Sulaiman Moola – The Virtue Of Moral Support

Sulaiman Moola
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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istockphoto Minami haven avocado de la, serie and fusina woman, Dr. Marina de la Molina Who?

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Wanna shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa The Buddha said he couldn't do unless he had no molana Mohammed Abu or pseudo ameba protocol along with the Baraka with Allah

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Hamid rubella him in a shape on it was me Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. So McCann Amina Latina Armando sob, sob, sob bahaman la ecos

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McAllen Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Manasa has been in love with taqwa Salalah Rue de fille.

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De Musab en casa will love her letting him in hotellin Jenna la de PUE madonia Hakuna Matata and a new SATA SATA, SATA La la la v Masada para su Luna Yun Karim nada de comunidad de novo Sakina Welcome to de la Robin I mean, honorable Halima Ikram, respected brothers and elders, we are often faced with a situation where near and dear one a friend or relative is struck with some tragedy, sometimes physical, sometimes financial. Sometime he lost a beloved person as Muslims. What is our moral obligation to our fellow Muslims when we find them in such a situation? How do we morally support them? How do we eat them? How do we console them? What are the guidelines that Islam has

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provided for us in this situation? We are universal oma and we share the challenges of every person. Libya Kareem sallallahu Sallam advises us in this regard. The first thing over here is Shama totally authentic for your homologs Jolla botanic Nivea creme sallallahu Sallam says, Do not rejoice on the tragedy of your brother. The first advice is going to be over luggages Aziz, do not rejoice on the tragedy of your brother for your home over law very soon, very you know Allah tala will make an opening for him. And unless Allah will grant him deliverance from the crisis, when you have a leak, and Allah will inflict a similar if not the greatest tragedy on you. So that is the first advice we

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learn from Libya Kareem salatu salam. It is unfortunate that you and I live in a time that there are many people who perhaps verbally might console you support you, but Allah forgive in their heart, they rejoice over your treachery. In fact, one step ahead, many of them desire your tragedy. And this ties up again with the prophecy of Maria Kareem sallallahu wasallam. He of course, is Zamani, a woman. Prior to piano certain nations will make their presence on this earth. If one will Allah Nia

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who will express brotherhood externally but will be enemies from within? What didn't really Salam say it one alanya like in English. You know, I read this particular saying it caught my attention, which was something really thought provoking. I love people who openly hate me, but I hate people who pretend to love me. I love people who openly hate me the menthone is my enemy. I can't expect good from them and he openly says he is my enemy. But I hate people who pretend to love me. So in the Vla Sam says the time will come and men will express brotherhood brotherhood, but inside he will rejoice. The tragedy of his rival will he will consider it a strain for himself as victory for

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himself. While we discuss the deviation of the pagan Arabs prior to the advent of Islam, and every man agrees that they were sinking in the deviation. However, one cannot deny that the end of the time also enjoyed certain salient qualities that even the present day world cannot match those qualities of the Arabs and who knows. But yes, it was in relation to those qualities that Allah favored the Arab world when Angelina ecom Kitab and feeing is a curriculum that by the revelation of the Quran, we have honored the entire Arab world. Arabic has become beloved because of the Quran, who knows perhaps it was in acknowledgment to these outstanding qualities in the Arabs

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who at the time of accepting Islam describes the qualities that will found amongst the Arab plenty to accept in Islam, and Islam is totally impressed, assuring the Rafah a quality that was common among the Arabs, gratefulness on moments of prosperity, not pride, not arrogance, but gratefulness. We take the practice of arctica that is when a child is born as a token of appreciation that this particular practice has its roots in the errors prior to Islam. In fact, it comes down from the very beginning from the teachings of Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. At the birth of Libya, a tsunami, his grandfather Abdulmutallab went to the Kaaba announced the birth of his grandson named him

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Mohammed and according to the custom of the Arabs as a token of appreciation to Allah, of course navionics Ram then came and gave it an Islamic flavor and explained to us the benefit

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First notice that Alabama has fallen in the Mojave. Mojave left me was the Mojave has me he was killed. He was shahabi sorry, but the point I'm stressing here is that the Arab men even in his deviation, even in his prior to, prior to the advent of Islam, gratitude in moments of prosperity was suffering

