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The speakers discuss the controversy surrounding the use of a deceased hadith and the use of a deceased hadith in daily communication. They also touch on struggles with a deceased Prophet and the use of hustling to make food, the importance of fasting, and the mentality of the people around them. The conversation also touches on the loss of the Prophet Alayshi and the lack of food in many houses, the importance of living a life of one's own choice, and the need for a tool to improve others' lives.

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series of the attributes of the prophets of Allah highly earliest use of them today I'm going to talk about is a citizen model of salatu. Salam Zhu Ali has Salatu was Salam.

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And the concept of Zulu is a very important one to understand.

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It's a

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very central attribute,

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characteristic of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam in his life. It's often misunderstood and seen as something

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that is only specific to him,

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or seen as an attribute that people aren't able to achieve in their lives.

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When that's not really the case, there's Dillard.

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Where it really means is just

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for the heart not to be attached to the possessions or to the achievements of this dunya that's really also had means

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does not carry within the

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obligation of living a life where it's difficult, and where you're not comfortable. And when you don't have things that you find enjoyable. It just means that they don't possess you.

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You possess them, they don't possess you.

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Your life does not stop if you don't have them, and they're not the reason or your happiness and they're not the goal.

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Another important aspect of the concept of asceticism, Masood is that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam never cashed in

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being all throughout his life out of your Salah toes, and he lived very simplistically.

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And he performed this Dawa out of your Saddam for 23 years. And at no point throughout those 23 years did he did he take advantage of the status, the wealth or the power that he achieved earlier? So that was that's very important to acknowledge and to pay attention to. Because those who do things selfishly are those who are after dunya. At some point within their story, they will go after what it is that they wanted, and they'll take it.

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We'll continue to wait. Some people are very, very patient. At the moment they have the ability will take what it is that they want that they were out to get from in the first place. But you leave the story out of your Serato sir, and that was never the case. Nowadays, they're in the collection of

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merchandiser. Hasani

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is made with authentic Chang Pragati salatu salam was speaking to the Buddha of this hadith and he asked him about the natural death of a child Maddie Renan okay letter who

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you see having a lot of money to be wealth and to have a little money to be being poor. Oh God, I know I'm Yasuda lines and yes, that's what I see Acharya about in Emelina renal club in America.

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Without really, any wealth is the wealth of the heart and poor being poor or poverty used is that of the heart as well. Yeah, but don't matter. poofy Fulani are some who radula mill polish. He asked him over there what do you think of Fulani? Give him a name of a noble personal coloration Okada Roger. Either haggadah Salah Oakley is a man if he comes people welcome him and he makes a request people are offered to him. Oh my God, Allah Makapuu fee full and what do you say about this person? That Galileo La Jolla mean earlier software to them. And he taught he brought up a name of somebody and a sofa the people who would live in the masjid. Those who didn't have much I didn't know who he

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was from Isaiah, Allah you Holly Healy, you and I, too, had two out of two. And he kept on describing him to me, you know, for that the guy that he looks like this is sincere he does, until I figured out who he was. According to Allah, he has a judo player on Montoya and Alderman Zack. See this man is poor man that you couldn't even figure out is better than the world filled from the other one. He's better than a world that is completely filled with the with the other one.

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Private audio Salatu was Salam Chichibu in this hadith, the way that Allah subhanaw taala sees the value of people is not based on on status and nobility and wealth. See Alia salatu I said I mean these are Hadith and also Han Kumari will it dunya

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and our dunya

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rogering Estelle will data shows you're watching tomorrow haha what do I want from dunya my example the example of myself and dunya just like a person was on a journeys stopped on his way under a tree and he will soon get up and leave it

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was the audio source I'm confused duniya kaneka Hurry boom are available abusive. He'll be in the dunya as if you're, if you don't really belong in it. It just it's stopping on the way you're on a journey and just here for a little bit about how he would have with the Sahaba at least

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Those were close to him I use a lot to them and this is something that they all go in there I felt after he died out it was um, so you'll find this repeated repeatedly in the books of of Hadith that that talked about that don't really quote him out of his throat to assemble, quote The Sahaba, where they would all use the same phrase. And it's very eerie because, because this phrases like he used it with them all the time in these in these, you know, private sessions, a club, I know Rasulullah he, I learned to this idea of walking from Mountain Nirvana to a Fina. He made it by with us that Mithila saddle rock, observe the rock is the sustenance of a traveler that we would only take from

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dunya what was the sustenance of a traveler just to get to our destination, and I don't think we've done it. Now also, however, who was saying we didn't do it? Or Sahaba, who owned nothing? Who died with no possessions like didn't have a house? They didn't they didn't have anything like these are the people who actually didn't take anything from dunya wisdom when they passed away, they'll be Allahu Anhu did you mean by value salatu salam and the hadith is the collection of men did a meeting and there was a it's a long story so I'm not going to go into the details of it but he got upset with his wives.

