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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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if you don't want me to be here on a token or a villa in Sudan fusina woman say Dr. Marina de la la la la, la la la vida de la

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la la la la ala sharika wanna shadow nessa Nava Maulana Muhammad Abu Maura sudo. I'm about to fall in love with the Baraka without asking for any material procon in Hamid altavilla humanoid shape on your watch me Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, Lena Lena superbooth chahatein aneesa you will by Nina valcona

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Pura Mina the hubby will feel what you will find in masala tea will an army will help daddy Kamata dunya wala Mahinda who

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were calling the BU sallallahu taala he was Salam ala la yameen dunia comme cela aneesa. What we

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need is Sana okoma. Calling is Salatu was salam, honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders if we have to do some soul searching and analyze our lives, we will safely arrived with the conclusion that sin dominates virtue. If we do some soul searching, we will safely arrive at the conclusion that sin dominates virtue. But that's not all. The little good that we seldom do more than often unfortunately is contaminated by a host of factors. Hence, typically you will find a person doing a good thing but unfortunately for the wrong reason, to use a different metaphor. If we look at the type of food that we consume, the unhealthy food is much more than the healthy food and

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the little healthy, supposedly healthy food is also destroyed in the manner in which we cook it, which destroys the proteins and vitamins of what we consume. Take for example, Libya, Kareem sallallahu Sallam said is a person who goes out to work and earn Maharajah Yes, Allah Allah

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subhanaw taala is going to earn and provide for his family. Then we have Allah say when you leave this house and even in the marketplace and he's earning a trade in his in the path of Allah, he's doing something Noble. But then then we have Allah says there are many people who venture into business but for the wrong reasons. So the item per se is noble, but the reason is wrong. Omen Harare and one moussaka written for feasibility shape on, on the contrary, is the one who comes out daily to work not to provide Allah has given him sufficient provision. But why did you maintain a prestigious image in society that society understands constantly I'm an affluent man, and I'm a

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wealthy person. So to preserve this image, he goes out to work, he's doing the right thing for the wrong reason, a lot is unsafe for whoever feasability shavon He is not in the path of Allah He is in the path of the devil. Let us look for example, this the institution of marriage, a sacred bond indeed, a sacred bond indeed. Unfortunately, today, the motivating factor behind marriage is only lust, one cannot deny it has an angle of lust, there is some time towards lust. And statistics prove that lust can only sustain a third of the relation can only sustain a third of the relation and to give it a time frame two years, two years after that, they say we need to spice up the relation and

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unfortunately the spices available sometimes they burn the relationship more than helped the relation. Those are the terminologies that they use. Today you ask a person you're getting married, he will say but can they be any other reason behind marriage other than last? Well, let me then open it up to you and tell you what your nipping has said that when Hakuna Allah Allahu whom Allah takes the responsibility of perpetually 18 three people who live up to a Jetta who is determined to settle his deaths. manaka Amal and nurse you read the loved one. Whoever takes the wealth of people passionately to pay it back MacArthur victory refers to a slave who earns his freedom. But in

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present day terminology, perhaps the simplest one to stand in purposes would be that of a debtor. he borrows money and he wants to pay it liberally Salaam says Allah will make divine arrangements for him to pay Allah's help. It was such a person number two, and capillary URI to lap up that groom that bride that newlyweds who gets married with the sole object of preserving their chastity and it is as the absent of this reason because this is not the reason in our marriage. This is not one of the driving factors. Hence you find people get married and they still remain unchanged any moral. Why because it's not the driving factor behind my marriage. So infidelity is still part of is

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married. Nevermind given a condition of flowers on 14 February, two those of us that are not married, let me open it up to you. I swear by your law, leave the krugerrands and leave draping the hall. You want to give your wife the best give. Let her know on the first night You're not a demo model. Let her know you're not a used vehicle. Give her your morality. Give her your fidelity. Give her your integrity and give her your budget.

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And if she gives you the same leave the world you have exchanged the best. If she has given you integrity and you have given her integrity I salute you I swear by Allah you have given her everything even if you haven't put a ring on her finger, nevermind a bangle on her hands.

