The Blessing of Islam: A Message To Born Muslims

Yasir Qadhi


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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delivers a wonderful lecture that deals with a message to born Muslims which is the greatest blessing to have in one’s life and not one to be taken for granted. The Shaykh also shares some amazing stories concerning converts to Islam that he has encountered in his life, in particular, that of an Israeli convert.

One of the reasons we love when a person converts to Islam is that we are so happy at the prospect of discovering people who have accepted Islam which we had taken for granted which will entitle him to twice the rewards by Allah SWT as even mentioned in one of the Hadith. It reaffirms our faith in Islam.


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In Alhamdulillah

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nahezu monastery and ohana, still fiddle whenever Rosa Villa Himanshu Rue de unforseen a woman say Tiana Nina. Manga de la la Maddalena, Medina woman Yulin who Fela hodja wash Allah ilaha illa La La sharika wa shadow Mohammed Abu humara sudo yeah you hola Xena Amano taco la haka Ducati Mouton in La inla anti muslim own. Yeah Johan De Soto hora de como la de la Kakuma. nuptse wahida. wahala caminhada. Weber thermen humare Jalan Cathy wrong manisa what taco la la de de Luna de Waal or ham in the law her Corona la cumbre Kiba am about mario brothers and sisters in Islam. The majority of us sitting here, the vast majority are those whom Allah subhana wa tada blessed to be born into

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Muslim families. Our parents were Muslims, for by and large, our mothers and fathers taught us the faith. We went to the massaged with them as children, our parents arranged for us to learn the Koran. Our cultures, by and large, have been Islamic, surrounded by Muslims. And I speak right now of those who are born into Muslim families. And I know that 100 of us some amongst us have converted to the faith, the majority of us as we know, we're born into it. Have you ever wondered

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if you hadn't been born into a Muslim family? Have you ever imagined if the world were a different place, and a lot of other upon you were different than what it is? If you had not been gifted Islam as a baby, or childbirth? Would you ever have discovered it? For most of us, brothers and sisters, we've never thought about that question. For most of us, we take Islam for granted. We take it as a birthright, we take it as if it is a part and parcel of existence. And so we take it for granted. And what you take for granted by and large, you do not appreciate.

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For most of us, we have never wondered, What if I didn't know this faith? What if I was born into a different religion, a different civilization? Would my intellectual curiosity been so strong? That I would have questioned my own faith? Would my courage and bravery my conviction be so much that I would have stood up against my own relatives? Would I have challenged the status quo? Would I have been brave enough? curious enough, courageous enough to actually go against what my family what my society what my culture had taught me if I knew that the truth was in other than what my society had.

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And this question brothers and sisters is one that I have been thinking about for a long time. And I want you as well to think about this because if you do not appreciate the gift of Islam, if you do not understand how blessed and fortunate You and I are to have simply been born into this faith, then Subhana Allah, we will take this faith for granted. And that is why brothers and sisters those who convert to the faith, those of you in this audience who were born in other traditions, and you are now sitting here, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said they shall get a double reward double of anything that we have done. Because obviously, their whole lives they have had to change

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they have had to cut off they have had to stand courageously. Our Profit System said that person will get digital defined double reward because the what person that he has done or she has done, the courage that they have shown is something that we can only wonder would I have had that courage or not. And Allah subhana wa tada reminds us in the Oran hole, the fog lilla he will be rahmati he fabbi Danica fella Franco who Hiram in my age Maroon, tell them with a loss Favell and Rama let them be happy. If an Abbas said the father of Allah is Islam and the Rama of Allah is the Quran will be fought Lila he will be rahmati fabrisonic Ophelia for say, with Islam and the Quran, this is what

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they should be happy about. This is what they're for I should be based on. They should be happy that Allah blesses them with Islam, that Allah gifted them the Quran for the de lica failure for

