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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The upcoming series of Jana and Jana is expected to be a series of events where hosts will discuss the importance of happiness and sadness in life. The conflict between Islam and laws of the United States is discussed, including accusations of bribery, bribery, and bribery. The punishment of Jahannam is related to the use of body parts, and the influence of the Zania and serrania groups on the decision of staying in Jana and Jana is also discussed. The speakers discuss the importance of staying in Jana and Jana, as well as the possibility of staying in a war zone. The interviewer will be led by Jana's (the only person who will never die) place forever and the audience will be led to a quiz and presentation for an ADA weather dependent event.
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Although below him in a sheet on rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been more serene. So you didn't know Muhammad Ali, he also have big brain, my beloved brothers and sister, the cinematic Monica de la, what

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are you doing?

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Like number 2400, Allah Subhan Allah the last few days, most likely not even a week left of Ramadan. And so May Allah grant us to really get all the benefits of what remains of the month of Ramadan and I will accept I will accept what we have achieved thus far. Hamdulillah we continue with this very difficult part of the series, and that is to mention the scenes of Jana and inshallah we want to get through this part so that inshallah the next few days we can talk about Jana, but as we know, and you know that our belief is both of Jana and Jana, and that there is happiness and sadness and that there are consequences to the life that one lives. And so Allah subhanaw taala mentions and the idea

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will come, Allah says, I mentioned these things to you, so that you may or may you serve and as I mentioned these things to you My servants so that you may be fearful and you may be conscious in terms of what you do and how you live your life. We spoke last night about the doors of Jahannam and the weather of Jana, the heat of Jana and the darkness in Jana. We mentioned some of the names of Jana a sucker well who tama and the food of Jana and I think that's where we ended off that the only thing that the people of Jana will be starving and starving and starving and the only thing that they could eat is the comb. This terrible horrible filthy plant that if a piece of it were to to

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come down on the dunya it would rot every single the whole universe with the rot away yet the people of Jana family own a lagoon they will actually fall the bellies with this thing because it is so there'll be so hungry and then it will dissolve the intestines so they will drink boiling water which will cut them through and may Allah protect as that parts of the body is wash is dissolving. That's called Amin. It will then be reheated and feed back to the people of Johanna mela Spangler protect us. That's where we stopped yesterday, some Hadith, this hadith, masha Allah that it's in Bukhari and Muslim that it mentions the Jana and Jana had a discussion and Jana is alive and Johanna

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is alive. They all weigh of the people inside of them and they await what's going on. And Jana said I have been promised that the people would will come to me will be the arrogant and the Titans, the celebrities, the big guys, all the big shots will be in me in Jana. As for you, Jana, you will have the meek, the poor, the impoverished people, the small people, the little guys are in you. So Jana says to Allah, what is wrong with me that I have these kinds of people inside of me. And so Allah says, As for just for you, oh, Jana, you are my mercy, that with which I show mercy unto those servants whom I will and as for Jahannam You are my anger and my punishment upon which I will punish

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those who have my servants whom I wish and both of you will be fooled. So Allah says both of you, Jana and Jana, you're going to be fooled. As for Johanna, Jana is so big that even though the majority of Allah protect the majority of mankind and jinn and yeah, Julia modules will be in them. Johanna will still be unsatisfied. So Allah says this hadith and Amanda puts His Majesty, once Johanna has been all the criminals are in jahannam. And Allah says Hallym Tara Oh, Johanna Are you are you full and he Jana will say hello me. mozzie is the more then Allah in a manner which reports His Majesty will stick on Janam will put his foot down on Jahannam and its parts would compress in

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on itself and they will say Enough enough yet Allah enough. As for you, Jana, Allah says in the Hadith, that you will create special creatures that are just for Jana, like the whole rain and other creatures, beautiful creatures that are just for Jana, so that it will be filled with with creatures In another Hadith, and so on. This makes us you know, understand the severity of Jana and Jana,