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and patience in moments of difficulty. Whatever difficulty comes your way to endure, to persevere, was say the puffy Martini Lika and honesty in meetings when he gave a man his word he honored his word. lovingly Salaam said earlier either today No, you promise a man that promise that verbal contract you've given him that is like a debt that is on your shoulder. He says, You're in a man money, honor your word, whatever it is, today, nobody honors his words. What's Singapore female Anthony Lika be more real and happiness on the better decisions of faith on the choices of whatever is decided. Many times it might not be that appealing, but to accept that if this is what my Allah

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has decided, mira de la de la Miss Bella Bella, a fancy ye what stern words in the Khadija could say that person who is not pleased with my selection in his favor, and cannot endure the difficulties I have put for him out of my own wisdom, then telling him he considers me incapable of being Allah Tell him to look for a better Allah than I

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can see ya. What Turkish Mr. Bill masiva hallettsville Ah, and the next quality that was found in the Edit was never, never dare to rejoice on the tragedy of your of your enemy never met your brother. This was coming when

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he said these are the qualities of the believers. In fact, nobody said I'm told I'll come up

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to a Yoku MBR. These are the Judas of my own map. These are the people that have the possess that possess the qualities and the attributes of MBR. So the first message we learned that when our brother is in any tragedy, never to rejoice that he did in the beginning of a certain segment has been whoever will console a person in any problem any difficulty. Well, I brothers, I can tell you, I'm inundated. In this time and age, even if you can just take out a dime and have a sympathetic ear. My brother come home, I can't really support you. I'm not in a financial position. I can't do much but I share your sentiments. I feel your pain and just pick up pick up the phone and phone

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demand. You heard some pleasure he came in his life. During the course of the week. I was sorry to hear about the accident. I heard your son became India's hospitalized. I can't come to the hospital. I'm making boy is there anything I can do? In that busy schedule of yours just take out a little time I swear by Allah that little moments go a long way. Manasa has been that person who will concern a man that is distress and the person will love taqwa. Allah will Miki with the government of piety what's Allahu Allah and Allah will shower his choices blessings on that particular soul, woman, Mousavian, whoever will console a man in any difficulty Any problem? Allahu

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Allah. Allah will make him read to governments of gentlemen filata Komodo madonia which in value will be more valuable than the entire world's. We learn from decades of nearly Serato ceram that when you go and visit your sick brother, how can you morally support him? the heartbeat of nearly every campus in faith we enjoy that every aspect of our Deen has been discussed in Article two Madalyn Murray is beneficial Willa houfy actually, Daddy Kala urrutia bobina See, the real reason I'm saying is when you visit a sick man, then encourage him and can mean he will live telling each other you will survive this you will recover. I will see you again in the masjid I'll meet you again

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in the office. inshallah it's a matter of two weeks and you will be out of this clinic. Levy Elisa Ramsay's for barely your encouragement and your moral support will not alter the reality nor prolong his life, but will bring joy to the heart of your brother and there is enough. When you're three it will be enough, sir. At least when you walk out he will say yeah hamdulillah you know, man and also gay. My brother came, everybody said I said I'm feeling much better. I'm looking better. Let me see salat wa salam said if you concern him like this Manasa Masada and follow me through it he he will be in the pain and getting the reward because of your moral support. Allah will give you the same

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rewards, Allah will give you the same reward. Let's look at the incident. The Quran highlights the fundamental object of marriage. Later schooner Allah, Allah, Allah,

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that Allah Allah says, by virtue of marriage, it must provide happiness and through that marriage and through that bond, Allah promises two things my wife, love Rama mercy input to me. Likewise in Metallica Tenzin, it is written to Allah and Muhammad Ali Chava Warlock Medina Jews, that love generally translates itself in the initial

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stage of the marriage life and Love and Mercy Mercy translates or expresses or manifests itself in the latter part of this marriage. Generally when either of the partner becomes sick or old, we find often in a Western circle, when either of the partner becomes sick and there's some tragedy, then in fact, instead of supporting more than often those marriages dissolve more than often, at the time where you really now need your partner, he or she is going through whatever physical or financial tragedy while things are prosperous, then everybody enjoys being the respective partner. Let's look at the situation of a human a salatu salam, it would be opportune to mention at this juncture, Allah

