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Usama b. Zaid asked the Prophet (S), “Oh Messenger of Allah, I notice you are fasting a lot in Shaban.”

The Prophet (S) replied, “This is a month between Rajab and Ramadan that people ignore. It’s also the month when deeds are raised up to Allah. So I love that my deeds are raised up to Allah while I’m fasting.”

We can sell inspiration from this in the ways:

1) The Prophet (S) was a man of action, not words. His actions were noticed by people and inspired them.

2) The Prophet (S) described the value of being committed and devoted when the majority isn’t.

3) The unparalleled excellence of the Prophet (S).


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The importance of actions in Islam is emphasized, including fasting, praying, and lying. It is also emphasized the need for people to commit themselves more to actions and not talk too much. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding a way to practice Islam in a way that is "fulfilling one's Islam," finding inspiration in one's actions, and being a person of action. The importance of being committed to one's actions and not letting others overcome them is emphasized.

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I'm about

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was asked by Kusama Museo de lower in Houma. He said to him Yasuda la isla

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de su Misha

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moto Superwoman, Siobhan. Color Lisa to Salaam, Danica zhangjiakou Luna Swan Raja Ramadan bahawa Sharon tufaro v here, tufaro filarmonica illa Billahi min

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yerba Marie will Anna solid.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam was asked by Osama bin Zayed, that old messenger of Allah, I see that you are fasting a lot in the month of, of Shabbat more than other months,

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noticeably more.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam says that's because this is a month that people are negligent off, they ignore it, it falls between Roger bandama blog. And because it falls between two great months, it is perhaps overlooked by people. And I, and this is a month that Allah, Allah raises people's actions to be displayed to him. And I like that my actions are displayed to Allah.

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While I'm in a state of fasting, this is a hadith This is very small interaction between the prophet and itself slamming assignment. But in this small interaction, there is a lot of inspiration that we can seek from this particular narration, a lot of lessons that we can learn from this particular narration. I'm going to share a few of them with you inshallah. And hopefully, from this discussion, we can think about how we approach the practice of Islam.

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The way we approach the practice of our faith that we hold so dear to the Prophet Elisa was

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the first thing to note here, before anything else is that we are actually in the month of Siobhan mere days away from Ramadan.

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Just a few more days, couple of weeks, and then it is our Milan, the most important month of the year.

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That said, if you look at this particular narration, the prophet alayhi salatu salam, we can one of the things that we can learn from him and one of the things that we can seek inspiration from is he at least lato Salaam, led by actions. He was a person of action, and not talk. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam would do things, so much so that people will notice it. He wouldn't just talk about it. He's fasting, so much, just voluntary, fast, these are not required fast, voluntary, fast, so much so that some humans they notice this and said, What's up with this? So why are you fasting so much? He would pray so much that optional prayers novel prayer at night, that his speed was well, to the

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point where Isaiah, his wife would say, why are you praying so much? Well, I love her the love of my means Ambika masala has already forgiven your sins. Why are you praying to the point where your feet start to hurt?

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And the Prophet was a follow up, then Shakira shall not be a faithful servant to my Lord.

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He was a man of action more than anything else, brothers and sisters.

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If there's any inspiration we can seek from the sooner This is it. Unfortunately, as people, we talk a lot. We don't do as much. We commit to things. And then our commitment is very, very fickle. How many people have resolutions that they made that they couldn't keep up after a couple of weeks, things that they promised they'll change them in themselves, that never get changed? The profits also let me look at this example from the profit like this is a incredible part of his syrup, an incredible part of his life. And it's also Islam, that when Allah would tell him to do something, it was done.

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For example, Allah says time and the Quran, yeah, the mill formula Illa Paulina boom boo boos wrapped up in your cloak, get up and pray at night, except for a little part of the night. This wahoo boost medical karela

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de la once

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in the Quran, Allah Papa told him and commanded him, you have to pray at night. And that became the habit of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, every single night he would pray

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without fail. To the point where when the night he didn't pray, the night on was deliver in hajj. That is like a point of note that the scholar is right. This is a ninth the Prophet did not read the MLA

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because every other night he was praying just once Allah Pato told him something, and that was it and that

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was done. How much like now's compare that with our lives. And compare that with our sad state. Like that's where the Prophet left the bar.

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That's where he lifted. That's the excellence that he personified. And for us, how many times do we have to be told? Do this by others, please park your cars, right? Put your shoes here. Please be nice to the people who are selling for hire. Please be nice to the volunteers. How many times do we have to see these things that should be common sense.

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And yet, it's the same old story every single week.

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If there is an inspiration to be sought in the cinema, it is really by our actions. Our actions speak louder than our words. Our words are empty. They don't mean anything. If there's no action behind it, the prophet alayhi salatu salam was known as assaulted me, the truthful, the trustworthy,

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the truthful, the trustworthy before he became a prophet. Before he preached our word, people knew that this is a man who always always spoke the truth, and there is no doubt about his integrity.