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Allah will take a person who had all the luxuries and the joys of life he had like of the most enjoyable life's you can think about, and he'll be taken and he will be dipped in Jannah for one moment, you will then be extracted and Allah will ask this man, did you ever enjoy anything in your existence? Have you ever even felt happiness? And that moment in Jannah will be so severe that also Yeah, Allah I've never I don't even know what happiness is. I have no recollection of any happiness. And similarly, Allah will take the most miserable and meek and the person who had the most hardships in the dunya and we'll just place him to Jannah for one second. And then ask him, did you ever feel

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any discomfort in your existence? Do you ever know sadness? No. So yeah, Allah I don't even know what sadness is anymore. That is the joy and the pleasure of Jana and the pain and the scariness of Janam Allah says about the faces of the people in Jana, first and a spatula you realize why you need to actually mention Jana and Jana together. That's how Allah mentions the ayat. He doesn't only mention Jana, it goes hand in hand. So there's a contrast between the two. Allah says Lila, the National Center for the people, the good people, they're gonna get the base which means Jana and the zyada and the above Jana, we'll talk about what is a

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above Janna. Liar. Who would you whom Katara what are the law they faces they will be they'll not even be gloomy no disgrace they will not even look any there will be no sadness on the face will like as horrible Jana these are the people of Jana whom fear Holly don't wonder the Nicosia will see. And as for those who committed evil, just see it be mystery, they will only be awarded equal to the sins without whom the law and the faces will be covered in humiliation. Marla hoomin Allah him in Assam they will have no defend against Allah there'll be no protected against Allah. Ox yet would you whom kita and Mina Lane Malama thy faces will be as if though darkness is upon them a piece of

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the night will have one now these are the people of Jahannam will feel heartbroken, they will be there eternally. Subhanallah another very scary idea Allah says in Allah the Nikka phobia Tina sofa loosely him Naira, those who disbelieve in Our Ayat we will cost them into Jahannam Kula another julu Whom but then as you do them every time they skins roast and peel off. Every time the body is dissolved. We will reanimate them we will bring back the skins. Julian Hydra Lea Zhu colada up so that they may taste the punishment all the time. There'll be no relief from the punishment in hola Kenya as he's an Hakima Allah says that He is mighty. And he's wise. Woman Harford Mala Xena whoop

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but as for him, Allah says his scale is light on the Day of Qiyamah but without equal Medina hospital and Fusa home he is the one who loses himself. Be McCann will be it now you have the moon because of how he strayed away from the telephone who would you who not the fire will burn over the faces? For whom he had Calhoun and there'll be deformed and disfigured in Jannah Allah protect us.

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Allah says why Allah Allah says the state of the person listen to the state of the person in Jahannam whenever yes Elohim and Halima no friend no close buddies, no BFF will ask about each other. Nobody is going to even ask wait so when so? You were so rude to him even though they will see one another? The eyes will cross paths on Qiyamah but they won't even ask how are you doing? What's going on? Yo yo yo what do you know yesterday mean either be Yeoman be Bernie on that day they will make a bargain ransom ya Allah take my children as ransom was all he but he he will he and my wife and my brother will see that he he alerted to me and my clan my people all my friends

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everything one woman fill out the Jimmy and yeah Allah Allah ransom every single 678 billion people I'll give them as a ransom for myself through my ng so that I may save myself color Allah says no. in Hannover Ah, no, they are going to experience the raging fire Nuzhat in Misha was panela we scouts will be torn off some very vivid imagery, these scalps will be pulled off, that a woman Isabella this will be for one who turned away from Allah and from the truth what Gemma Arthur, and he wanted his wealth. And on this hottie on this idea, Allah Subhana Allah will take the least punished person in Jannah, the person who had the smallest punishment, Allah Subhan, Allah will say

