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Now, the last slide was Mr. Solo and he was a happy man wanna begin with the name of a lot Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful. We asked him to send his peace and blessings upon all of his messengers and prophets, Adam, Moses, Noah, Abraham, Jesus, Muhammad, peace be upon them all. And we ask Allah to join us with the prophets, the truthful ones, martyrs, the believers in the highest level of Genesis with those in the highest level paradise alone, I mean.

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So this is an idea that I had just to start something nightly, to just share a reflection on some of the emotions that we might be feeling now from a spiritual perspective. So if you're looking for the psychological, if you're looking for that angle of mental health and our emotional well being, which is a very important angle, and a very important aspect, then I suggest you look at what Sr soltana sR nawada have done at yaqeen Institute, in terms of the trauma series, as well as the webinar we had the other day and some of the other content that we're going to be publishing in that regard. But there are things that are spiritually constant in terms of what we seek in these moments and

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what we look for. And I want to give you the scenario, and those of you that have, little kids will be able to relate to this very easily. If you're driving in the car, and your kid goes, how much longer, how much longer, how much longer, you're sitting in traffic, and how much longer how much longer, how much longer, when are we going to get there, when are we going to reach the destination, if you've ever been in traffic again, and you've got your GPS on and the ETA keeps on changing, and you're getting late to a meeting, and you feel completely overwhelmed by the inability to do anything to change your circumstances except for be stuck, right, you're stuck in the middle of it

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all. You don't know what to tell the person that's waiting for you on the other end, and you just sit in that moment. And you get more and more agitated as you keep on looking at the ETA the estimated time of arrival changing and getting later and later and later and later. This need to know when when is this going to end? When do we get back to normal? When when is this error going to end? When his life over? When is you know when is the day of judgment, all of these different things? Right? So some of us right now overwhelmed by this great sense of a fitna of tribulation, right. And there's this apocalyptic you know, or that suddenly, you know, it's all gonna end and we

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see the images that come out from Mecca and Medina, and different parts of the world and everything feeling pretty overwhelming. And it's like, Okay, well, when is the end of the world? So, that's the emotion that I want to speak to right now. When and if you look in the book, you'll find that there are many instances of people that needed to know when even the profits themselves right in the midst of their their moments of tribulation and trial matter, Nasrallah, that things would get so difficult for some of the prophets and the messengers. And Allah gives us example, until that will soon until the messenger and those that are with that also those that are with the messenger, say

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Mata Nasir Allah, when is the help of a lot coming? When is it going to come? A lot also talks about this idea of people that are insisting on knowing when the Day of Judgment is okay? So they asked metta have had the wider and quantum side the team, when is the day of judgment, right? If you're telling the truth, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says that even jabril Gabriel himself does not know when the Day of Judgment is right. So this need to know when the day of judgment is coming. And the Prophet slicin I'm always turn this into a productive feeling, right? An understanding that was beyond that, that nagging feeling of knowing when, when, when, when so when

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someone asked the Prophet sly, so when is the hour when is the day of judgment, the prophets license of Listen, he pointed to that young child. And he said that this young child by the time this child lives, to see great hair, if you you know, if you were to see that, or by the time this child has gray hair, you're going to pass away you would have already met your day of judgment, meaning whether or not the world ends is completely beyond you. Right? I mean, it's beyond the prophets lie Selim, even he doesn't know. But your world might end tonight. Okay, overload might end any moment. So by the time this child has gray hair, your your day of judgment would have come already anyway,

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so think productively about what to do with that feeling of one and you find stories of great patients where you know, I've been humbled him a whole lot to have him when he was in prison during his trial, and his son asked him mattawa ha, when is the end of this when when is relief metal ah ha when is really funny stuff.

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The only hope what's enough to have an agenda with the first step that we take into paradise meaning, you know, if you're asking me, Do I know when this prison sentence is going to end? I don't know. If you're asking me Do I know what I'm going to get to come back to my family? I don't know. But what I do know, is that true law, true relief is going to be when we first set foot in paradise. And so I want to speak to this element just for a moment here of when, you know, right now, you're seeing the CDC gives the regulation of eight weeks and then oh, well, it might be a year it might be six months. And you know, we're starting to go through all of these different timelines in our

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heads, and it can cause us great stress and great anxiety because we're starting to think of a bond and then we're thinking okay, well, you know, the school year and then what about next school year, okay, if I attach plans, or if I had summer plans, if I was going to go here, go there. What happens to this, what happens to that? And what I want us to do in sha Allah is to pull back for a moment and to appreciate that sub patience is not about the weight. Patience is about how you wait. Patience is about the other the manner of with which you wait, okay, you wait for the relief to come from Allah, you wait for that help to come from Allah subhana wa Tada. And there is great wisdom and

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Allah always withholding the when even from the prophets themselves, not just in regards to the Day of Judgment, but in regards to relief in regards to their missions. So for example, when it came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was on his way to Mecca with the companions to do Ramadan, and they signed the Treaty of Abia and they were so excited about this idea that they would finally get to return to Mecca after having spent all of that time away from the Kaaba after having spent all of that time away from Mecca and Allah subhana wa tada said enough attack nanika for tan Lima that we have opened for you a great opening a lot promised them that they would enter into the