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Who are hired on Mim jejomar on the happiness of Islam, the happiness of the Koran is a greater happiness than any other happiness that they can gather any money, any experience any joy, who a hiatal mimma, Elijah Maroon, and brothers and sisters, these emotions of happiness, of sadness, of joy of anxiety, they bring out the reality of our inner thought. And I was somewhat amused two weeks ago, if you remember, we had this storm this winter storm, you know, the the the schools were shut down for a week, as you know. So panela as you know, for six, seven days, our children did not go to school. By and large. I know my children were very happy. And I'm sure yours were as well, very

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happy. They don't have to go to school. And I met one of our brothers who owns a business. He was very sad, because he's losing business for those six days. And I thought so panela the same thing, the same issue. It brings out what is the reality? What is actually this children don't want to go to school. They're just so happy under the law. We don't have to go to school and the other Brotherhood is is dependent on people coming to his office to shop and because everything is closed, there is notice for those days, and so his sadness comes out. And this also made me reflect to panela Do we really have that happiness for Islam? Do we really have that that joy that we should

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have? And Allah subhana wa tada reminds us in the Quran, while Ola fotball La Liga Morocco, Mazda come in come in I had in Alberta, when I can no law how yuzaki Manisha it is a laws blessings on you. It is Allah as folden Allah is gift to you, Allah generosity. I didn't earn Islam. You did not deserve Islam. What? Oh la, La Jolla, la Kumara two who were it not for a law's father and allows mercy, no one amongst you would ever have been purified and forgiven. Well, I can no law he was that keman Yeshua but it is Allah subhanho wa Taala who chooses whom he wants to purify and to forgive? We need to understand and appreciate these blessings these gifts that Allah subhana wa tada has

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given us because it is a last choice that he has guided us manually the law whoever Allah subhana wa Taala once when you did the law who and yeah do who whoever Allah wants to guide Yeshua sutra who lit Islam He is the one who opens his heart to Islam woman you did and you Linda who and whomever Allah wants to misguide then Allah azza wa jal will take them to another path. It is a loss other that I was born into a Muslim family, it is Allah other that my neighbor was not born into the same type of family. Yes, it is true that this is a gift that Allah has given me, the least that I can do is to appreciate that gift. Because when someone has gifted you something you do not appreciate it.

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Then you are showing a type of Cofer a type of rejection of the generosity of the one who gives you a gift. How about the gift of Islam? And how about the generosity of the creator of this world? Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us in the Koran that a group of people think that they're doing us a favor by embracing Islam, no mo noon, alake and Islam. This is the group of the hypocrites. The group of them will not feel alone. They embraced Islam, and they boasted to the Prophet system. They walked into the masjid puffed up with pride. And they said yes, we have accepted Islam, your religion we follow it, and they were trying to show that this is a favor they're doing to the

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prophet to Islam, Yama, Noona, la can assalamu they think they are doing you a favor by accepting Islam? No. Bonilla, huya mundo la con and her dark money in quantum soldering? No, that is not the case. That is not the case. Rather, Allah is the one who is doing you a favor. Allah is the one who is showing you mercy that he has guided you to Islam, if only you are truthful and sincere, it is not any favor that I have done to anybody. It is not something that I have managed to do La hawla wala quwata illa Billah It is Allah subhana wa tada who has gifted and blessed us in the Battle of the trench, the Battle of Isaiah, the Sahaba. They're conscious of who they are. They're conscious

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who their enemies are. They were digging the trench and they began to sing poetry and the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam went into the trench and he's singing that poetry with them. He's singing that chant with them. And what was that poetry? Well, la Hello Lola who Medina Walla Walla, Walla, Selena will law he were it not for a law, we would never have been guided. And we would never have been found this Islam, were it not for Allah we would never give charity and we would never

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ever prayed? Look at the Sahaba they appreciate the blessing this this this this poem is not in the Quran. Allah didn't tell them. It's coming. They're the ones they're thinking about Islam. They're thinking about guidance. They're thinking about a Daya and as they are surrounded by 10,000 men the Battle of the trench, as they're going to be cut off for one month. their spirits are happy because at least they have Islam. While la de la la la Houma Dana what else what else Elena what else Elena was a duck novella Selena, were it not for Allah we would not have been guided we would not to prayed we would not have given charity. And our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah He was setting himself as

