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Tina on Java

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EE mina shavon you're watching me Jamie Bismillah your Walkman you're watching is our fifth year to lol can FIFA call Robin?

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Tina Mila Don Kawashima ye Elena mean Marina Portia de sadhaka love love him. In the previous episode, we left you hanging and I can just imagine the curiosity in the mind of the listener and the viewer to say what developed from your onwards. So we gave you the backdrop historically that how they had gathered together, frowning, objecting, on the practices of idolatry by their people, there is yet another discussion and that is the location. Now again, the Quran doesn't speak about neither the period, the time nor the location. However, geographically many people classical scholars argue that it happened in Granada in Spain, some argue that it happened in sharm Surya and

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very recently in the 60s, there was some you know, what discovery in in in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and people, archaeologists had found six bodies, six bodies, you know, in a particular gave the remains of course, the remains of course, and I visited this one in Jordan myself, what Allahu Allah Misawa Allah knows precisely the details. These are just historical geographical perspectives and endpoints that people have mentioned. Our focus ought to be on the essence and the spirit of detail, what Allah subhanho wa Taala conveys to us. So they have gathered and Allah subhanaw taala highlights the word year fifth year, and we just had commenced the translation is when our took

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shelter alfetta Fijian Arabic is the plural of the word Fatah. And maybe we can just take a minute or two on this year and remind our youth out there of the bounty that Allah has given them youth youth

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without turning fatawa Allah He behind me what Toka without doing fatawa Allah He believed me what tapa either Lamia Guna, la aunty Bara Linda de Mohammed bin idrissa Shafi Rahim Allah said was actually Fatah was actually further behind me what Tupac and the goodness and the merit and the virtue of a young man is his sacred knowledge and his taqwa and warra and fear in Allah is Allah mucuna Allah Akbar Allah that He is devoid of piety and bereft of virtue, then there is no merit to anything else. You know what all the other accolades and flamboyance and prominence and how colorful you are, and how famous you are, or slash infamous fame slash infamous, because that's how it has

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become in the world that holds no value or no merit. And Mohammed bin idrissa Shafi rahula, has also said that, if a person has lost his youth without capitalizing on it, capitalizing on it for Gambhir, Allah II,

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II here, then probably you can say four times take a bead and lead a funeral prayer upon him, not literally, but figuratively and metaphorically, because although he might be breathing and occupying a space on earth, He has died a spiritual death for Kabira Allah He or robot II was the hip. So you didn't know the Allahu anhu said, there are two bounties there are two bounties lo bucketed Dima Allah Hema I had a busy hobby lamb Tableau will miasha Rahman happy Hema if I were to tear Dell, I lose my vision and I become blind. I will not be able to express even 1/10 of the intensity of my regret factor dos Shabaab for Control F BB one is that my youth is gone. My youth is gone. And say

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you deny it was a man who spent his youth the best that any young man could ever spend it, say Denali. rhodiola I knew who was the best amongst the youth, and hence Hassan and Hussein rather your loved one and Homer. Say ye Dar shaba bR Hillel Jana sayeda shaba b i ll Jana, the leaders of the youth of Jana photo Shabaab photo patrol f BB and the separation of my dear

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Dear Ones

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one of the great luminaries and Sons of Islam as a person by the name of as when Mara via a name whose name is synonymous to wisdom if the DOM or amarin if the DOM or ambrane fi sama Heidi har demon fi dakka fi zakka ilias fie helmy ohana right yeah, this is the beautiful proverb that goes in the Arabic language. So what they say it the dam or unreal, it the dam or ambrane when you speak about bravery, you speak about the armory NEMA de Garay or the Allahu anhu You know, he had that famous sword known as some sama some sama and Satan Amara the Alanna asked him about it. And then Amara, the alano You know what, tried it out and used it, but he found it not to be as as

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as great as impressive as people were raving about it. So I'm leaving the madikeri bruh the Allahu anhu said that as safer beside Lhasa to be safe, that it's not the sword, it's the hand that knows how to use the sword. It's not the sword, it's the hand that knows how to use the sword. So you know what one woman makes a particular cake or makes a dish and it's awesome, it's great. And then another woman takes the same recipe from the same recipe book, but the texture of the cake is different, the touch is different, the feel is different, the taste is different. So it's just not the sheer ingredients. It's the hand behind the ingredient and the cooking so today I'm wondering if

