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The transcript describes a video game called Surah that turned off in Luna Island. The game uses a bouncing disc to describe various verses and phrases from a book, including a quote from a Spanish book "verbality." The speakers discuss various topics such as death, death, love, and the future, including the use of "will" and "will" in relation to the "will" and "will" concepts used by the Prophet." They also touch on the history of Islam, including the implementation of fat rat and the "medicals of the universe" practices used by the Prophet.

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gonna show up on your wall Jamie Bismillah your Walkman you're watching him. We're in Luna Island. Sorry, done Jo Rosa sadhak Allahu la VM. Yesterday we concluded verse seven of Surah tolka from the 110 verses, which in essence reminds us that the glitter, the glamour, the beauty, the adornment, and the embellishments of this world is but a test and a trial from the Almighty. And the object of this is to see an examined mankind, a young actor, no matter which one of them is the best in terms of actions, and the definition of good actions at the heart of that like Gary brought to use this as a as a springboard as a springboard to propel you to the closeness and the proximity of the

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Almighty. And we concluded on the very beautiful, amazing academic discussion of halfling Hydra Rahim Allah, pertaining to the question in the grave and the related mysteries they are off. We move on with verse number eight in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says, we're in Allah giardino nama Allah has already done Joe Rosa, that is beautiful as it is surely we will reduce it to a playing field, we will reduce it to a barren land.

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So juros learn about a fee on which nothing grows, center to enjoy rose a llama paraphilia in Arabic, when it's a drought and this fair mine then you will say Senate on juros nothing is growing, meaning there's no growth or produce of vegetation. So this entire land will be changed out in verse in chapter 13. In just 13, Chapter 14, verse 48, Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us Yamato bad Donal arado, viral rld was malware to about rasulillah Hilda he didn't

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remember that they jamoma too bad Daniel ooredoo the earth will be changed it will be not what you see today was somewhat and the skies and the heavens and the atmosphere will be completely different. Wha Barra, Zhu li la and everyone will appear before the mighty Allah and accountability and hisab will take place in the 16th jos in the 20th chapter in verse 105. Allah subhana wa Taala speaks about the same thing. Why is an owner garinii Jabbar Liverpudlian safe harbor been as far as they ask you Oh Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Anil jabaal regarding these massive huge mountains for young sifu ha Robbie nessa say unto them, my Lord will reduce it to smithereens. My Lord will reduce

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it to smithereens. For years, our raw and soft sofa and the land will be left completely plain and leveled and barren, lotta raffia everywhere genuine. There will be no depressions or protrusions, it will be completely leveled and balanced out for yo my evening we're here today The sky is great. It's magnificent. In the 13 jewels in the 13th chapter, Allah subhanho wa Taala says Rafa is somewhat a bit mad. He has elevated the skies without any pillars. But on that day, the verse I just recited in Surah total Harper in the 29 years for a Yama is in WA here a ver Eva, the skies will be weak and feeble. Why? Because now Allah will dismantle the entire universe, Allah will dismantle it

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in the 17 Jews in Surah Al Hajj Allah says Yo man Applebee's sama, Gabby's staging linen kotoba gamma bada and

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normally though, yo ma on that day, Baba yet replay and to roll to wrap, right one of the daughters of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when traveling, Allah who met

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Allah who

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Allah roll up the distance fast. In other words make the journey short for us and easy for us. Yo monopol with sama de se Jin Lillian kutub. On that day, the skies will be rolled up and wrapped up. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says in verse eight of Surah tolka have were in Elijah Renu nama either in house or in Eden juros out that as beautiful as the world is as glitter and as as appealing as it is the glamour the glitter, the attraction, but it's a temporary phase, it's a passing phase.