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So what does the law say? I'm not capable lady you really do lap up that person who gets married with the intention of preserving his chastity Allah LPs with such a person salata to Loma drawn for three people they are jewel reward, Rajan and Amanda Pina being a warm and happy Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, a person who's seen the era of accepted Christianity considered him as the greatest of human and then looked into the era of Nabi sallallahu sallam, and in accordance to the injunction of the in jail, then accepted Islam, which in essence was the culmination to his fate. And now he reveals the personality of the Vietnamese Allah Islam to be the greatest. So he followed the teachings of

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the previous religions up until he seen the error when you see Nabi sallallahu, wasallam then according to the injunctions of the ingenia to now accept Islam, let me sell a lottery Western Civ everybody else that is a Muslim he has one reward, this man has dual reward. Second Person or Roger done up to blue Allah, tala hakama Lee, who is loyal and faithful to his master slave, and at the same time, his obedience and compliance to the orders of Allah. So in his obligation to his creator doesn't make him unmindful of his duty towards his master, maybe or a salon sees for him his jewel reward. Third person can Attila Mattoon, a man who had a slave girl. We know in Islam when the

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person had a slave gun, he could enjoy conjugal relations with her. But what does this mean to phones and assigns to reward? Can it live on Amazon for a job? Ah ha ha ha

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ha ha he educated her and Suhana line you gave her the best education. He molded her and he gave it the best of teaching. So

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then he set her free first as a widow ha and then he got married to her. So now look at the beauty of this man. He enjoyed conjugal relations with this woman while she was asleep. But he what he did was he dignified her. He promoted her self esteem is not that when she was a slave girl, he had no benefit. No, he enjoyed it. He had all the privileges, but he promoted the esteem of this woman. He honored the position of this woman and then he took her into his nikka liberally salon says you get married is one reward he gets married. He's two rewards for him. And then Have you ever laughed practically did this young. If you look at his honorable console join de la Mancha on the occasion

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of Bengal Muslim when the spoils of the war in the prisoners were being distributed. Then there was a woman by the name of joy area in Morocco in World War Two in Manhattan

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has been a woman with phenomenal beauty Humala, he plays with great beauty and she was very attractive in her approach. anyone see her would be captured. So she came in the shed She was also captured among the prisoners. And she was allotted to a Sahabi by the name of topic, even fit signature muscle of your loved one vote. And he even made her MacArthur which in essence and things that you give me X amount of money and you purchase your freedom. So you work earn so much money give it to me and they after you free. The Quran speaks about this year when levena Jacobo Nikita Mima Melaka a man who come to me not even to pay him higher are among the many avenues where Islam

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exhorts us for people to earn the freedom Islam save a slave comes to you and says I'm ready to negotiate a package give you so much money set me free is nothing if you see goodness in this person that you will earn and he will become an asset to society, then release him and then Allah employs the general message helped him to settle the debt so he can earn his freedom. So this woman comes to an aviary Salaam Yara Salalah and had been to Hardee's so you don't call me here. I am the daughter of Hari, my father Hari, who was the leader of his tribe was a sovereign immunity belanja Muslim young family and I've been afflicted with difficulties which are not hidden from you. Niala kita

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Betty, how about assisting me in settling my debt? How about assisting me settling my debt? Let me return up at the end he said what about if I give you a better proposal? She said Go for it. What if we don't have you have a lot let me say since it I settled into your debt, earn your freedom and then take you in my nigga. She said whenever you have a life you do that I will be totally happy. Let me le Salaam arranges for you that Sahabi she earns her freedom and then he performs his Nika to this woman and she comes into the wedlock of Nabi sallallahu Sallam and so behind Allah let me just digress for a moment and tell you love today whatever is happening is lust is not love does not love

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brothers Love is something beyond this is last. When this woman came into the wedlock of Nabi sallallahu, wasallam then all her relatives which were prisoners also in the hands of Sahaba. Immediately they paused for a moment and they said you know what? I got this woman's brother in my custody. Now he's the brother in law of Nevis. Awesome. I can't keep him I really see now. Follow along with me. At her one day, one day when this woman I shut up, Yolanda said I haven't seen a woman with more Berkut she came in the wedlock of nummies awesome and hundreds of her

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Family members Godfrey just because now the form in last two in the visa lottery was a set number of Yolanda says a phony is a phony, get me married, get me married people said to her, he said bintelli I want to get married to the daughter value of your love and hope. People ask why he said get me married. His daughter was only a consumer of the law and there was a great age gap between this woman and see the number of your loved one who many, many years 2030 even more years of age gap. And then he proposes and he gets married and then he tells the people do you know what motivated me behind this marriage? One factor. Now he said a lot. He was an obsidian Katia Hakuna Saba been one

