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The speakers discuss the physical experience of practicing gum and the concept of "foot to high-level" to describe the physical experience of the act. They emphasize the importance of understanding the physical experience and its physical aspect. The speakers also touch on the difficulties of achieving success without access to certain tools and the importance of shackling women. Shackling women is a starting point and requires rebuilt.

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Ramadan just a hadith about Ramadan the prophet Isaiah so I just I'm there's a lot of them honestly, I regret not doing this little bit earlier probably should have done this a few weeks ago but nonetheless, I think between them a little bit now so actually I will probably get a bunch of them in and we probably will do that after also during Ramadan as well just to his prophet Ali is awesome actually wanted a lot of things about them, although not all of them are spiritual, which I think is the majority of them and the majority of what I want to share with you, but some of them are actually very technical and they talk about gum and whatnot. And I think that's also worthy of kind

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of sharing with you and the field that comes from that too. But this hadith is probably the one that I it's probably appropriate to begin with, he said on your site to Sudan in general Ramadan, foot jihad, Abu Arab Sana well wholecut Abu Abu Jahannam was thrilled to see that he Shailene

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I saw to Islam, this hadith, he points out, when normal Bong enters, when the month of Ramadan begins, three things happen. That even tougher cardio, three things occur in the world when Ramadan begins. Number one, the gates of the skies are open, he uses the word skies or they use lottosend. Now, you can you can extrapolate and just say you means the heavens and you're correct. And if you actually translate sama into heavens, it just works just as well. But it almost means that there's more to it than just the gates of heaven. Like it's not just that it's the gates of that gives you access to that which is above that which is beyond you. The concept of Soma is everything that is

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above you and it gives you the idea the feeling or the

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the aspect that you can reach to something higher, you can go beyond the your your earth origin, you can go beyond your instincts and your basic primary needs and just extend to something that's much more classy much higher than yourself. So foot to heights and he uses that term where it's going to like a lot of them foot the hind foot. But the eyes open foot the how when you add the shadow, you add another term to the to the middle of the of the word in Arabic file and file. This is this refer refers to the repetitive the repetitiveness of the of the Act, and the frequency of the Act and the intensity of the act, meaning it's not just one door that's being open to many doors, and they're

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being open to the widest extent that they can be open to this what you're trying to say something like the gates to the heavens are just being opened, and you're being given access to something that you didn't have access to before. We have something that you all we all know about. Like we all we all fully agree that Ramadan, there's something different. And that is the route that is the phrase that every person will use. Almost Yanni unanimously. Yeah, it was it I don't know there's something that What do you mean there's something I don't know they just something different number and your true because something is different in Ramadan, and this is what's different. There's something

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there that you and I cannot measure any tangibly with any of the tools that we that science offers us. It's just something beyond that. It's something that exists inside of us. There's a spiritual connection that Allah subhanaw taala opens the doors for so that all you have to do is just turn your face towards him or you have to just open your heart to that which is available to you and Allah subhana wa Hooghly of WA Bucha him. And he used the same things not Holika, which is Overleaf our just closed, all the doors to jahannam are being closed, because there's apparently more right there. How many doors are there for a gentleman?

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So that's about to Ebola Bill equilibrium, the minimum use or maximum? And how about how many doors to agenda

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eight with ammonia to absorb right, so So these, he's using the whole car and foot? Yeah, because a lot of them, it's not just one, these doors are being open and these doors are all being closed. When students see that the shell clean and then shackles are put all of the devils they're put in shackles, and they're held back and they don't have access to you for a month a year. out of 12 months, there's one month where they have no access to you, your sworn enemy, the one that thrives on your failure, the white hopes are nothing more than for us to fail and not do well and defy God and to make all the mistakes and to want to prove that we're worthless and that we are not deserving

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of the Columbia that Allah subhanaw taala has specified us to receive. They're

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shackled for a month. I

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think if that was the only part of Ramadan that you were aware of. It would be enough. Like if you were told nothing else about Ramadan is that that honest that piece of information as a starting point is more than enough. You just have to say okay, well why why is he doing? Maybe well, why why why would your enemy be put away for a while? What does he want supine with either for you? Maybe you prepare yourself because he will be let set loose pretty quickly. Because maybe he's having too much access and you're losing it. You're losing the war. So maybe here will hold them back. Give you an advantage for a month take care of things. Take a look at your walls, maybe your walls need maybe

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or maybe your walls need to be rebuilt again. Maybe you

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have allowed too much in maybe you're not even realizing that shaytan is living inside you. And he's been there for a long time. It's hard to it's hard to even notice sometimes it's been happening for so long, I don't even know what's there. So he removes him from you. And you're like, wow, I wasn't like this before. This is really nice. Why am I not like this only because something is wrong, maybe you need to fix it, maybe you need to have those defenses set up appropriately for you to be able to function afterwards. But I think this hadith is beautiful because it gives you here's what's gonna happen gender doors are going to open and you're going to be able to sense that in your heart and

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the doors of Jahannam are going to close and you'll sense that in your heart as well. And Shayateen are going to be shackled and you'll sense that inside of you. Things are in a sense on the inside that will give you will give you the ability to change give you the ability to elevate your status and to Remove to remove all that which was holding you back and allow you to Yanni to Excel for the time to come so it's like this amazing opportunity of 30 days that's what the Sahaba they looked forward to Ramadan they would spend three months or four months

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what was it no five and a half months before Ramadan saying Allah whomever living on Ramadan and then the five and a half months after Ramadan saying Allahu Akbar Mina Ramadan right after him Allah for five and a half months y'all have accepted from us now we're into five and a half months before Allah who I'm looking at oh my god, they just split they live towards it and lived in the in the shade of the shade of its spirit and that's something that we should I really I really I really think it's important that if you don't feel that way towards Ramadan and that's not what Ramadan is to make it that for yourself and you will not regret it and you'll thank me for it later. Let's go

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to another use of Allah hi nice Irishman. Faema DevaCurl ha honeymoon Hadith Joby Huayra totally Allahu Anhu buylist on Allah Azza wa sallam. Either the HA HA Ramadan, but he had a boo boo Santa. Well holy, but Abba Bucha Hana will soon see that the CHE are playing for the colossal device of Allah Hi Ani. I just like to say I'm struggling to Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah has sent them over to Muhammad Yunus which means like Malala