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Well where would you like to start this first little five minute segment is just kind of a prelude to what's coming up what do you want to cover here today?

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This God runs the world and Jesus is the way and the life and it's time to put Jesus first and the way that we run our businesses the way we the way we run our families, our businesses and the way we run our country

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your radio listeners run over 400 radio stations they can't see you right now. Your This is a new look for you. And I've been wearing a mask for a while. Ah, this is an archetypal example of the mask is off by putting the mask on

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people can take it how they how they want to take it

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and His final messengers, Muhammad peace be upon him? This is our religion Islam, Islam This is the day's

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talk about

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how much respect I have for the faith of Islam show Welcome to the deen show. The Deen show

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ladies and gentlemen, costume con here under the show us Salam aleikum. Wa alaykum wa barakatu. How you doing? I have a lot of means. So how far is he from you? He said he's from Austin, Texas. Austin is several hours, several hours from Houston. Okay, maybe four hours, something like that. So before we get into Kanye, how you been? How's everything with you pretty good. Um, de la la treats me far better than I deserve to be treated. So for that I've praised them 24 700 In that, that's beautiful, that we've been given an opportunity to do that. And I was thinking just listening to Kanye, if he would if he just took and replaced Jesus and just put God in place of Jesus, when he's talking about

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the more I'm obedient to God, the more I'm obedient to the greater Yes, there'll be a shift there. But it'll be the right shift. It just an adjustment, because he's talking about, you know, his love for Jesus seems like more than his love for the crater. Absolutely, you know, I respect I have an innate respect for all people who are sincerely religious.

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And I'm very, I'm hesitant to criticize, in a negative way, those who have a warped understanding of who God is in the presence of God,

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I really do believe. And if I can put the best construction on what I heard from Kanye West, I really do believe that he's basically just been misinformed.

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Because he is under the impression that Jesus peace be upon him, has all the power, he is under the impression that Jesus peace be upon him is one who is supposed to be the object of our worship. And that's the impression that he has, so but whatever is taken, if he has a pious demeanor, and in a pious and righteous way of life, then obviously, the only thing missing is him to have a correct understanding of the importance of the presence of God. And so he's been misinformed, I would really love the opportunity to properly inform him, or to expose him to someone who can, because it's not so much that I'm impressed with his celebrity status. That doesn't impress me, nor my move by his

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decision to keep his face covered. That doesn't move me one way or the other. But the words that he utters people listen to because of his celebrity, you know, and there are some people who refuse to study there's some people just don't study,

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who are of the same opinion to he is, is that someone who was created by God should be the object of worship, you know, and so that's, that's something that I think that needs to be corrected. And I do believe that the only reason he hasn't accepted Islam is simply because he just doesn't understand it. That's just got to be the only reason because anybody who truly takes the time to understand and internalize the true message of Islam will accept it. So that's why don't criticize people who haven't accepted because they just don't understand. Just like you at one point you didn't understand you were a Christian, right? Absolutely. I mean, even when I thought that I had the true

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Islam, I didn't truly understand you went to the nation and went the Nation of Islam I thought

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But that was the pure Islam. And there again, that's another reason why I don't even criticize those who are of that mindset, because I just don't understand at some point I didn't understand. And so I don't think that I could be, it will be productive for me to merely just spend time criticizing Kanye West, anybody else that have that similar mindset, and just spend time talking about how wrong he is, what I would like to do is pray for and focus on an opportunity to, to, to help him truly understand what Islam is about. And that actually, so it because if he understands it, he will realize as though many others should, that Islam actually is part of our nature. It's in the nature

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of every human being when we're born. Every person that's born on the face of this earth has a birthright to the understanding of the oneness of Almighty God, that pure monotheism pure you're exposed to, and inshallah God willing, we can get Kanye West right now exposed to it. Even Alex Jones, who's hosted him on this show, you've heard it, Alex, he's also over there in Texas. So we got a Texan over here for a Christian with the nation, and now has submitted his will to the created Hemsworth in Islam. That's what Islam means to submit your will like in the Lord's Prayer, isn't it? Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy will be done. And it's amazing to even even in