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And in royal Bian, I came across a very beautiful quotation, Harvey adonia

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Harley he had dunya Min bayda Yeti hi ilani hi Yeti Ha. Bajaj 10 was run through my demo run. Robin Wow. two verses of the Quran summarizes summarizes a synopsis of life on Earth. Verse number seven in Jimena, ma Ll rd Xena so whatever you are attracted to Wow, what a beautiful car. What a stunning house. What an awesome pic how beautiful breathtaking. You know what this is just gorgeous. This is amazing. This is phenomenal. So this is beauty verse number seven Lena Bella whom this is to examine you to death you verse number eight. Look at the outcome. Look at the end. We're in Elijah Luna ma la ha sorry then do Rosa it will end it will perish and it will be destroyed. Have he had dunya so

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that's in essence is the world mean VEDA? Yeah, Tina ilani ha ha ha from the inception to the ultimate destruction. beratan was a source of apparent joy and glitter to Medina, Ron, Wahhabi Robin, and then destruction and nothing but ruination and then the manifested goats the famous boom yah sahibi la.

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Donna Romain yassa havilah

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Romain fell omero Yun Fado one Zulu, what is the harmonica Ll oboe region as for allambie Anika Bama Daha Moo La ilaha illa Allah, you know Arabic The language is just too beautiful. So, the poet says The answer may be love learn. Ruby Tana Amen. Oh my brother Do not be deceived by the apparent luxurious softness and comfort and perks that you enjoy financially more young federal funding Romo young federal when Maria Maria Zulu because your life is melting away. And these privileges are also gradually disappearing. It's also has a

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time frame and there is a shelf life to it, there is a shelf life and when that life and that period lapses and expires it is over what either Hamilton elenco Bodie Jenna's attend for allambie and Nicobar dahulu and whenever you take a funeral or a a disease to the cemetery, then reflect and ponder. Today you are escorting and you are driving and you are carrying that funeral through and a day will come be undercover under her. Mu you will also be raised on the shoulders of others in a gamma Ito in a womb may you tune in a gimme $1 in no one may you do oh Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam you will pass away and likewise they will pass away soon in negombo melodiya. My dear friend Rob

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become doctors removed. What did the older boy would say? What do I join again more sub Burgoo our D here, water a giant Gmod subequal rT hair, whatnot mal Daria, gotta get one bloody Buddha izly, a bhrr mirga. It is just as well, it is just as well, that death will seize everyone. The young, the old, the poor, the wealthy, otherwise, the elite were capable of saying because he was poor, and he didn't have financial standing. And he didn't have medical intervention. And he didn't have rescue measures. That is why he passed away. But nobody can say anything. Because death, Elmo delays I mean, who will fold There is simply no escape from it. So that's verse number eight. We're in now

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legendary Luna ma either in house or any den gurus out. So what did the scholars tell us reflect over the beginning and reflect over the ending? It's the in between phase that tends to deceive us, right? It was dust and it will return to dust. It was dust and it will return to dust. And that in between phase we unfortunately become consumed by it. When a person is inaugurated, or he's sworn into office, then every man coming into office assumes that you know what I have taken office forever forgetting that he was preceded by so many people. And there is a term and there is a period today it's your day today it's your glory, but this glory has to end and this day has to as to pass

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on what in our ledger or Ilona and surely we will make ma that Allah which is on the earth. Certainly then Joe Rosa, a flat plane a barren land

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We move on verse number nine. And yeah Allah subhanho wa Taala formally commences the discussion of the people of the cave, after which this chapter was named. So just to recall and to recap to remind ourselves that this is so raw tolka have and we said GAF means Allah, Ron was a spacious gave a spacious gave. So Allah subhanaw taala opens up the discussion pertaining to the cave and its mystery, and the occupants of the cave in verse number nine of this chapter by saying, M has a button as Hubble can feel what rotimi ngannou mean? Tina, I Jabba, do you think that the people of the cave and the people of the people of our team or the people of the inscription as many scholars

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choose to translate and we will expound on it shortly. Do you think um, do has a better think assume consider, unnecessarily as have the plural of the word Sahib people, occupants, Gaffey, the people of the cave, were a team, there are people of the inscription or the people of rotting ganu mean Aiya Tina, I Jabba that they were wonders from amongst our signs, they will wonders it was something unique, strange, amazing. So let's understand what Allah subhanho wa Taala is conveying to us in this idea. Allah subhanaw taala is asking a question. Oh Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. Addressing the messenger has a butter if you know basic Arabic, it is warhead Mothercare, hardly addressing the