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And the reason that he got upset was the the newest story of they were they got upset because there wasn't a lot of wealth in the family he kept on he kept on not bringing anything home out of your slot to ascend from all of the the battles very little, and others were bringing a lot and he wasn't bringing much of his thoughts to them. And they got upset and they got frustrated and got upset and he went to

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like a tree house

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or house a lot of houses had like a earlier like a little bit of an attic or in that. And within it you would put all the food that you would have for the for the winter. And he had an areola here so it wasn't he went and he sat there. And of course the rumor was the prophet earlier saw some divorce his wife he didn't, but that's what the rumor was because he was you know, he had said I'm not going home and to stay here for a month. So the prophets article plug got very scared because his what his daughter Huff's was one of his wives, and it had come to it he's asking what what's hot why this is happening? So they told him Utah janela. Sula Alia saw this. I mean, every time he explained

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something they you know, they argue with him. Because, Roger, huzzah. And my daughter is also arguing with him. They'll call it now yes, he's she argued and I thought

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this is a horrible so he goes to his daughter and he's yelling at his doctor Raja and this is what I you marry the Prophet and you argue with him now he's But he goes on to Allah Who I'm trying to figure this out because he's very scared that it is you know, his daughter was divorced or the Prophet I used to blame for divorced. But so the Prophet Allah Islam has at his door, one of the Sahaba some generations that used to be well, we don't know for sure. But he told him just don't let anyone in. So the man is standing at the door. Anwar wants to go in. It's definitely rasool Allah Rasool asked the Prophet permission. So he goes in he comes back he said he didn't offer permission.

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So I'm gonna hold off tries again and he still doesn't get it. He comes back in half an hour later, he tries again the clock is on him that's him and he goes in and he starts to kind of play around he starts to say yes or no luck Good luck, Roger and Tina Medina. Botswana your idea and Anna proverb Nana Nisa, we used to be in Mecca these arguments did never happen. Then he came to Medina and they learned from the ladies of Medina and now they're arguing with us and they're causing all this problem. He's trying to make profit out of us so twisted, and eventually the Prophet Alia Sossaman long story would smile, the moment he smiles. I want to help out would say Ya rasool Allah Tala

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clinics, did you divorce your wives. The father is austere amla. No, I didn't cry, Allahu Akbar Hamdulillah. He just wanted to make sure that that wasn't the case. The point of the story, the prophet Ali Asad was unkind and was stealthy and Allah hustler. He was lying on a piece of hustle, your hustle you're the type of fabric that is very actually is very thick and it's it's woven in back and forth perpendicular to each other to itself if you come from the Middle East, you know what a hustler is but so he's lying on it and and when he gets up out of your thoughts we'll send him his whole body is just the pattern of the of the hustler and he looks up and the private audience

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thought to themselves where they're supposed to be the food for the winter is only three a hookah I mean he just has three little jars one of them is empty the other one is half empty and the other one has a little bit of tumbled in it almost nothing

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so aren't caught up sees this he's the prophet Isaiah saw it was terrible he's lying on he sees the food that the prophet is awesome has in his home Bacala Jana suit Allah. Khaled out Allah us Sara Lika Well, I know Motyka pocket was a very small room who made your own IRA? Will you not make dua that ALLAH SubhanA grants you and your Alma sustenance as he is granting Virtus were wrong the other two empires who do not praise him at all. So hopefully been in the valley so it was we got upset. If you had a hot tub, this is what's bothering you. And then then aeration if you check in and they have no hot tub. Where are you doubtful is what bothers

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As you don't see if you had a an Uncle Tom and I tell him and you enter coolala home would dunya what Hakuna Alana la sera, Gouda Pomona. Oh gee, let's let him take you back to home for dunya or in Allah Harlem was sent on either hottie Hill OMA, Nila actual Sakura Alikum in the Madonia antenna, first of all, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would tell him, aren't you with isn't enough for you that Allah subhanaw taala grants them dunya grants you Astra there are people who all the good of their existence is going to come to them and dunya you're upset that you don't have what you have right now I tell you, the day will come where this ummah will have so much it will be so distracted