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the I used to love singing that song when I was a Christian. But even if you if they think about it, some people just don't stop and think, because the most popular prayer in the Christian faith is the Lord's Prayer. And when Jesus peace be upon him taught that Lord's prayer to His disciples, his Sahaba, for lack of a better term, that if you notice that prayer begins in the plural, and is non possessive, because he knew he didn't, he didn't say, my father, who or he said, Our Father, which means that everyone who was created by God and everyone was, is spiritually his children, we belong to him, you know, so he never claimed exclusive rights to God, you know, of for himself. He's our

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father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. And then a further in the Bible, the part of the Bible that didn't get contaminated by King James because he get Tammany to a good part of it. Then then he also acknowledged Jesus peace be upon him. He also acknowledged that those people who promote peace are actually God's children, because in the Beatitudes, he said, Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God. So that's him speaking. That's not my words, you know. So if they think about if he would think about what he's actually saying, if he thinks about what he actually holds dear to him, which is words from the Bible, which he calls his

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book, then just stop and think about it for a minute, he will realize that he's given the credit and the end and the attention and the in the the loyalty to the wrong entity. He's given it to a human being that was created by by the God he should be worshipped. And it's just that simple. What would you tell Kanye right now, if he's here, he's watching, he's listening, or if you had a chance to hook up with him in Texas, or Alex Jones, for that matter. And now we're talking about this key figure, Jesus? What would you tell them about your relationship with Jesus now as a Muslim?

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First thing I would do is what I've done in the past, because many Christian preachers have come to talk to me. Some of them I've even accepted Islam because they, they asked me a rhetorical question, why don't you believe in Jesus? And I say, Well, I love Jesus peace be upon him so much. That in by religion is considered sacrilegious to keep mentioning his name without praying for him. I have to pray for him. Just to mention this, even though the name that I use is incorrect, because his name wasn't Jesus is nowhere. That's not it's not even Aramaic. And it's not the that wasn't even the language he spoke. Yeah, you never heard that. But But since I know that, that's what we're

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referring to is the Christ, then I have to pray for him. I have to say Jesus peace be upon him, or Christ be upon him. And as a matter of fact, I would argue, if I want to admit that when I was practicing Christianity, that he that I was more in love with the name that I wasn't in love with the person. And if you look at it now, if I was a call myself, you show up and say, I'm changing my name to you Sure. Nobody will complain. If I was a chain might change my name to Hey Soos, which is Spanish, no one will complain. If I change my name to Asa, which is Arabic, no one will complain. But if I say I want to change my name to Jesus, many Christians will be in an uproar. They say you

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can't call yourself Jesus. That's the Lord's name, because they're in love with the name, you know, but we're talking about the same person, however, that the

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The pure example of Jesus peace be upon him, excuse me, is one that me as a Muslim I as a Muslim, hold dear, as a beautiful example, even though he wasn't the final prophet, but he was a major Prophet, I hold dear, because there's things that he refused to do that I also refuse to do. There's no record with Jesus peace be upon him token intoxicants. There's descriptive and Bible to say you turned to water to wine, but it wasn't. It was not intoxicating wine. So he did not drinking toxic kids, Jesus peace be upon him, then not partaking tobacco, he didn't smoke, peace be upon him. He didn't use drugs, peace be upon him, he was very careful about how we dress, he didn't wear

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revealing clothes. And even though steeped in the record of how his mother dress is how the Muslim women dressed today, loose fitting clothing, very, very modest. And he just like that I try to do invite people to God. That's my mission. And that was his mission. And so so I try to follow it follow the example, even though he's not the major focal point of my religion. Of course, the major focal point in my religion is Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. But also, I don't deny the beautiful example, that this mighty prophet of God, Jesus peace be upon him, or ISA had been burying, he said, the son of Mary, projected to the world. So I don't understand how I even was even

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when I look back on how I was even so attracted, also addicted to one but one human being. But when I realized that I didn't understand I hadn't internalize the fact that the God that created every human being and everything else that exists, if this God was in place, who developed it originated the entire universe, generations and generations before Jesus peace be upon him and all the prophets that even preceded him. When you mentioned Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, who's a brother to Jesus as a brother to all the preceding messengers, Abraham, no, Moses, they all brought the same message that pure monotheism to toe heed. It has me thinking about a hadith as