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person who's present and the scholars unanimously agree that the message is being communicated to an abyssal ally, they will sell them but transmitted to everyone amplify through the blessing words of nebulae Salaam in his speech to the entire world. So the Maha pub, the person being addressed is the messenger sallallahu sallam, but the message is conveyed to everyone. Because the Missouri cane of Makkah came and said, Give us the proof and tell us about the people of the cave, and will be convinced on your Prophethood. So do you think oh Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam? Meaning ask them ask them, because they said Canada,

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they made this the basis and they made this the reason to establish the profit route or the veracity of the profit route of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. So ask them do they consider and do they believe that the people of the cave and the people of reteam and I will expound on our team, we're, you know, unique science from amongst our science. So the truth be told that as much as this is a manifestation of a miracle, and the power of the Almighty, but in the greater happenings of things, there are many greatest signs of the Almighty, which you people choose to deny. So very strange and very unusual that you making the knowledge of this incident, a basis of the prophethood of the

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messenger sallallahu wasallam. And this is like the absolute miracle. Indeed, it is unique indeed in the supernatural. Indeed, it's extra ordinary, but hang on. What about the creation of the skies and the earth and john Abraham Alaska quotation is mentioned in the tafsir lotta Jasmine home fascia and yoga BY JASMINE Harada first shanaka Jasmine hada hi to Australia Baker Leyland, middle masjidul harami Elon Musk diddle. Aqua saw that oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, your incident is more amazing, more fascinating, more intriguing. When in a portion of the night you were privileged with Ascension from the heavens from Mass General haraam, the sacred house to the heavens and

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beyond. And you were privileged with closeness and you went up to Sidra Tony monta ha, Samarra, dakka ala mal jerrika, fi nuptse Lail. And then you will return back to this world at your place in a portion of the night. This is more astonishing. So if they really want to see a miracle, then a miracle has happened before them. And also the scholars explain that the formation of the skies and the earth hoposa marwadi. Well, art is a greater miracle, it's a greater miracle in terms of the manifestation of the power and the portrait of Allah, because that was the sunroof in my doom. While this is the sort of in mo dude Subhan Allah let me simplify this year. So this guy's and the earth

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were non existent and then Allah gave it to

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form and shape. So Allah created from nothing, Allah gave something shape, form and size and so huge and, and magnificent while these youth were created, and they were they were born, they were humans. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala miraculously gave them extension of life and allowed them to sleep for an extended period. And indeed, it's a reflection of Allah's greatness, but in the greater happening of things, there are many things around you. There are many things around you, which reflect the magnanimity of Allah on a much greater scale. If only if only you were to apply your mind. And you were to realize you were to realize, you know, sometimes

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a friend gives you a gift. And that's great, you acknowledge Him, and you thank Him and you reciprocate him, but you forget your dad and your mom who've been gifting you from the day you born. It's like you're so short sighted and you just overlook this year. I'm not trivializing the greatness of the favor conferred upon you by a friend. And I'm not saying you should not reciprocate it but pause for a moment. My friend gave me a gift once or he rescued one situation for me. And my dad and my mom have given me deliverance from crisis throughout their life, but I just take it for granted. So addressing the policies of MCE, you magnifying this one incident, but you ignore the sky

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around you, you shun the incident of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam being elevated to the heavens and the rest of it. Now let's go into the academics of our team. So ruthenium has a bitter Do you assume unnecessarily as Hubble can free the people of the cave, one regime regime, so many as say that regime refers to the mountain in which the cave was Some say it is the name of the adjacent community and the the locality in the precincts in the presence of this particular cave. And Abdullah have now burned through the Allahu Anima said, I'm not sure if it is the name of the mountain or the name of the nearby community. Others have also argued that Rotom is the name of a

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plug a tablet on which their names were inscribed. Hence the translation, the people of the cave or the people of inscription inscription. So if you break down and dissect the word Rama Rama can mean to write mirboo something that has been documented recorded preserved, right rothermel haruf, as they would say, the one writing these lines, so rotting in the meaning of Maroon, those whose names were captured, recorded, preserved and put on a plaque and on a tablet. And yet there is another view and some say that ruthenium refers to a separate table altogether. In fact, Mr. Bahari, Rahim Allah has coated under the heading of our theme, the tale and the narrative which is well known of