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reminded that even he does not have the power to guide whom he wants. It is Allah who chooses whom to guide. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is told in the Quran in Galatia de man bapta better. You do not guide those whom you love. When I can Allah hi yah de Manisha. But it is Allah subhanho wa Taala who guides the one whom he wants? Have you ever thought brothers and sisters, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so much wanted about olives hedaya and yet I thought it was not blessed with hidayah. And here we are blessed with that, that we never had that strong desire before our existence. It wasn't something we will. Have you ever wondered Ibrahim alayhis salam, how

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much he made to Allah to Allah for his father's Daya how much he begged Allah, Ibrahim Allium, so much so until Allah tells him this one thing, don't do it, your father is gone. Now you cannot make dua for him. You cannot pray for him now. But he kept on praying, praying, praying, because he wanted he die for his father. And here we are. And Allah xojo chose that he died for us, he gifted us that he died. So the least that we can do brothers and sisters is to thank Allah and appreciate that blessing upon us. Brothers and sisters, many of you might know I have returned from a trip from from Philistine. And I went to Masjid a lot. And I want to share with you some of the most amazing

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stories that I have come across in my life, when it comes to converts. And we all as Muslims born into Islam, one of the reasons we love when people convert, one of the reasons it's so exciting we all become happy is because it reaffirms our own faith in our tradition, it makes us feel at hamdulillah. That's something we might not have appreciated, but this person has appreciated. And we feel and we should rightfully feel we feel a sense of pride that had handed it to somebody has vowed what we have taken for granted. And there's no problem in in being that happy and whatnot. But you should be happy at your own Islam, by the way, right? You should be even happy that Allah has guided

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you to Islam. And there's it's good to reaffirm our faith through the stories of Congress. And that's why our convert brothers and sisters they know every time they're in a Muslim gathering the first question after they find out they're Muslim, oh, how did you convert that convergence story. It is really powerful for us born Muslims, we love to hear it because it reaffirms our faith, it makes us feel so good. It makes us feel a sense of pride. And I want to share with you stories that I myself have interviewed and witnessed because for me, and allies origin has blessed me to see many and interact with many Converse. But this group for me, was the most bizarre and the most moving for

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me. And this is one of the reasons why this question even though I've been thinking about for a long time, it really became very powerful. In my mind. For the last few weeks, I'm going to tell you three stories, I met a group of Congress, all of these converts are Israeli Jewish converts to Islam, all of them. And it was truly the most

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strange stories of Congress that I have ever met. The first of them, I'm going to quickly summarize the three stories because each of them is very powerful that it really moved me The first of them. I actually got an email many months ago last year. And I unfortunately don't have time to answer to all of my email, but sometimes Isaiah just blitzes and I'm able to an email came to my public account and it was a lady from Israel and she literally starts off that I was born into a Jewish family. I'm from a western country I cannot give too many details by the will understand why. And I migrated to Israel for religious reasons. It's called the Aliyah hedgerow I made hedgerow to Israel

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as a young girl I abandoned the western, she's in the this part of the world I abandon and I move there. And over the last few years, I grew agnostic now I'm looking for the truth. And I read the Quran and I'm you know, and I came across your lectures online, and I'm interested etcetera, etcetera. So, obviously, is a very interesting course, it's a bit strange as well, I mean, very rare to find that type of person. So began a series of emails and whatnot. Then I said, you know what it was I then emailed her in like, late November. So you know, I'm coming in January. Why don't we meet up in August?

