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When is it best to recite Surah Al Kahf on a Friday?

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Sajid Ahmed Umar

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Satan is in the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Let's look since it's Thursday night, a perfect example is Surah calf, which we should read on Friday on Friday the morning and I according to the correct opinion, we are the rewards of surah through calf apply when a person reads the surah

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during the day of Friday, not during the night of Friday, because most of the narrations which talk about the benefits of reciting surah, to campsite the day, we have a narration which cites the night but this seems to be an odd narration meaning there seems to be an addition from the narrator

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and addition from the narrator because the majority of narrators revealed the Hadith or narrated to us the Hadith, sighting day that whoever it sort of took care of during the day of Juma