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saying authentic same from Prophet Mohammed, where he's describing a beautiful built house, brick house mansion, and people are going around it, and they're just one brick missing there. And this thing is just so beautiful, but there's just one brick missing. He says, I am that brick, I'm the seal of the prophets. I'm the final messenger, you're sent to mankind. This is all it is. It's not that Muslims worship Mohammed, but they are following his way of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, just like Jesus at his time calling his people to worship God, Muhammad being the last and final messenger. Is he a messenger, also for Kanye West and Alex Jones, you have a message for everyone

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for everyone. You know, he's a messenger for everyone. And the thing about it is, I don't know why so many people

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who, whose call themselves Christians, they deny parts of their own book, you know, I don't understand it. You know, I don't criticize them for it. That's the that's the that's the boat they want to float. But I don't criticize them for it, because Jesus peace be upon them, told them and part of the Bible that was not contaminated by King James, in Matthew 517. He said, Think not that I came to destroy the law or the prophets, but I came to fulfill. And so that should be a clear myth. What's wrong with that? I mean, where is where the where is the message being missed? You know, and I don't understand. That's the part that I don't get. I don't understand why it's so difficult to

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understand that Jesus peace be upon him brought a message of, of monotheism, he didn't direct anybody to worship him or his modernity, the Trinity, none of that. And matter of fact, as a Muslim, I have to believe that isa Ibn Maryam, or Jesus, the son of Mary, peace, be upon him, is coming back. But he's not coming back to sing in the choir, he's not coming back to to put up a Christmas tree. He's coming back to ask some serious questions that the people are going to have to answer. Who was it? Who told you to worship Me and my mother instead of God? Because it wasn't me? Who told you to do where'd you get that from? That's the question he's going to be asking. And they're going

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to have to answer that question. You know, if you ask them now that I used to ask, I asked that question during that during the latter part of my Christian life, and I was told don't don't don't question the Bible. Don't question. Okay, okay. I'll be quiet. But that's a serious question that needs to be answered. Very serious. And do you think that Alex Jones, you've heard of Alex Jones right. He's from Texas. They're a little bit yeah, there's a lot of controversy around him but we have in Islam love for everybody for mankind and we're just over sharing his message. Do you think that Alex Jones now he had an interview with the

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Captain No, the main guy, Louis Farrakhan. You had him on his show. Alex has a show. And he had Louis Farrakhan on the show. So now, he's probably thinking this is Islam because he's having the person that now is representing the nation on his show. So how do you think it would go if he had you on the program, versus having Louis Farrakhan on the program at that time and probably been getting mixed messages, mixed signals? But

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it's hard to be dogmatic and I can only assume, yeah. First of all, I would assume that because you are a captain in the nation, right? No, I was a minister. Minister. Minister. Yes, I didn't, I didn't go all the way straight through the ranks, step by step. You're a minister in the nation after after become after leaving Christianity became a minister. So but yes, so my point is, I'm not 100% convinced that that hosts that had invited Minister Farrakhan on his show, I'm not 100 100% convinced that he thinks that that's pure Islam. I'm not convinced that, you know, because people who are in the media, whether they're journalists, writers or whatever,

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anchor people, they thrive off of sensationalism. Yes. You know, and so I'm not convinced, you know, I don't I don't have any public criticism for Minister Farrakhan. That's the road that I traveled to get where I am now, you know, and I'm taught by the Qur'an to respect the wounded bore me. So that's the wounded bore me. That's the that's the road that Almighty Allah chose, for me to travel to get where I am now, that was his choice, not mine. And so that's the road out trail, but I'm not on that road anymore. You know, so if I was to be invited to be on that same show, I would just simply clarify, I wouldn't even have to criticize what everyone else believes. I will clarify what it is

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that I believe I will clarify what I understand. I'll clarify my perception, and my understanding of the purity of Islam, and let the chips fall where they may, because Islam,

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Islam confirms itself. Allah says in the Quran, that, that truth knocks out falsehoods brains, you know, so it's not Islam is so pure and so and so sensible, that it's not necessary for me to spend any time criticizing others. If I just tell what the truth is, now I can I can talk about what I used to believe, you know, and if people want to perceive that as being criticized as being critical, then that's, that's the boat, they want to float. And that's fine. You know, but But I used to believe the things that I'm hearing now, I actually brother Eddie, I have

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an edge over the Christians, because I know more about Christianity than I know about Islam, you know, so that's an edge, it's nothing to boast about. It's just that I can understand

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where they're coming from, you know, when they say that, but but, but but seeing but realizing, after practicing Islam for almost for about 50 years, realizing how sensible it is, to see that there could only possibly be just one God, and that everything else in creation was actually created by Him. And so nothing else could be worthy of worship except the one who created everything. And that's basic common sense. That's basic, common sense. 101 very common sense. But it's a shame common sense is not common practice. And you mentioned earlier about alcohol. And many of these vices that are people dealing with nicotine, smoking and drugs and everything and Alex Jones, he's

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recently came out and also talking about the effect that the alcoholism affecting his life for the for the negative but Islam, you know, solves all those problems and has a clear path because it's kind of ambiguous in the Bible, you know, it's no it's a lot of times a lot of things are clear, but people have all these different opinions. So it's like you know, people, there's not a clear roadmap as defined in Islam it's there's are certain things that are just clear, alcohol is forbidden gambling is forbidden, there's no way if or what about it, but on the other side over here, it's like people are just like, make up things as you go. Did you notice that when you make because

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people have a tendency to look for some way to justify their own weakness? You know, they want to justify their own weakness by claiming that well, and this is this is the phrase they use, it doesn't really connect with me. They said, they say Jesus died to save the world from sin. Yeah, well, I'm trying to figure out which sin did he die to save the world from? Because if he died to save the world from sending people sit still sending you know then which one which one did he actually died from? It doesn't make sense to me. You know, because if Jesus

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Peace be upon him.

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If he since he hadn't had a beautiful example of piety and righteousness, and that was and that's what he projected, then the things that he did that helped to promote the oneness of Almighty God into worship in a direction to that God, and things that he did, or seems to seems to be

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misconstrued by those who claim to follow him. And this and this, and they're really confusing their own selves. That's the way that I see it. Yeah, a lot of people like that Kanye West, I don't listen to I mean, obviously, we don't promote Kanye West, but we're trying not to love trying to, you see a person falling apart right in front of you, and you want to give them the antidote, and the solution to all their problems and help them like you said,

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people don't know they don't understand. So we're trying to deliver this message to Kanye West Inshallah, God willing, he gets this and even Alex Jones because the solution to their problems, and the message is for everybody, Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation. So this thing that he exposes a lot of times Kanye is the corruption, which is self evident in Hollywood and industry there, you know, all of the corruption that's in there. So he, it's refreshing for a lot of people to see someone who's in that industry speaking against the industry. But there's still an industry, right? Yeah. Yeah, well, that's kinda as kind of like what Malcolm said, you know, the chickens

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coming home to roost. Because basically,

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when it when it comes home to bite you, and you realize, you don't even see your own contradiction, you know, people contradict themselves. Sadly, even in Islam, there, there are Muslims who have a tendency to contradict themselves, you know, but right now, we can see very clear contradictions. If someone says, I'm a Christian, and I asked a Christian, what's the definition of Christianity? And they said to be Christ, like, when I ask the question, wouldn't ask yourself, what was Christ like? You know, the only reason why even spend the time to even mention people like Alex Jones, and Kanye West, and even some others, Snoop Dogg and all the other is because they're in the news, you know,

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and since they're in the news, and people have a tendency to be attracted to what's in the media, and be moved, and by the media, and the media is nothing but a demagogue, then then I'll bring up things

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to make them fake about what they're spending their time with. Yeah, you know, so in the meet, so the media wants to promote something, because the media says, I was a journalist, I wrote for several newspapers. And I used to thrive on sensationalism if something wasn't, wasn't sensational, you know, if it wasn't negative enough, you know, then I wasn't attracted to it. And that's what the media does, you know, so we can, we can look at what is happening in the world today. And we noticed that there is wars going on all around the world. There's people starving and hungry, there's people that are billionaires, that if they did if they were to practice, the Institute, the

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practice of justice, a cot in Islam, if the institution of the cot was practice, worldwide, there will be no hunger, yes, there will be no starve and no starvation, no nothing, because the billionaire's would have to give 2.5% of their of what's left over after they pay their expenses. And that will take care of everybody. But that's too much like, right, you know, so Islam is too much like, right for some people, you know, and so they're, they're, they're addicted to and attracted to something that seems tempting to them. And something that will give them the license, for lack of a better term, to, to continue to do the things that they're weak for. And that's what