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nessa been in Lhasa, Bobby one sob, that on the day of Tiamat. In a debt, all forms of religion and ties are severe. But anyone who is related to me and his family to me, that will avail him even after his death. I tried to make inroads into the family of NaVi sallallahu wasallam. I want to get married to the daughter of Annie so that I can secure this bond for me and he said 40,000 dyrham will be murdered. And he also said I do have one honor, and that is I'm the father in law of Nabi sallallahu wasallam My daughter is married, but I thought I secure it from a jewel angle, and I get married to the granddaughter of NaVi sallallahu wasallam. Hence, these are some of the reasons these

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are some of the reasons that a Muslim should have and aspire to when getting married. Today brothers.

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When a couple gets married, when a couple gets married, the house is found the only thing required now is to make a home. But believe me even after the house is found they cannot make a home and when we look previously our parents, our elders, our seniors, our ancestors, when they got married, there was no house no home but they united in Allah gave them both Allah gave them a house also and Allah gave them a home today The house is found but the home cannot be made which is so simple, every person is passionate to enhance your relation and come the period that we are passing once again it arouses these aspirations given the exposure that we have this is a very very big fit and others 14

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February you know I was speaking to the children in number Raisa those children that are sitting in school and they received this present many of them feel left out. To some someone told me this might sound like a joke, but I don't know how true it is. He said I decided to send myself some flowers. I decided to send my because I feel left out. I mean, nobody likes me. Nobody has feelings for me. Nobody has concerned for me. So I decided to send a condition of flowers for myself and enjoy your sense in to see the world this is what it entails. Let's look from the life of Navy sir a lot he was in both physically and spiritually at avenues and methods that will enhance our relation. What was

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the noble life of Libya? Kareem sallallahu wasallam when he came home

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it comes into the Why should I if not honey says I asked I saw a loved one ha be a USA in

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Canada yada yada so like you said a lot. He was telling me that.

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When he entered at home what was the first thing he did? She said pilot PC what he would enter make Salaam and then use his miswak the commentators the right among the wisdoms of this was that he was very particular when it comes close to his wife. He doesn't give an offensive smell like his entire body was unique. Sahaba say we used to gather his perspiration and we used to use it as a writer. Can you imagine how beautiful the smell from your pleasant looks one. But what precautions did mine take what precautions I implore you my brother leaves a gift and give up smoking on behalf of my sister I asked you when you come close to her here. What was the teachings of the VA salatu salam,

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she wants to come close to you. But then we have the evil habit of smoking. Now in present day terminology they talk of counseling and psychology. They won't tell you give up smoking don't say who's going to cigarettes also. So then she's got nothing to argue about. That is how the present a mentality is working. I swear by lotteries out a thing. You listen to the media read the papers, this is how they operate, not give up smoking. So at least my wife can have a pleasant smell when I you know, hooked on to cigarettes and she can't complain. You can complain together you can live life. But that is not the teachings of navionics and Canada yet but that will be seawater, he would

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come in so that when he would come close, I shall have your love Anna says can you be loony Eva who saw him his blessing lips used to come on my body even while he was fasting. He would never leave without kissing me. Have we studied the social life of NaVi Salatu was Salam that's not all the way to Buhari Libya a certain cities are supposed to fit come when your muscle falls don't pick it up while I fell you meet my canopy have been removed the dirt that has settled on that muscle while the akula in a while ah Holly shavon and do not leave it for the for the devil to eat it. Then he said Paula yum Sathya de whoo Hata Yella aka ha ha ha don't wipe your fingers after you have eaten

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perhaps the bird could be on the food particles on your fingers. So what you do is either lick it yourself or have someone to lick it What did you say? lick it yourself or have someone else to lick it mm Nova we rock metal Alice's It is obvious we can be referred to in that someone other than his wife. I don't wish to be obscene brothers Forgive me. But I think how long will I have?

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The reality today you tell someone by lick your wife's fingers? He says no that is unhygenic and then they asked him permission to do that same action somewhere else.

