Difference the terms – Sunnah and Nafl

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Aloha Salatu was Salam O Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, you also have you know, Allah.

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Just before we start to the last session about the drought, I received a question from one brother and asking, is salata Tao? Is it a sweetener? Or is it a

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noun? Now

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from a very basic perspective, actually, there's no real difference between soon and left, because sooner in the terminology of it also means an act, which is

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sorry, in the terminal to the football heart, it means an act, which is a recommended act mean, it is not an obligatory act,

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saying that, if somebody does it, they will be rewarded. If they don't do it, they will not be punished for it. So that's a son now. And tomorrow, he has a Sunday that goes because it's not a follow up. It's not an obligatory act to do. If you don't do tawi there is no punishment that is related, unlike if you miss, for example. So if you miss Malaysia, or selected failure, then there is something related to that, because I stopped doing it your prayer. nephrol means extra prayer and extra prayer. That's extra. And that's why a last pattern in the hadith of Pudsey, he makes a distinction between the file and the nephron. He said that the most beloved thing that my slave

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comes closest to me, is the forearm and then he continues to come closer to me with the no laughing. So there's Pharrell, and no offense. So if you see here, the word for nephron is like it's opposite. It's like the meaning of that under the father's fault, there's no offense. And we also know that the nephew is also another meaningful. So in that case, both son and nephew mean the same thing.

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However, there is some sort of terminology with football have also adopted just to make it more easy for people. So some folk Aha, they use the term Asana to mean something which is emphasized, it is an emphasize thing is something that the prophet SAW Selim used to do regularly, or he used to do, maybe used to encourage with his verbal encouragement, or he used to do regularly. So for example, the Torah can before federal is considered Sunnah, because it was something that was I always used to pray regularly. Now he also used to pray regularly to Russia, before a war, and to occur after war. So this becomes like, a regular thing that he used to pray and that's why in the Hadith of the

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lion, or modern Asia and so on, they say we memorize from the apostle and attend rockets that he used on a daily basis and another version, they said

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12 rockets. So all of these are

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our extra prayers that the prophet SAW Selim use, but he, he emphasized them this emphasis makes it

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sooner, whereas those that were not emphasized, they will consider nothing. So it's basically you know, it's about terminology, but in real terms, the sun and the NFL are both extra acts which will be rewarded if you do them. And if you do not do them, you will not have any punishment linked to that.