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the DOM or Imran they talk of the bravery of American Mr. De Caribe Fie. sama had the heart him and if you talk of generosity you talk of heart him die heartened by that man was like, You know what? generosity of a nother level. And then they talk of that guy. He asked when it comes to intelligence or you like he asked when, you know, you have the memory and the intelligence, they don't have the memory of an elephant, right? They talk of the memory of an elephant, he has the memory of an elephant feel the car as the hill may have. And when it comes to forbearance and tolerance, then they talk of ohana have been ties. So this was a known proverb amongst the Arabic In the Arabic

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language. Anyway, he has been Mahalia, a young man, a young man. So it's mentioned about Abdul Malik bin Marwan Zara Albus Raja Bella Yellow Yellow fella, he visits bus route before assuming the position and he sees this young person this young man fatten Yeah, via a young boy. And halifa who Arboretum mineral Cora behind him are for prominent scholars. The word Ilaha what flow in beards and playa Lissa t him with the flowing robes. So he looks at this year you have four prominent impressive leading a great scholars were and the person leading these four scholars is a young boy. So he found this to be quite strange that a young boy they in front and they're such great, amazing

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leaders. So he said, Allah wa Jadoo Shea Han had tampered demo Hello Hola, Emma Jeju Shea when could they not find or appoint or nominate a leader from amongst them that a young lad like this had to lead the group of such prominent scholars. And then he looked at as bin Maria and he said mercy Nokia Fatah, mercy Nokia Fatah. Oh, lad. What's your age? What's your age? So then he replied Sydney apol Allahu Botha. Amir Sydney apol Allahu Botha, Amir Cassini Osama bin Laden. Hey now Allahu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Jason fee Abu Bakr Anwar Ahmad La ilaha illa Allah look at the look at the response and this is knowledge. This is knowledge. This is wisdom. My age Your

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Excellency Atal Allahu Allah Al Amin. I'm translating and paraphrasing that in English, my age for the record, Your Excellency is the same age of the great companion Osama bin Zayed radi Allahu anhu when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam appointed him as the leader of the expedition, and in that expedition with the likes of Abu Bakar and Rama, rhodiola and Houma, and what was the age of Osama bin Zayed do nourish serene, he was under the threshold of 20 he was not even 20 years of age. And he was appointed as the leader of an expedition in whom are comprised of Abu Bakr and Omar the love and humor. Those who are our youth, and those were the days when the youth will lead in and

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they were in the forefront. Yeah, again, Allah subhana wa Taala says is our fifth year

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I have a flash of one of the, you know, profound reflection of one of my scholars, may Allah preserve him with goodness and reward him handsomely. I mean, he says generally, when we say you know what is the sage of the age, he is a saintly person, he is a godly person, he is a pious person, then automatically our mind creates an image of someone who is in advanced age, who is old, who is weak, who is frail, who is probably slightly senile who needs support to be escorted is a pious man he's aged. And I'm not refuting that many a pious people are elderly. And yes, they have experience and they have exposure, and they have maturity and they have all that wisdom and

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integrity and dignity, but hang on, is piety exclusive to old people, and you cannot reconcile piety with youth. No, no, no, no, I beg to differ. Your Allah is speaking of his old AR, and he's speaking of his asphere he's speaking of his beloved servants, and Allah says is a well fifth year is our fifth year, when the youth when the youth are you have Cheb at 30 kosha. What the holy Animoto birthday Lucia Baba hoomin agilely. And in the Kaaba Ramallah ekati, one of the pious scholars that said, that the young man who channels his youth in the obedience of Allah subhanho, wa Taala, when he has so much energy in his body, and there are so many whispers in his body, he ranks like the

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Mullah acre in the eyes of Allah. So we move forward, verse number 10, the historical background has been provided, the entire community has congregated they carve in idols, they worship in it, these youth instinctively have frowned upon this, there was that internal calling, there was that internal calling. And you know, so many times we have this calling, don't suppress the call in my brother, don't suppress the calling. There are so many youth who have a passion to pursue Islamic Studies. Recently, a sister had called me and she said that you know what, my son is very academic minded. My one son, I come from an academic family, I come from a professional family. And there's another son

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of mines, who just as this calling for religion, and he has this passion for religion. And from an early age, he was pursuing Islamic Studies. And now he wants to dedicate exclusively and you know, there is sentiments from the extended family, No, not now. Well, wait, etc. And so she consulted with me. And of course, I gave her my best counsel and advice. And I find this very strange, and I find this very strange and I might come across a bit strong and harsh here. But let me allow me the moment to share my honest and candid feelings. When a person pursues a circular or academic studies, then we support him, we encourage him, we compliment him. And