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I hope you understand what I'm saying Allah see one in all. Allah say one in all it's unhygenic to but that's what the Navy did and there is what will secure joy but what are we exposed to and what are we doing and how it is messing our marriages up? There is not all he comes home. He says I shall Houdini mainly come close to me. I said Anna is what I'm experienced in my menstrual cycle. He said that's not a problem. Look your dress, he placed his blood head on my lap and he started reading for until he fell off to sleep. munari Alanna says whenever he came home, he slept with me. There wasn't a time. In fact, he was so passionate. Even if he wanted to spend the night in a budget, he would

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never deprive me of his closeness. He will jump in the bed talk to me and when you would perceive I have fallen off to sleep you will stand up and perform Salah. His spiritual obligation never made him oblivious to his duty to his wife. Today we play table tennis and we played pool and we found the wife I can come into sleep innocently. And then we want to want justification and we want happiness in our marriages. What are we talking I shall be a loved one has a banana looming in our in our head. You know what myself and him used to pass from one vessel for you by the ronnie one Oba through the novel on one side and I am on one side. And then I used to take water I used to hasten

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to scoop and he's too nice into scope. And then he used to tell me that that really and I used to say that early on, have you ever let you take in the water too quick. And I say you take it up, she said we used to casually talk like this. And this is how we used to show interest in how we used to but this is the beautiful teachings of nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but how much time Yeah, I used to refer to in it, which is an abbreviation to show his love to show his bond to show his content. This is how he interacted with his wife.

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So we have to look into our life among his wife, there was so much casual relation, I shall be allowed one has said one day I was sitting with what's up and then sold out of the Atlanta game one of the other ways now little rivalry amongst the CO wife is accepted.

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Anyway, nevermind go why'd you just speak to your wife about one woman that you knew? And then you see what happens? You know, by mistake in the best part of it is when you answer the phone, I knew you were speaking to a woman. How do you know? But I could make up from your tone. I can make up from your tone. You're very polite and gentle and so behind Allah if Allah gives us that to speak with our own wife, you see what these marriages will see. But unfortunately, we don't don't mess up with strange woman and with our own wife we elegant rehash. We abrupt and then we want joint we want happiness. It's time we re analyze the objectives of our marriage. So what happens here? soda and

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ice and hops are sitting together very beautifully dressed the right way Allah makes mention of the narration. Chickens very beautiful dress. So Hassan Alanna say yes to Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam, Wahhabi Hito bukovina whenever you have a line is coming in. She is looking very smart today. And she's looking very attractive. A lot of sidan Allah has been at I'm going to cause it for her. So I said leave it alone. I mean, she's very believable. Whatever. What were you getting to know I'm not going to do I'm going to show you. So anyway, they started chatting so so that said, mokopuna what are you people say? She said, what are we saying you beautifying yourself hotel, our

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hotel our digital has appeared, say really funny at first and she got hysterical and I'm pretty find myself that john has made his appearance. So what must I do? She said, Are you kidding? I'ma go hide yourself quickly. It's not nice to be like this. So she went into the stench of what kind of behind the scenes and uncovered well because there are there was dirt. It was haunted. It was deserted. And she went inside and these two were laughing it comes in the Hadith. Lots of stuff the honey and the second Lama Amina? They couldn't speak because of excessive laughter they are loving non stop delivery of Allah Watson. He says, What's the reason of laughing? No answer. They are laughing.

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What's the reason of laughing? No answer that you walk in and your wife is. She's laughing you say? I said Why are you laughing? Can I ever answer your please? Am I who am I talking about talking to the walls? It comes into the Vietnamese awesome asked three times no answer for all my little timer. They said look in that tent and you will know everything. Let me say some goes to the tents Subhan Allah what's an abbey? What's an epi what's an epi. He went that close in in Morocco. The gibreel could not journey beyond him. But he taught himself in his social life that even you and I don't have time to do what he did with his family.

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When he went in Safeway, either he or she was shivering. Let me start the master soda. What's wrong? She said her a gel our own? Have you ever liked that john has made his president Navy sir, since it's so weird, did you your net promoter, you know, soda will come out on his time. Then they came out they hugged one another and then declined so that your loved one her brothers. This was one aspect. Let me show you the other aspect of spirituality is religion. It never comes to my mother. I saw as she says Tell me something unique about him. So my mother says what wasn't unique in his life? What wasn't you but let me tell you one particular incident. One day he came home and then he

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jumped into the bed.

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Let's see Patil do who vigil D his blessing flesh touched on my skin. I cried when I read this hadith. And I said Subhana Allah what's an honor to Ayesha? What a privilege to Ayesha she says the number of Allah jumped in bed his blessing feet on my on my feet is blitzing hands on my hands. She said in the UK, you know, I spoke about it last week interview salani was seldom in his fatal illness. She said, when he became sick, then what I did was I started leading to the follow up and soon enough, and after that, we take our hands and we blow it and we, you know, gently pass it over the body. She said, I read folate and nos. But I said, How can I use on my my hands on his body? So

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I read Filipinas and I took his hand and use it on his own body, because I said, these are the blended hands. These are the real hands that have everything. So I read through the pilot and then I took his own hand and then I passed it on his body. Anyway, he jumped into the bed. Then he said, I saw that he adapted to the RP. I said, Give me some time. I want to speak to my Allah. I want to speak to my Allah. So what did I just say? Subhana Allah, you know, like this brother told me say I asked my wife I'm going for 40 days in Jamaat Do you mind? She said you can go Is that right? I know. You can go what you said Allah sent him say, she said I started the lawn I said when I can or

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a bowl quarterback will have been better off but I don't want you to leave me and I don't want to deny you the moments with your Lodge. What did what does he come in the story of WD salami sauce and says the fourth segment of Davos, and intelligent man is only an affiliate enter cornella who are our brothers Give me some time bear with me. I will end inshallah, Hakuna de la Kilian takuna Bahasa a sign of intellect in a man is that he is for moments in his life sagun una de hora Babu. A moment daily where he communicates with is Allah sad when you have a goofy Hanif sahoo a moment where he does some soul searching and introspects Serato Yup, roofie happy as happy and loving Burana will be

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or you will be a moment where he confides and socializes with his friends who can help him identify his wrongs so that he can improve himself. What's the ultimate? Yakubu Fie appeal? Is that a female? Yeah, hello, and a moment where he satisfies his needs and his desires within the parameters of Sharia. That is a sign of an intelligent man. So I saw the Atlanta sirona Viola I don't mind but if you want to stand up, let me Ali Salaam says she says he stood up, he didn't perform judo. And then he started performing Salah hopped up and liliha to who he said with me casually made jokes with me laugh with me and detain me. But then came another phase in his life and he stood up he left the

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clothes dead. I swear by a lot. Oh, Matt is desperate for this year. This is what we need in the dead of night. He cried. The explicit beard became wet. He went into such the hot tub and the earth became wet. When it came in 15 minutes enough. He said you know what Bill Allah revealed to me in this portion of the night in a period of his summer working on a lot of the work de la la la la la O'Neal Bob barely in the change of night and day there are great signs for men to reflect where you live and

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Kirby ha will be to those who read this but are negligent about it. So moments also in our relation to together to turn towards the law. I leave you with an incident perhaps you heard it time doesn't stay me very briefly. I run you through this incident. The famous Sahabi sodre be alone who comes to the Nebbiolo what should be the motivating factor behind marriage. That is what's going to sustain the relation if there is correct if there's some patience today, unfortunately, we elected one doctor told me and it says one another patients don't have patience today.

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What happens Sabra vilano comes from the Vietnam era sutala young not only Swati. What Mr. Motta? What did he mean the whole agenda? I am dark skinned, and I don't have physical beauty will this deprive me of entry into gender? Visa since it never saw that is not how Allah will judge you and analyze you? Is it only for you over law but then I must be honest with you, I've proposed to everyone for dooney Lisa de they have declined my proposal because of my complexion, let me sell some perfume and then said I'll show you the new mama if no one telling me that I'm married no one have come today. Ghana curry. Well, it will Islam would accept that Islam very recently, but he had

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handled himself totally to levy sallallahu Sallam Let me start since at Atari Pullman Zilla who, you know he's out in the hub, go to his house, walk around with Bob Walker and Rokita politely knock on the door when the man comes out, greet him and then tell him putzel Virginia Rasulullah sallallahu was in the Navy over law has said that he got me married to your daughter. He says I got happy and I came to the house. I knocked on the door, some Yahoo look at an RV. They realize it was an error but the door they welcomed him. They welcome him. When they see me his appearance. Somehow they develop the sense of reservation. He says then the viola has sent me and he's told me that I must get

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married to your daughter whose name was Arpita what Canada has Amina Jamal, you will actually a woman of intellect a woman of beauty. She had everything. So the father looked at this, he said I wasn't fully convinced he said

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No, no, no, no, no, I don't think I will get my daughter married to you. The Sahabi accepted and politely he left. The daughter heard the discussion. The daughter said yeah, but the