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into the hot on Amina Maha looking that they would enter into the Houghton enter into the sanctuary with full belief in safety and security, shaving their heads and performing their their obligation performing the home. But Allah did not tell them one a lot did not tell the profit slice of them when a lot did not tell the profit slice. And then when his mission would be fulfilled a lot did not tell you Barney, the son of the Prophet Joe peace be upon him when his trial was going to end. A lot did not tell us of how his setup how long he was going to spend in prison. Because that is at the heart of what true patience is what a beautiful patience is a lot did not tell Jacob yaku bodyslam

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when he would get his son back. But what a lot did do is he made a promise, he made them a promise, right. And so for us that promise is not how many weeks it's going to be. It's not how many months it's going to be that promise is that whatever we do, in the midst of all of this is going to be rewarded and compensated accordingly. That promise is that eventually relief comes to everyone. Whether that relief is worldly, or whether that relief is in the hereafter which is the time of ultimate relief for the believer. But that relief is coming that raha will be there. But the test is not knowing when. Right. So just like you've got the child, that's impatient that saying, When are

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we going to get there? When are you going to give me this? When are you going to give me that that's how we become with the law sometimes when are you going to end this? When is this going to be over? When are we going to get back to normalcy? Well, I tell you what, you know, somehow if you think about your moment right now, and that's actually the point of shifting lens and perspective, I want you to think about what you have right now, and to say at hamdulillah for what you have right now.

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You know you might be quarantined, but in the midst of being quarantined, do you have family? Or in the midst of being quarantined? Do you have health, you have something that you might not have in eight weeks, or 12 weeks or six months, when this is all lifted, but you still have something that is special. And that makes this moment worth it. And so it's important for us to not get so stuck in the when and when you're reading the news constantly. And it's like it's going to be this many weeks and experts predict it's going to be this long. And experts predict this is going to happen and experts predict this is going to happen. The only expert who I care about when it comes to this is a

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lot right God knows when it's all going to end. He knows when we're all going to return back to normalcy, whatever that looks like. And Allah knows if we're even going to live to see the end of this. But what we do know is that we have a lot to do we have a lot to stay productive with. And that patience, a beautiful patience is in the manner of waiting, not in the weight itself. So beautiful patience is to just focus on the moment. Seize the moment, do what you can in the moment. Stop asking one stop being obsessed with one stop considering the possibilities of one. Just know that at the end of it. There is

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He's right in the middle of a city useless with hardship comes ease. Allah did not tell the prophets lie Selim, how many years it would take with hardship comes ease, I fully believe that there is ease at the end of this, that ease might be in this life and in the Hereafter, but it will certainly be in the hereafter it will certainly be in the hereafter. And my certainty is in that and my certainty is that Allah God will not let this moment go without me finding something beneficial to occupy myself with inshallah time, so that I can enjoy the moment and I can and I can focus and do good and not be so obsessed with when so stop asking when don't get too obsessed with when don't get

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paralyzed by all the news of how many months are there? You know, we're thinking about, you know, when is this going to? Is it gonna end before or Milan? Or how much longer in Ramadan? Or are we going to have the last week of Ramadan? Who told you that you're going to lift the seat on the lawn in the first place? Right So focus on the moment focus on connecting to Allah now instead of waiting till Ramadan, you shouldn't have been waiting for them alone in the first place. Right? Who told you that's going to happen in the first place? So just like the Prophet slicin answered that man when he said when is the day of judgment and he told them look, you know, by the time that kid has gray

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hair, you would have met your day of judgment anyway. And just like a lot answered the Prophet when the Prophet slice on the prophets would ask Allah when is relief coming that it is coming right but not giving a timeline? Likewise, let's not get too Let's not get too caught up in the timeline and instead let's make the most of the moment inshallah time. So that's my reflection for tonight. Again, I'll try to do this every night inshallah just for a few, a few minutes, making your art for you all. May Allah subhanaw taala cure you all, from your illnesses, may Allah allow you to get through these hard moments with ease and with an added layer of faith and an added layer of

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perspective. May Allah allow this to be a time that we get closer to him and get closer to the people that are important to us in our lives that maybe we haven't been paying attention to me last time allow us to redevelop our relationship with the poor and, and May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to, to think about those that were so vulnerable before this all happened that maybe we've neglected but perhaps now we develop some sort of an empathy for so May Allah enable us to do good for them and to do good for them but ultimately, for his sake always. And may Allah grant us the best ending personal freedom and allow us to pass this test with flying colors and last have beautiful patience

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throughout all of this alone. I mean, as I said, tomorrow, inshallah I'll be doing the virtual football it's not an actual football, it's just, it's just a Friday

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just in the place of the Friday football until we can get back to our messages may Allah make that soon. So one o'clock Central Time, two o'clock eastern 2pm Eastern I'll do that every single week and shall and I'll try to do this every night. Please follow your feet Institute for Islamic research there's going to be you know, great content continuously coming out from our entire team. And I'm trying to see if there are any questions that that are

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that I can take so let's see what questions pop up I'll see if I can take a couple of questions inshallah.

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Zack, thank you.

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Allah is with you as you expect an angle one dB, I am what my servant expects of me. Absolutely. So we'll talk about that another time inshallah.

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All right, I see a lot of beautiful dots and I appreciate your your eyes and your gratitude, because that will all fade on me to all these guys and I'll see you all tomorrow inshallah at 2pm, Eastern as well as at 9pm. Eastern for a nightly reminder. So I want to come on to my