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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of asking questions when getting on a good footing in Islam is discussed, including the negative impact of fasting on health and mental health. The speakers emphasize the need for dental cleaning and brushing teeth, and warn against sharing glasses and drinking glasses while listening to things. They also suggest protecting one's ears and eyes by wearing hearing aids and not listening to loud noises. The speaker offers to donate to people who don't have their teeth and encourages them to leave feedback on their YouTube channel.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, my beloved children, I want to share with you something very different today. So, you know, I get questioned by a lot of people about a lot of things about Islam and about the understanding of the Quran and so on. So people ask questions, and it's good to ask questions. If you have any questions, you must ask someone who knows, maybe your parents may be a teacher, depending on what subject it is, maybe a chef and Imam, perhaps you might want to ask your siblings your you know, your brothers or sisters, your uncles and aunts your granny and Grandpa, if they're there. And it's good to ask, don't be shy to ask questions, even if the question

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seems silly, if you really need to know something, you need to ask it, ask it in a nice way. And you know, make sure the time that you're asking the person is a good time. They're not busy, they're not going to get, you know, irritated because they trying to do something else. But when they have free and they have a moment, you can say Can I ask you a question? And then they'll say, Okay, and then you can ask them a question. And if they don't know it, you can tell them please find out for me. So someone asked me a question today, it's the strangest question I've ever got about the fasting in Ramadan, and what might break the fast. So someone says, I waive false teeth. And because

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my neighbor needed to use the false teeth, the neighbor was not a Muslim. And so I gave my false teeth to my neighbor to actually chew the food. And this neighbor ate food with my false tea. So does that break my fast? Do I have to give a compensation? At first I found it a bit funny, because to me, you know, I thought maybe they're joking. But I knew this person can't be joking, because it came to me from a very reliable source. And so I told them, no, it doesn't affect your fast, because the teeth, it's just something made out of compressed plastic or something like that. And they gave it to someone to use those teeth. So my mind I was thinking, Okay, does not break the fast. That was

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the question. I've got nothing to do with anything else. But I started thinking about this community being a very poor community. Imagine if the older people don't have teeth, they are so poor, they cannot go to the dentist, they don't have money to go to the dentist. They don't have money to get their own set of false teeth, that they have to borrow each other's teeth and you need to know to borrow teeth, you need to have a similar mouth. I mean, and it's not such a clean thing, I would not advise it to anyone. So I thought about it and I said Allah Allahu Akbar, look at how difficult life is for some people, they have to borrow each other's false teeth in order to eat Subhanallah Look

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how fortunate we are. So why I'm telling you this is there people out there who don't have things we take for granted you have teeth, keep them clean, user miswak or a toothbrush. Make sure you keep your teeth clean, and make sure you brush in the morning the evening because you don't want those teeth to break and then you don't have any teeth. You know, and also, you need to know that when you brush your teeth and you wash your mouth. You must know that it's a Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he cleaned his mouth, he cleaned his teeth, he brushed his teeth he made sure he did that a few times a day, almost at every prayer he would use that see work. So to use a see work

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is as soon as the profits are set up to clean your tea with whatever you're using is a Sunnah of the prophet SAW Salem. If you're going to do both, you will get a double reward. But if you cannot do both, at least do one of them. And Allah will grant you goodness. Now. When you look after your teeth, make sure you don't bite things that are hard. Some people open, you know those glass bottles with their mouth, they bite these hard things. Be careful. These teeth are a gift from Allah. You don't want the day to come when you have to have false teeth. And then people share their false teeth when they're poor. No one knows how wealthy or how rich or poor we're going to be when we're

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older. So look after your money Don't waste it and protect what Allah has given you. Even with your eyes. We look after imagine people sharing searing reading glasses because they can't read. That's that's something amazing because it's it's shocking we said actually

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don't use

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Don't go too close to the screen. Don't watch too much television. Don't be too long on us on a computer screen at close range, try and be a little bit further away. So you can look after your eyes. Don't put the brightness too high, you might want to use the blue light block so that it's not bad on your eyes, you might want to give it a break. Use some lubricant in your eyes that doesn't have preservatives, ask your parents what I just said. If you're young and you didn't understand, so look after your eyes as well and look after your your teeth. And the last thing I want to say, Look after your ears don't listen too loudly to things. Because when you put your earphones on, and you

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listen very loudly I know of people who've become deaf as a result of that. I have a friend of mine who used to work at the airport with the aircraft and the planes. And because they used to make a loud noise, they would always ask them to wear something on their ears. He thought he was strong enough and he didn't wear those things on his ears. And now 1015 years later, he's he can't hear so properly. And he says it's because I used to hear loud sounds all along, you won't be able to hear because your eardrums are delicate and you need to make sure that you don't scream and yell and in people's ears and you don't listen to things too loud. You know, even if it's on don't listen to

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loud, listen in a way that you can hear. So you protect your ears and handling. Now you won't need to borrow hearing aids, you protect your teeth, you won't need to borrow false tea, you protect your eyes, you won't need to borrow.

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reading glasses or just looking glasses. May Allah protect all of us. We have a lot to be thankful for my beloved children. Listen to this. Imagine I was actually asked this question and it's a serious question. People borrowing false teeth, can you believe it? It's not clean, but they have no option. You either do this or I can't chew my food. May Allah forgive us lower. I'm going to give a small charity today and try and reach out to people who don't have teeth so that they can actually get their false teeth done in sha Allah. And if you are listening to this on my YouTube channel, leave a comment at the bottom and I want to read what you think of what we said today. What do you

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learn from it? What have you seen in your life? Allah bless you all love you so much guys, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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