Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Maryam 07 – So eat, drink and cool your eyes, O Maryam!

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the impact of Maria's struggles in a difficult relationship and her mother, who had a difficult time delivering a child. The adoption of the " ADAS" system by Islam has also been discussed, with the " ADAS" system designed to increase the depth of the river and create a river stream that will flow through the river. The " ADAS" system is used to increase the depth of the river and create a river stream that will flow through the river, and the church has been trying to encourage people to drink water, eat before the season ends, and say no to bullies or mockers.
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what's going on feeding Kitabi?

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Shuttle dia

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rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim for

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mahalo Isla de rien Nephalem Cala di late anemic Joe Cabela Welcome to the CM. See for now, Don Hamming deputy

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any other genre or bouquet? Turkeys are the sort of color who are Aleem? Yes we had concluded in the previous segment that discussion of the labor pain of Maryam Alayhis Salam. And of course we there were certain aspects that we still needed to expound on. So the Quran says in verse 23 of the 98 verses of Surah Maryam for Agia held Maha energy very nephila labor been brought her meaning drove her and Jaha, which is mentioned in the Hashi of Germany, compelled her the pain, the discomfort, the excruciating agony took her to the palm, to the trunk of a date palm. Now, as I've mentioned previously, our sisters, our mothers, our daughters would tell us better that at that time, you need

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a comforting hand, you need somebody to offer you support, and just give you that reassurance. But let's just ponder for a moment and most of our sisters will appreciate it that Maria Malay has Salam is a young woman, this is her first child, this is her only child, as we discover subsequently. And then this this fear that is lurking How would society react to the style? How would society react to this child?

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You know, I have a thought Yeah, and unfortunately, this is a painful reality, that sometimes sometimes a woman goes into labor pain, a woman goes into labor pain, and she has the difficulty of labor. But there is pressure from the family members be the spouse be the extended family, that she must deliver a particular gender. She needs to deliver a boy or she needs to deliver a girl. Now obviously, this has nothing to do with that innocent woman. She will only give birth to that which Allah subhanho wa Taala has decreed and ordain and that could be extremely traumatic. That could be extremely traumatic. One is of course she has her own passion and desire for a particular gender.

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And perhaps it might not be that gender and of course that's the will of the Almighty. Yeah, humbly, Manisha or Inasa, where you probably mania shout with the code. We repeatedly make mention of this verse in the 25th of June in surah. Two Shura Allah subhanaw taala says that some couples He blesses with a girl and some with a boy, oh, use a widow Hamza Kronen, were Inessa. And some He blesses with both and others by his decree, he does not bless them with children in the womb and even Kadeem, his knowledge and his power is complete, but it's quite painful and quite traumatic to impose upon that woman who's going into labor that, you know, I hope you're delivering a boy and I hope it is a girl

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or I'm optimistic, you know, just putting that pressure on that woman who is already in a sense of stress, uneasiness, etc.

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Be it as it may say, get it tonight. Maria, Molly has Salam. He has this fear, how would society react to this child? So let's just have a look at the verse For Agia and Halima Hado. Isla de Vereen Nakhla so labor pain drove her to the trunk of a date bomb. Ha let She then said Yo, la Danny MC tapa Bella hada ya late any mid Tocopilla hada Can you imagine in that pain in that agony in that loneliness in that uncertainty that was

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you know what just in the atmosphere where to from your what's going to happen beyond your later name it to papilla Haha, oh, I wish How I wish I had passed away prior to this. We're going to an SEM man See ya. And I had been totally forgotten. I had been totally forgotten. I had shared that preferred opinion of the scholars is the reason for the sentiment was that she feared people are going to learn nasty comments towards her, which will expect her to persevere and do and the fear that I might be deficient in my subpar and my patience, which will result in an act of disobedience and of course, I do not want to disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala hence, hence she then desired for

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death and of course that is permissible. If a person finds himself or herself in a situation where the trials are becoming too difficult or

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Allah I cannot resist this evil or I cannot

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you know what adhere to the teachings correctly under the circumstances and I'm afraid that I'm going to be disobeying you so oh Allah grant me death Oh Allah grant me death

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Hi that yarlington me to parabola that literally literal translation How I wish me to I had passed away a couple of harder prior to this. We're going to and I was Ness cmmc totally forgotten meaning I had long passed away. Okay, so that's verse 23, verse 24, for na da da da da Allah letter has any today Jahanara Makita, that he said Iya. So at that moment, Gibreel Alayhis Salam called to her from below. Fernanda, he called out although it's not mentioned Jibreel although it's not mentioned Jibreel but the scholars say the whole discussion implies that the person and the individual is Gibreel Alayhis Salam. As previously Fatima, Fela Bucha runs a Ouija where he appeared as a full

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human, you know, in a complete human form was Gibreel alayhis salam for nada, he called out to her mentality

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from below, meaning from a slight distance. And yet again, the scholars of the FCSA the reason why Jibreel Alayhis Salam did not come before her. Surely it was a moment of modesty. Surely it was a moment of modesty. She was in labor pain, she was delivering her child. And the demand of the moment was not to come before that's modesty. That's bashfulness that's the teachings of of Islam. So he stood at a distance when i da he called out to her mentality from below her meaning from at a distance. I let us any do not grieve. Do not grieve Allah has any acumen or mind biannual Quran writes, do not grieve about how you will give birth and what would you eat? And how would you

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support yourself, no grief about what people will say, because we have taken care of both those needs and we have taken care of everything, alert as any alert as any.