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How is it that we as people can expect to be taken seriously and expect our Islam to be something that is worthwhile of inspiration, when lying casually is not even something that we think twice about?

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Just casual small lies here and there.

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Before the Prophet told anybody to tell the truth, he was a thought leader, I mean for decades, that's called leading by example, mean by action, this is going to synchronous another prophet to do more and talk less.

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You have to commit ourselves more and talk about that commitment less

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actions first talk afterwards. The second thing to note here is the profit or the surplus that says about this month about the month of

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accounting Siobhan he says that he

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is one who bainer Raja Ramadan, this is the time of the month or time of the of the year that people are negligent. It's actually quite ironic that I would say that people are actually negligent of Raja Raja as well. Many of us are negligent of Ramadan as well. Unfortunately, that's the state that we find ourselves to be in. But in the time of the Prophet of Allah subhanaw taala. People would take regime seriously because Rajab is a sacred month, and they will take Ramadan very seriously, prisoner, Milan is the most important month of the Muslim calendar for Muslims, that's the month of fasting is the month of Quran is the month of forgiveness, the month of charity,

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and then in between this month will get kind of lost. So the Prophet is highlighting this point. Now, what I actually wanted to talk about is the virtue or the importance of being devoted to Allah, being committed to the faith when others are not being committed, when others are actually negligent.

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This is something that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam spoke about,

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and highlighted, highlighted, firstly, with his own actions. People are doing something, he's doing it. People are slacking, he's not slacking off at this level. So now, okay.

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But then he also spoke specifically about it. Once he was, he was

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with the Sahaba. And he started to tear up fried cassava, were confused, why is he crying? And they asked him, the province that our do leukemia is one, I would like to meet my brothers.

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The Sahaba said, well, it's nice one or the other. So aren't we your brother's? The Prophet said, but unto most hobby, you are my companions, you are my disciples. My brothers are the ones who will believe in me

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without having seen

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the ones who come after me. And believe in me, without having seen. He's talking about us. He was talking about us.

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And he said, then, the law many men whom

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a judo come seen, I mean, come

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in knocking that you do not have to say we are one and what did you do?

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He says, the one who is devoted to their faith, committed to the practice of Islam, from these people, the ones who come after me, the ones who believe in me without having seen me.

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For the one who's committed amongst them, is the reward of 50 of you. 50 of you meaning the Sahaba

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because you find people to help you in neglected you do not have you around and you find people to help you

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do good deeds. You see a worker is here and he is, you know, always first. First to donate First, the fast. First defeat a person first to go visit a sick person. First of all a Jetta he's always first

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is the aroma. And his, the way he walks inspires fear in the shavon.

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When you are surrounded by the people, even if you are a bomb, you will be inspired. Okay. In

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Rwanda, you find people to help you and inspire you, what are you don't, but they won't find any inspiration. They won't find any helpers, they will be by themselves left to fend for themselves. So that's why the reward is so much higher, it's like 50 of the Sahaba.

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Don't misunderstand Hadees, by the way that doesn't make one of us better than 15 Hava.

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What it is talking about is that the reward of our actions could be equivalent to the reward of 50 sahabas actions, because of the difficulty that we find ourselves to be because of the negligence that people are in around us. society at large, our community specific.

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Our families in particular,

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because of that situation, the reward is so much higher for the one who is committed, think about the girl who wears hijab,

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in school, in university, after the workplace,

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how tough it is, for that particular group, to wear the hijab, and wear her faith on her sleeves every single day.

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It is

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an infinite amount of stares, an infinite amount of side eyes that she gets being treated in a manner that is completely inappropriate. These little micro aggressions that this lady has to put up with every single day. It's like 1000, paper cuts.

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The woman isn't big enough for you to see it, but it's there, it hurts really badly.

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For that girl who's doing this, in the moment in the face of such difficulty, you have to understand sister and there are many men whom he will come see them income, your devotion is going to get you the reward of 50 Sahaba.

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The Prophet told us this is not these not these aren't my words, these are the Prophet and his thoughts absorbs the idea of being committed and devoted when others are not. When society doesn't want you to be religious than society, when the academic system that we go through wants to remove God from it to be adhering to the faith and being committed to the field at that time. This is a big deal.

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And the Prophet is not some set that example by his actions, firstly, even in the best generation.

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And by this this example that he gave, think about the young man who it's easy for him, everything is easy, going to the parties going for clubs, things are easy, the haraam is so easy.

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It doesn't take much.

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Yet, this young man

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finds it in himself to say this is not part of my beliefs. I don't believe this, even though it's easy. I'm going to stay away from this, the party scene, the drugs, girls, easy, but I'm going to stay away from it. And I'm going to do it the right way.

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And going through this mindset throughout high school, through University College, at the workplace.

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Every single day, this is a difficult

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situation that this person encounters yet he remains committed and devoted. The commitment to this does not waver

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that are among the minimum.

