The Palpable Hypocrisy of The West in Ukraine’s War

Zahir Mahmood


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It's impossible, it is literally impossible to get away from Ukraine.

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I was on the plane and they have live TV on the planes now. And also let me see what live music every literally channel and this is now after a number of weeks, every channel I changed to was speaking about the Ukraine, what BBC, CNN, etc. But one thing he has shown us

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is the hypocrisy.

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The rhetoric, which has come out of the Ukraine war for people who are other than white, for people who are other than Christian, it has really shown us the hypocrisy

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and the racism.

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childhood, we have been told that this society's values treats everybody's equal. And that's what they say. You say you talk about diversity, you talk about equality, etc.

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But what we have really see is that actually, your best passport into these countries is the complexion of your skin.

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That is your greatest passport is the complexion of your skin. So you must have heard the news anchor speaking about Blue Eyed Blonde hair, Ukrainians. See,

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you must understand when a person says blue eyed, blonde head individuals, there's something very sinister there. What's that? What is that what is sinister?

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What you are really saying is that anybody who is not Blue Eyed Blonde ahead. That's what the rhetoric Hitler used for the Aryan race, although he wasn't blue, right? He wasn't blond hair. But he spoke about race, the Aryan race, which is blue eyed, blond hair, what you really are saying

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without saying it directly,

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is that anybody who is not blue eyed, who is not blonde head, who is not white in complexion is actually inferior.

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Otherwise, there's no need to mention it is actually a lesser individual based on his color.

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And based on the color of his eyes and the color of his hair.

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When you say you must have heard them speaking about, oh, civilized nation, this is Europe can't believe it's happened in a civilized nation.

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So what you are saying

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is that anybody who is not in Europe,

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To be civilized, isn't this is not Iraq, we're speaking about or Syria we're speaking about. Rwanda we're speaking about this is the civilized world. To use the word civilized naturally means that other nations are civilized. And these words are what you humanizes others individuals, they dehumanize, they cause the other. So when

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a blond haired, blue eyed light complexion, person flies over Iraq and drop bombs on women and children, well, they're not blue eyed.

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The one pressing the button is the blue eyed one knows that the bombs are falling on another blue light and not brown head. Therefore they lessen individuals.

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And you can always guaranteed that the blue eyed blond haired guy will always be the goody

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from the days of cowboys, for those who are old enough to remember John Wayne and these guys.

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John Wayne was always the good guy use the poor, occupied, killed, tortured, Red Indians, native Indians were the buddies.

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I do not recall in my life ever growing up where the West has involved itself in some war, where they are the bad guys.

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So these kind of languages, when they say, Oh, these are not your usual refugees. These are not Iraq, from Iraq from Syria. They're not from Africa. They're not from Afghanistan. These are individuals who could be your neighbors.

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And we've heard the rhetoric regarding refugees for many years.

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You know, oh, Europe is overburdened. Europe can't manage with the refugee crisis. And all of a sudden, even the most racist countries like Bulgaria, Hungary, and the entirety of Europe have opened their doors for the refugees.

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See, this is what you call hypocrisy and double standards. Don't say it if you don't believe it.

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If you don't believe it, don't say it. But we hear this again and again.

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And we you can turn around and say over there better than many Muslim countries and we agree, but all these Muslim countries don't regard they don't talk about equality. They don't talk about diversity. All countries do