anything, is actually shielding you from all of the things that could harm you, not just shielding you from what we think the punishment of Allah and the anger of Allah, but it's actually shielding you from the harms of the things that you

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don't know you're falling into, because of falling into your desires. So one of the most things, amazing things about the Quran is if you focus on the words, and you look into the depths of the words, then you will have a deeper appreciation of their meanings. So there's one ayah in salt, Yusuf that just kind of like just jumped out at me. And I really found it very, very profound in helping us overcome our own struggles when we when we essentially face a very difficult situation where we have to essentially follow one of our desires fall into sin, or we turn away from it and what can give us the

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How to turn away from something very powerful and sinful. And that is the Iowa last month speaks about when Yusuf Ali Salaam is essentially being enticed by the woman which is a very powerful, beautiful wife of the king or the minister. And she's essentially calling him to bed and Yusuf Ali Salaam is having this moment of of reality whether he should listen to horror show, he should not urge you to have the conviction and resolve to essentially turn away from her. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran. So the use of iron number 24 asked for saying

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what occurred to him met be he will him be her Lola Bucha will not be Canada he can also refer and who sue while fascia

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in a home in Reba Dena, colossal II, Allah says, She advanced towards him, and he would have done the same in advance towards her, he would have wanted something from her he wanted, he would have actually approached her as well with desire if he had not seen Buddha hand from his Lord. But hand is a very, very powerful word. It's a very interesting word. And the more amazing thing to me is that Allah subhanaw taala admits the human nature of use of it said, he's a man if a woman is approaching him, he had something in his heart being enticed to answer her call. And if it wasn't for this one thing, he would have answered her Allah says, in this particular, if Lola Rob would

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Hannah be if it wasn't that he had seen ALLAH SubhanA wa taalas Buddha Han, what is Buddha Han? And here says sign, what was that sign? Okay, let's let's dive a little bit deeply into into this understanding of Bohannan. Buddha Han comes from the word Bettiah. And I for us, I bought in the dictionaries as well as in his book. Besides that, we Tamizh he says it comes from biannual Hoja. It's an absolutely clear sign and evidence that does not leave any room for anything other than certainty. And he says in the Quran, it comes in three meanings. In the Quran, it comes in three meanings. The first meaning is miracle. So basically Yusuf Ali Salam saw a miracle. The second is,

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he saw an evidence at the end. Okay, and the third is the Quran itself. So there's actually a number of scholars they they differ over what it is exactly that Yusuf Ali said, I'm sorry, what is it that exactly that Yusuf Ali Salim saw, and they differ over it. So let's talk about some of the differences even though Josie mentioned this exactly. Missy about what are the different things that he possibly saw? And some of them said that it was Julian Assange, Julian Assange came and like pushed him on his back and said, Hey, are you going to commit Zina? So Julian Assange was the one who actually kind of like, nudged him. Another view is that he actually saw the face of his father.

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It's as if like, you're about to do something bad, right? And you see your parents face in front of you. That's exactly what you said. He said he saw, he's like, Oh, no, you know, my father's a prophet. And this is what he, he's essentially, he was, he says, he had no idea who he was actually cautioning him and warning him. And some of the say, you could see his father in a very stern face. So Yusuf Ali, Sam saw, actually his father when he was when he was being enticed by this woman. Another opinion is that use of it set up, a nother angel came to use of it, Simon actually told him another sign that they say that or another meaning of that sign, what berghahn was, is that the

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husband of that woman actually came near the door, and that was assigned to use a fatty system. So it was like an event that took place that make him what made him wake up. Now, all of these things, the scholars that the Ramana matutina, he essentially says, we don't know what the exact sign was, because it wasn't made absolutely clear to us in the,

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in the meaning of these of the word bouddhanath Tough seed. So he says we shouldn't just like start extrapolating different things, but rather mention all of these different things that the scholars have said before us. And in reality, the main the main views is that he saw either a direct evidence from Allah subhanaw taala, either an angel or Jabril, or he actually saw the image of his father, which basically was almost like it, reminding him his father was reminding him not to not to fall into Zina, and to into having intimacy and sex outside of marriage. So this is actually very powerful, because in reality, we all also kind of,

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in essence, look for that sign that will be an anchor from us falling into sin. It's that bouddhanath That almost like this absolute clear vision that you have, that something comes to you and says, You know what, this is not a good idea. It's an internal kind of even element of, I guess sign or an internal strengthening that allows you to understand not to fall into something and it's almost like internal talk. Sometimes it's almost something

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The anchors who say, You know what, the consequences of this is just worse than you falling into, into it. And it's like you internally kind of having a discussion with them is this a good idea is a bad idea. So that internal discussion is what got us of how they set out to overcome it. And if it wasn't for that thing that anchored him that evidence that anchored him, it would have caused him to commit sin, I would have caused this great righteous person to fall in be enticed by this woman. And this teaches you that Subhanallah

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that is, is a perfect example for all of us. I mean, all of us can be enticed by something, some element of sin. And we need to anchor ourselves in an aspect of faith that becomes our boron. So for some of us, yeah, it's the image of our parents. It's the image of disappointing someone that you love. Here in this case, yeah. Fullbody Sam, his father. It's the image of for example, also something from the next world for example, like, Hey, you're going to have to respond to this to Allah subhanaw taala. And how are you going to ask forgiveness for the for the sin that you committed? How are you going to face the Prophet Mohammed says, now you're gonna face the next life?