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we don't remind him of the need to balance his act with religious studies. You know what you're studying so much materially worldly academically, scientifically, that's great. But hang on end of the day, you got to go in the grave? What did someone say? Regardless of the degrees you attain in this world? in the grave, the question will be Who is your Lord? in the grave? The question will be Who's your Lord? And in accurate, the question will be, did you perform your Salah, so you can have all this finer details and degrees and it's great, and it's necessary, and it has its merits in its place. But this is my gripe, and this is my pain. And I've said it in many of my discourses, and I

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have a flat so I'm going to say it and respectfully, I said that when somebody pursues academics, and I'm talking of a Muslim youngster, and he's going and he's excelling, and he has the talent and the skill and the charisma and the knowledge and you know, he is he's sharp, he's bright, he's calculated is methodical, he has it it's going then we give him all the support resources to propel him further, but we don't tell him that listen, there's a need you need to balance it there is an Astra you need to up your religious knowledge you don't know the elementary you don't know the basics. You don't know the the Ferrari the Voodoo you don't know the Ferrari the vessel, you don't

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know these things. But flip the coin and reverse the scenario when someone has an overwhelming passion to study religion. And you know what his his his he loves it and he's dedicated and is passionate about it. Then we quit to interject in his tracks and listen, you know what religion is important? and studying Quran is great and memorizing the text is wonderful. But But you need to have perspective you need basics in academics as well. You need to learn this year and nobody can refute the fine balance is the right thing as a five know your man brother, your loved one who said laser era come and Latina tupuna Daniela Arthur when livina your true Guna Asante dunya Well, I can

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let you know when i mean he will have his

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laser clear Rocco Medina tupuna dunya Lila, the best amongst you are not those who forsake this word in its entirety.

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To secure the letter, and no are you the best who forsake the letter in its entirety to secure this world? What I can levena Yeah, hold on, I mean, Harvey Harvey, but those who have the fine balance who have the fine balance, you know, that is the correct way. And that is the ideal way. The point I want to labor and reiterate and emphasize, these youth gathered, there was a calling within them. And that call drove them historical narrations to a common location. And then one took the courage the others amplified the sentiments, and it moved forward. So I'm saying to you, my brother or my says that you have a calling within you, you want to memorize the Quran, you want to study the

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Arabic language, you want to do Dawa work, you want to do some activity of the don't suppress the coding don't suppress the coding.

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I'm not here to quantify myself or trumpet myself with the grace of Allah and I credit this to the Almighty and the good nurturing of my beloved parents, and the good upbringing at an early age, because of the home environment, there was this motivation and this encouragement. And at the tender age, I told my dad that I want to, you know, what, commence my journey of memorizing the Quran, and I want to pursue my higher Islamic Studies. And I left my school in Korea at the age of 13. And I did not school beyond, and I'm not advocating in literacy, I'm not advocating in literacy. I'm talking of my personal experience, that I left my school career at primary level, I didn't pursue

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higher level, leave alone tertiary level, and you know it, I just want the grace of Allah, all credit belongs to Allah. This is not a feather in my cap, and I'm not quantifying myself. The point I'm trying to drive is when within our children, a child has a calling, I implore you don't suppress that calling. Don't suppress that calling. There's a very dear friend of mines in London, who's a doctor and comes from a rich family of medical professionals. And he says, If you walked into my house, it was only medical journals. It was like synonymous to our family, you born, it's a doctor, it's medicine. And that's great, that's wonderful. We need these people, and they display great

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service. In fact, I have seen so many doctors who are so selfless, and many of them with the grace of Allah are very good friends of mine. And many of them while they were doing their postgraduate, they used to attend some lessons and discourses that I used to conduct. And today I have them on my back end goal. And may Allah bless them, they know their names, and I pray for them whenever I need, you know what, from any specialist of any kind, they are available, and I salute their selfless nature, their commitment, you can call out to them at any time, that's great. But this particular doctor said to me, and I visited him multiple times in London, he said my son had a calling for

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religion. And he said, No, no, I'm, I just have this calling within me, this is me, I want to pursue religion. And I said, Okay, you know, you can memorize the Quran. And then he got into the Quran, and he started it and he just was, he was riveted, he was mesmerized, and he would come in the house and he would recite the Quran. And and the sound of Quran and Tila would end recitation was now been heard and echoed and reverberating in my house. And suddenly it was not medical talk. It was not medical journals. It was a must have. It was a Koran. It was a verse, it was a lesson it was Mirage, ah, and soon after the completion and the graduation ceremony, I said, Okay, well now back into

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school back into high school and so on and so forth. And you know, what, you know, the road we've mapped it out for you. It's, it's, it's the medical route and route that you ought to go.