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and won't have time to know what is best for it. And duniya will be the reason that will be the cause of its demise. And the demise of this Amobi duniya it won't be anything else will be too much having too much

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Allah audio audio so I'll be using them. And then on Hadees and 10 million Nissei for the private audio salatu salam would bring home a sheep and they would slaughter it

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and after he slaughtered the sheep he would put piece pieces of the sheep into bags and he would send it over to different people from his sofa and

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friends and family of Khadija and wherever he you know family and friends it also it was it was asking

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issue and the process

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but AI Isha

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Martin Dickey What do you have a pilot yellow suit Allah belt the MA about the LUCA TV ha all that's left of it is his shoulder. We actually this is my favorite Hadith honestly in this bar and this regarding this issue because his answer here on the slide too so I'm really does

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really does summarize the whole the whole issue. It just shows you how different the way he sees the world is either you saw to Islam. So I guess at the end, all that's left is just the shoulder just a piece of the shoulder. God audio salatu salam yah, Aisha Beltre, yet Kulu her Leila Katya. All of it is here. All of it is left except the shoulder, which is what we're going to eat today

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is the part that we eat and later on, sent out the other side, that's that's the piece that doesn't, it's not there. It's not ours. We use it and dunya is not there for us on the Day of Judgment is not ours, about the cooloola, the whole the whole thing is left for us because the whole thing we gave away, meaning is waiting for us to milk them. The part that's not going to be waiting for us dealing with damage his shoulder because we're going to eat it right now. Healthy, it's good to have a look at the neighborhood when most other people may have died. And this is a very important moment for the Sahaba Sahaba never forgot this. This is one moment like your life. You remember certain things

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that happened you don't remember a lot you can't tell the story of your life in detail and day after day. You remember these checkpoints, these specific moments that were very important, and the death of Messiah and the martyrdom of Muslim women are made only Allah who I knew the day of what was one of those days that the Sahaba continued to talk about years years years later, those who witnessed it because LD Allah on almost came from from a family of extreme wealth, very, very wealthy. And when he accepted Islam, he was deprived from all of his wealth. He was kicked out of his house and he left on April the Allahu Anhu to Medina as an ambassador of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam

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with nothing and he continued to perform die with air for two years and he never built any wealth and or the game and he never built any wealth he never got married and he died that date all the Allahu Anhu for the Sahaba he was the example of someone who gave it all up for the sake of Allah and never got anything in return. To the point where when he when he was many what they wanted to bury him. My always my pleasure to Elana Mira in October so who better to Regina who and not to originally Heba. So, it couldn't seem it was not long enough. They couldn't cover it. They covered his head, his feet came out and he covered his feet, his head was obvious, they couldn't and they

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got frustrated with it. And the Sahaba you stood there some of them just you know, kind of collapsed. They couldn't just couldn't deal with it. It was just it was to their just to hurt with it. He was such a young person and you had nothing like they didn't he didn't own anything for them to get put in a coffin. But if I woke up and maybe you either your salatu salam ala Hibiki the Prophet Allah Islam stood on the with the Sahaba crying you had to Allah Yes, I do the whole agenda Jenna, she makes DUA and asks Allah subhanaw taala the grandmas suburban homemade agenda pointing out this point this piece was on a hillside Twister and the look what look what Look Look how he

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gave everything up. Oh yeah, has nothing at the end to show what he did not use.

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Despite all that kind of audio saw to a sound yell by Sue Jamila. He would dress well. And he would wear clothing that were beautified. We could all halwa and he would eat sweets without primo will misc and he would put on a perfume and fragrances and he would smell good on it you saw it was well you better be doing and he would find ways to make the water cooled because when you're living in the in the desert, it's very difficult back then to actually get cold water but but he would put in the effort to get the water cooled because it's enjoyable.

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And he'd liked certain types of food and moist dates with with certain with certain types of fruit. You select them together out of your sauce or you'd ask for them to you'd like to eat them. La get a color form of food and wallah, your own DUMO Judah, he wouldn't go out of his way to get something that if he didn't have in his house to wear or to eat, and he would never send anything back, meaning he would never say, Oh, this is too fancy. I don't need this. So we talked about asceticism, I think it's thought to itself didn't go out of his way to eat less than to wear baggy clothing. Quite the contrary, whatever existed wherever he had Alejo, salatu salam, he would you would use,