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That is a person who's worth the reward of 15 habits. The devotion and the dedication that this takes is like that. So as we are in tough times as we feel it's like difficult to practice Islam in one way or the other. Just find solace and find inspiration in this. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us this. He knew that we will be in a situation in moved into tears. It moved into tears. And he prayed for us knowing that we'd be by ourselves trying to fend for ourselves. So be inspired by that. And understand that being devoted when others are not is a real virtue. It shows character like unlike anything else.

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salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah and he

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this narration of Osama bin Zayed will be the one who mother I was sharing with you. Where he noticed is the Prophet fasting a lot in the month of shabaan pointed out, the prophet said, Well, this is because people are negligent in this month. And I want to be committed when people are negligent. And I would like to be fasting while my leads are displayed to Allah, Allah, this Hadees, this incident shows us and it's something that we can draw much inspiration from. From that is, we have the Prophet led by actions, he was a man of actions, and we have to be people of action, first and foremost.

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from that is that the being committed to faith when others are not when it is not the trend when you're swimming upstream.

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It is an act of virtue, it is something to be proud of. It is something that we are, we embrace, we don't run away from, we embrace that, because the Prophet told us that this is what this is a situation you find yourselves to be in. And because of the difficulty, your reward is going to be so much higher, like that of the 50 Sahaba.

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have also something to think about some food for thought here is that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, his unparalleled excellence, I already spoke about his words or his actions rather, preceding his words, his inspiration, like he himself, just his personality, his actions, inspiring others, without him even having to say anything.

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But think about the absolute unparalleled excellence of the prophets of Allah.

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That he is a person who is already forgiven, he knows that we have another comment about them, I mean them because

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when you demand Yamato Lega Lega serata was the FEMA was motto says, uncertain, so fast,

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that your sins are forgiven.

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In Surah Surah, Allah says, Allah, Allah, Buddha Dharma Buddha, your Lord is going to resurrect you in the highest level of paradise.

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It's a done deal for him. He had the guarantees. And yet you see the unparalleled peerless excellence of the Prophet when it comes to worship,

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that he is committing himself to voluntary fast night prayers, charity, like unlike anybody else in his, in the Sahaba.

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His unparalleled excellence is one example.

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He is saying I want to be fasting, when my deeds are displaying to a loss.

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He wants to put his best foot forward in front of a loss parlor, even when he is the absolute best. He is the purest of the people. He is. Rep he personifies excellence, yet when he wants his actions to be displayed in front of Allah, all the guarantees, and please, he still wants to be trusted.

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Let me do as much as I can. To put the best foot forward here to show my dedication to my Lord, to show my gratitude to my Lord.

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It's actually quite hard to explain in words, how amazing he was

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the prophet and subsolar

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compare that with our example.

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And this is something for us, all of us to kind of hold our ourselves individually accountable. But if the Salah gets longer were troubled, if it all the hotbar is, you know, not exactly the most enticing. We think well what is the purpose of me coming to the gym or

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if something goes overtime, you start to get agitated. If the following is a longer complaint start to come in.

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But the main reason the longer people complain about unreasonable, shorter people complain.

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This constant complaining constant nitpicking is a sign of ingratitude.

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It's not a sign of gratitude.

00:19:35--> 00:19:52

If a person is truly thankful for the blessings of Allah tala, they express that thankfulness through gratitude. I'm not saying that there isn't legitimate criticism. Please don't misunderstand me. If there's criticism constructively, by all means it's always, you know, part and parcel of the faith. Edina. See how the Prophet said

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this is part of the faith. It's got to be done right though. Okay. It can become nagging

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You see the profit on results from being so excellent in every single thing, why he tells us

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that should not be thankful, grateful servant to my Lord.

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Our excellence in worship is not just, it'll check off small boxes and say, Okay, I prayed here I did this, it's first and foremost, express the We are thankful to Allah

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for the infinite blessings that he has blessed us with. That has to be our attitude. It has to be the attitude of gratitude. That's what the prophet is not from him.

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And that's what he lived.

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That's what he lived.

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That's what he tried to inspire others to is action.

00:20:47--> 00:20:50

For us, brothers and sisters, we have to start doing this you must

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start taking our commitment to our faiths USD, start taking

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the blessings that we have for not not for granted anymore.

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The blessing of life, the blessing of Islam, the blessing of peace, and comfort that we enjoy.

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And then you can go on and on and make lists after list of all the good that you enjoy in your life. And still, you will keep realizing these things you must

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we start we need to start being thankful for that. And expressing that things by being committed and devoted to our faith.

00:21:31--> 00:21:33

Like our profit and loss, that was

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the sooner wasn't merely just raising hands while prayer while praying or having a beard. Those are part of the sooner that's not all of it. What it is, overwhelmingly is being committed,

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showing gratitude.

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Practicing when others are not

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being a person of action, not a person or words we asked us to give us a trophy to follow the Sunnah of the prophet of Islam and to live it live by his inspiration

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and to die by his inspiration in the law.

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Yeah, you

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know, machine Allah. Allah Milady.

00:22:21--> 00:22:23

He was totally out of it. I mean,

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la llamada De Niro Hassan off in Santa Ana,