Haifaa Younis – Jannah Gems #34 – The Family is a Miracle of Allah

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the meaning of the word "ma'am" in Arabic and how it is used to mean "ma'am in English." It is also discussed how marriage is a sign of a law when a woman is married and has children, and how it is used to indicate a "ma'am in English" meaning that a woman is married and has children.
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Anytime you get an invitation for a wedding, most of the time, Muslim wedding, you will probably read this verse, woman irtg and hollow Allah con men and forsaken as virgin mixes crew, la her * been a lot more written for Allah in a few that he killed it for me at Africa

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out of His signs

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or from among His Signs or from His signs, it depends how you translate. That means what Allah is going to be talking about is a sign of Allah sign mean medical creation. I mean it and Haleakala calm, he Allah created Lacan to you mean and to SQL from among you, as well as peer.

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Why later school lay her

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to school. This is the word and it's so hard, it's Pamela and the beauty of the Arabic language one word so hard to translate one word in Arabic, specially Quranic Arabic to translate it into one English word to give it the right meaning. A second be tuscano elaida basically second is a house. Second is a place where people live.

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Second is a place where people find serenity and comfort

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and tranquility is most commonly you will find that in the Quran translate as tranquility. So from among His Signs You created to you right, Haleakala common emphasis from among you, meaning same species, as larger peer, she or he is a school no later. So you will find tranquility love serenity. For Johanna Bina calm and then he made he made a jalapeno come among you between you my word The term was, my word is love. And llama is mercy. These are the two things that's how marriage should be. That's how the family should be built on through nephew dedica wordly in this meaning, his creation, and why and the tranquility and the love and the mercy in nephew Erica, love it in all

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this size lakonia tougher code. It's a sign for those who reflect and think,

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what do I learn from this verse? that this isn't sort of to whom, what do I learn from this verse? marriages medical family is medical, made of two creation of a law. He made it. He created them. He created marriage, he created the relationship between them. And he made between them, love and mercy. And this all, as miraculous as it is, is a sign of a law.

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Meaning when I go when we are looking at a family and we're not talking about marriage or anything, I'm talking after marriage, when we look at the family, we became so used to it that we do remember it's a sign from Allah. It's a creation of Allah. It's one of the ways I please Allah

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