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to him, If I asked you to ransom to pay me the entire dunya everything in charity to get out of Johanna, would you do it? The man says yes to Allah, I would gladly take the deal everything I would give myself my family, every single cent in the whole dunya. So Allah says, Did I know I didn't ask you for that in the dunya. I didn't require insulin to do that. I only asked you that you don't worship anyone besides me. I asked you a very simple thing. Now today, you are willing to give the heavens and the earth. But I asked you a very simple thing on the dunya and something just to think about Subhan Allah. Verily, the most likely punished person of Jahannam is someone as an omission

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says only his feet would be touching the coals you see will be standing on two coals. This is the least punished person and may perhaps means the least punish of the kuffaar We hope that the believers the punishment will be even less than this Subhanallah in sha Allah, but of the kuffar those who are eternally in Jannah like Abu Talib, they lowest punishment is either they will wear a shoe of Jannah or they will standing on a coal which will make the brain boil and they will believe the Hadith says and He will believe that he is the most severely punished if you asked him so there's no way anybody can be punished more than me. This is the worst punishment possible. They

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will be for some subpar so this is the least but there are others who will be drowning in the flames of Jan amphoteric as funny Allah says Allah hoomin folk Creme de la mina na that for them above them there's a covering a layer of fire of integrity him doodle and a covering underneath him. Then he could you hold the full labia about Allah says this is how I scare you my slaves I'm using this to scare you. Yeah, anybody factor going oh my slave servants, be conscious of me Be conscious or me. Not Allahu. Allah says the fire which he himself has stoked he made this fire. Allah teetotaler, either the fire that will reach up to the chest or the hearts in Alayhi Masada and then it will be

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sealed up over them they will be covered up within the fire Fiama the mobile data

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tightly secured so as we said Jahannam will squeeze them and crush them in flames Han Allah, the gods of Janam Janam has guardians has angels. Allah Subhana Allah says about these angels yeah you will Lilina Amen Oh people of Eman who am full circle Malik manera protect yourself and your family from the fire worku Hana so we'll Hijra the fuel of this fire is people and stones are they harmala Iike in that channel they are Mala Iike Raila them she died on severe, angry Stern, not nice angels. These are very, very, very mean angels law soon Allahumma Omraam they never disobey Allah commands. Well yes.

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They do exactly as Allah commands them. Allah says about them are they you have to assure the number of these angels are 19 are mentioned in the Quran. The angels have Jahannam the number is 19 and they are called the serrania in Surah Baqarah senador Sen on idea. So now that was Ivania when you call Allah says to Abuja you can call your Parliament your friends, we will call this aranea to deal with you. This group is called the Zania so Allah and then as we know the leader of these angels is Malik Allah says in Algeria Mina few other Abuja hand number holiday in LA you factor on who won't be here, Mobley soon will be the moody mean, they will be in the fire of Johanna eternally, we will

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not lighten it for them, and they will be plunged into destruction with deep regrets and sorrow and despair. Oh my god, um, now whom Allah Kinchen whom was Ali Moon Dalemain Allah says And We did not oppress them, they oppress themselves when added to the people of jahannam. What are they going to do when they're in the state? They can only now plead and beg and so basically one out oh yeah Malik in the Quran. Allah mentions the name of the angel was in charge of the serrania His name is Malik. They will call out Yeah, Malik. Oh Malik. Oh Malik. What are they gonna ask him? Leah Cody, Elena Robuck please ask Allah to destroy us. That is the dua. Oh Malik. Please ask Allah just destroy us.

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Just in us. Corner. He's recently in the Comacchio Nope, you're gonna stay here forever. Lakota. JNL. Colombian hockey Well, I can acromial happy caring that we came to you with the news but the truth but you dislike you did not follow the truth. And we know on the salon, the Mirage, then a visa Salah Malik. So on the beautiful narration that as he went through the Israel and the Mirage, and he made 1000s, hundreds of angels, and all of them rushed to greet him and smiled and hugged him. They were so excited. Like, you know, the biggest dignitaries coming. They were so impressed that meeting and then there'll be some meets this angel and he's like sternly like, sit down Marty,