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speaks of a yubari ceram in four different sources of the Quran in Surah Nisa, in Surah Anam in Saudi Arabia, and in Surah Assad, you minister that was Salam enjoyed every form of privilege every form of happiness, joy, prosperity, Allah blessed him with 14 children according to the monitor for to be under authority over the last year alone, seven sons seven daughters and effluent line for comfortable a prosperous life. But listen to this, Allah is in total control to turn the situation of any man at any time.

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He was totally grateful to the numbers of Allah. Then came the test of Allah upon a una salatu salam, all his farm started burning out, he lost his farms, his orchards, his house, the roof of his house collapsed, causing all the occupants of the house that included his 14 children to die instantly. I can say it my brother, you can hear it as the man who has not one Beloved, he never recovered from that for the rest of his life is never the same man. Nothing is lost his beloved. At one instance, he loses 14 children. He loses his farm, he loses everything. And that's not all. He developed such a sickness that he developed out ounces on his entire body that is near and dear ones

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totally deserted him and left him and abandon him. Only his tongue and his heart was saved from this particular sickness that he had developed. The person that was a pillar of support to him was his spouse, who was model support who stood by his side who is to earn and provide what can it mean for the use of she was from the descendants of use of a Salaam. Her name was Rama, and voila, she literally was a mercy to her husband.

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This particular woman, the wife of a Jubilee, salat wa salam ala pocket

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to hire Tanya Mehta. He wasn't happy he was amenable. He can it will highly in Yuma Arizona, shackelton sobre. La, she seen both the areas she stayed when the husband was affluent and prosperous, and she was totally grateful to Allah tala. And when difficulty came, as jacoba is around, persevere. She also persevered with reference to the patience of a human a salam, it was so great that in one day when it comes when Allah tala had taken all this away from him, then he said, Oh Allah, I am grateful to you for this condition that you have brought on me that you have removed those things which potentially could alter my relation with you, Allahu Akbar, my children, my

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farms, it could potentially alter my religion. I am grateful to you, you have removed this and now me and you enjoy this closeness. But of course, she supported her husband and the sickness started taking a toll on her. We often sympathize with a person in sickness, we forget to sympathize with those living with the sick person. Let me tell you how many times that person goes through more difficulty. If there's a sick man in the house, the children, the wife, everybody needs that support. The whole house is not functioning normally. Everything is now in chaos, because of that one sick person. We forget to sympathize with those living with the sick person. So one day she in

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all human, you know sentiments, she came to you with a Salam and she said, yo, don't you think it's high time you beg and let to Now remove the difficulties. He was in the way of Allah sovereign kassapa Yo, unparalleled sacrifice unparalleled patience. He gets up and he admonishes his wife. And he says come up to federal law, how many years of prosperity did we enjoy? So she says it was eight years eight decades of prosperity come to fill by law and how many years of difficulty so she answers it's already seven years that has left seven years of difficulty has come and that can sleep for one night, seven years what it is. So then a human is Salaam responds and he says I'm a study

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and as LogMeIn Allahu Allah He

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that I enjoyed prosperity for 80 years. And Allah is only tested me for seven years I feel shy, I feel embarrassed to ask Allah to substitute this difficulty by prosperity when I enjoyed the divine privileges of my Lord for eight years, and my Allah has only tested me for seven years. I am not going to ask him to kill me patiently I will bear the time he divinely decides to make your will and goods. So she understands the level of service and she continues supporting her husband.