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the three people who were stuck in a cave in a mountain who was stuck in the cave in a mountain and the boulder had blocked it and then they said in the hula Yun Jayco Madhavi. lander Allah tala bizarrely, Malcolm that nothing will give you deliverance from this bug that you supplicate Allah through the agency of your good actions. And then each one interceded to Allah via the medium and the agency of a noble deed, and ultimately Allah subhanho wa Taala granted them deliverance. At our soul bill Amma is Sally ha seeking the help of Allah through the agency of noble deeds. However, the commentator of Buhari haphazardly hija Rahim Allah in federal body has taken objection to this view

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that the law team refers to the people of the cave, that's authentic narration. It's a recorded incident, but they are not rotting. And half of the hedger the legendary scholar, he argues very strongly that as horrible Kathy and as horrible rotten are one and the same people. So they have been referred to with two expressions, but they are the same. And the different opinions were the rotten code could mean the name of the mountain could mean the name of the community could mean that because it was preserved on a tablet, and some have even argued that probably it was the name of their dog, it was the name of the dog, because that will also feature in the discussion that is to

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come. So that's just a little overview on the academics of it. And that is verse number nine can all mean Aiya Tina, I Jabba, do you assume addressing the mushrikeen of makine one in all. These were strange and great science indeed they were, but in the relation and comparison to other things that are happening. Many other signs of the Almighty are a manifestation of greater power, good raw greatness grander and magnanimous.

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Now Allah subhanho wa Taala furthers the discussion what happened as hobble coffee. That's how the Quran chooses to refer to them, the people of the cave, the people of the cave. So what happened to the people of the cave and that takes us to verse number 10 is our 150 or two a little cafe. Remember that time our to take shelter protection, amnesty, I will fit when some youth took shelter in any cafe in a cave. So, in the context of what prompted this entire incident, again, we need to be very clear that there are two aspects. One aspect is the text of the Quran and that we need to explore in absolute detail because it's part of the Quran and Allah has revealed it and it is

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connected to our guidance and then comes the historical perspective and the geographical location and the findings of the archaeologists etc. Now, this doesn't have a bearings or much meaning it is in later years where curiosity and people want to excavate and you know, do research and find out so people have suggested and research has be done etc. I will share some of these

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you know, findings and historical perspectives as well. The famous principle of the hemo ma Bahama hula, that which Allah has not determined, don't label yourself in determining it. That which Allah has left vague, leave it vague and ambiguous because Allah has not mentioned it. So it's not connected to our guidance. Also in L buffer, only Mohit in Alba flow machine, it is mentioned that there is no authentic narration nor verse in the Quran, that can explain we're required to mock telefoon Allah ajt marry him, we're required to mock telefoon Allah ajt ma him, there is no authentic narration that can support how these us got together how they got together. So historical

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narration suggests that the ruler of the time was a tyrant, a dictator, an autocrat, an oppressor, and an infidel. And historical narration suggests his name was declare news. And he would compel people to watch shake and polytheism and they would have these annual functions in which they would come marry, make celebrate and do their rituals of polytheism. And so it was one of these days and people came out and so did these youth also come out these youth belong to a very prominent lineage and and have high standing and have, you know, part of the royal family so they were prominent wealthy individuals, well known youth. However, when they observe this practice, and this polytheism

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and this rituals from within them, there was a sense of dislike and resentment, there was dislike and resentment, and again, he's starting to in the ration say, this was towards the tail end the tail end of the period of fat rat, fat rat as an old lady lamjao birthday in the bay, the period in which there was no profit, so both the ascension of Rizal is salam to the heavens, and prior to the Grand arrival of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam towards the tail end of these sanctuaries, few decades prior to the birth of the Vla. Some some narrations historically argue that it had occurred at that time. But like I mentioned, these are historical narrations. It's not an authentic hadith or a verse

