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The speaker discusses the concept of playfulness and how children can be annoying. They also mention a sermon they attended at a funeral and encourage viewers to observe well during the event. The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding and embracing death.

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim when you think of a child and playfulness comes to mind, naughtiness comes to mind. And that's pretty much the nature of children. But at times we request and impress upon those very children to behave themselves on certain instances, and you will find many a child will oblige and comply. Now take it on a different note. As humans we are fallible and we are sinful. And we also have our own playfulness, but not in an innocent way in our mistakes and our sins etc. But today, I asked you, my brother through the quotation of who said Ben Hur, they are the Allah on how to behave on three instances behave on three instances, or ensure the alarm generated

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by it has captured it that will say them now they are the alarm who used to say that if I could only sustain the spirituality that Allah has gifted me with on three instances, I'm optimistic of my entry into Janna, low guru comma akuna. If you heard him in Africa thalassa number one hayner Ultra Khurana Athena asthma Rahu yoke para la when I listened to the Quran, or when I recite Quran, I afforded the diligence, the focus to spirituality, and that's my appeal to you, my brother. If you are in an environment where there's laughter there is entertainment, then do not own the recitation of the Quran. And when you are reciting the Quran, then switch your phone off. Number two, we're

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either Shaheed to hot button. When I attend a sermon, a dog a lecture in hotbar you will be appalled you will be appalled if you come into a Masjid and see when the Juma hotbar is in process. I'm not talking of the child or the adolescent. I'm talking of adults, adults of maturity. It is scary to see how we conduct ourselves. And last but not least, what is our Shahid to janaza when I attend a funeral, what Marsha had to attend for her death to NFC suwama who were marooned on behalf of amahi era to LA whenever I attend a funeral, I say to myself, I auto suggest to myself, observe well, because the same will be repeated to you. So that's my message at the funeral house at the grave,

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either say a kind word or reflecting on death or comforting the bereaved family, but do not indulge in worldly things. May Allah grant us understanding