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What reference to muslera format in kita was

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the data required

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That one day the devil came to say to to Rama, it was the wife of a human a salat wa salam in a disguised form. And she came in, she said, you know what I can have your husband cured. Now, when a person is desperate for cure, he would stretch his hands and he would travel, you know, across the globe, whoever can also make your for my beloved, I am ready. I am prepared just not to three Jonathan, but to cure your husband. And only one thing I need from you is that after I have treated him and I have cured him, you must praise me. And you must tell me that I really appreciate the fact you have cured my husband, the wife of a human, a Salatu was Salam. And that desperation knew no

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bounds. Perhaps because of that, she could not fathom the implications of the statement. And she said, Well, if that is if I'm quite happy with that, I will speak to my husband and you can come and treat him. So she happily comes to her husband. And she tells her husband, that you know what, I met with a doctor, and he's prepared to treat you and you only want one thing that I must acknowledge him in the end. In the end, I must acknowledge him and I must say, I must praise Him. And I must say that you have cured my husband. Are you really sad, I'm caught up and maybe is conscious of Allah, in the midst of prosperity and in the heart of sickness also, there is no moment in the life you

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know, when a person comes into a state of ecstasy and joy, he forgets who he is. Satan has to remind me Salaam at the critical moment, when the throne of beauties was brought before him. The first statement what authority Allah gave him, the entire Throne of the woman was brought before him, and 1000s stand before him and everything is laid and before him, even at that moment, he said, haha, I'm in for the live of B. This is the sheer mercy of my Allah, a human a tsunami in the midst of his sickness. He was moved out of society. He lost everything. He was desperate for cure. He got up and he said, Oh, my wife. Do you know that statement? He said,

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How can you attribute the quality of pure to any creation? There is the feature of a law. I am sick Why is it making you Why is it taking a toll on you? I'm ready to bear the sickness. Why are you getting so excited? I will stay in the sickness as long as my line is decided. But even like yours, me, I'm going to give you 100 lashes. I'm going to let you 100 times because of what you've said.

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Today why it continues love Have a look at my time that the divide continues sometime later to people who are from the friends of the Ubuntu salat wa salam, one of them made a remark and they said, You know what, I think you have really done something wrong in his life. That is why Allah is punishing him. Now this is very important. We are very, we become very judgmental. You see Allah, Allah showing him he doesn't want to listen, I hope he opens his eyes. My brother, don't talk to anybody else's son. You have sons. I have sons. Don't look at any else and he has been a witness. Whenever I see any young boy walking anywhere, coming from a good home with an earring on his ear

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with tattoos walking with a strange woman. I come home I read to a cat and I cry to Allah. This is not the time to sit and point fingers at anybody else. Brothers, a lock in disgrace, you're sitting in your own home. Don't ever become judgmental on the tragedies of any person. It is not for me to decide. It's not for you to decide. Try to allow every youngster is an automatic every youngster is a brother, every girl walking is a sister to me in the spirit of the unity of the oma What should we do and we find them in that situation. So they made this comment. When I heard this he got very hurt. And he really but he said yeah, I have been so patient but this is the comments people are

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making. Now he turned to Europe Bhima Santiago Rohan Tarahumara me. I'm asking you now I have been struck with pain and this accusations of people decide make your law immediately under response in now whichever now who Sabra we confirm your patience or cause Belichick over you stand up strike your heel on the ground.

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Rob cashes out the water may go Salinas water drink this water. He takes Rasul Allah restores his youth to him, he drinks the water and like he has the internal sicknesses. If our bus even though they might have you been while possible, let me know genda Allah since the government of gentlemen, a young, handsome, attractive men adorned with the government of gentleness says that his wife returns with the food. She searches for her husband, where is my husband? She comes to this man Angel mobitel Allah de Cana Hakuna. You know, there was a sick man here. Do you know who he is when he's gone? So he answered, he says, I am your husband, and this is our law he has cured me.

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Now as soon as Allah cures him, he recalls that now he needs to let his wife but at the same time he doesn't forget the loyalty of his wife. Allah makes divine intervention and concession in this matter, because she was a pillar of support your husband. Allah says what was the bigger because even further up

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in our data Namo sobre la yo you're not gonna let 100 lashes she has been very faithful to you. At the same time, you're not going to break your customer. I am going to now make divine concession in intervention. You go and look for a bundle of thin grass and coating the words of the Quran will tell you look for a bundle of grass which has hundreds you know, strikes or 100 you know grass in it and 100 blades of

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Because you take that bundle of thin grass and you touch her once and that is less than 100 times when you don't break your customer, Kathy says was Amina Mirage