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of the Quran, just giving perspective to the approximate ballpark period, if I can say a you know, approximate period of time in which it had happened. So these youth came out they gathered people were there merrymaking observing, and each one of them within themselves but silent to the other oblivious to the next one, said no man, this is strange This is And remember, if you go in, you would know that there were certain individuals in Arabia before the Naboo of the messenger sallallahu lism, as well, who abhorred and disliked idolatry. They just opposed it. They in a they in a fit, trot, they in a fit rut was so pure, preserved clean and pristine, that this is just

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unacceptable. There are many people who prior to reverting to Islam as well would tell you You know what, I just did not consume alcohol. I just knew that this is not on a you know, just my logic, my morality, my value system that this is not something of course when you come into Islam, then you realize the beauty that this is forbidden and this is unlawful etc. So historically, they had come out it's a day of function merrymaking people I have in the rituals. One youngster comes and sits beneath a tree, and it just sits there and in his heart is like no man, I cannot accept this. And soon thereafter, another youngster gums

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Not long after a third youngster gum any follows and six seven youth gather. And after a prolong the silence April long the silence one nudges the other. Like, Brother, what makes you come here? Oh, brother, what makes you come here. And you know in life Just let me pause and objectively digress. Sometimes there's an occurrence in your life, and you think your situation is unique. And then when you hear of someone else, you're like, oh my word, I thought, you know what the dynamics of my family life, my parents, my spouse, my children is just one of its kind. And I often have this year in my marital counseling sessions that like, people will come and say, you know, you'll never

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understand my situation. And then when you start, I'm like, you know what, I can complete the sentence for you. And I can dot that on and fill it up for you. Because I've dealt with so many similar scenarios. So suddenly, it resonates with you, it resonates because now there's something common. Anyway, that was just an objective digression, to just further labor the point and reiterate the sentiments, the seven gather, each one is silent after that one musters the courage. Hey, brother, Hey, folks, what brings you here, so very softly, discreetly, you know what I disapprove of what's happening in our community, I don't buy into this, this is wrong. And as he says, This year,

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the next one amplifies it. The third one echoes, the fourth one endorses it, the fourth one supports it. And the sixth one sanctions it Subhan Allah and what this call is safe, it was not them just getting together. This was the divine plan in of the Almighty this was the divine plan in of the Almighty, bringing together people with a common mind and a common view and a common liking. So suddenly, they formed a group they formed a group and now they had the common mission and internally internally, their inner self was calling towards the hate that they observed and this is mentioned also there in the tafsir. They observe the the nation, crafting crafting idols, and then bow into

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it, crafting an idle like with your own hands, you're designing a god and then you're worshiping it.

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In July lane, that famous quotation, you know what that just makes my hair stand on end when Satan or Ibrahim alayhis salam hung the x around the big idol, why lapel fat finger or no telecabine? That's the ibaadat and the techs have consistently been right those that are in beginner levels of Arabic will know this Yo

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man Gasol snom. What I loved and in fact, saffiano pink Kebede that same night bryman A salatu salam after breaking the idols. Then he hung the axe on the neck of the big idol. And then in July lane in the footnotes, they're under the Iron Man, viola Darby early hi Tina in lemina vardaman clarno Sammy, Rena, Dania, Guru homeopath, Allahu Ybarra him when they returned from the ceremony and they observed this and they said whoever did does this is evil. This is preposterous. And in the footnotes of gela, laying there been a suitor it is written for in mela, yet the Pharaoh and Neff see he

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gave a yet the first rule on BD e lb. For enamel.

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I Neff c e alpha, gave a different rule on BD e lb, you know, some texts are in Arabic, and English just cannot convey it, the helplessness the feeble nature of this God and this object that it cannot divert or avert or move away of free itself from an axe which is dangling around its neck. How is it going to divert a tragedy from its worshiper? How is it going to divert a tragedy from its worship? So anyway, these were now us that had gathered and they have a common mission. And that is the oneness of Allah. And the instinct is pure. And now they have to make a get away from the community. Because the community are indulgent, they have withdrawn. We'll leave it on this point and see what

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happens as they look for a hideout and how the story unfolds. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us with pure dough heed and wholesome believe in him. I mean, you're a bell alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi emmalin Al Hamdulillah Hello, Bill alameen