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Oh my father Oh my father pause for a moment. Don't hasten and decline before revelation exposes you for Rasulullah Virginie Papa Ravi to be marami Allahu de rasuluh. If this is the proposal extended by Allah snippy I am more than happy with his choice in my favor. They could be nothing like well, this man was a pauper. They could be nothing like beauty he lacked apparent beauty. What could be the motivating factor behind this marriage other than compliance to the orders of a line is maybe the Sahabi comes away from the beauty salon Catalina long story short, the father comes running up the air to chat with his daughter. Today my sister openly says I don't want to bearded man and my

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brother says I don't want to scarf woman then I beg you Don't beg knock our doors when this crisis in your marriage. When you tell me I don't you know I want to have a bit of a moderate woman a moderate woman. I don't want the person that is stopped and I don't want demand that is because it didn't don't ask why do we not because of all of my time when we see crisis in our marriages.

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Comes in he says down the lobby of Allah quasiment tillery Raja tala rasulillah Mr. Odetta, I sent this proposal and you decline is it oh no we have Allah forgive me. I wasn't convinced that it came from you. called misunderstanding clear. But you as my daughter you can take her in the nick of this young boy let me le Salaam kills this boy Okay, go and get your head and get married. Is it gonna be over lover Lizzie Botha will have Tina BIA I don't have a cent in my house. Let me sir senses Okay, then go today we delayed the marriage because the cookies are available. The hall is not available yet the novelize making arrangements when he hasn't got dowry also, let me say since that go to

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osmani give you 200. Again, you know Food for Thought for the wealthy of this oma. There were certain wealthy people whose wealth was at the disposal of nearly Salam he could send 100 people all they needed to know they came from the Libya voila, no question as they gave more than what was asked. Where are the wealthy of this own, upon whom their wealth can be accepted for the deen of Allah. Allah provides you with the added platform sees the opportunity before lucky 40 has given you he goes to his money gives him 200 and more. He goes to Omar he goes to God alone he gives him 200 he goes to a minute now they give him 200 he takes this well he comes in the bazaar as is working to

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buy something from his wife the call comes out and the fear and nefarious Allah here could be the Jamaat is going in Jihad comm who is ready to join this expedition. he pauses for a moment he glances and he says Allah What do I do clash of emotions my wife my aspiration is that Allah will invest this money where you will be happy, lived through so in the rings and the jewelry first are safe and he buys a house was Tara for us and he buys a sword and he thinks that he goes into the battlefield. My brother today when you will be in your hole I swear by another call a woman called jihad is the Muslim world call the Muslim world call out disturbin adjusted and respond and I hope

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from Allah that if you will respond to the issues around the Saturday night of your wedding or the Godzilla on the Sunday afternoon for the future Salah when you are reclining at some beach at the scenic view, Allah will give you the same reward that he gave this man for responding to jihad. He goes into the battle whenever you have unless he is in. Let me substances that you start. He says yes want to be over law. He advances someone calls out he has been martyred. The number of electrons lifts his head for what the hawala history he then places it on his lap and then pets him and he says my theory, how could you fool us many, how wonderful your frequency is how the angels are

00:28:27--> 00:29:02

fighting over you. He looks at him, he smiles. He cried. He turns his face and he says I swear by Allah He has already arrived at my phone waiting for me to give him water. Once off. He said What is this? You smile in return? He said I cried because I missed him. I'm happy because what Allah gave him and I turned my face for India, right as a human and yet the Bernabeu cachepot in sofa when I seen the woman run into fight over him. And in the process, they talk about exposure for our na I turned my face out of respect and modesty that this woman belongs to him. Let me set some say take his sword and take it or give it to that woman and tell her like give him a better woman in general.

00:29:03--> 00:29:39

We call upon the youth of this day. As I said Allah is not going to ask you to respond to jihad. I must you honor the sentiments of Allah. Allah will give you joy in this world and in laughter I have time I can explore and run onto this topic. Fun. Let's say don't give that Valentine gift. Let me beg you let me try. I wish I could pour my heart out with the sentiments that is in my heart, my heart cry tears of blood yellow Why? Why is this woman when I see children come in openly violating doors over law. I held the hand of the child I said why have you kept your hair mushroom my brother? What can I do man I love it. I beg you brothers. It's time we honor Allah, Allah to bring joy in our

00:29:39--> 00:29:49

marriages. May Allah Allah bring happiness in purchase in our marriages, and give us the ability to institute measures that will will enhance our religion and bring us closer to Allah welcome dawn on you from the ruler of the land.