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but he wouldn't go out of his way looking for things. And he didn't feel the need to put on a show for anyone to heal. So that was that. I mean, it didn't mean anything to him. you'd wake up multiple times in his life, you'd wake up you would ask what do we have today? Nothing he will answer will be in need on site and then I'm going to fast today. That easily I'm going to be fasting. You did this multiple times throughout his life. Obviously, this happened all the time. One day over the delay, he her loved ones to Europe. They gave he was it was gifted to him a very nice garment. It was beautiful. It was not local. Anyone who saw it No, this was not something made locally. This was

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brought from somewhere else. It was very obvious he was wearing something very nice to you know, it was obvious it came from a different part. But after the Sahaba I Jawbone I mean minha so how about sitting there and they're describing it look at this look at look at this and the color and the fabric and the way it looks in there and all of this garment kind of have already been very late so I got very upset. Look at algebra and I'm unhappy. This is something that you like the HA HA he took it off and give it to someone else. But Oh ALLAH he laminar de Lusardi minima Isagen Hajo minha. The tissues that sad even mild wipes his face with gender are better than this. And this was years after

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Saudi was Allahu Anhu died. This is years after saving this either him or her that passed away. But the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would come back and is tissues and Jenna is are more or more beautiful and more valuable, that whatever whatever it is, you think you think this is useful to us?

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Here with Bharani be Senator Hasson that the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. That Gibreel ism came to the Prophet Elisa to some Acharya rasool Allah, to redo and takuna Melaka la Sulan. Our Abdullah Masuda, but you want to be you want to be a king Prophet, like use of the wooden Sulaiman on Instagram? Or do you like to be a servant Prophet, meaning someone who doesn't really have much

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thought out of your Salah to Sudan by a coup Abdel pustular you are a young woman, why should a woman have Allah address rather be a servant prophets in one day I eat in one day I am hungry until I meet Allah subhanho wa Taala the Hadith in Sahih Hadith, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would leave his home one day

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at a time where he would not leave his home or no one leaves their home at noon.

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So he sees a buckle and Ammar walking as well.

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astrological man, where are you out? At this hour, noon on leaves? Call we are a suit Allah Hill Juha. We're hungry.

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So we're just kind of strolling, we're hungry. Clodagh Maharajah entail rasool Allah, why are you out? Call it a journey in Raja Kuma mode for the same reason you are

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about Omega snack. What do we do because

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we thought he was one of the Sahaba from Medina and he was a wealthy gentleman. So they go to his house. They go on a social worker and I'm gonna go to his house and they knock on the door.

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Paula opens the door imaginable Paula are the Allah I know very is a known gentleman by the way. He has. There's a lot of stories you can tell it but I will tell him but I want you to imagine him opening his door and finding Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and Bukka Rama Aparna Rasul Allah He was a Korean Warhammer man, accidental life and mineralium say the prophets and Oba and Amara who has better guests on the road than I do. But Hello, whom they come in. I know whom you plan and are the Allahu Anhu you would get some new food. And you'd have some remnants of meat in his house and maybe some wheat and some tomato and some water and they bring a little bit of food and they would eat.

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Ali osato Sam here No, but chronometer would eat Obatala and when they were done, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would sit and he would recite upon them film and Arun, yo man even I didn't name the day will come where you will be questioned and asked about all of this bliss that you're living in.

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He walked out of his house hungry I thought it was

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I don't think these I honestly I don't know how to. I feel like none of these stories land or lie like I don't even I feel like none of these stories actually achieve anything with me because none of us actually have had this experience. Aside from being any fasting, aside from today, anywhere you'll come at maybe noon ish or something you'll be hungry actually, but not because of the lack of food inside your house. Just because the fact that Allah Subhan Allah commanded you to fast and you said okay, I'll fast but we we don't understand this. But the prophet worked on Omar to walk out of their homes because there's just nothing in the house to eat in for them to be hungry enough to go

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knock on the door, hoping that maybe someone will offer them something just to take away the feeling of hunger. I don't think we understand it. And then after he finds something to eat Allah He salatu salam, to me this is this is where it becomes after he's given something to eat so Allah Allah who seldom his response, or his first thought is done with your maiden name fullback and Nebby earlier so that was when we started this verse and he started to sob Rebecca

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Rebecca armor and then Uberconference Osama then Omar, Abu Taha. But while you're there, whom we of course will talk to how accent he finds them all crying, Rebecca, he started to cry for familial Kike Valhalla, to whom you're gonna forget, I walked in, I found all of them crying I said, Well, I can't be the person who stands I was like dried with them. I didn't know why they were crying because I just they just we just had a nice meal together, that Allah Allah was abusing them. But this is the mentality that they had and this is how they viewed the world around them they felt they were very grateful for the smallest amount no matter how small it was. And when I was simple, it was