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Saw, we meet up, she had never been to Oxford because she's not allowed to go. Because she's obviously from another background, she had never meant too much to the opposite. So we agreed to meet up and Subhanallah to make a long story short, she was not exposed to Islam via data tables, via pamphlets that doesn't happen in that land. It does not happen. Rather, she felt a sense of emptiness. And she did not find that peace in her own faith of her tradition. She didn't find it in Christianity, she looked at Buddhism, other religions, and in the end out of desperation she picked up on she didn't think she'd find anything in it. And she said, this is the book I have been taught

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is full of hatred. This is what you told me my whole life I had been taught, this book teaches to kill other people hatred of other people. And she goes, I read it and read it and read it. And I found nothing but peace. I found nothing but peace. And so she went online looking for lecture, she found my lectures, listen to some of them. And so parallel my lecture about Khadija was the one that really moved her a lot about how the jolly Santa she said, I want it to be like Khadija. I want it to be like Khadija and Subhanallah brothers and sisters, she gave her Shahada in masjidul, Oxford with our group and gathering there. I gave her the Shahada, she said the Kadima and she accepted

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Islam in masjidul Oxo. And we were not able to record because she said she cannot be public about this, she cannot tell other people or else is going to cause issues for her and her family. That obviously she has to keep it under the you know, keep it under the cover. And I gave her Islamic name of Asia. So we call her now our Asia and our sisters that were in the group are in touch with her. And SubhanAllah. She's now active online that our Believe it or not, but anonymously. She's giving our anonymously online. Now, when I was in Oxford, I met a brother there, who knew me from online. So look, I need to introduce you to a group. But you cannot take any pictures, you have to

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be on the low don't come with anybody, just yourself, it must be the opposite. And I said Who are these they said, he said, we are giving Dawa, to some of the hood. But we're doing it not publicly. Because if you do it publicly, there's going to be a huge trouble. So I said there are actually converts here in this land. And he told me this brother, we estimate at least 1000 people have converted, we know around three 400. And from those three 400, we know that there are others, the majority of them are not saying anything to anybody. They come and learn what they need to and then go back to their daily lives. A few of them, a few of them are public. And a few of them have had to

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flee from their families and homes and come and find shelter in Muslim lands. And they have heard about you they want to meet you and they will want to sit with it. Of course, my pleasure, my honor to meet with them. So, after selected veggie, we created a national Oxo, we went to one of the offices inside the complex. And we met like five or six of Israeli Jews who had converted to Islam. None of them had converted by one on one Dawa. None of them because that doesn't really happen. You know, in America, we have this, this freedom. You go in a booth and you give Dawa, you get pamphlets, you know, you'll get a knock on your neighbor's house whatnot. There as you know, there's

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a lot of religious segregation. There's no public preaching, per se, even though theoretically, it's legal, but you know, what's going to happen if they actually do this? Right. So each one of them, they had been guided to Islam on their own, like just research and internet and, and buying pamphlets or, or doing this and that, and then they're contacting, you know, Muslim families. And to finally there is a small group of brothers that they're giving that are in Hebrew, in Hebrew. And so eventually, they're all connected to to this group. And I just want to mention two more stories that really moved me. One of them was a sister. She's now 19 years old, when she was 16. When she was 16,

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she wrote an email to this group of brothers who have a page on Facebook, which is in Hebrew that went to Islam. She was 16 years old. And she says, I have decided to convert to Islam.

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And the group emailed back look, we can't do anything. We cannot do anything. You are a minor, and we cannot get into any trouble. Best of luck and goodbye. She kept on emailing Phil, p questions are key, the questions and they have to answer just simple questions, right. She began to pray in her own house in her closet at the age of 16. And she began to get material online from them. And I was with the brother who eventually there was a family and elderly man and woman. They're living outside of Jerusalem. And they found the group that is the group they found a family that had great risk to them would be willing to take in this this young girl. This young girl the night she turned 18

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because they said we can't do anything legally. We don't want any trauma.

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The night she turned 18 she packed her bags, went to a phone booth called the brother and said, I'm standing here you told me when I'm 18 it would be illegal. I'm 18 come pick me up. I cannot be with my family anymore. The brother became very worried what is this a trap? what not, because obviously it's very dangerous, right? And he went with a group of families, sisters, what not, they found out everything seems legit, whatnot, she says I need a place I cannot be at home. I'm not allowed to pray. They're forcing me to do this and that I need to get out to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. They made a few phone calls a family agreed with great risk to them to take this young lady in. And

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she is now learning Arabic memorizing Koran. Now listen, in that country when you're 18. Do you know what you have to do? You have to go to the military and army. Okay. And her papers came. And the family said, Look, we're not going to do anything. This is between you and the government cuz again, they understand you cannot risk your life, right. So you know what they did? She said, Fine, give me my paperwork. And I'm gonna go wearing my hijab and telling them I'm a Muslim.