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Maharaja lemony tequila Casa del y la cmrp marotti Barbara de la

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la la piccoli that does intervention Allah made because of the pillar of support that she wants for her husband, brothers, I can explore look at my 10 seater a human a Salaam, his brothers plot his assassination, they dropped him in the well they think that's the end of it. Allah reverse the situation. One is una, Allah has given us so much Well, we are busy deciding the new car I'm going to buy. On the other hand, my own blood sister doesn't have enough money to go for her first house. And I am debating and arguing is this loyalty? Have I discharged the well that Allah has given me? My brothers, my nephews don't even have enough money for education. And I am busy arguing in which

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hotel I will stay in the United States. What form of loyalty is this year? Yusuf alayhi salatu was salam, Allah reverse the situation? He said, from the throne of Egypt, and his brothers walk in there. And these were the very brutal assassination. But what is the teachings of NFA and abroad is the bosom of NFA. What what to do so and enters the practice of use of Fatah cannula, a Ferrara form, he looks at them and he says, Oh, these are my brothers. But they thought the chapter was over, and Allah brought him on the throne. This was the ideal time to seize the opportunity to now abused him and understand display my interest throughout they are desperate. But that's not the

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teachings of NLP. He speaks to them. He doesn't divulge his secret he arranges for the corn in the grain. He says low tech cameras, and then he calls the service worker and if at any time we'll be back on him, Lala humare funa even cannibal

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Jeroen is the people that come in because he's famous. He says you take so much money and you give so much corn. But there are these 10 boys here. Don't speak to them. Whatever money you collect from them, you put the money back inside, how can I milk my brothers in desperation? How can I milk my brothers don't they plotted his assassination. But that's the loyalty of his thumb. And these are the teachings of Islam. I embraced my brothers. When my brother is in the gutter. Look at the atrocities they carried out against him. And look at the clock of a Navy. This relation continues few times. And then the brothers Come on the third instance. And they don't know this is a project

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sitting on the throne. And they say what j Navarre artemas dot O King, we have come to you with mega provisions with the Santa Lena and really my ourselves and our Father we suffering greatly. We asked you please be charitable to us in the law.

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Scholars right what punakha halogen has no fee you so for me

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that that inner sentiments came to a boiling point in use of and he said How long will I see the desperation of my own brothers, because of my wife, how many people aren't they that will not give their brothers because of the demands of their wife. My wife says I can't give but you're not depriving your wife. This is not a time to consult with your wife. If you know your brother or your sister or your relative or friend that has supported you. He's not admitted to consult with your wife, you're not depriving of worth taking her money and giving it to your brother. This is the loyalty that is upon you as a Muslim. It's not a method to consult with your wife in this. He could

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not contain himself. And he asked he divulges the secret. And then he says * are him to my family. Or my brothers. Do you know what you did with us? So he opens up and he discusses and then they look at him and they recall the vision he seen in nacala and the use of are you not use of himself? Is this not our brother with whom we were communicating? He comes forward he embraces them. He says Now take the shirt put it on my father Allah will restore his sight. Well Tony we only can match money and now you can love his four people in cannon come here I will give you a royal position and you will be part of the royal family to my brothers I have forgiven you and bring my

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father in every one of us will now join me Yeah. So presence This is the teachings of nearly Sam, as I mentioned to console will remain in difficulty with regards to when a person passes away. What are the what are the etiquettes of consoling nebulin Salatu was Salam ala see there's one man that used to come into gathering of navire salaam, then the Vla Salaam seen that He is no more coming soon via Islam as a module under economy he is this man so honestly alone said he lost his son nabire salaam said hello to Mooney como la Kenan was de you people think tell me the main son passed away at least we could console him. Let's go immediately. They stand up and they come to the house. They'll be

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early sometimes the man sitting there and he said and he's depressed. Levy le Salatu was Salam encourages the missive, Yasuda, la quinta licky bracing Nevada fee. I was only an age and I lost my son at a very critical moment I'm really hurt and loss morally supports him. What is the way you morally support unfortunately there are a lot of bigots in our society. When Jeffrey Allen who passed away liberalism came to his house, Lahiri Salatu, salam, then audit the Sahaba they look here there is a genocide in this house. I want all of us to cook and bring food, not for the family of the genocide to feed