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you know, no. And so then I also set up the WhatsApp with this one. Why is he so sour? Where's his happy face? And so GBS is that easiest face, Malik cannot smile. This is Malik. He's not able to feel a rapper. He's not able to feel kindness, he's not able to feel even smiling. He's not he doesn't have that inside of him, is mentioned that he could smile. But when he interjected and for the first time and he saw what's in the he lost the ability to feel any remorse and smile and Allah protect us. So Allah says those who deny the Lord, for them will be cut out a garment of fire, the clothing of the people agenda is fire over the heads will be poured boiling water was it will be

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scalding what it was it will be scolding what is within the bodies as well as the skin it will burn through the skins and through the bodies. Then on top of it, they will be now this is where the angels they will be punished with iron meses with weapons and instruments of the angels. Every time they wish to run away they in from the anguish they will be forced back and it will say taste the punishment of the burning tasted. So the people of Jahannam How will they spend the time is slow hospital Ola hospital so well on Alikum in the manager zone am I going to download the angels will say to them as they're being punished and told me that some people some of the people will try and

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fight some will try and run away some will cry, some will just accept the fate and be punished and be punished. So the angel will say to them, so be patient of the other patient or don't be patient, it doesn't really matter. We don't really care what you do, it is all the same for you, you are only being repaid what you used to do. And so the people of Jahannam will be made resources, the Hadith, they will be made to weep, and they will weep and they'll just spend the days, the years they millennia crying and crying and crying and the tears will have until they will have no tears left. And then they will cry blood that will leave channels on the skin. As if though the amount of tears

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and blood that will come out as if though oceans at the chips could float. So now we asked a very interesting question are in the for this? What's a bit of a long discussion? Will people stay in Jannah eternally? This is a deep theological question. Will Jahannam ever come to an end? And just why do we ask this because something you know within essences Eventually even the worst of the worst? Surely the punishment was coming to an end isn't the end this is discussion that the orlimar have mentioned. Now the standard opinion and if you look we only base our opinions and our knowledge on our intellect and what we think we go back to the Quran. Let's look at the law.

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image of the Quran so overuse uses words to indicate eternity holiday in Thea Holly means eternally so Allah says that he mentions both Jana Jana integrity intact and her holiday Nephi there'll be in Jana Colleen forever. And Allah mentions it 39 times for Jana and 3838 times which I had them interesting just one time less would you had them. For example offices in the LA LA and caffeine Well, Abdullah Hussein era that they're going to be in this era forever. And then they miss the other adjective. Allah joins with Colleen Holly Dina Avada. So forever and ever, the ABA is ever forever and ever. And this comes a time to Jannah and only three times with Jan Nam for example,

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Allah says in Bella Illa, but I often mean Allahu alayhi salat wa salam ala Rasulillah who that who ever disobeyed Allah and is true but in Allah who now Raja hand nama that they will go to the fire of Jahannam Holly Dena via Abba, and we'll call it an interim or we call it infinity bahrami Whom come up tomorrow Amina Kedah, Anika UD whom Allah Armando Hassan Allah him Omar whom Behati genome and so the first thing Allah mentions Jana was highly Dean forever and above that forever and ever. And Allah also mentions in it in Surah Baqarah also as well now whom behind the gene, I mean, that they will never ever be extracted, they will never come out of the of the fire, and therefore

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therefore, they will remain forever.

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Another another Hadith. So this is the first opinion the standard opinion Jahannam and the people of Jana, the people who come with a chick will be there forever. These are from the IRS in the Hadith. There's another Hadith with enemies Salam mentions, when everybody is designated the places in Jana and Jana, Allah will call all of them and they will view the spirit, the spirit that we spoke about between Jana and Jana, and Allah will bring death not molecule not death itself in the form of the sheep or goat. And then Allah will ask them, Do you know what this is, and the people so this is death, this is death. So Allah will slaughter that sheep, and Allah will say, now today, there is no

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more death. And this will only increase in the joy of the people of Jannah, meaning they're not going to die ever. And this will only increase in the misery of the people of Jannah.

