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The segment discusses the origin of the title "Ok, I mean," which refers to the title of "Ok, I mean," used in various titles. The title is related to the origin of Islam and is used to describe a woman who created a symbol to symbolize her success in writing. The title is also discussed in relation to the origin of the title "Ok, I mean," used in various titles.

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The best form of this we have enjoyed your hobby I love I'm happy. It was one of the wives of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and maybe some alum Walia Salim it's reported that he came out from his house in the morning to lead selected visit, and he walked back into his house was your Wally robiola? One that was sitting fee masala inside the house making Vicar of Allah Subhana Allah. Allah wa sallam left up until the dawn Perry up until a bow just before a bowl. He walked back in his house she was still sitting in the same position making Vicar for no reason Allahu alayhi wa sallam you said are you still in the same position I left you so she said now? Yes fundamentals

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Allah wa alayhi wa sallam he said to her, I recited four phrases and I repeated them three times I need a vehicle that would take almost approximately one minute not even if it was to be weighed with everything that you said from the morning up until now if it was to be weighed what I said in one minute would outweigh what you said love what

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they said this liquid in less than a minute earns you the reward of a genre. What is this? There are different durations to it is one of them. And the most common and the famous that we know is some how to love him other than hunting whatever FC was in a township when my dad came it was an absolute authentic Bismillah coming from a Muslim Subhan Allah He will be handy here are the Hopi sapan Allah He bought FC Suppan Allah He is in 1000 Subhan Allah he needed a charismatic repeating the word so Pamela before every phrase, what kind of figures is three times repeated any time during the day of the morning Subhana Allah hear the hum the other the hunting, you're seeing sukhov Allahu Akbar how

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many equal to the creation of Allah, Allah already from the very beginning a lot of what kinda disappear is that equal to the creation of Allah Yanni This includes even the grain of sand, and it includes all the creation of mankind from Adam and Eve is set up up until the last person that lives other the whole day meaning you're saying it for every single creation of Allah, how much is his love, like about something that you unlimited number infinity will never be able to calculate, and it just gets better. So panela he bought enough *, meaning I make the spear in the amount that earns me or player you've already began in your signal along I make this via in the amount of what

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you have created, and I will make this be in the amount of earning your pleasure Subhan Allah He, Xena tauschii and I say Subhana Allah equal to the weight of the throne of Allah Zoysia that the only flown there is bigger than the kingdom is the fruit of a loss of habitat. Every other King on Earth, his throne is always smaller than what he owes always smaller than his kingdom. But Allah Subhana who What the hell is how does the throne of a lion itself is bigger than everything that allows are created besides it? So how long to find out? How much means a roof because it is the roof of creation. So panela me there that galavanting and I made this via have Allah equal to the count

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of his words, what are the words of Allah in solar clock then Allah tells us if all the trees on earth were to be made writing pencils, and all the oceans on earth or to the made ink and you begin to write the words of Allah, the oceans would finish and the trees would finish. Now nothing that cleanup Allah and the words of love, the names of Allah would not finish when you say Subhana Allah He means that you're making the spear to something that you won't even be able to write during your entire life. If you were to write 24 seven and has no break log like about all of this in this one special, wicked.