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The others to feed their family. This is Mr. Hobson. This is the teachings of Islam. How do you control the family? When liberalism's grand child was passing away the son of Xena brother in law, she sent me a strong liberal Islam then came and then he led the father in law and he consoled her in the following way. Unfortunately we congregated the house of janazah and we talk of politics. nebulous term, said old guru Maha Sina matakohe certain talk about the good of this man that passed away. One person in America left me with such a good advice. He's a moron. I don't know why people take flowers to a dead man's grave mistake flowers and domain he's never speak good of demand that

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is living. My will start always used to say unfortunately we have become a nation that worship the disease. I asked him what do you mean by this? He says it takes the death of a person for us to acknowledge he was a good man, that he is alive. We can't say it leads him to die. Then you can leave you with a letter of condolence. The letter of condolence the delivery of Allah wrote to marginata when we spoke last week, when released from separated from was dispatched him via Instagram is in Madina. munawwara was even in Yemen, and in Yemen, his son passes away. There are so many things on Instagram, but he does not forget consoling his, his Sahabi he writes the letter

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which has been recorded in all the books of Hadith named Muhammad Rasul Allah. Let's listen to the letter of condolence of nearly Salaam. I can explore this for another hour, but others I don't have time. Muhammad Rasulullah

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sallallahu wasallam tomorrow depletable salam aleikum, I greet you with the slums of Allah. Allah, American lady La Ilaha Illa who I praise Allah Who is the supreme being am about Furthermore, Allah who like a ledger, while hamaca sobre la la sakana chakra, may Allah grant you 331 May Allah inspire you with the desired amount of patience? And may Allah fever you and me in all of us with gratitude. Listen, oh ma

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ma ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma ma. Ma Hill, Honea

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Hill, Musto, dia, our health, our wealth, our belongings, this is the gift of Allah tala. You met Jonah, Bihar in a good way. Devaki Malou Allah allows us to benefit from this for a period of time and Allah takes it on the appointed time from de la Molina sukra da wa sobre la tele then Allah has ordained gratitude upon us when he favors us and he has ordained patience upon us when he tells us what can never know come in Nevada even La Jolla and Omar eyes Let me tell you your son was from the gift of Allah machaca Allahu

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Allah allow you to benefit from your son to sit with him to comfort your heart to comfort your eyes, Wakata will be drinkable coffee, and on his appointed time Allah has separated your son from you in separator was the saboteur and for you is great reward if you if you persevere and you hope for great reward from Allah wa salam and then let me conclude my letter to your Omaha's ninjas Allah euro domain Geeta wala yet through the moaning and groaning will not revive the disease normally put an end to depression from Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam then to be over LA. This was the letter of condolence technavio Salatu. Salam wrote two miles What didn't really salat wa salam didn't console

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his daughter with and these are the words with which we should console in LA LA Hema. Let me leave you with this in Manila Hema to Allah belongs what he took, when a woo Ma and Allah into Allah equally belongs what he gave you to Allah belongs what he took and to Allah equally belongs what he gave you couldn't learn when the big masama and everything has a stipulated time fantas bill when you have patience and hope for reward in name was deca Oh my brother I am consoling yo la Niala tsikata minion julio de la can soon met with Danny and not consoling you because I won't die but because it is the teachings of navionics salaam from Al masabi back in Belgium 81 z one ohana sha

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Allah Heaney, neither the main consoling nor the person consoled will see eternity pomodoro in LA Hakata. But what a What can I tell you other than what Imam Shafi said? The reality of life

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the loss of wealth or the separation of Beloved, may Allah Allah inspire us with the reality of what was said.

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Will you see the needs contact Islamic CDs, we have a wide range of CD ROM and audio CDs to choose from tribal chronic CDs or choose from a vast range of English lectures. We even have selected audio lectures. And for your computer. We have screen savers, Islamic programs and much more. So call us on 082 509 triple one syntek Islamic CDs manufacturers and distributors of Islamic audio and media CDs

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