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And so this is the standard opinion that the the Jahannam and will be eternally and the people will stay there forever. But there is a minority view amongst the scholars that Jahannam might come to an end and they base this on Quran. So for example, you find that Larbey think Allah says in Surah Surah Maya alone lab Athina fee acaba they will stay in Jana Acaba, Acaba, is a unit of time as if Allah say they will stay in there for many, many ages. Not eternity. Acaba actually has a but Allah alum how

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many cob? The scholar said we don't know is this 1000 years is a million years, but it doesn't mean eternally so Allah says about them.

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They're going to stay in there for many hakab But it's not eternally and the other if ALLAH SubhanA says for millennia shampoo for phenol, as for the evil ones, they will be in Jannah lofi has a few rune Bucha he just this is Pamela is Subhan. Allah says that they will year when they enter Jahannam they will listen to the zephir the scorching the sighing and the gossiping forever hearted enough Hee ha. They will stay in Jahannam ma dama is similar to a lot as long as the heavens and the earth sustains Illa Masha Allah, except if Allah wills all the ads that they will stay there forever except if I wish to change that situation in the Rebecca alguma you read that Allah does whatever he

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wishes and in surah Bina, we all know Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah seasons were abena that the people of Jana they will be encoded in a fee Ha, but in Jana Hadid interfere Abba, if you read Surabaya now, you will see Allah says the people of Johanna will say Holly, Dina and Johanna, but the people of Jana Holly Dena fee her Abba, they will stay forever and ever now is the fact that Allah removed that aboda An indication that perhaps there will be a relief for them. Nonetheless, there is this minority opinion and the summary of this, they said, if you look at the if this is yes, the people who are destined to Johanna they will stay in Jannah forever. But Jahannam itself

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might itself not last forever. And so at some point, Allah will cause Jahannam to die or end. And the people inside them that people have shared will die with Jana. So the punishment will also in they will never come out as the IRS is they will never leave Jana, they will never ever come out. They will never go to Jana. But as Jahannam ins they will also in and as we said this is a tiny minority opinion, but there are some very sizable scholars amongst me when they mentioned say normal had a statement like this. Why? Because as Allah said, as we mentioned the beginning of the Hadith, Jana is the Mercy of Allah and the mercy of Allah is eternal, and it will never end. Whereas the

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other than the anger of Allah does have a not a limit, but it will be less than the mercy and so in sha Allah, will that we continue tomorrow about the people of the off the people between Jana and Jana, and may Allah grant the safety from the fires of Johanna

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I mean, I mean, we move quickly to our quiz. Just reminder that 10 o'clock is a full screen emulator

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also sorry announcement,

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Eid Shala we have Saturday or Sunday, it will be hosted. We'll have an ADA weather dependent but the bootcamp inshallah we can have a mass Eid Surah out in Wall Street and so what Islam we are part of the India and so inshallah we'll get more details but with Nila was good to see all the massager or those who join will be part of that Mesquida inshallah and then Dr.

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Sun Higgins that attorney is going to be here for a lecture tomorrow and so let's do our quiz. We said What is the name of the three found in Jana the three of us are calm right and as their opposite here

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as Renata

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Ahmed you can take it on her husband's allowed to take thorough status okay either

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look fear thorough is yeah oh sorry. Yeah thorough. I'm getting confused with my cookie as far as yes a thorough mashallah, yes, you get the price and hamdulillah and then let's see what else is here. Walid Dolly.

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Masha Allah says Allah Hey, what did you choose the number nine

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number nine

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they must be nine Yeah.

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Oh my gosh. I mean, tonight's question, what is the name of the guardians of Jannah? The angels of Jannah What is the name of there is a comb there's a banya. There's a food over whom is one inshallah.

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Some Macedo, Muhammad Ali or surfacer mousseline from Nairobi. datamine.

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