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What can a child do after the death of his parents so that both benefit?

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Zakir Naik

Channel: Zakir Naik

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There's a question from Faisal Ahmed, from Lucknow.

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What can the child do for one's parents after they die? So both the child and the parents benefit in the hereafter. Our beloved partner salaam said that after a person dies,

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when he goes to the grave, everything is gone. Only thing that returned

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the good deeds we have done.

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The knowledge that he has

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spread and his pious children, praying for him. So the three thing that is our big area are the good deeds and the wealth that the person has spent the knowledge that he has, right, and his pious children, pray, again, the question that what can a child do for the parents, so that both benefit, the best thing you can do is become a pious human being. And once you become the pious human being, he should pray for his parents. So if he's pious, and if you pray for the parents, Inshallah, the prayer would be accepted. Then you pray for your parents agenda for those Olala

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so you become pious, be a good Muslim. Do all the fries stay away from all the Haram activities? Do as much as Mr. Herb do Dawa in your life and if you're pious and pray for your parents for the akhira for your Hara, for Jennifer dos Allah so that you and your parents and the company of promise Allah salaam, that inshallah that will be the best for you as well as the best for them.