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Now we try and comfort our wives or we call into the labor room and we offer comfort and people send their support and good wishes and messages etc. Subhan Allah Allah sends Jibreel Alayhi Salatu was Salam to give this assurance and reassurance and comfort in words to Maria Malay has Salam Allah has any card the general Arab bouquet, Turkey sorry, yeah, but the bouquet that Turkey sorry Surya do not give, surely your Lord has created a stream a spring beneath you, so that you could have access to water. The scholars of Tafseer say that the water there was a stream that there was a little you know, broke of water, which had dried up which had dried up and by the will of the Almighty in the

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intervention and preparation for the birth of Maria Maria Melissa alayhis. Salam, Allah subhanaw taala caused this water to flow again. But the giant bulky tactic is Surya so first Djibril Ali salaam offered comfort then in terms of drinks and food, the first thing that was provided was water. Furthermore, in verse 25, Allah subhanho wa Taala said to Miriam Alayhis Salam, of course via Gibreel what was the lake EBG very Nasrallah Well, who's the lanky big enough to Sir crypto, hi Leakey. Ro Corbin. Jamie Yeah, verse 25, Allah said, to Maryam via Jabril Alaihe Salam shake the trunk of the date palm towards you, and fresh ripened dates will fall upon your

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who's the to shake Subhanallah I just marvel at the depth of the Quran. So she is in the labor, she's experiencing the pain and the divine arrangements have been made for her in the process, the stream and the broke and the canal of water that had dried up has now you know, once again been activated and water is flowing from there. Allah subhanaw taala then says that that very date palm and the trunk of the date palm that you holding on to just shake it well, who's the la ukbgf inocula. The scholars deduce from this year that the adoption of means to generate provisions law UniFi Tawakkol does not go against the station of reliance. So Allah is providing and Allah alone is

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the provider but in the process Allah subhanaw taala impressed upon Maria Malay has salaam to adopt means shake the brand

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Shake the branch.

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Allah could cause those dates to fall miraculously, just like Allah caused the water to flow and Allah could cause the dates to fall. But but there was a level of expectation from Miriam Alayhis Salam that in that situation as well, who's the Leakey bridges are in Nagoya, so the adoption of means is not contrary to the station of debacle. To SATA drive he wrote urban geneia and it will cause the ripen dates to fall upon you to socket. It will fall Aliki upon you rota van de Jenean ripe and fresh beautiful. So Allah subhanho wa Taala made arrangement for two things, water and Allah subhanaw taala made arrangements for dates. And from this the scholars have written in great

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detail that this is the most effective thing that a woman could have when she is given birth is to drink water. There are multiple indications in the Quran. That water of course without doubt is the best drink. When Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the rivers of Jannah. Allah says we have an aroma in lady acid that in Jana, they are rivers of water well and her room 11 And then they are rivers of milk. Were in her room in Hungary and they are rivers of alcohol. Of course, non intoxicant. Were unharmonized Salim Mustafa, and then they are rivers of your honey. And then in juice 14 Chapter 16. When Allah subhanaw taala speaks about these bounties in the world. Allah

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adopts the same sequence. So Allah says Allah Who ends elemina sama ima that Allah has revealed water for you. They have to Allah says we're in Allah can fill an amulet Abraham knows the economy mafia but only he and he has given you milk. They have to Allah speaks about alcohol, which means Emirati not really well are inhabited that we don't I mean, who saccharin where he's been has Anna and finally in the discussion in chapter 16 Surah, two Nahal Allah says Whoa Hara Booker Elan, Natalie and it definitely means energy by the bow that Allah has provided honey for you. So the adoption of the same sequence of water, milk, alcohol and honey in biannual Quran, this has been

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discussed, it gives us an indication that water is your best drink they after milk now the question is why has the Quran given the mention of alcohol before honey whereas everyone would know that elk honey is much more wholesome and nutritional and the benefits of honey are unending, and the scholars say amazing that honey has a dual dimension, it is consumed as a liquid and also consumed as a solid. So the reason why the mention of alcohol was made first and of course in reference to the alcohol agenda that is pure like you saw their own and whether you want to say food you won't have a headache and you won't blurt nonsense.