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She went to the IDF. She went to the the military. And she and the brother told me the brothers saying, Yes, he will love it. And it's not actually an error. Because I swear, I left a mile outside, I didn't want to go close to the post. I just dropped her. I said, Call me when you're done because they're scared for their own lives. Right? So the elderly couple, they left him outside outside, she walked to the post wearing a job. She handed the papers of the you know, conscription. And she goes, by the way, I'm a Muslim. So you should know that before you do anything else. And for three months, her case went back and forth. What did they do, until finally they gave her a letter

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that for reasons for whatever, we don't need you to work in the army. But the courage She must have had to walk in, and to be who she is. And now she's memorizing the Quran and learning Arabic, her Arabic was better than her English when she's talking to me. And Subhanallah just mind boggling for me to meet somebody like this. And the third story and time is short. But this third story will lie. It was very emotional for me. And I had to really control my tears because it was very, very difficult for me to maintain composure, there was one of the people there there was some brothers and four or five sisters, as usual. There are more sisters who convert even in that society. And

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there was one sister was very quiet. She didn't say a single word, not a single word. While we were there other than set up, and we're going around the table, what is your story? What is your story? Tell me your story. And when it came to her, she couldn't speak English. She's like third generation. Now. You know, living in that land. She speaks fluent Hebrew. But she doesn't speak English. So it was being translated in Hebrew to me, by the middle man, the brother there. And her story was so traumatic for me that it really it shook me and I almost had to just break down I had to literally compose myself. This lady in her 30s she was the wife of a rabbi.

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And she decided to convert to Islam after reading it on her own studying and, and whatnot. Her husband, when he found out, of course, divorced her, threatened her, and then took them to court, that my wife is mentally insane. And she has to be deprived of her children. She had three children.

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And the brother, the middle man told me and this literally caused me almost to break down. She said, he said that this mother has not seen her children for three years.

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For three years, she has not seen her children. Because the husband has said that she's dangerous to the kids because now she hasn't embraced Islam for three years. And she said to me, this lady, that will law he, I swear if they threw me in jail, I will not give up Islam. If they throw me into a cave and abandon me, I would not give up Islam. And I almost broke down that this was a lady. She She voluntarily gave up her three children. She did not lie for Allah subhanho wa Taala. She did not say an untruth. She just said I'm a Muslim. And because of that, they took her children away from her. And it really made me feel. So

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here we are, we cannot even give up our sins, brothers and sisters, you know, we cannot give up anything for Islam. But here is a lady. And she did not even grow up in a Muslim household. And she told me, if they throw me in jail, or they throw me into a cave and abandoned me, I will not give up Islam. And you know, you hear these stories from below. They've been robbed from food and I'm not comparing a stock photo this to that. But you know, we've kind of sort of lost that level of demand in our Muslim societies. When's the last time you met somebody with that level of a man? We've kind of lost that persecution a man but to meet these people in the very land that we know is the land of

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my shot and the land

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The Urban Mubarak to meet the people. And they said to me, their families don't just view them as converts. Their families viewed them as traitors. They have left the society and they have nowhere to go. They're being taken care of by poor Muslims here and there, and they're giving up their society, their luxury their life, and in this case their children, for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. If that is not going to cause us to appreciate the blessings of Islam, then what will brothers and sisters let us always remember that Allah subhana wa Taala gifted us this faith without us having to lift a finger, the majority of us were born into it, and even those who converted Yes,