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Islam is the Islamophobia, I would argue that Islamophobia is not limited to people who haven't accepted Islam, because phobia means to be afraid of something. There are people who are afraid of their own religion. There's people who are afraid to leave to step away from things that they're addicted to. There's people who just can't handle the truth about themselves. And so they look for something that will allow them the flexibility and the latitude to continue to practice the things that are wrong that they're just addicted to, and they want something that's going to justify their weakness. And so if Islam doesn't justify the weakness, I have a friend that I grew up with in the

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, and I asked him I get an ISA, he loved your message of Islam. Matter of fact, he watched one of my Deen show episodes, over and over again. He almost memorized it. The one where I was on the show with you. We talked about Snoop Dogg

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I joined the nation. He said, he said if you if I like if you just gave that message while we was growing up, everybody in our hometown would have been Muslim. I said, What's stopping you now? But yeah, you know, what's stopping you now from accepting Islam? As Is there anything about Islam you disagree with? He said no. I said, Well, is there anything about Islam? You don't understand? He said, No, he said, then tell me why haven't you accepted Islam? I was trying to open the door for for you know, the doubt. And he said, to be honest with you, I don't believe I have the discipline to do what being a Muslim requires. And I respected that. Now. Now these people to get on to try to

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land blast Islam are trying to shoot it down or try to say we're all terrorists and we're violent and all of that stuff. You know, just be honest. You know, they say that I love you don't love Jesus, peace be upon him. If you really love Jesus, peace be upon him, you will live your life the way that he lived his life. You know, if you really loved him, if you loved him, you would pray for him, like I do. Every time his name is mentioned, if you loved him, you were more modest clothes. If you loved him, you would eat the same diet that he ate. If you love him so much in Judaism, the Orthodox Jews a pray in the language that Musa peace be upon him pray then write it Islam, the

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Muslims pray in the language that Muhammad prayed in peace be upon him, right? But Christianity, Isa Ibn Maryam, or Jesus peace be upon him, he spoke Aramaic, and he prayed in Aramaic. I haven't met there might be somewhere on the planet Earth. I haven't met one Christian that prays in Aramaic, you know if that's if that's the focal point, but nevermind the language, how about living the life that this person who you say is so important to you? Like he lived? You know, why, why, why, what's your problem? Why did you continue to eat pork? You know what, that's the old Mosaic Law that Jesus did away with. That's not true. I just quoted Matthew 517. He said, he didn't do away with the law, do

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what he did. My family, my wife and my granddaughter that I'm raising, they dress exactly the way the pictures of Marian, the mother of Jesus peace be upon her and you know, dressed, you know, and so we have to really be honest with ourselves, I would challenge I would challenge not only Kanye West, but other people, they don't have to be celebrities. I would challenge anyone. If you say you believe in someone, if you say you you love someone, if you say that you respect someone, if you say you honor someone, you know, if you if you say all of that from your mouth, then why don't you live the way that person lived? At least do that. If you want to be wrong about whether or not you should

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be worship, be wrong about that, but at least be right about something. That's the way I see it. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't know. But I'm waiting for somebody to correct me. That's deep. I like what you said you asked him so what don't you like about Islam? And he was honest, because any sincere person it looks into Islam. I mean, the message is really straightforward, loosening clear, you know, all of the different things that the moral code, it just goes to fit throughout the Nate nature it makes sense for so anyone who wants to get close to guy just really common sense, a lot of the things are there. But even if this person is not so discipline, they can still accept Islam and

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get disciplined, it takes some effort and time like anything, but if you value something, if you value your life and you want to have a better life, you want to become closer to your Creator, do you love your desires more you love your Creator? So you're gonna go ahead Islam doesn't, you know, have you just become perfect overnight, it helps you to become a better human being by implementing the injunctions and everything there that's there to help you to grow. But a lot of people, they maybe have that misconception. That's an excellent point. Excellent point that you brought up. And that is that you if you really, if you really believe that there's nothing in the religion that you

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disagree with, you know, and this is what I tell people, we get many, many people shahada, many people come to our masjid, in Houston, Texas, and they accept Islam. And we tell them, your there was only one thing that you're obligated to change right away. And that is your perception or your respect for the presence of God in your life. Because once you once you once you change that perception and understand that he is most important, in all your decisions are going to fall in place. Because everything that you do, you'll be doing because you want to please Him. So maybe you have troubles quitting smoking, you might maybe have trouble drinking, maybe you have trouble, even

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fornication, whatever you do, whatever you have trouble doing. If you if you just think for a minute that you have to please this mighty God, then all of these things that you're that you're doing, that God forbids, you'll start changing them on your own because you want to please this guy. So it's not necessary for me to micromanage your life and nitpick your life and tell you you got to quit this you kind of get that you can't do this. You can't eat that. It's not necessary for me to do all

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Live that, all I need to do is make sure you understand it. Once you say there's no God, but Allah Muhammad is the Messenger of God. Once you say that, then you then your obligation falls on you to internalize that, and make all your decisions to reflect your belief in the fact that this God sees you. He's with you. He's recording and seeing everything that you say and do, and you must please him. So then you just ask yourself, is what I'm going to eat? Please give to this God is what I'm going to wear pleasing to this God is what I'm going to say to people is what I'm going to watch on TV, is that all going to be pleasing to God, you asked yourself that simple, honest question. That's

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why I respect my friend down in Pittsburgh, you know, I'm still I'm still trying to encourage him to accept Islam before he dies the same age that I am. But I respect his honest answer. He didn't try to make excuses. So I have the discipline. I say, Well, you can't get it right away. The only thing that you have to discipline yourself to do is make up your mind that this is the God that you want to try to please with whatever you do, yeah, and it's amazing just the signs are it's like, when people wake up to this reality and they just, you know, in their heart is open, their mind is open. They're sincere like yourself, obviously, you're seeking to know the truth as a Christian. And you

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didn't find it there in the trinity or all these misconceptions about Jesus you didn't make sense the contradictions you saw through it went to the nation that didn't that didn't add up and you came to the pure monotheism of Islam, the actual real Islam according to the Quran, the verbatim Word of God and the Sunnah, the way of the last and final messenger sent to mankind. And now your Muslim would have submitted his or her will and talking to people like if you talk to Kanye Alex Jones any any other people the average John Joe, whoever's out there, and someone who brings up Jesus and they just compare like you mentioned some things like Jesus peace be upon him we pray like him real

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common sense it just basic knowledge very most of we pray like Jesus, putting your face on the ground. That's almost as pray. You mentioned his mother, right? Your wife, you know, the Muslim woman imitate Mary the mother of Jesus. They pray to god of Jesus. They don't eat pork like Jesus. They were circumcised like Jesus, they greet like Jesus. Salaam aleikum, wa salam alaykum Peace be with you, and the list goes on. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, that's, if those are not enough signs by themselves without even getting into the miracle of the Quran, the the authenticity of the Quran, the all of the proofs and evidences that the Quran has. It's a living miracle today, just these

00:32:32--> 00:33:20

small little sample signs, these things that we just throw out there, it's like, wow, but you gotta be like, your mind, heart gotta be open. No. And yes, but also, the ball is in the court of the Muslims who understand this religion. What I mean by that is, we have a responsibility and a duty to give Dawa. You know, that's our responsibility. And Allah in the Quran, he addresses humanity, as the children of Adam, is that oh, Bernie, Adam. Yeah, Bernie, Adam, are children of Adam. Who is he talking to? You're not just talking to Muslims. He is talking to everyone on planet Earth, who is a descendant of Adam and Eve. Right? So that makes everyone brothers and sisters, they may not be

00:33:20--> 00:33:54

brothers, sisters in the faith, but But nonetheless, in the eyes of Allah, we're brothers and sisters. Now, we now that means that we have an obligation to them, to give them Dawa, to make them understand, right? Okay, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. He said, Let me know in the heart, the heart that you hit Bula Hema you beat enough. See, not one of you as a believer Do you love for your brother? Would you love for your own cell? So the so the responsibility and the weight is on the shoulders of the Muslims? You do we love our brothers, our brothers, our brothers in humanity? What do you love for yourself? Ask yourself that question. Do we

00:33:54--> 00:34:34

love Islam? Do I love Islam for myself? Am I happy to be Muslim? Am I happy to be one who was striving to get to Paradise? Excuse me? Am I am I am I happy to be fasting in Ramadan happy to approach the five daily prayers happy to go to Mecca. Am I is this does this make me happy? That means that if this what I want for myself, I should want that for my brothers and sisters. And that means I have an obligation to give them that we have opportunity, obligation to look for opportunities to give Dawa, one of one of my mentors. Imams, Raj Rojas. He made a very prophetic statement. I'm not saying he's a prophet. Don't get me on facebook talking about as he made a

00:34:34--> 00:34:59

prophetic statement. He said never miss $1 moment, you know, so that's our, that's our job. That's our responsibility, our duty. Allah says in the Quran. Yeah, you will feel good, or you believe fulfill all of your obligations. So that's an obligation to give Dawa. Now that means we have to create opportunities or develop, I should say, opportunities to give Dawa and Dawa and the definition of Dawa one might say is the edge

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

occasional invitation. That's an that's an invitation. That means that that we should always look for opportunities or develop opportunities to give Dawa to make people understand the beauty of Islam. Not just to argue not to be combative, not to try to show somebody how wrong they are. But but give them a clear understanding of this Deen. That is our duty, there's an obligation. And that's why every opportunity that we have to do to present Islam in the communities all over America, and even some part in many places outside of America, many, many churches are closing down, and they're becoming massages. And one beautiful example just recently happened down in Florida.

00:35:42--> 00:35:44

There was a there was a mega

00:35:46--> 00:36:28

area was a mega church. And now it has opportunity to become a dean Center. This is your brother Hamza and dress jerseys. And I want every single one of you to support Eddie from the deen show, financially and otherwise, but in what way? I want you to support his new project, the Dean center is going to be a transformative experience the center why because it's going to be a masjid, it's going to be a place of worship is also going to have fitness facilities. And it's also going to be a data center to call people back to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Muslims and non Muslims. And we trust Eddie completely. I for one will take 1000 bullets for Eddie, he has a vision. He has more

00:36:28--> 00:36:42

than 15 years of experience in the Dawa. He's had a huge success with the deen show. And he had the support of many dua 10 preachers and scholars from all around the world. He's going to be an amazing project for everybody. Go to the Dean's into the org Donate now

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a major Dean center. Now what is this going to do for humanity, it's not only an opportunity, it's a sign, Allah says wouldn't encourage surely this to a sign for those who reflect it's a beautiful sign, it's a great opportunity for for the Muslims to show how important and demonstrate how important it is to take that take that to another level, this is the new millennium. So we shouldn't we should be looking for opportunities to let the world see. But on a, on a on a on a huge stage, not to be stuck in some little corner in the backwoods in the suburbs, somewhere where nobody can hear it, you know, but but on the world stage in a beautiful, complex, a major facility a multiple

00:37:32--> 00:38:17

facility, like that facility that they were putting together down in Florida, the deed center, that's a major, major responsibility and a duty for all the Muslims to do whatever we can to get that open. And and it will become an example to catapult the rest of the world and to see and maybe we need to do this too. So instead of seeing a church on every corner, this should be a masjid or Darwin center in every place that we could possibly put it, not to try to proselytize everybody, but just to educate everybody. This is an educational invitation for me to let the people see the beauty of Islam. And actually this part of their nature, because Muslim means one who has the nature to the

00:38:17--> 00:38:56

submit to the will of the one God those who call themselves Muslim or those who submit that nature to Okay, this one wants to do. I'm supposed to submit this one guy I should call everybody else submitted this one God, beautiful, beautiful hamdulillah was always nice having you on the program. I really thank you for sharing that with us. And giving that beautiful advice. It's my pleasure is upon Allah, my pleasure and the discipline. And as we conclude in the spirit of Assalamu alaykum. If you notice that's plural. That means I'm obligated to want the peace from God to be extended upon you and everyone who's connected to you, even those I can't see this people who we don't come in

00:38:56--> 00:39:38

contact with people who will never see that will be impacted by the opening of the Dean center. Once we once we get it done. I emphasize we once we get it done, if people need to understand what were the impact on the world, and how much better off this world would be if we have more of those installed. Absolutely. Oh my project and you heard the share that we're going to try to make this a reality. Opening up the first Mega data center in the United States of America here to extend that educational invitation because if you care you share and we're sharing so go ahead and make sure you tune in here support the center we'll see you next time thank you shake always as always like LaHood

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