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But alcohol is a drink whereas honey is people would take it as a drink as well and people would eat it as well. The point I am impressed in from these two different sets of IR one of course in the 26 Jews of the Quran in surah Mohammed and the other one in Surah to Nahal is the adoption of the same sequence water Moke alcohol and then honey. Okay, so Allah subhanho wa Taala provided for Maryam Allah has Salam water and dates, water and dates, and she was still shake the branch shake the branch, and that's what they say a positive thinker is one who finds an opportunity in every difficulty, while a negative thinker is one who finds a difficulty in every opportunity, or finds

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the difficulty in every opportunity.

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In verse 26, Allah subhanho wa Taala says to Maria Malay has set up for coolie wasabi what not we Aina for coolie eat wasabi drink wakad We hyena and comfort your eyes meaning look at your child. We know we've seen We've observed what would happen when the child has been delivered that immediately the child is latched on to the chest of his mother and that lactation process is is established and and the fluid that would come out from the chest of the mother at that time, which would not be milk per se, but the doctors would tell you that it is extremely nutritional and beneficial for the child which is all the system of the Almighty in everything is a proof and either on the greatness and the

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magnanimity of Allah subhanho wa taala. Again, look at how scholars analyze Allah provided drink first, then food but when Allah subhanaw taala told her to drink and eat, Allah commenced by saying eat first and then drink so nothing is going in Sudan. Coincidental nothing is casual nothing

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is by the way, Allah said yours water for you and there's dates for you. And then Allah said eat first and then drink and Romani Allah Allah Lucy Baghdadi has mentioned this. The reason for this is that generally when humans sit down to eat, especially a meal that's going to create thirst, then you want to make sure that the drink is there first. So where's the drink? Whether it is a juice, water, milk, fizzy drink, or some milkshake, etc, where is the drink? And then when you get the drink, and then you start eating, so you kind of arrange for the drink first, but then you eat first Subhan Allah, look at the detail exploration. So verse 26, for Cooley eat Oh Merriam Webster have a

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drink water li Aina and comfort your eyes. Look at this beautiful son of yours and take solace take comfort. So Allah subhanaw taala has attended to the foods and the drink and the comfort and the nourishment of Satan. So you need to know Maria Malay has Salam. Now comes the aspect of the potential accusations come in slur remark, indications insinuations of people. So Allah subhanho wa Taala then said Dona for imageData in MNL, bashary a Haida for imageData in nominal butchery. ohada Verse 26, and if perchance you see any human and if perchance you see any human,

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for coolie then say to them in Nina virtually Rockman in Soma, I have vowed to observe a fast for Allah, felon or can Lemonly oma in See ya. I will not speak to anyone. Okay, so now we address the second aspect, look at the intervention, the arrangements of the Almighty, oh, Maryam, comfort yourself, eat the dates, drink the water. And if you come into contact with any human, and obviously he is going to ask you questions, he's going to frown he's going to object he's going to interrogate then you say to him, say to India would mean you make a gesture, you make a signal, because you have to inform them through sign language that you are fasting. Now in the previous nations, there was a

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type of a fast that was observed. And that was Sinad silence for the entire day. silence for the entire day was an act of charity was an act of worship, in the teachings of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. That type of fast has been abrogated. So it is not an act of virtue to be silent. Rather, it is an act of virtue to utter a good word. But if you cannot utter a good word, or you cannot praise Allah, then silence is better than blurting nonsense. So in the Sharia of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the command the injunction the motivation is to speak the right thing not to observe silence, but you can see you're sitting in a gathering and people are only talking

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nonsense, stand up and move away. Allah says where is our aid and Medina hold on Fei Tina, for already Burnham had a hold over your Hadith in writing, you can see they walk in they scoffing at the verses of Allah move away, what you may even see and Nikka che pa know what imagine see and Nikka che plan to follow

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the crowd and you sit in along and they chit chatting and then they are mocking and scoffing and you forgot, as soon as you realize and you register leave there.

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So do not be part of that gathering. So if you can utter a good word, that's the best and if you cannot utter a good word, then silence will be the second best option. Whereas in the sharing era of you know, the time of Maria Malay has Salatu was Salam and the Gambia, at that time, it was an act of worship knee, it was a fast that you would observe by remaining silent for fully say to the people it would obviously imply which could be understood not verbally, because the vow is that you would be silent. So gesture to the people in adultery rough man is Soma, I have made a vow to the Almighty that I will not speak to anyone felon or can Lehmann young man in See ya. And that is it.

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Verse 26, will conclude what is the translation? I will not speak to any human. Let's wait and see what happens now. This great Nebby of Allah is Alayhis Salam has been delivered. He has been ushered into the world. His mother Maryam Ali has Salam is taken comfort by his presence. She has eaten from the dates that Allah has provided, she has consumed the water from the stream that Allah subhanaw taala has provided. And now Allah has given her this instruction that she

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It's just gestured to people that I am fasting hence I cannot speak to anyone

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