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they were extremely grateful for what Allah Subhana Allah would grant them they didn't feel the fact that they didn't have enough food on a daily basis. Yep, that's the Hadith says Masha, Allah Muhammad in mashrabiya Allah Mohammed in Salah a year I'm in Tibet Teva and had lucky and Abdullah said Allah is the family of Muhammad never ate three days in a row ever until the Prophet died. Alia salatu salam, not once did they eat three days consecutively? Never. Allah Hadees I use Allah. Ma Uchida fie Beatty, Rasulullah. He's gonna sell them now. And that Akela three moons would come by and no fire would be turned on in the house of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam means he didn't cook

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anything. Not even a pot of tea, nothing. Meaning it was tomato and water if available. No, no meals were being cooked in his house, either your daughter or son for three months at a time out of your salatu salam.

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Once he died, some lies. He didn't leave any possessions. There was nothing, there was no inheritance. He actually passed away. And his didn't his shield, Morona and Yahudi. He had pond his shield with one of his Jewish neighbors, because he took a loan out for someone. He took a loan out for someone now for himself out of twisted, meaning people will come and ask him for loans. People had more money than he did was a haba would come ask him for loans and they had more wealth than he did. And he would still go out of his salatu salam and he would find ways to get them the money that they wanted. And he would pond His own possession to give them the loan that they needed, even

00:23:06--> 00:23:35

though they had more wealth. alio Salatu Salam is in service of the people around him, just just to serve the people around him Ali salatu salam and to satisfy them and to give them all that which they want. Whatever it is, he was able to offer he offered out of your salatu salam. And when he died, this is what I let you know, at the low, I don't have to go and gather a little bit of money so he could buy back the shield, just so you can because he didn't want the shield of the Prophet out of your swords and to be with someone else he wanted to have. It's in his own home. But he didn't have any money either. So you have to go ask.

00:23:36--> 00:24:06

But the Prophet alayhi salatu was terminated with this was not poor. He wasn't poor. Do you see why? You've been telling us like 10 stories now that make no use doesn't for there's a difference between someone who can't make ends meet. And between someone who the moment wealth enters his house, he gives it away. There's a difference between the two. The prophet Isaiah saw the same couldn't make ends meet no problem. He was been he had been working. He was eight years old. He had multiple crafts alayhi salatu salam and he owned a business.

00:24:07--> 00:24:40

But he just didn't take anything home. He just gave it away. He just would give away whatever it is he had a lien salatu salam. So because he chose to live that way. He chose to live that way. Didn't have to live that way. But that's how he wanted to live. That's why the story at the beginning where the wives were upset this is what the problem was, is that they didn't understand that this is how he wants to live. He's not It's not like he's forced to live like this. But they got a little upset for the property so I'm gonna come to them after after this whole incident and say, Yeah, you ended poorly as well as you can webinar Attica when he said,

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as well as you can continue to read and I'll hire to Dounia was enough to have those verses and make the offer. If they want more wealth and you want to live a bit better. And Allah subhanaw taala grant them a graceful divorce from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, they will be held in the highest regards fully respected and given wealth. But if you want to stay with him so Allah Islam yourself

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But then you have to live the way he's going to live. You have to be okay with the way he looks cuz he's not going to change is how he wants to live out of yourself and why. So that we can learn a little bit. So we can see that it's possible for you to live a life where duniya for you is just a tool to make your dunya to you is just a tool for they're going to use to improve other people's lives. And you don't you're happy with very little of it. You don't need much of it to get by, and you're not holding on to it and you're not possessed by it doesn't matter to you. And that's that's how he lived out against him and look at us today. Imagine if you live differently. Imagine if you

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let himself go a little earlier. So imagine if after funny, he bought himself a nice little house, maybe with some clothing, a couple of sheep, a few cows, just a smile, just a little thing, just something for him and his wife, you would have no problem with that by though he would be very happy for money. But he didn't. And this is how we live today. He didn't look at them, or we're the most way he's one of the most wasteful humans on the planet. No, I don't think anyone wastes more food than Muslims do. And this is just a reality look at our countries and that is that the sistex are out there. The numbers are there. This is how he lived and this is still how we ended up Imagine if

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he did anything differently. So Allah Allah because he knew, he knew that he had to he had to hold himself to this standard so that we would learn something from him some of my sources, it'll end with Tessa baccala behind the genoa Illa Illa and still feel good to break or Salalah who was telling them about I can intervene and Mohammed here that will have you become so low Ali Allahumma somebody was telling him about it and maybe you know, have you been Muhammad Ali