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So it's always something that you need to anchor yourself with? What is your Buddha Han In essence, what is your bouddhanath if you slip and you're being enticed, and you fall and you make a mistake, and the last time that I said that one of the ways that Allah subhanaw taala aids us is that somebody has to have true sincerity. And that is Allah Subhana. Allah says, cathartically Nasri fan who saw our fracture. And this is how we kept evil and fascia fascia is actually elicit sexual sins. We kept them away from evil and sexual sins. Because why in the human eye that animal flossing because use the valet system was one of our sincere worshipers. So sincerity in essence, is

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something that our faith becomes anchored by, the more sincere you are to it, the more it will be you will be anchored by the more becomes then your forehand or your anchor in faith that will help you overcome and navigate elements and times when you're about to slip and be enticed. And that is why the amount of crochet Rahim Allah Allah says, We may not know the exact nature of the sign, or Buddha Han that anchored Yusuf Ali Salam, but we know how Allah subhanaw taala protects those of the servants that are sincere to him and Allah and then he quotes the iron swords for say that sort of 41 is number 53 Well last point that it says suddenly him yeah Tina feel frisky Wolfie foresee him

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had to yet obey an alarm and now we'll have our lamb yak fee bill up because no other condition in Shaheed look at this powerful, powerful idea. It says the way that Allah's practice shows his signs to his chosen servants to help anchor them from slipping and falling is Allah says we will show them Our signs in the universe and even within their own selves until it becomes clear to them that this Quran or this is the truth, this religion this Deen this Quran Allah is the truth. Is it not enough that that out that your Lord is a witness over all things Allah sees, and as a witness over all things, such a powerful, powerful, if that explains this other eye, and so the use of that we were

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covering, so hopefully inshallah Tada, this will help us to bring about what is our Buddha Han what is that sign that makes you absolutely anchored from falling and slipping? For some of us it might be yes, disappointing, like apparent from might be disappointing, a loved one. For some of us, it might be an element of disappointing Allah subhanaw taala or dealing with the consequence, and that's why no claim he says, how amazing Isn't that for one hour of pleasure? A human being will make himself fall into

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an unspecified amount of misery for just a moment, a fleeting moment of pleasure, that they think that they will receive from that, that kind of sin that they engage in, but it will lead them to a longer element of misery at the very least the guilt that they will feel and after most of course, the punishment that they are subjected to the consequence of that sin. So we should reflect on that and reflect on the idea of Yusuf Ali salaam, seeing a and Allah says he would have been enticed by her he himself was being enticed by this woman if it was not for him seeing the Boreham that Allah showed him that his Lord, his nourisher his caretaker showed him and that would Hannah hope

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inshallah we all can inculcate and strengthen within ourselves and find our own Buddha Han, that use of valleys Sam saw so we ourselves can remind ourselves in the times of difficulty, let it come before you like it's almost as if you're closing your eyes, and you can see this Buddha and for those for those people who come to Medina, you know what I tell them? I said, Listen, you might forget most of the things that you've seen and heard here in terms of his history, but you'll never forget this green dome. You'll never forget how you felt here. So when you when you're facing difficult situations, just close your eyes.

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Remember that window? Remember I love nobody nothing is worth giving up that time when we're going to see the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So when you're about to face a difficult decision, just remember the green dome and say hey, you know what? Is this worth the meeting with the Prophet Muhammad sighs and is this worth disappointing Rasul? Allah Allah Sato setup, and that hopefully inshallah will be a good hand for some that when people are going through difficulty, they're about to slip, they're about to make a mistake and about to be enticed by some worldly desire that they see this bull hand is absolute clear image, Inshallah, that that will help them and anchor them in

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overcoming those difficulties. And that's why the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said, that there are certain people that will be shaded on the Day of Judgment, when people will be extremely sweating, and they will sweat according to the amount of sins that they committed. So some of them will be covered until they're like their, their, you know, half of their body, some of them recovered till their chest, some of them to their necks, and some of them will be drowning almost in their own sweat, may Allah protect us, and the sun will be so close and hence people will be sweating in that essence. And this is something otherworldly that we can't explain by for science.

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But the Prophet Muhammad SAW said and said there will be certain people that will be cool and will be shaded. And among the people that will be shaded is someone that will be enticed to come to have sex outside of marriage, to commit Zina. And they will say I fear my fear, my lord. And even that person was a person in a position of beauty or position, they had status, but they will turn away from them out of the field of Allah subhanaw taala May Allah azza wa jal allow us to have that element of Hashem and fear and overlook our mistakes and the times we've slipped and to anchor us into what will help us overcome those moments with that beforehand that was addressed to use the

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fatty CERAM workflow and handy later on I mean, also allows me to kind of have you know what I mean, Mohammed, while he was like, Who's ready inshallah we will see y'all tomorrow for eliminations of Quranic reflections and ask you all to please keep your brothers and sisters in Palestine in Yemen, and in Amman, Stan and your daughters, unfortunately that there has been an extremely difficult time for the Muslim ummah and all those where they suffer. But there's an aggression that has been happened by the Pakistani army and, and bombed essentially, four provinces in Afghanistan, and killed 40 people, among them, five children and entire family of eight. May Allah subhanaw taala

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deal with those who oppress others and may last Panatela grant, the Pakistani people as well as Muslims all over the world leaders that they deserve. Keep them in your doors and speak out against the oppression and Palestine in Yemen and everywhere where there's difficulty among our brothers and sisters among the Uighur in Burma in Syria and Afghanistan as well. Welcome now 100 Lyle Ballymena was hola Jose, welcome. Have you been in a hammock? While he was while he was in Santa Monica?