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your struggles are more than ours ours, but look at the struggles of those brothers and sisters in that land. Remember, in the Quran, we learned that when the people have agenda enter agenda, what will they say What will they think of? They will say as the Quran says, we'll call you Alhamdulillah Hey lady, hi, Donna Lee had a woman, Lena, dia Lola and her Donna law. This is a Quranic dua from the people of Jenna. Even when they get to Jenna, what are they thinking a lot for Alhamdulillah who has guided us to this hedaya and we would never have been guided to this a dire unless Allah subhana wa Taala had guided us to it Alhamdulillah for the blessing of Islam Alhamdulillah for the blessing

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of the Koran Alhamdulillah for the blessing of being of the oma of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam bought a colonial for an Albanian wanna find it where you're gonna see him it was declared Hakeem otomatis Maroon was tough for a lot of the money What? What is a Muslim It included the Memphis tofu in the hula

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah had a Samad allele limited when amulet wollombi akula Hakuna had about two brothers and sisters, even our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu idea he was setting them and he is who he is, is reminded by Allah or Buddha is one of the blessings of Islam upon him. So how about me and you? Even the nebby and the Mustafa and Allah Sol Sol Allahu Allah He was setting them is reminded by Allah that Allah blessed him with Islam. Ma contentedly melki tabula Li man, you did not know your pseudo law what was the book nor what was a man but Allah azza wa jal has given it to you as you did not know what it was. What were Jericho ball and for hada we found you

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not on guidance. We are the ones who gave you guidance. Even the Navy is reminded of the blessings of Islam. How about me and you brothers and sisters, let us never become complacent with this blessing of Islam. Because understand that with that blessing comes responsibility. Allah subhana wa tada explicitly says in the Quran, we're into one low established The Omen hiera come from Allah yaku lucam. If you don't appreciate the gift, if you turn away from the gift, Allah will gift it to somebody else, he will replace you with another group, and they will not be like you. The purpose of this gift is to bless to be blessed by it, to appreciate it to level love for it to worship Allah to

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act upon it, brothers and sisters, and one of the ways that we can thank Allah is to embody the teachings of Islam and to want others to be guided as well. So each and every one of us should become a role model for our colleagues, our neighbors, our co workers, brothers and sisters, I conclude with a beautiful Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam narrated in the Mr. COVID haccombe that our Prophet system would make this dua to Allah let us memorize this. And let us appreciate the blessings of Islam through this door. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would make dua to Allah. Allah homophobe enable Islamic called Eman what following Islam in our Eden,

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white father Nabeel Islam iraq Eden, this is the door I want you to memorize it. A lot of my father nibble, Islami, or even a lot my father nibble Islami or Eden aloha my father nibble Islami or Arkadin Oh Allah protect me with Islam as I am standing protect me with Islam as I am sitting protect me with Islam as I am lying down. This was a prophetic he always remembered I am a Muslim because Allah blessed me with this them so Oh Allah protect me with Islam guide me through Islam, whether I'm standing sitting or lying down, always have me covered by Islam. We should also make this draw and never take Islam for granted for ourselves and especially for our children and

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grandchildren after us a lot of them are in need for a mineral alarm allotted and later if you had the Jambi them and a lot of water what a hammer is

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For Raja whether Dana illa kobita, whether Maria von Elysia feta, whether I see it on Elijah Sarita allama fildena What if one in Edina Saba who Navy Man, what a teacher, I feel Kuru, even as a Latina, Amano robina in Nakuru for Rahim Allah Islam all Muslim in Oklahoma is that is number one Muslim in Allah who is Islam I will muslimeen Allah Allah Jenna arada Islam and Muslim in Ebisu infogroup Houben FC was added mirabito bt Yakubu yas is about the law in the law tada ambercrombie MLM better behaved enough say, within the Malacca the Buddha was said let's become a u haul moving on. I'm in Germany. We're in C four called azim pod in Lima in the law how Umberto Eco saloon either

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nebby Yeah, you already know amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik and of the court of Sudan Mohammed and why the early was obvious marine a by the law in the law to Allah yet motivated with extenuated orba wayanad effect Shea will moon Carnival belly

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Kuru Kuru Kuru Kuru political vijayakumar waka Mississauga