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And he's like, No, Dad, this is my calling. And he said, We resisted each other. Till I realized that my son had a diff, he was wired differently. And now Mashallah, he has graduated as a scholar, and he's doing phenomenal work in London is doing phenomenal work. And that's been the catalyst in his family that his youngest siblings have also memorized the Quran. And so now this father who is a doctor and he is practicing in Ireland, and Mashallah, he's a great friend of mines and is a super specialist and is a great individual. And all his children are bearers of the Quran. And he said, Now, if you come at home and he's invited me home, you would just say books and Islamic literature

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and pooran and masahito, intercede and Terry and faith and the rest of it. My point is, have the balance, pursue academics and islamiat you have a passion for medicine, by all means, go into it, go into it, and pursue it with a passion. But I urge you and implore you that if someone within you you yourself, my brother or your sister or your child has a calling for religion, nurture that calling, support that calling water it give it prominence allow it to flourish. These youth had this inner calling it made them get

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Together they assemble and let's see what happens. So yes, we spoke about us and from there we went on to a little reflection in our fifth year to El cafe, Fatah, Laura Bana Idina Mila Don Cara Hama is when our shelter fattier youth when some youth took shelter in a cave, because they said that they said we need to move away from here because we're not part of this practice and they're going to oppose us. So they said, Okay, let's go towards a cave. Let's go towards a place of solitude, a place of seclusion and isolation. And they left from there and they went into a cave, Fatah Lu, they said Rob Bana Oh our Lord artina Mila, Don Cara Ma. bas Tao us with mercy from yourself. Now the

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word Rama is translated as mercy What does mercy literally mean? So the scholars say, for so long MacArthur said the, the fulfillment of our object, our object is Oh Allah, that Allah was slow in a qualifier avec la la qualify now vague we want your closeness and your proximity and we want to devote our live for You Allah This is our passion and was slow la equal finance or fake. Or as in bro holobiont it is mentioned my identify 10 Camila 10 Watteau, Hayden Aziz and mirdif attend Camila tanoto, Hayden Aziza, that our alarm we are withdrawing from our nation because of the practice that we shun and we disapprove of idolatry and polytheism and we are seeking mono theism that is one

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Allah worshiping You grant us the wholesome nature of the head and endow us with the true essence of the head. So my ID for 10 Camila 10 Watteau Hayden azizan Robin attina Mila Don kerama wahi, Atlanta Minh and Marina Rashida yohei to arrange to facilitate and arrange for us and facilitate for us a suitable solution a suitable solution in our plight. In other words, the morale and the phases and the stages that we ought to go through to the accomplishment of our goal, you make it easy, and that's the beautiful of the comprehensive nature of the word Russia da Russia da did not damage the damage that they did not in the 29 deals in Surah two Jin Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the

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mocha Lama and the matola of the Jenna, what did they say in Sami Quran and I Jabba e de La Roche yahi De La Roche, what did say the Namu Sani salatu salam Say hi, Debbie Rocha Allah and to Ali My name is

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Rashida in the second chapter in Surah Baqarah Allah says that, what he does I like anybody I need for any Karim Wuji Buddha darling either Darren, thank you failure study Boolean, mean obey Allah, Allah whom your shadow. So your showed Russia the lowest common meanings, common words of Allah grant us a suitable solution. So that being said, they withdraw from the community and they move away and we follow in the format of the Quran in the terms of the description. So they leave their people and they decide and they pray to Allah. And this is again another reflection, my brother, my sister, you got to make the first step. Think of it they made the bold step and then they implored

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Allah. So prayer is key. Prayer is essential. Prayer is imperative. But the method is not to rely on prayer exclusively without adopting the practical means. So the messenger sallallahu Sallam pray to the Almighty, but Subhana Allah, he displayed and showed us the practical execution and the adoption of means within the parameters of the Sharia. So they realize we need to make a move, they made the move they got together, they said, Let's head to the cave. Now having you know what devised or hatched a plan was insufficient. They did not rely on the plan, but they relied on online they said Rob banner, Rob banner, oh, our Lord attina Mila Don Karama Grant has mercy and we explain briefly

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what merci could potentially mean for Sonia maqasid accomplishment of the goal.

