Hadith Series – #05 – How To Attach Your Heart To Allah

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of remembering Allah's teachings and not being afraid of sinning. They suggest that becoming aware of Allah's teachings and mindfulness is the most effective way to stop foul behavior and avoid sinning. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of working on one's own awareness and mindfulness to prevent future harm.
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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam said that there's no action that a person can do that is more effective and saving them from Allah's punishment and remembering Allah. And that's because we kind of have a cute and quaint association I think in the English language we think remember Allah we just think about hamdulillah Subhan Allah and these things and that is what it is. That's kind of the the outer form of it right? But really what is the purpose of the outer form is to attach our hearts and our awareness and our consciousness to Allah right? Because as the prophesy said, I'm setting another Hadith. A person who steals they're not a believer when they're stealing and the

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prophesy said, I'm didn't mean that the person left a slam, it means that they lost the plot, right? They, they forgot themselves, they weren't remembering a law. When that happened, no one's gonna remember a law say Bismillah. And then, you know, throw down some alcohol or something like that, right? It's usually a moment of forgetting or more than a moment of forgetting and being unaware, right? And so if we are able to build up a fortress of awareness, right and habituate ourselves to a constant awareness, or at least, if that's not possible than a constant returning to awareness, then this is the most effective way to stop sinning. This is the most effective way to stop all the foul

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behaviors and habits that we have. Because you're going to be more constantly it's like we say Islamic mindfulness, right, you are more mindful of what Allah subhanaw taala wants from you, right, that the more that you repeat Allah's name, or his names, or the sorts of formulas of praise and liquor, then you're constantly bringing your awareness back to this source of everything that you have a source of, of gratitude, right? And all of the things that you have to be thankful for. It's all Allah. So how are you going, you would be embarrassed, right? If you're remembering Allah and you're remembering who Allah is, and everything is done for you, and how great he is you won't be

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embarrassed, you'd be ashamed to commit some sort of foul deed or say some bad thing or do these sorts of things. Most people when they do sin, it's because they've temporarily forgotten it's because they have been prevented from remembering Allah in that moment. And so if we work on ourselves to the point where remembering Allah and being aware and mindful of Allah is something that's automatic, or it's something that's constant, or it's something that we are constantly returning to, then that is the most effective thing to prevent us from punishment in the afterlife, because we're carrying that awareness with us wherever we go, and it's actually having an impact on

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the things that we do.