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Or Joe Hayden, Camila tan and Marie phenazine Aziza, you know, a wholesome recognition and your closeness and proximity. Well hi, Elena. I mean, I'm Marina Rashida and you make it easy for us. you facilitate you arrange you coordinate, and when Allah subhanaw taala arranges You know how sometimes you plan a day and Allah allows

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Everything to fit into place I needed to go here and from there I needed to go to a second person and then I needed to pray my daughter salah and Subhanallah when I got to the mall I met the third person who I suppose to go and visit which was on the opposite end of the town and I met him there and we managed to you know what the exchange hands and finalize the deal were. And it just saved me so much time. As I was there I discovered that you know what, there is a prayer facility there, there is a prayer room or there is a dedicated masala or a Masjid and Subhanallah my daughter Salah got performed and then I met another brother and he insisted just come home and have a quick bite on

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the run. And so I've been meaning to see him for a long time. And I got to meet him two birds with one stone and when Allah makes it easy, it's just inconceivable and and in travel. This happens often when when things go well the flight is on time. You know what boarding happens quickly. You You have a pleasant fly, there's no hiccups. Your prayers are in order. You have a good meal, you have some good sleep, you have some good where's the flight lands good. You know, everything just goes in place and when there are hiccups and glitches and snags, then there's just no end to it. So we move on to the next verse, verse number 11. Allah subhanho wa Taala says how he intervened How

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did Allah subhanaw taala intervene? So the youth have gathered? They've taken shelter in the cave, Fabiola? bene Allah, Danny him Phil campisi Nina now either da ba ba robina Allah. Danny him Phil can fizzy Nina either doubt Allah subhanho wa Taala says and then we cast upon them we cast upon them sleep right. We cast the sleep upon their ears. Now Yeah, again you know that this season one is just the translation. But one is to dissect and reflect over the the the choice of words adopted by the Quran at each juncture. Why did Allah say this phrase or this expression? For then va robina we struck we cast we veiled in a loose translation, right the word Baba has many meanings for

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barraba Allah Danny him we cast a veil of sleep on their ears. Allah did not say sleep on their eyes. Allah said sleep on their ears and I'm now home no my den satilla which means we gave them deep sleep they were in slumber you know one is just that 40 wings a quick power nap. You just dozed off and then you up you know they speak about the happiness that a nap brings. So someone coined the phrase nap Enos the midday siesta nap and you'll be happy nap Enos. No, no, this was deep sleep.

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And Allah says we cast the veil on their ears. And this is irrefutable, one of the last organs to sleep or the ears. When you fall off to sleep, your eyes close, your body kind of starts shutting down. In fifth language, they talk it or they talk of is still how old Mufasa is there. How old Mufasa where the organs start becoming lame and weak and winding down. They start winding down, but the ears are still on a degree of alert. I kind of heard an alarm or a siren. Or I heard there was some scuffle. I heard some argument there was some altercation I fell off to sleep. And when my eye when I start getting up or I'm awake and my eyes are still closed, I'm still groggy, but my ears

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resume function. I can hear the siren I can hear that the bell. I can hear the whistle. I can hear the dog bark I can hear sounds in the background. So my ear is sleeping probably last and my ear is resuming function first, but Allah subhanho wa Taala to impress the extent and the depth of their sleep. Allah said Fabiola Bana Allah, Danny him we cast the veil of sleep over them on their ears to indicate deep sleep. How did Allah give them accomplishment? You sleep you sleep? Allah you help us Yeah, okay, don't worry. We make you sleep. Allah you save us from the tyranny of the pianos we'll put you off to sleep. Allah you give us the strength how to face our nation you sleep you just go

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and sleep will take care. So behind Allah, Allah puts them in and gives them a long pro long sleep. But ragna Allah, then him field caffeine see Nina either da for many, many years for many, many years. So let's wait. Let's pause and let's see how the mystery continues to to manifest itself in the life of these you

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who stood for the cause of Allah? And then there was divine intervention. The message is simple, my brother, if you stand for the deen of Allah, then wait and see how the Almighty will rescue guide and protect you in every juncture, juncture of life. May Allah subhanahu wa taala bless us and and favor us with that spirit of tawheed and that spirit of a man, I mean Yoruba alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi adjumani well hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen